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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 10th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Ecosystem | SafeMoon Swap | Swap Listing Benefits |

Mooncraft | Enhance Meeting | Community Creations | Reminder | John Karony on Discord

SafeMoon Ecosystem

Ryan tweeted a list of Key Moments coming up along with some interesting emojis. 🤔🧐


You are in GREAT hands.🖐💎🤚












#SAFEMOONGALAXY & so much more"

A SafeMoon holder responded with a question. "What happen[ed] to turbines and Pheonix?"

"Couldn't fit it 😁," Ryan responded.

SafeMoon Swap

A big welcome to Shibnobi, the newest token listing announced now live on the SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon Swap.

"A new hero approaches. #SAFEMOONARMY, please welcome @Shib_nobi 🤝LIVE now on the #SAFEMOON SWaP and #SAFEMOONWALLET 💥 #SHINJA #SHIBNOBI" the official SafeMoon account tweeted. With John adding in Welcome to the #SAFEMOONGALAXY. 32 to the #SAFEMOON! #SAFEMOONWALLET " along with a captain gif that's texts reads" Welcome aboard."

As a reminder, Shibnobi (SHINJA) is an ERC-20 network token and SafeMoon Sr. Moderator and SafeMoon Wallet team assist Galan wanted to mention the ETH fees associated with it. "And the swap list keeps growing! Be aware that this one is on the erc-20 chain and gas fees can be...ehrm...very high. It isn't a bug, and it isn't our products. It's the Ethereum blockchain. #SAFEMOONSWAP" Thanks for the reminder Galan.

Swap Listing Benefits

SafeMoon Swap listings are growing fast!!

Why is this awesome?

It benefits the SafeMoon Ecosystem in multiple ways! Besides the obvious reasons like publicity and user comfortability with SafeMoon products EVERY Swap transaction, a 0.25% fee is charged and then split three ways. ⬇⬇⬇

  • 0.17% towards the Liquidity Pool

  • 0.05% towards the SafeMoon Ecosystem

  • 0.03% to buy back & burn

This happens for EVERY single Swap! And I emphasize "every" because when you consider the amount of transactions in a 24-hour period that PancakeSwap for example experiences it all really adds up. According to PCS has received over 1.1 million swaps in a day! This is just an example to help in understanding the importance SafeMoon Swap listings are to the overall SafeMoon Ecosystem. Each listing partner is worth celebrating. SO we want listings! And we want to welcome the honest projects and teams with open arms as we only succeed together. 💪

SafeMoon Senior Moderator Steve4270 reminded the community yesterday on this topic as well:

"Remember guys that SafeMoon Swap is our ecosystem and every new token listing helps towards this. You may find something cheaper on [Pancake Swap] for example, but PCS is no longer supported. Swapping tokens using SafeMoon Swap contributes to the burn, ecosystem and Liquidity Pool."


Yesterday the Mooncraft team posted an update on the Mooncraft Discord about the recently launched beta. "Hello everyone! Wanted to keep you guys aware of the updates made over the last 48 hours:

  • Fixed issue in BedWars games where chat was being seen in all BedWars Games instead of only that specific one.

  • Fixed issue where there was no way to reach the travel point in the Stone Realm area due to missing blocks.

  • Fixed some of the Ranks not being able to access their respective gear in Azkaban Prison

  • Fixed where our AntiCheat was having false positives on mining teleportation in Alcatraz and enabled the protection when teleporting so it doesn't flag anyone.

  • Fixed the MOTD of the server having the word NEWLINE and improper spacing.

  • Fixed players being able to create lag machines on Creative by using Minecarts, Armor Stands and other stackable entities.

  • Added a limit to them per plot and it will be removed automatically if it exceeds the safe defined amount.

  • Fixed incorrect Orbs being given while mining and the message being inaccurate in Azkaban Prison.

  • Added DIAMOND_PICKAXE and DIAMOND_AXE to BedWars's Item Shop. Now, obsidian won't be game-breaking anymore.

  • Fixed the placeholder for the Global Multiplier not being updated correctly in Azkaban Prison.

  • Fixed players receiving double pickaxes one Wooden and one Diamond from the Alcatraz Prisons when they only should receive the Diamond one.

  • Added Bows and Arrows to Alcatraz's Item Shop since they were missing there.

  • Disabled the /pay command in both Prison servers to avoid boosting.

  • Fixed players having the possibility to get muted for Spamming when clicking the 'Enchanter' NPC in the Alcatraz Prison.

  • Added barriers to the Prestige Islands in Alcatraz Prison to discard the possibility of them somehow glitching through blocks and losing their items.

  • Balanced the high price to prestige in Alcatraz from 3 billion (which is practically impossible to get), to 10 million.

  • Fixed PrisonCells furnaces in Alcatraz losing items in specific circumstances.

  • Fixed PrisonCells furnaces in Alcatraz not giving proper experience amount.

  • Fixed players being able to disable their autosell and have inventories full of blocks and other ores in Azkaban Prison.

  • Balanced the blocks in the Alcatraz PvP mine to balance them even more since they can only be mined with a default pickaxe and without any enchants to give players more incentive to PvP.

  • Balanced the amount of keys given per block rewards in Alcatraz.

  • Fixed Alcatraz's Prestiges not working. (Fixed before anyone got a prestige)

  • Fixed players being able to visit the prestige-only areas without having the required prestige in Alcatraz.

  • Fixed the Broken home button on the Mooncraft website

  • Gave Sr.Mods ability to force start a match in BedWars in case people want to play but there are not enough online to start a full match.

  • Balanced Charity and Blessing enchantments on the Azkaban Prison server.

  • Charity and Blessing enchantments on the Azkaban Prison server now say when the effect was activated.

  • Disabled players being able to drop pickaxes in Azkaban Prison.

  • The prestige crate now gives a extra sell multiplier for those who open it.

  • Fixed Diamonds not being able to be sold to the NPCs after being smelted in Alcatraz Prison.

Thanks for playing on and supporting the server guys!

- The MoonCraft Team"

Enhance Meeting

Not sure what they have been cooking up but the CEO of Enhance Token tweeted this yesterday, along with the photo below, "LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!🌖🚀#SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken 💯The Saga Of The Greatest SafeMoon Enhancement Squadron To Ever Exist Continues…🌐🦍We Will Become The #1 Contributor To The #SafeMoonCommunity ✅TURN UP TIME😈#BlueCheckJonas @SafeMoonWing @TheFudHound @CptHodl"

Ryan seemed to have liked that and replied with "💪".

CEO John Karony, Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga, and the Enhance Team

Crypto News

In an article titled "Wells Fargo: Crypto Market Could Soon See ‘Hyper-Adoption Phase’" Francisco Memoria, summarizes a recent Investment strategy report released by Wells Fargo "a diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.92 trillion in assets". In the strategy report a chart was provided and then utilized to depict the similarities noticed when comparing the adoption growth rate of the internet in the 90s and the adoption rate of cryptocurrency. Also depicted was a chart graphing statistical data gathered for overall new technology for releases with items such as the automobiles, electricity, cell phones, colored television their user growth rates.

New technology repeatedly shows that just because the mass general population doesn't understand how to use it and not yet quite how it benefits them in its early stages does not indicate a low chance of success. As this was the case for all of the technology mentioned in Chart 3 and as you're well aware all these technologies were very successful.

"Cryptocurrency users are growing globally and rapidly off a low base" and also "...appear to be near a hyper-adoption phase, similar to that of the internet during the mid-to-late 1990s." To view the full report click the image to the right. ➡

The main points to take away from this report are that Wells Fargo, a prestigious investment institution, seems to understand that cryptocurrency mass adoption is well underway and fast too.

Veno's Crossword

It's that time again!! Discord Community Manager Veno tweeted, "It's time for another #SafeMoon crossword puzzle! Join the Discord for a chance to win SFM V2 by completing it! Previous puzzle answers will now be showing as well!"

Community Creations

Pizza time???

John. With all our love, the SafeMoon Army is not going to let you forget. 🤭🤷‍♀️🍍🍕

Credit to SafeMoon_Jeff
Credit to @Popcornboiii

No one can deny Ryan's persistence. 😂


SafeMoon Sunday

SafeMoon Sunday returns February 13th, 2022. Time TBD


John Karony on Discord

John: Daily wisdom for you all:

SafeMoon Holder: SafeMoon Superbowl commercial this Sunday?

John: Nah