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SafeMoon Lowdown (December 7th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Comments from the Team | 🚨Scam Alert | Ranking | Community Content: Events and Spaces | Food for Thought | SBTs vs. NFTs | Blockchain News: Bank of Russia Wants to Ban Miners from Selling Crypto to Russians - NFTs and Web3 Take Over Miami During Art Week - UK Crypto Bill to Restrict Services from Abroad: Report | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: EverGrow - Glow Token - Cryft - Grove Token

Comments from the Team

"We are working on an update for the amazing SafeMoon Army 🙂"

Original Discord Message

"Team is working diligently to deliver. Team member was on the phone yesterday with card manufacturer. I was on the phone with legal talking through the legal items needed for the CEX."

Original Discord Message

"As most of you have seen in the news recently crypto has been on fire! In all the wrong ways 😬 Even with the news articles, media outlets, and other information platforms opinions swirling about, we at SafeMoon are still diligently working behind the scenes to provide our community with products and building an amazing eco-system of partners! I love our team and cannot wait to see what the end of the year and 2023 brings!"

Original Post

When a Discord member suggested that the exchange was still in alpha, Mr. Adult replied,

"Nope. Arguably beyond BETA."

Original Discord Message

🚨Scam Alert

Danology informed the community about a current malicious attack.

"This sponsored ad is not from @Safemoon, this is a malicious attack that is attempting to connect to your wallet! Please take note of the web address misspellings as well. ⚠️ DO NOT INTERACT ⚠️"

Vico added,

"They've clearly optimized their ad campaign for traffic using SFM's high web traffic with this fake site. Google Ads and Analytics does have guidelines they should follow. Definitely report it and choose the option highlighted below for impersonating and misleading.👍"


According to BSC Daily, SafeMoon is among the most mentioned BNB Chain projects on Twitter!

Community Content

Events and Spaces

Don't forget to join in and talk with Matt, Daaz and Rez in their Safemoon Australia Discussion Space! Set a reminder or check your local time by clicking the image below.

SafeMoon Gaming is having a session of DOTA 2 today at 5pm MDT. Wanna join? Click the SafeMoon Gaming logo below to hop into the Discord!

Metaverse Josh Tweeted,

"#SafeMoonArmy don’t forget this Sat at 6 PM MDT we will be having the first ever community #VR #gaming event with @SFM_Games

No VR? No Prob! Check out the invite link below to watch live at the #safemoon#Discord This time we will be playing @AmongUsVR"

Food For Thought

"Life is not always easy. Emotions can go wild, especially when you experience tragedy 😵‍💫 But there is always a solution - A light, no matter how dark it is 🕯️ Love is always stronger than hate - I'm always there for you, #SAFEMOONFAMILY ❤️"

- Gandalf

"Some people will never support you because they are afraid of what you might become. Envy can destroy, it can never build.😏"

- HollyGirl

"The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you."

- Simon Sinek

"Self love is the best love. If you can't learn to love yourself how can you properly love someone else? It's not easy but it's necessary."

- KingTurner

"When you strive to be a better version of yourself from a place of self love, not criticism... everything changes."

SBTs vs. NFTs

Binance Tweeted, "Soulbound Tokens vs. Non-fungible Tokens Unlike NFTs, SBTs are designed to be permanent, non-transferable tokens that allow individuals to verify their personal credentials on-chain. Here are some other key differences"

Original Tweet

Want to learn more?

According to NFT Now, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital token of information (data) that lives on the blockchain. Every NFT has its own identification code and metadata, meaning that every NFT is unique and the data it contains cannot be falsified. Regular NFTs can be sold or given away for free. In other words, they aren’t tied to one specific person or organization.

Soulbound tokens are just permanent, non-transferable NFTs, meaning that they can’t be given away or taken from your private blockchain wallet.

The concept behind Soulbound Tokens seemingly comes from the game World of Warcraft (WoW) — which also inspired Buterin, who derived the name for his beloved Ethereum blockchain from the franchise. In WoW, “soulbound” is a property of an item that prevents it from being traded or mailed to another character. With this in mind, it’s easy to see where both the name and idea for SBTs come from.

Some SBTs may act like real-life achievement badges, similar to the badges you get in a video game when you complete a specific task or make it past a set milestone. However, instead of receiving a badge for defeating a foe or saving the princess (or prince!), you get an SBT for completing a degree, earning a professional certification, winning an award, and so on. Even if it’s for something as niche as being the world’s leading expert on kickball, your corresponding SBT would serve as a way of verifying that achievement to others.

But SBTs aren’t just about achievements. They can be tied to a myriad of other traits, features, and personal information. For example, an SBT could be used to verify your name, birthday, political affiliations, charitable giving, criminal record, medical history, nationality, religious upbringing, military history, and more. The possibilities are literally endless.

The thing to remember is this: Soulbound tokens are every bit of factual information about you broken down into individual NFTs and stored in your private blockchain wallet.

The article goes further into how SBTs work, possible use cases, and possible drawbacks. Please read the full article to get a clearer understanding!

Blockchain News

Bank of Russia Wants to Ban Miners from Selling Crypto to Russians

The Russian central bank continues to maintain an extremely negative stance on cryptocurrencies, proposing to ban local miners from selling coins to local people.

The Bank of Russia has supported the idea of legalizing cryptocurrency mining in Russia as part of a draft bill introduced in mid-November 2022.

However, the Russian central bank wants to allow miners to sell their crypto only on foreign exchanges and to non-residents of Russia, the local news agency Interfax reported on Dec. 7.

“We believe that cryptocurrency obtained as a result of mining can be sold exclusively using foreign infrastructure and only to non-residents,” the Bank of Russia’s press office reportedly said, adding:

“In general, we adhere to the position on the inadmissibility of the circulation of digital currency on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

[Source: Cointelegraph]

NFTs and Web3 Take Over Miami During Art Week

Burgeoning digital technologies like NFTs and Web3 took center stage in Miami during the city's Art Week this year, set to coincide with the annual Art Basel Miami art fair. At the Center for Visual Communication in Miami, a group of Argentinean artists presented a new machine for the scanning and creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on physical artworks. Their invention, called the Sublimart Machine, creates a high-resolution digital scan of an artwork with an array of lights at varying angles, before cutting it with a laser in a specific pattern that is used to prove that the subsequently created digital image of the artwork, or NFT, is based on the original unique artwork. [Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

UK Crypto Bill to Restrict Services from Abroad: Report

Despite the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party’s rhetorical embracement of crypto under the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the upcoming regulatory framework will reportedly tighten scrutiny over the industry. The legislation updates will broaden the powers of the financial regulator and probably limit foreign companies’ operations in the United Kingdom.

According to a Financial Times report, the FTX collapse has influenced the course of the regulatory regime in the United Kingdom. Reportedly, the Treasury is finalizing a package of guidelines that will enable the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to monitor the operations and advertising of crypto companies in the country. There also would be restrictions on selling crypto on the U.K. market from abroad.

Although the report doesn’t reveal more specifics on those restrictions, assumably, they’d be enforced to force the companies to register with the FCA. The procedure is tough enough already, as 85% of the applicants did not pass the FCA’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tests, according to its chief executive Nikhil Rathi.

The guidelines are being prepared as a part of the financial services and markets bill. The large bill, which includes but is not limited to crypto regulation, has already been introduced to the British Parliament. While the U.K. launched its consultation on crypto in 2021, according to the FT sources, it could slip into 2023 due to “fast-moving events” in the industry. [Source: Cointelegraph]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners


"I’m aiming to launch the website for Wallet end of Jan/early Feb, where all the features and UI will be revealed. This will give us a little time for pre-promotion before we go live on AppStore/Android/Chrome. This is an integral part of our ecosystem, & also a revenue generator."

Original Tweet

Glow Token

"Some legitimate questions were asked about why the APR was so high. This was at launch with no one farming so it was inflated. It has now adjusted since people have began farming. Current APR is now at 168.8%. The more people farming and earning rewards, the less APR."

Original Tweet


"📡#SafeMoonArmy and #Cryftopians all #CryftCard orders placed #BlackFriday will receive tracking numbers within 48hrs. Big System Updates Coming Soon 🎄❄️🎁🚀🎅"

Original Tweet

Grove Token

"We have HUGE news dropping in 2 days that we've waited months to be able to announce! Join our AMA with @JohnGh87, 8th December at 8pm EST to discuss the meaning and significance of this amazing catalyst!"

Original Tweet

"Just simply to celebrate our news

And explain what it means and how significant its

Set a reminder for my upcoming Space!"

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pSFM Migration Campaign

As part of their evolution, SafeMoon announced their partnership with pNetwork has come to "its natural end" thanking pNetwork for "being an outstanding partner".