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SafeMoon Lowdown (December 6th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


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pSFM Migration Campaign

As part of their evolution, SafeMoon announced their partnership with pNetwork has come to "its natural end" thanking pNetwork for "being an outstanding partner".

Plans are in place to end the pSafeMoon bridge on December 19th at 11AM EST. A dApp will then open to allow for pToken holders to migrate and consolidate their pSFM to SFMV2.

⚠️If you want migrate your pSFM before December 19th, this link will take you to the article created to help you through that process.

"SafeMoon's Partnership with pTokens will be coming to its natural end. Thank you to @pNetworkDeFi for the collaboration and being an amazing partner!"

SafeMoon CEO John Karony added to the announcement

pSFM Migration is an important step in our evolution. Would like to thank the team for working on this diligently while also working on the other deliveries.

pNetwork replied to SafeMoon's announcement.

"It has been a great partnership and a pleasure to work with you All the best for the future of Safemoon!"

Burn or Staking Poll

SafeMoon CEO John Karony presented a new idea and asked for the community's input, yesterday.

"Rather than doing a burn, what if we did a staking pool instead? IE, for SAFEMOONCARD and SAFEMOONSWAP volume, we replace the burn with staking? Just a thought. Not an indication of anything. Just gauging interest"

After seeing the responses within the community on the idea, John tweeted a poll this morning.

"Should we do a staking pool or Burn for future product volume (IE SAFEMOONCARD, SAFEMOONSWAP, SAFEMOONEXCHANGE etc)? What do you think?"

He then shared the Tweet in Discord encouraging everyone to vote.

"Will do the poll again after we release the next SafeMoon SWaP innovation. Please go and do the poll on twitter. 🙂"

SafeMoon moderator Excellent Sam shared some thoughts on the idea.

"I think staking rewards from products is a cool concept and it's always what I wanted to see. I've always wanted to see a more consistent verifiable way of earning staking rewards. But! I believe staking would cause a temporary price bump up, but if we imagine the volume just going into people's wallets via staking it wouldn't take long before people start trying to claim their profits. With a burn we are obviously reducing the circulating supply which I believe most people are looking forward to. With a reduced burn the value goes up but it's harder to push back down as long as the MC stays where it was at. Contributing to both could be good, we want a positive feedback loop and I personally believe we need the burn to be part of that equation"

To which John replied with a hypothetical.

What if you could spend from your staking pool? (not saying we are doing this, just a thought).

Community Content

Events and Spaces

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy! Great news to share! This month I’ll be hosting the first ever #SafeMoon Gaming #VR Community Event! On Dec 10th @ 6PM MDT we’ll be playing @AmongUsVR! Don’t have VR? No problem! Join us at the @SFM_Games Discord and watch live!"

- Metaverse Josh

"Missed last Saturday's @SFMSanctuary Space? Here's the recording so you can listen in!"

- SafeMoon Sanctuary



Games on the Blockchain

by Metaverse Josh

What are the top reasons to build your videogames or metaverse on a blockchain? Well, let's take drive into that... 🧵

There are several potential benefits to building a game or metaverse on a blockchain. One of the main advantages it that it can provide players with true ownership of in-world assets via non-fungible token or #NFT. In traditional games assets are typically owned by developer which means that players don't have true ownership of these assets & can't take them with them if they switch to a different game.

On a blockchain, players can own their assets in a way that is verifiable & secure. This creates a more engaging & rewarding experience for players which means that players don't have true ownership of these assets & can't take them with them if they switch to a different game. On a blockchain, players can own their assets in a way that is verifiable &

secure. This creates a more engaging & rewarding experience for players.

Another benefit is that blockchain technology can enable the creation of new types of game mechanics and business models.

Example: Decentralization of in-game marketplaces where players can buy, sell, & trade in-game assets without the need for a central authority.

This can create new opportunities for players to generate value and wealth from their in-game assets and for game developers to monetize their games in new ways.

Additionally, building a game on a blockchain can provide greater transparency & fairness in the game. Because all TX's on a blockchain are recorded & can be publicly verified, it can be difficult for hackers or devs to manipulate the game in ways that are unfair & creates trust.

Overall, the potential benefits of building your game with blockchain technology include true asset ownership, the ability to create new game mechanics and