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SafeMoon Lowdown (December 21st, 2022)

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


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pSafeMoon Migration Communications

SafeMoon community member K6Z5775 asked a question about their pSFM migration on Discord and received a response from Galan.

How long to receive SFM v2 after migration from pSFM? 30 min and nothing is incoming on BEP-20. pSFM has left my wallet. I used the link at Before anyone asks, I'm not going to validate my wallet. - K6Z5775

"it will be sent out with the next 24 hours most likely - there are a few cases like this, but we have the record of all addresses so not to worry. you're on the list. If you haven't see anything by tomorrow this time, feel free to ping myself, @ Jos or @ Vibby - we'll sort you out" - Galan

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The education team has also recently updated their pSafeMoon Guide to include an updates section so you can be aware of any issues relating to pSafeMoon. In addition, you'll find some FAQs to keep you all up to date.

Click the image to check it out

NFT Phishing Scam

SafeMoon Discord moderator, KreggBee warns the community of the recent NFT Phishing Scams.

"IMPORTANT! It has come to my attention that people are receiving random NFTs on the safemoon wallet. It has nothing to do with safemoon. If you see them in your wallet ignore them. It is most likely a fishing scam. If you don't interact you'll be fine.

When looking at your NFTs in the safemoon wallet there is a little eye symbol in the top left corner. If you click on that it gives you the option to hide NFTs. I would recommend doing this so you just forget about the scam NFT. Another thing. Do not transfer the NFT to a different wallet either. Doing so would give whoever sent it access to your wallet. So do not try to sell or move it. Just hide it and forget about it."

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Community Content


Ant Man

pSFM Migration Feedback

"Damn the pSafemoon migration was a breeze. Thank you @safemoon"

- Choice.sfm

"Received my email response from the official psfm migration support @safemoon Fantastic job quick they replied to my request. Thank you! All is good and @safemoon is taking care of the migration delays. I know I do not need to worry and can relax now. Good job! ❤️👍😎"

- Safemoonian

Food For Thought

"Focus on your healing and growth. The right people for you will grow closer, and the wrong further away. Work on you, for you. In all ways, always."

- J. Mike Fields

Shared by Rob Schram

"I have found my calling and have grown thicker skin, and tougher determination. While you’re celebrating your holidays, it’s important to look inside, and celebrate your personal growth. I’m excited to start releasing/unveiling what we’ve been working on."

- Don Bailey

CEO of Block Busters Tech

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

"The real flex is choosing growth over comfort, discipline over procrastination, improving over impressing, and progress over perfection."

- Inner Practitioner

Ice Phishing Scams

Blockchain security company CertiK has reminded the crypto community to stay alert over “ice phishing” scams — a unique type of phishing scam targeting Web3 users — first identified by Microsoft earlier this year.

In a Dec. 20 analysis report, CertiK described ice phishing scams as an attack that tricks Web3 users into signing permissions which end up allowing a scammer to spend their tokens.

This differs from traditional phishing attacks which attempt to access confidential information such as private keys or passwords, such as the fake websites set up which claimed to help FTX investors recover funds lost on the exchange.

A Dec. 17 scam where 14 Bored Apes were stolen is an example of an elaborate ice phishing scam. An investor was convinced to sign a transaction request disguised as a film contract, which ultimately enabled the scammer to sell all of the user's apes to themselves for a negligible amount.

The firm noted that this type of scam was a “considerable threat” found only in the Web3 world, as investors are often required to sign permissions to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols they interact with, which could be easily faked.

“The hacker just needs to make a user believe that the malicious address that they are granting approval to is legitimate. Once a user has approved permissions for the scammer to spend tokens, then the assets are at risk of being drained.”

To learn more about ice phishing scams and how to avoid them, read the full Cointelegraph article here.

What is a Smart Contract Security Audit?

According to Binance Academy, smart contract security audit examines and comments on a project's smart contract code. Typically, these contracts are written in Solidity programming language and provided via GitHub. Security audits are particularly valuable for DeFi projects that expect to handle blockchain transactions worth millions of dollars or a huge amount of players. The audits usually follow a four-step process:

1. Smart contracts are provided to the audit team for initial analysis.

2. The audit team presents their findings to the project for them to act upon.

3. The project team makes changes based on the issues found.

4. The audit team releases their final report, considering any new changes or outstanding errors.

To read the full article, click here!

Blockchain News

Bitcoin Mining Firm Core Scientific To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Companies from different sub-sectors in the crypto space have collapsed this year. Right from blockchain-developing companies to crypto lenders and top exchanges, a host of prominent names couldn’t pass 2022’s slippery slope test.

Now, according to reports, the Top Bitcoin mining company Core Scientific is following a downhill journey. The top US-based publicly traded company is reportedly filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Texas. A person familiar with the company’s finances confirmed the same with the media outlet CNBC. [Source: Watcher Guru]

Metaverse ETF Boom Likely To Persist Despite Performance Woes

ETF providers have bought into the potential of the metaverse at an unprecedented pace, industry watchers said, even though the digital worlds are still in their early days.

Nearly three dozen — 35 in all — metaverse-themed ETFs have hit the market globally since June 2021, according to Morningstar data, more than funds in any other sector.

The emerging investment products have dwarfed other similar, hot segments, including blockchain and cloud computing ETFs, which booked 20 and 13 vehicles, respectively, over the past two years. Twelve battery technology ETFs and 11 internet ETFs launched during the same span.

“The metaverse is the most interesting, to me, of the themes or sub-themes we’ve seen, because it has emerged so quickly,” Morningstar Research Analyst Kenneth Lamont told Blockworks.

The first metaverse fund in the US — the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (METV) — started trading in June 2021. The ETF benefitted from a “first-mover advantage,” industry participants said, and now has roughly $400 million in assets under management. While several metaverse ETFs in Asia have more than $100 million in assets, competing funds in the US have been stuck around $10 million or less. [Source: Blockworks]

Portion of Bitcoin Supply Held by Retail Investors Reaches All-Time High

About 17% of Bitcoin’s total circulating supply is now held by retail investors, according to recent public blockchain data curated by analytics firm, Glassnode.

“Not perfect yet, but solid for a 12-year-old asset and definitely trending in the right direction,” tweeted Will Clemente, an analyst at Reflexivity Research, in response to the data. “Bitcoin's supply disperses over time, while fiat's holder base concentrates to whales over time.”

A Glassnode chart shared by Clemente shows the percentage of Bitcoin supply held by retail investors on a steady climb dating back to 2011. Glassnode defines "retail" as holding less than 10 BTC in a wallet, currently worth nearly $169,000. [Source: Decrypt]

SafeMoon Stats

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