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SafeMoon Lowdown (December 11th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


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Block Busters Tech CSO DreamingDeFi shared,

"Love waking up to #SafeMoon trending. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!"

Crypto Bros Podcast with Special Guest Cats

Cats shared,

"Heyy #SAFEMOON check out @CryptoBrosMO, I was recently on their show. Learn how I started in crypto… but let’s just say the school wasn’t happy with me 😅"

Community Content

UK Meet-Up

"In #london for the #SAFEMOON meet up! It’s about to go down."

Safemoon Nathan

@Steve4270 @AntD1975 @Peternewby7 @andrewmcevoy2 @McKasta

"SafeMoon raffle baby #safemoon ❤️❤️❤️ @AntD1975 you’re welcome 😘😘"

Safemoon Ben

"On route for the London Safemoon meet-up!!"

Krypto Magnus

"I gotta say the London meet up did not disappoint! I hope everyone has the chance to hang out with the #SAFEMOONARMY like we did. Me and Mrs Viking had the best time ever!!!!! I feel like we've made life long friends. Amazing people! I cant wait for the next one! MUCH LOVE TO ALL"


@McKasta @cryptofcjerseys

"#safemoon London meet-up 🚀" Jaka

"London I have arrived #safemoon Meetup"

Shane Crawte

"Before the storm #safemoon UK Meet up🎄"

Safemoon Nathan

"@Safemoon unofficial meetup London 2022 raffle prizes ready to go 🔥🔥🔥"


"Absolutely buzzing!!!! #cryftocard@CryftC I won this in the #safemoon meet up in London raffle! Awesome metal card"

Safemoon Ben

"There is no reason to hide your face if you support Real project, real people!

@Safemoon Unofficial Meetup London 2022 Just won a raffle prize"


"The #safemoon meet-up with the #SAFEMOONARMY was much better than I expected. I met up with people I have been chatting for over a year, plus I got the chance to meet other great moderators and Army members. I can not tag everyone, but I do thank you each and every one of you!❤️🙏"


Upcoming Metaverse Events

SafeMoon WaterCooler host Jeremiah shared his upcoming birthday event!

"Come join me in the metaverse on #altspace for my birthday bash!! Sunday the Dec 11th 9 pm est room code down below. Don't forget to share 🥳🎉"

Past Events

Metaverse Josh Tweeted about SafeMoon Gaming's first VR community event!

"Had a blast with our first #VR community event with @SFM_Games

and the #SafeMoonArmy! Here's a clip of one of our matches with @JEREMIAH1SFMWC (Red) and @DreamingDeFi (Pink). If you missed the stream, check out the full recording in the comments!"

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats retweeted adding,

"This is the fun that happens over at @SFM_Games discord! You guys should check it out as it’s most certainly a blast. So why not join in?"


"I Hope Every One of You has a Safe and Sensational Saturday!"

Rip Van Wizard

SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon moderators held their 19th episode of SafeMoon Sanctuary! To listen to the recording, click the image below.

Food For Thought

"Optimism is a matter of mindset, not randomness 😊 It can be small or large, but every positive action affects those around you. And nothing lasts longer than an unbroken positive spirit 💪 Be there for each other, because together we can do anything 🌌"

- Gandalf

"Great things are right in front of us, and we don't see it because we choose not to be open to exploring something new. Life presents many choices, the choice we make determines our future. Choose wisely 😉 As always, #BeKind 💙"

- Holly