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SafeMoon Lowdown (December 10th, 2022)

Updated: Dec 11, 2022


World Cup | SafeMoon Gaming - First VR Event | Metaverse | Community Content: SafeMoon Community Meet-Up - Images - SafeMoon Sanctuary | Food For Thought | Blockchain Industrial Use Possibilities | Blockchain News: Starbuck Blockchain Based Loyalty Program - Terra Collapse & Possible FTX Role - Date Set to Enable Withdrawals of Staked ETH | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

World Cup

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"These Twitter streets may be wild right now, but not as wild as the World Cup! Who you got?"

SafeMoon community member Knight commented and SafeMoon CEO John Karony replied.

"The Gotham strikers didn't qualify... So it's more Vigilante time for me."

"Gotham Strikers would have made it if Bruce attended qualifiers."

SafeMoon Gaming Events- First Community VR Event

SafeMoon Gaming will have it's first ever VR community event with host Metaverse Josh today! That's not the only event scheduled for today. Up first will be Halo Infinite at 2pm MDT!

Halo Infinite

📅Today, 10th Dec

⏰2pm MDT


Among Us (VR)

📅Today, 10th Dec

⏰6pm MDT

Want to join? Click the SafeMoon Gaming logo below to hop into the Discord!


SafeMoon Community member Metaverse Josh hosted a live stream for VR and thanked John Karony for joining the stream.

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy! We found the FUDsters and we're going LIVE with kicking their butts in #VR. @CptHodl thank for joining the stream"

Afterwards Josh shared a video cut of his favorite moments.👀

"Put together a video of my favorite clips from my latest @DrunknBarFight #VR Stream. This time we went in looking for #SafeMoon fudsters and we found and brought the pain. Special guest appearances from several in the #SafeMoonArmy!"

Disclaimer: This video was made by a SafeMoon community member and is not affiliated with SafeMoon. Before making any financial decisions, it is important to complete your own due diligence. Thank you.

Community Content

UK Meet-Up

The UK Community Meet-up is finally here and those participating have already begun sharing their excitement, pictures, and announcing their arrivals.

"IT'S #SAFEMOON MEET DAY IN LONDON 🥳🍻🥳I can't wait to spend the day/night with my buddies and to meet some new ones, here's to an epic weekend for sure.😁🍻🍻🚀@BattyMatty10 @AntD1975 @Steve4270 @MemeLordSpyros"


"London bound #SafeMoon London Meet Up"


"The first guests for this weekends safemoon meet up in London have arrived. All the way from America. Some talk the talk, others walk the walk😏"


"Me and my lady Viking freezing in London....."


"Just arrived in #London for tomorrow's #safemoonmeet se yall tomorrow people let's go, oh yea I got ya fudge @randolphsfm"

Steve Capers


"I never stop reppin @safemoon 💪🏾"



Today @ 10AM EST | 3PM UTC SafeMoon Sanctuary will be hosting their weekly Twitter Space.

Click here to set your reminder for today's SafeMoon Sanctuary Space

Food For Thought

"Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I'm learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude."

- Shared by RobSchram

"Don't wait for things to get easier, simpler, or better. Life will always have complications. Live for this moment, right now. It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to make YOU happy 😉As always, BeKind "

- Holly

"A man with no vision for his future will always return to his past."

- Wealth Director

"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone"

- Success Minded

Blockchain Industrial Use Possibilities

How is Blockchain Likely to be Used in Different Industries in 2023 and Beyond? The blockchain revolution is upon us. In the past decade, blockchain technology has revolutionized how businesses operate and interact with customers, and its potential is only just beginning to be tapped. It’s likely that in the next few years – by 2023 at least – we’ll see a massive shift towards blockchain as more industries look to harness its power. So, how can blockchain be used in business? This article expands on the following six different industries that will likely see a big impact from the blockchain industrial revolution.

  1. Blockchain in Banking

  2. Blockchain in Real Estate

  3. Blockchain in Retail

  4. Blockchain in Health Care

  5. Blockchain in Entertainment

  6. Blockchain in Communication

The top blockchain trends of 2022 included the Metaverse, NFTs, and digital identity, but will we continue to see them in 2023 and beyond? What industries will use blockchain, and how?

Shutterstock Licensed Photo - 1069363892 | Net Vector
Shutterstock Licensed Photo - 1069363892 | Net Vector

Blockchain News

Starbuck Blockchain Based Loyalty Program

📸 Image Credit: Starbucks

Starbucks opens up its blockchain-based loyalty program and NFT community to first beta testers

A set of US beta testers have been given access to Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty program. The initiative contains NFTs with a coffee theme that correspond to practical experiences. It is a development of Starbucks Rewards, the company's current loyalty program. Starbucks Odyssey will enable devoted customers to accrue a wider range of benefits. Rewards consist of access to exclusive real-world events, virtual classes, and a vacation to a Costa Rican Starbucks coffee plantation. [Source: techcrunch]

Terra Collapse - Possible FTX Role

Terra Collapse Mystery Deepens As Potential FTX Role Is Raised

US authorities are looking into whether Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, or Alameda were involved in planning the demise of TerraUSD and Luna. A $40 billion market value was destroyed when the Terra environment collapsed. After various parties withdrew substantial quantities of UST from Curve, it got underway. The depegging of UST was probably greatly influenced by the lack of liquidity on centralized exchanges. [Source: Bloomberg]

Date Set to Enable Withdrawals of Staked ETH

By March 2023, Ethereum developers intend to make it possible to withdraw staked ETH

The main developers of Ethereum have talked about implementing a network upgrade that will let users withdraw staked ETH as early as March 2019. ETH is presently pledged for about $19 billion. Although the Shanghai upgrade is planned to include the ability to withdraw staked ETH, it will be given priority to launch as soon as possible. If certain suggested changes prevent the Shanghai update from being deployed in March, they might be discarded. [Source: Decrypt]

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners


"So here goes : At BBTF we leverage our assets to further develop our ecosystem. In doing so, oftentimes it requires a reliance on third parties to produce. Our request are often complex and novel, which means that even your favorite developers haven’t done it. Our delays are oftentimes the result of third party delays. We have shifted focus to only working with trusted third parties but, most importantly developing our internal development team. We have been diligent in the acquisition of legal representation for our aggressive moves, internal staff for maintenance, and luckily we can continue to fund the development of our dream. My goal isn’t to compete with other projects, I’d prefer cooperation, because honestly, if they could have done what we’re doing, they would have. Even more importantly, I have seen anyone attempt our long term vision. Happy Holidays!" - BBTF CEO Don Bailey

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pSFM Migration Campaign

As part of their evolution, SafeMoon announced their partnership with pNetwork has come to "its natural end" thanking pNetwork for "being an outstanding partner".
Plans are in place to end the pSafeMoon bridge on December 19th at 11AM EST. A dApp will then open to allow for pToken holders to migrate and consolidate their pSFM to SFMV2.

⚠️If you want migrate your pSFM before December 19th, this link will take you to the article created to help you through that process.

MoonCast #57 Transcript

Did you miss the latest MoonCast with discussions around SafeMoon Orbital Shield??? The transcript is finished thanks to our awesome transcription team! You can view the transcript along with the video by clicking here.


SafeMoon Partner Stories: MetaMerce


MetaMerce Token resides on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC-20 deflationary token aiming to revolutionize the secondary goods industry. By partnering with the nation’s largest retailers and utilizing reverse logistics program(s), MetaMerce will become a global distributor within a trillion dollar market. Step into the future of shopping, MetaMerce Market, a virtual reality e-commerce platform within the Metaverse sector.


SafeMoon Pulse

SafeMoon's monthly Pulse article and video are live! If you haven't checked them out yet you can view both the article and video by clicking the image below.
⇙October 2022 Monthly Overview ⇘


Tokenomics Supervisor

SafeMoon announced that with the recent SafeMoon SWaP updates came a new patent pending feature that solves the existing Defi inconsistent fee paradigm for tokens on multiple Decentralized Exchanges.