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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 8th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

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SafeMoon Labs

Unfortunately our friend Gandalf won't be able to host SafeMoon Labs today! He recently Tweeted,

"Unfortunately, the SFM Labs: CEX vs DEX will be postponed to next Monday as I am currently ill 🤒

Please excuse this delay and thank you for your understanding ❤️"

We hope you have a quick recovery, Gandalf! Please take care! 💙💜

Block Busters

Partner Page

Cats shared,

"SafeMoon Education Partners page for @BlockBustersTch is now live. If you're looking to keep up to date with everything #BBTF then head over to

[our BBTF Partner Page]"

"Also look to check out all our with #SAFEMOONSWAP updates here."

Trading Volume

"#BBTF trading at $1M dollar volume on the #SAFEMOONSWAP 👀🔥🔥"

- Vico

What is Culture?

"Culture = Values + Behavior"

– Lt. Gen George Flynn, USMC (ret.)

Shared by Simon Sinek

Food for Thought

MomoKombat shared this image about progress with the SafeMoon community. 💙

"This is progress

This is also progress

And so is this"

"Happy #SAFEMOON Sunday #SAFEMOONARMY 💙 Learn how to give without hesitation. How to lose without regret. How to aquire without meanness. KINDNESS is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere 😏 Be GREAT today, make someone smile and as always, #BeKind 💙" - HollyGirl

"Discipline converts your dreams into reality."

"When you're successful, it's because many people have supported and contributed to your success. So always remember to give back. #anndylian"

Community Content

Mark posted this awesome pic of him and our bulletin board! Lookin great, Mark! 😊😊

SafeMoon Laughs

"Sometimes I wonder if SafeMoon thinks about me too." - Ghost Crypto

Crypto News

Six reasons why blockchain makes sense for commercial real estate: Deloitte

"The study reveals that blockchain technology is well-positioned to take over more than 50% of the entire leasing and sale process across commercial real estate."

Coca-Cola has launched an NFT collection on the Polygon network

"Experience the real magic of friendship! @cocacola just launched first-of-a-kind, generative, and shareable collectibles #onPolygon to celebrate International Friendship Day. The collectibles have a unique share-to-reveal functionality where each artwork will reveal after being shared with a friend. In the spirit of friendship, these collectibles, made by @maketafi, were airdropped last Friday to current holders of previous Coca-Cola® collections." - Polygon Studios

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NFT Released Album

"A music album that's being released as a non-fungible token could end up racing to the top of the British charts. #crypto adoption, to the MUSE!" - CMC

Bitcoin core contributor urges maximalists to take a different route

"Matt Corallo urged the Bitcoin community to drop the us-versus-them culture, which leads to attacking projects other than BTC."

SafeMoon Stats


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