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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 6th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

SafeMoon Merch | SafeMoon SWaP - Hyper Launch

BlockBusters CEO Don Bailey -What happened? | CryftCards Announcement

SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Security | SafeMoon Trending | SWaP & Evolve

In This Together | Food for Thought | Crypto Impact | SafeMoon Stats

SafeMoon Merch

SafeMoon added the following emojis yesterday.

Thanks for shipping out the Capsules on time.

"Thank the team and the shipping company. But I shall pass your gratitude on."

SafeMoon SWaP - Hyper Launch

Block Busters Tech Launch

SafeMoon announced that Block Busters Tech is now on the SafeMoon SWaP & Wallet.

"THE #HYPERLAUNCH IS GO GO GO! 🚀 @BlockBustersTch is now on the #SAFEMOONSWAP and in the #SAFEMOONWALLET! 🙌 Use the web SWaP:! 🎉Get curious:"

Shortly after the launch, Block Busters Tech official Twitter tweeted some updates:

First "Update: We are aware that people purchased $BBTF at approximately 0.12 per token, we are working to get this situation rectified through liquidity injections, please be aware that we are working through this to find an viable solutions. This was an issue on our side."

Second "Update: while we work on resolving the issues on our side, please be diligent about taking screenshots/ recording transaction numbers, this was an intense first hour, @safemoon did everything to help us, we are trying to return the favor and do everything to help the holders."

So what happened?

Don Bailey, CEO of Block Busters Tech hopped on Twitter spaces to let everyone know what happened. This is what he had to say:

I think it's most important that everyone is educated on situations like this when it happens in the future. So here's what happened, we started trading -and our distributor works, we know our distributor works for another project right now, I won't say which but it's working- so the thing is that, this distributor works at a much lower volume. The distributor was overloaded. The distributor is what handles the selling of your tokens. So what essentially happened was people were not able to sell their tokens because the distributor was overloaded with volume. SO then when we were able to resolve that issue and fix the distributor so that people could sell, the first sell that came through came from a bot! So because our distributions are pegged to the selling of tokens. That bot -because it was an attack bot- we were able to counter that bot. Made it front run all the rewards distributions. So recouped about 1.3 million dollars from that bot and they were only able to walk away with $23,000 from a 1.5 million dollar sell. So essentially our contract protected the holders because of the way that we set it up. Now we're sitting on that money. That money is sitting in the contract wallet. And we figured out the best way to put that money back into the charts. But first, before we put that money back into the charts we as a team decided that it would be best to give everyone the opportunity to receive the value of tokens of BBTF before we inject that money back into the charts.

A special thank you to Hoffy (@cjhoffy02) who recorded and shared this section of the space!!

Don also tweeted

"I would love to just thank everyone for allowing us the opportunity to innovate. We used the same development team as most of these companies that are commenting on our process. Our money is still sitting in our contracts. We’ve publicly announced our plans. Time to go to work!"

Block Busters Tech Token is now listed on the SafeMoon partner page.

Galan assured everyone that BlockBusterTch's proper logo within the SafeMoon Wallet can be updated but doesn't affect functionality.

"Let me clarify here 😃 - this has nothing to do with trading or any other functionality. If you want to see the proper logo after @BlockBustersTch launch, delete the one you imported and activate the native one in the app. It is simply a display. #SAFEMOONSWAP"

Steve warns everyone that there is a BlockBusterTch scam account. Thanks, Steve!

"Guys do not interract with this scam account. They see you as easy prey right now. Report and block"

CryftCards Announcement

SafeMoon Partner Cryft V2 made this announcement yesterday:

"🚨 Good Day #Cryyftopians & #SAFEMOONARMY! #Cryft LLC is very proud to announce we have officially made a very #innovative breakthrough! The very first #CryftCards #blockchain redemption ever has been a success. #SAFEMOONSWAP will be on store shelves. Thank You Greatly! 😀😆😉"

"We call it the Legacy Transaction 👀"

SafeMoon Labs

The corresponding article for the recent SafeMoon Labs educational space on Partnerships is now available

SafeMoon Security

SafeMoon Education manager Cats responded to the security comments made in Discord on Thursday.

"This is so important to understand. Seeing peoples worlds of success get ripped away from is heartbreaking, but also means we aren’t going to rush anything just to “have it out” Exciting journey ahead! #SAFEMOON"

In case you missed what it, this is what was said:

Literally, multiple 100,000,000+ USD hacks in the space, and people are still complaining about a video, or about the speed of various things, as they watch other holders on other networks get hacked of everything they've ever owned...

"Security is a big pillar for us (quality, accessibility and security are the pillars)"

SafeMoon Trending

"#SAFEMOONSWAP is trending" - Fabo

SWaP & Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 49 million #SafeMoon worth $20,673."

- SafeMoonWarrior

In This Together

"We are all in the same #crypto boat. One is the lighthouse to a new utopia, and the other is the buy boat... Didn't we all agree to #BUIDL?" - Anndy Lian

Food for Thought


Friday 5th August 2022

Life is too short to be mediocre. You must wake up each morning with a purpose and promise yourself to make the most out of each and every single moment. The excuses have to stop. All you need to make your best life, is what you have right now, It is already in front of you, That is all you need to make a start. You must give your best, to live your best. This is it. The time is now."

"Crawling is acceptable. Falling is acceptable. Struggling is acceptable. Crying is acceptable. Pain is acceptable. Help is acceptable. Qutting is not."

Crypto Impact

"I’m learning a lot and #bitcoin is making my life easier: it helps to support my family and four children",

-Jorge, living in Mozambique

"How to bank with #bitcoin

1) Have a phone

2) Have an internet connection

3) Download a wallet That's it!" - @DocumentingBTC

SafeMoon Stats


Have you voted today?



Did you vote today?



SwapDate #172

"@BlockBustersTch had $7,300,000 volume since it's launch on our SafeMoon Swap" - Hydra

Partner News

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner? Go to to apply.

Partner Information and News:

Information about our partners can be found on the SafeMoon Education