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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 4th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

SafeMoon Security | Connections Everywhere | Director of Sales, Hayden Wing

SafeMoon Partner Launch Day | SafeMoon SWaP & Evolve | SafeMoon SWaP Volume

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SafeMoon Security

Community Thoughts

"With all these hacks happening, I’m so glad #safemoon hired the Spraggs for our blockchain and products-@safemoon take your time. We want security that’s unrivaled, not speed to market. The market will still be here." - Paolo

Connections Everywhere

"When you go and meet your new accountant to get ahead of next year's taxes and talk crypto for 30 minutes straight, only to find out that he has been a #SAFEMOON holder since April 2021! Such a small world 🤯"

SafeMoon Education Manager


"Haha so did he know who you [were] then? "-Andrewmcevoy

"Not on this occasion; he is a buy-and-hold type of trader. Likes to see where it goes. He was already up to date with V2 just wasn't sure where his tokens were. Luckily he'd just turned off the V2 display." - Cats

SafeMoon Director of Sales, Hayden Wing

Community Appreciation

"Thank you @SafeMoonWing for being so cool in spaces and interacting with the community. You’ve got a great vibe man. #SAFEMOONARMY"

- Darren

SafeMoon Partner Launch Day

"Only a day to go! 🥳@BlockBustersTch will be hyper launching on the #SAFEMOON SWaP tomorrow! 🎉 Set your alarms for 12PM MDT / 6PM UTC on the 5th of August 2022! ⏰ This is getting very exciting! 🙌" - SafeMoon

The SafeMoon Talk Twitter space host , Zeus tweeted about the anticipated launch of BlockBustersTech Token on the SafeMoon SWaP. SafeMoon's director of sales responded. Here's the conversation:

"#SafeMoonArmy, I wanted everyone to know that I will NEVER forget the date of August 5th. • It’s my Wedding Anniversary • It’s the Official Launch Day of (#BBTF) #BlockBustersTech on the #SafeMoonSWaP . This will be a MONUMENTAL day!" -Zeus

"The day after the 5th is even better..." - Hayden

"Dang, I didn’t know we were allowed to announce this!!!!! 👀👀👀💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🤫🤫🤫🤐🤐🤐🥵🥵🥵🥵🤩🤩🤩🤩👽👽👽👽👽👽🤖🤖🤖🤖🎂" - Jonas

"Lol!!!! I know what it is but I will make a post about it on Saturday. (It is not SafeMoon related.)" - Zeus

"Your Birthday Mack 🤣🤣" - Randolph

"lol" - Hayden


Zeus later shared that he and Water Cooler Twitter Space host Jeremiah will be having a Twitter Space launch party for BBTF.

"On Friday August 5th; @JEREMIAH1SFMWC from “The SafeMoon Water Cooler” and myself Zeus from “#SAFEMOON TALK (NFA & DYOR)” will be hosting @BlockBustersTch’s Launch Party!!! (Make sure to have your 🔔 notifications on for both of us as we will be going live on @TwitterSpaces.)"

- Zeus

SWaP & Evolve

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 43.5 million #SafeMoon worth $19,462." - 🔥SafeMoonWarrior

SafeMoon SWaP Volume

SWaP Date by Hydra

SWAPDate#170 + up-to-date overview of every S&E.

Our top 3 partner/listings by volume today are:

  1. @GroveToken -> $75,000

  2. @beefyfinance -> $15,032

  3. @Livecryptoparty -> $10,000

SafeMoon Spaces

We'd like to give a special shoutout to SafeMoon community member, @Matt_Ferny who hosts SafeMoon discussions often for the Australian community. Thank you for your commitment and support and most of all for always being respectful and kind to others. 🤍🙏

📣Of course, much appreciation goes to all of the Twitter space hosts who take the time to host spaces in support of SafeMoon and the SafeMoon community! Thank you all so much for your dedication. 🙏🤍

Partner News

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner? Go to to apply.

Partner Information and News:

Information about our partners can be found on the SafeMoon Education Partner Page!!

Food for Thought

"Maturity is healing your insecurities before those insecurities turn into projection and unknowingly punish others with your trauma."

"You must tell yourself, ‘No matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I’m going to make it."

"Don't be afraid of failure. No failure, no success."

"The real flex is being yourself in a world full of fakers."

Metaverse Evolution

What does the evolution of the metaverse mean for the future of crypto?

"Metaverse this, metaverse that… It’s everywhere. Buzzwords as such come and go in the tech space, but with companies like Facebook rebranding to ‘Meta’ and luxury giants entering the metaverse space, it might not go anytime soon.

The metaverse emerged in the 1980s in Neil Stevenson’s novel ‘Snow Crash’, leading to the introduction of VR machines in the 1990s. Fast forward to today, we’re seeing major tech companies trying to build a more immersive, reality-reflected internet for the next generation – slowly breaking down barriers between the real and the digital.

Despite the idea of the metaverse being around for a while now, it still is in its early stage. The participation of large global corporations tells us that the metaverse has been chosen as the next digital frontier – pointing to enormous growth opportunities for numerous industries in the coming years.

And needless to say, there has been rapid growth in the metaverse space with real-life benefits emerging by the day, and companies creating new ways to interact with their communities. According to Citibank, the market size of the metaverse economy is expected to reach $10 trillion, with 5 billion projected users by 2030 globally. So yes, there is definitely something big happening here."

- AAX Academy

Click below to view the full article.


Dubai Metaverse Strategy

"In line with Dubai Metaverse Strategy, the Museum of the Future will host Dubai Metaverse Assembly in September 2022. The global event gathers over 300 experts and 40 specialized organizations to discuss the unlimited opportunities offered by the metaverse to serve humanity."

-Hamdan bin Mohammed

Crown Prince of Dubai & Chairman of the Dubai executive council