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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 3rd, 2022)

New SafeMoon Hyper Launch | MoonCast Transcript | Ranking | SafeMoon Community

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A Blockchain & Smart Contract Metaphor | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

New SafeMoon Hyper Launch

SafeMoon announced that Cryft V2 is now live on the SafeMoon SWaP.

"The @CryftC team & SafeMoon are excited to share that V2 of their token has now gone live! You can find version 2 of the Cryft token on the SafeMoon SWaP at"

Cryft V2 has now been added to SafeMoon's partner page under the Hyper Launch section. This means that Cryft V2 will trade exclusively on the SafeMoon SWaP for a certain amount of time.

The official Cryft Twitter account then updated everyone saying,

"Attention #SAFEMOONARMY and #cryftarmy! The launch of our v2 token is going very well... but there is more, much more. Please learn everything you can about our current state with our guide! Hitchhikers Guide to #Cryftopia! #Cryftopians are ready!"

They also shared a link to their new informational pdf. Check out the guide here.

Cryft later added,

"We got all v2 tokens to v1 holders via #Airdrop! Let us know if you have any questions."

"Welcome back @CryftC - and congrats on the upgrade! " - Galan

🎉Congratulations to Cryft on their successful migration and launch of Cryft V2!🎉


Miss Sunday's MoonCast or have been waiting for the transcript?! The team has just finished it up. Check it out by clicking the image below!🤍

📣As always a special thank you to this week's transcribing warrior Sir Burnz for the continued help and support with preparing these transcripts.


Top BNB CHAIN Projects with Highest Bullish Sentiment by LunarCrush. SafeMoon is ranked at number 5 with 75K.

SafeMoon Community

SafeMoon Knight shared some words of encouragement:

"#SAFEMOONARMY Sometimes it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that foundational items are being built to pave the way for the #SAFEMOON ecosystem. Be disciplined and reject the temptations of instant gratification. Security is key. No hacks, No rugpulls"

SafeMoon Laughs

Scottoshi tweeted a poll asking "How do you eat your string cheese?" String the cheese and eat OR take bites top down.

"If anyone votes "Take bites top down"....don't talk to me." - Hayden

"I eat the plastic wrapper and throw out the cheese." - OGCryptoWizard

"I'll try it." - Hayden

Food for Thought

"Social media never shows the full picture. - #foodforthought"


SafeMoon Education Manager

Partner News

Interested in becoming a Token Partner? Go to to apply.


Partner Page | More News

"Donation has been sent out.Again, thank you #GlowNation for your continued support in helping us bring light to others’ darkness. Without you, none of this would be possible! Be sure to check out the new August charity candidates @"


Partner Page | More News

"#TeamRhythm is officially 1 year old!! We thank each and every single community member for the dedicated support towards the project, and have huge product updates coming soon To celebrate 1 year, we're giving away $100 worth of $RHYTHM to 5 people who retweet this post"

Block Busters Tech (Upcoming Partner)

(Currently not on the Partner Page)

"Update: Transfers will be disabled in the next hour for all wallet to wallet transfers while we prepare to launch. Please be aware of this as we move to the next phase of our journey."

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"NFTs are giving more power to content creators than ever before. From Digital Art, Real World Items to Royalties the possibilities are vast."

- Empire Token

"The value of an NFT depends on what the holder of the token can do with it. For example, most Sports-NFT represents physical assets that can be used to gain entry to an event, receive a discount on merchandise, or even an all-stars signed jersey. "

- LunaSky

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"Hey, Hey, Hey, a gentle reminder, in case you are interested in applying for any of these positions, fit the requirements and want to be part of an awesome Team, feel free to apply"

- Empire

Empire is currently looking for the following to join their team:

Project manager

Research and development specialist Multimedia Artist

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

A Blockchain & Smart Contract Metaphor

Haseeb Qureshi published an article providing a metaphorical take on Blockchains and smart contracts. Stating that Blockchains are not best described or compared to cities but that instead smart contracts are like cities. He continues on using the Ethereum and Solana networks in his examples. Click the medium logo below to read the article.

Image shared by Haseeb Qureshi

Crypto News

Metaverse market share to surpass $50 billion by 2026, says new report

A new report reveals that the Metaverse will have a market share surpassing $50 billion by 2026.

Bipartisan Stablecoin Regulation Has a Slim Chance of Passing This Year

The bill was originally slated to be introduced last week, but Republicans and Democrats are still going back and forth on key issues


What is a Decentralized Application (Dapp)

What exactly is a dApp and how does it differ from other applications? Click the BSC logo below to learn the basics and the future of Dapps.