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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 30th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 31, 2022


MoonCast Transcript | Swap and Evolve | Trending | Crypto Education: The Metaverse Energy News | Blockchain News | Community Content | 💭Food For Thought

SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

MoonCast Transcript

This week's MoonCast transcript is complete! If you missed the educational podcast, click the image below!

Thank you to our transcription team members Sir Burns, Kerr, and Glenn. We are so grateful for your consistent help and support in getting these transcripts out to the SafeMoon community! 💗

Swap and Evolve

SafeMoon Warrior Tweeted, "Swap and Evolve has purchased 46.8 million #SafeMoon worth $19,102."


Fabo let the community know, "#SAFEMOONFAMILY is trending."

Crypto Education: The Metaverse

Check out this video by World Economic Forum about the Metaverse is:

4 things you need to know about the metaverse this week

Want to learn more? World Economic Forum wrote this article with the top 4 things that you should know! Read it here.

Why DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi are Horizontals in the Metaverse

We often think about DeFi, GameFi and SocalFi as separate sectors, but in the future it is believed that these will merge and function more as "horizontals." To learn more about this convergence, check out Coin Telegraph's article here.

Energy News

Energy Bills in UK Households Will Rise by 80% in October

"UK Household Energy Bills will rise by 80% in October, according to UK Regulators. The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) said last week that the bills will raise to an average of £3,549 ($4,188), calling it 'a crisis.'" (Watcher Guru)

Blockchain News

Since March, 9,404 Crypto Mining Devices Seized by Iranian Authorities

"Iranian authorities have seized nearly 10,000 illegal cryptocurrency mining devices since March. According to reports, many of the seized crypto mining rigs were operating in public locations that receive free or heavily-subsidized electricity, such as schools and mosques." (

Community Content

"Duck Daddy Day #502 Still Holdin'"

Rip Van Wizard

"Just sayin..."

Metaverse Josh

SafeMoon Laughs

"When @safemoon_knight visits Uncle Fomo! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾"

Safemoon Juju

Community Twitter Spaces

SafeMoon community Twitter Space host Zeus shared,

"Nothing to 👀 here… #SafeMoonTalk #BlockBustersTech #BBTF #CryptoNews #CryptoCurrency A very BIG shoutout and thank you to @Vicoseven for creating our new #twitter banner! 🙏 (NFA & DYOR)"

SafeMoon community Twitter Space host Jeremiah showed off the Water Cooler's new profile pic!!

💭Food For Thought

"The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the effort you apply 🛠️ And when the moment comes, everyone will see the outcome for which our team has worked together for a long time 🛣️ Patience is the key 🔑"

- Gandalf

"When we try to please everyone, we end up pleasing no one... least of all, ourselves."

- Simon Sinek

"Don't rush. Great things take time."

- Gary Goodridge

"If you only want to be here for the bull market, that's ok. For us, we are here all the time."

- CZ, CEO of Binance

SafeMoon Stats


Have you voted today?



Did you vote today?





Burn Report


Partner News

Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner? Go to to apply.

Partner Information and News:

Information about our partners can be found on the SafeMoon Education Partner Page!!



SafeMoon Gaming: Rust

Are you a PC gamer? You should definitely check out the SafeMoon Gaming server to learn more about the SafeMoon Rust game server, officially launching on September 1st! 32 copies of the game with be given away so keep an eye out for more information!



If you are currently holding pSafeMoon, you won't be receiving reflections due to the SafeMoon V2 Migration. In this SafeMoon Education article, you will find a method in which a pSafeMoon holder will be able to migrate to SafeMoon V2.

A HUGE thank you to SafeMoon Sr. Mod Explorer who helped put this article together!!! 🥰


SafeMoon Pulse

Behind on our new partnerships, SafeMoon Education content, and more? Click the image below to catch up on everything SafeMoon-related for the month of July!!



SafeMoon Security Awareness 🔐

Security questions - What's the best way to answer?
Learn the best practice to combat social engineering scammers & hackers. A simple fix that could help against your information.



SafeMoon Podcast: Table 32: EP01

Full transcript with corresponding video sections live for Table 32!!
Click the image below to view the transcript.



SFM Labs - NDA

The video and corresponding article for SafeMoon Labs with educator Gandalf on NDAs is live.
Click here to read the article or listen to the space. 🤍🤍


SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"




SafeMoon Gaming

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official gaming Discord:



Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the pre-launch waitlist here


SafeMoon SWaP Listings

(Official links to partners in the bottom page link list)

SafeMoon Key Moments

(current and planned products/listings)


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