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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 2nd, 2022)

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Internal Timelines | SFM Labs | Ranking | Important Cryft Cards Announcement

NFTs and the Music Industry | SafeMoon Laughs | Food for Thought | Partner News

Crypto News | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Internal Timelines

"We have internal timelines, I am pleased with the team's performance. Looking forward to the releases."

SFM Labs

SafeMoon Educator Gandalf shared,

"Thanks for listening to my Space SFM Labs - Partnerships Between Business Partners 😊

The recording of this presentation will be uploaded to the #SAFEMOON Education YouTube Channel at the end of the week."


SFM is #4 and GVR is #1 on the Top 9 Trending Coins in the USA for BitMart Exchange!

Important CryftCards Announcement

CryftCards Tweeted,

"🚨Attention #cryftarmy and #safemoonarmy V1 Cryft has officially been decommissioned! DO NOT Buy V1 tokens on PCS or SafeMoon Swap. Do not attempt buying Cryft V2 until cleared to do so. We will update Twitter and Discord when trading goes live. 🚨😀😃😄😉😱😮"

NFTs and the Music Industry

by BSC News

Music artists can now monetize their work using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), an asset created using blockchain technology. But can NFTs really revolutionize the music world? Let's explore!

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have greatly impacted how musicians make money. About 80% of music industry revenue comes from streaming. Rolling Stone reports that 90% of streaming revenue goes to the top 1% of artists. Additionally,

“Before, being a musician was kind of almost mocked. [...] It's not a dream anymore. Now, if you are creative, not only with your music but also with your release structure, you can make some money, which is cool”

– Music NFT artist, @NiftySax

As a result of NFTs, music becomes more valuable because of its uniqueness and scarcity. Further, NFTs can be used as tickets for live events. This way, you don't have to worry about losing your concert tickets. It is also possible to use NFTs to reward fans for their support of artists.

Digital assets enable artists to provide fans special benefits, such as early access to new music. Music NFTs can be easily created in networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana and Ethereum using a variety of platforms today. [...] We could soon see more services that allow you to create and sell NFTs without programming. It would make NFTs and music more accessible.

We might see more artists using NFTs. Thus, artists would be able to better connect with fans. Finally, NFTs and music are both incredibly popular forms of entertainment. By combining the two, artists can reach more people and grow their brands.

To visit the thread or comment, click on the icon below!

SafeMoon Laughs

"Love getting water out of our SafeMoon Water Cooler💧😉@JEREMIAH1SFMWC"

- Hayden

Director of Sales and Partnerships

"How cool is this? The SFM Water Cooler has its own designated “Water Cooler” at the SAFEMOON headquarters. Thanks for the love. I can’t wait to see pics of you guys standing around it. Thanks. @SafeMoonWing and @safemoon"

- Jeremiah

Food for Thought

"Be happy, not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything Have a great day! Sé feliz, no porque todo esté bien, sino porque puedes ver lo bueno en todo Ten buen día!😎✌️"

- Chela

"Staying positive in every situation and at all time is humanely impossible. You are a person with feelings. However, how long you have the negative thoughts or reaction is what's really up to you. Finding a way to move forward from the bad feelings is what is truly important."

- Seeking Peace

Partner News

Interested in becoming a Token Partner? Go to to apply.

Pige Inu

Partner Page | More News

Click the image below to listen to the shared Space with @OfficialTravlad!

ONE Immortal

Partner Page | More News

"Buy. Hodl. Become Immortl."




Affinity Token

Partner Page | More News

"Penetration and exploitation testing IS a big deal! Get ready for #Affinity to meet this need head on. Innovating and building is great but keeping it secure is critically important."


"BREAKING: Nomad cross-chain bridge has been hacked with over $190,000,000 stolen." - Watcher.Guru


Partner Page | More News

"👏Congratulations to Rope Climb for Little Way Cancer Support for being selected in the July charity vote!

Our new August poll is up and available on the website @

All of this is possible thanks to the #GlowNation supporters! 🙏"


Partner Page | More News

Click the image below to listen to the 186th AMA with Shibnobi CEO Cliff Fettner!

Block Busters Tech (Upcoming Partner)

(Currently not on the Partner Page)

"One of our law firms just put in overtime work to get this to us! We are so grateful!"

Cryft Cards

Partner Page | More News

"Attention all #cryftopians #cryftarmy #safemoonarmy ! We encourage you join us on discord for the most interactive experience with our community. There you will get more info, more frequently. to join our server!"

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"Hey, Hey, Hey, as announced earlier we will be holding an AMA on Wednesday this week, with Dulla himself over at Twitter Spaces at 6 pm UTC. We will collect a few questions beforehand, if you want to submit any, you can do so here! Keep Climbing!"

MetFX Watch-2-Earn

Partner Page | More News

"Regardless of where you are, #watch2earn is only a click away with #metfx - $MFX is changing the game by allowing users to earn while they watch movies! Why would anyone want to use #netflix #amazon #hulu #tubi and pay a subscription? Instead use the blockchain & let us pay you"