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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 27th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


UI/UX Designer Position | Mystery Image #3 Predictions | We Love Hayden

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UI/UX Designer Position

SafeMoon's newly appointed Head of Talent Acquisition Andrew Woodle shared,

"We are looking for a UI/UX Designer that truly understands what it means to create intuitive, context driven interfaces for the future, to work directly with the product development team and build out our next generation web 3 product offerings. #safemoon #crypto #safemoonarmy #web3 #uiux"

This position is for:

  • Headquarters Utah, Remote Within The US

  • Remote, Residing in the United States


We are looking for a UI/UX Designer to turn our software into easy-to-use and easy to understand (#EVERYONEPROOF) products for our customers and partners. UI/UX Designer responsibilities include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements and building navigation components. A big focus will be on user journeys and ideally using empathy mapping approaches to remove assumptions from our product design and produce products that delight our users and leave them feeling confident in how to use them To be successful in this role, you should have experience with design software and wireframe tools. If you also have a portfolio of professional design projects that includes work with web/mobile applications, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you’ll create both functional and appealing features that address our customers needs and help us grow our customer base.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Look at user journeys across the SafeMoon ecosystem and act as a user advocate

  • Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers

  • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps

  • Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets

  • Build page navigation buttons and search fields

  • Be able to rapid prototype / rough prototype to evolve approaches quickly

  • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like

  • Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches and tables)

  • Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders

  • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness, hidden elements)

  • Consider accessible design

  • Consider multi-language design

  • Consider feature parity (not all features in all locations)

  • Consider lack of hover on mobile devices

  • Be part of user feedback groups

  • Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback / data

  • Be focused on not collecting user data and reconsider the ‘norms’

  • Adhere to style standards on fonts, colors and images

Skills & Qualifications

  • 3+ years of proven work experience as a UI/UX Designer or similar role

  • Portfolio of design projects

  • Knowledge of wireframe tools such as Miro or Invision

  • Up-to-date knowledge of design software like Adobe XD or Figma

  • Proficient Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

  • BSc in Design, Computer Science or relevant field

To apply, click here!

Mystery Image #3 Predictions

The SafeMoon Twitter account changed the emojis next the name today and it got some people wondering what the upcoming third image could be. 🤔

Thank you to Danny and his SafeMoon Bot for always keeping us up-to-date!

Koorah asked the community,

"- Moon - Orbit ☑️ ? Galaxy ? Whatcha all think it can be? Drop Your Guesses Below 🔻🔻🔻"

Here are some of the awesome responses!

"Star" - Metaverse Josh

"I'm still leaning towards satellite and mesh Networks." - SafeMoon Rob NorCal

"Moon Orbit Coin" - SafeMoon Sam

"Moon Orbit 'Satellite'.." - Granny

Evan Negrete thought that maybe there was a correlation between the space added to the SafeMoon name and a Tweet made by KuCoin reading,

"Coin of the week: ____"

SafeMoon replied,


We Love Hayden

SafeMoon surprised us with a great bloopers video of the wonderful Hayden Wing, our Director of Sales and Partnerships!

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats joked,

"Sorry @CptHodl, we have a new captain now!"

Hayden replied,

"Why is @CptHodl knocking on my office door? He looks upset? 👀🤔😉"

Galan of Taa also posted,

"All in on this @SafeMoonWing meme. Thanks @SafeMoonJos for the fine fine gif artistry 🌮"

About SafeMoon

Andrew also shared this post on LinkedIn:

"In case anybody was wondering about the company I've had the privilege of joining as their head of talent acquisition:

SafeMoon is the web3 movement for everyone, where fueling invention and protecting our world comes first.

Our network and platform connects the creators of the future with a thriving community of backers, champions and change makers.

The SafeMoon token combines our unique approach to Tokenomics with our “fuel-for-good” SWaP platform, offering anyone from the industry-passionate to the crypto-curious a safe place to exchange coins and tokens whilst contributing to world-changing projects.

The Safemoon R&D partnership program then actively seeks out collaborators and innovators, who work to protect our planet. From here, SafeMoon provides them with a platform to seek support from the web-3 world.

SafeMoon started as a leading innovative blockchain tech company serving over 2.5 million holders and building part of an alternative financial system that enables trading on peer-to-peer chain networks without the interventions of traditional centralized systems. With multiple successful products and a community-driven, fair launched DeFi token, our mission is to increase economic freedom around the world."

SafeMoon Education Support

SafeMoon moderator and MoonCast transcriber shared some love for our Twitter today!

"Follow @SFMInsider and get the news you need. It's from #SafeMoon's EDU team and they are great! I'm staying UP with relevant, often exciting, and vital information. Should I read the Lowdown with my morning cup of coffee and also the monthly Pulse? Can I have both?? #SafeMoon"

Thank you for your love and support, Burns! 🥰🥰🥰


BSC Daily listed SafeMoon as the top BNB Chain project for social volume!

Tech News

Breaking The Chain; How Blockchain Is Sponsoring More Equity And Transparency In Hollywood

Blockchain has the potential of changing countless industries; one possible benefactor is Hollywood. Transparency is a major benefit of using blockchain. Forbes explains, "there is a strong possibility of actors, producers, and screenwriters contacting film studios directly without a host of intermediaries; imagine the new stories that we could tell, imagine the fresh perspectives that we could explore."

If you are interested in the possibilities of blockchain in the film industry, check out this Forbes article!

Old-school photographers grapple with NFTs: New world, new rules

"Photography often has to weather disruptive changes — from film to digital, for example — and photographers find themselves needing to master new technologies or face losing out to more tech-savvy competitors. NFTs are just another transformation in how we consume images. Can photographers adapt and benefit from them?" - CoinTelegraph

💭Food For Thought

"Everyone claims to 'love change,' except when it is out of one's control and it happens to them or when they do not understand the outcomes of the change itself ..."

- Keith A. Grossman

President of TIME

"This hit me... You never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them. You never know how much your kindness turned someone's entire life around. You never know how much someone needed that long hug or deep talk. So don't wait to be kind. Don't wait for someone else to be kind first. Don't wait for better circumstances or for someone to change. Just be kind, because you never know how much someone needs it."

- Nikki Banas

(Shared by Pulse)

"Your circle is supposed to be proud of you, not jealous."