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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 23rd, 2022)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


SafeMoon CEO John Karony | SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Labs SafeMoon Ranking | Tech News | Community Content | 💭Food For Thought

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SafeMoon CEO John Karony

Grits Daily published an article about John Karony. The article begins:

"How John Karony Joined SafeMoon

Today’s column shares the first-person vantage point of GritDaily contributor John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon provider of the SafeMoon cryptocurrency DeFi ecosystem and protocol, and an expert in Venture Philanthropy."

John Karony started,

"Every entrepreneurial story is different. The company I lead – SafeMoon – is in the midst of one of the biggest and broadest launches in crypto technology. Many people have asked how my own business leadership story began. So, here goes."

SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon community member Fabo shared a screenshot from discord that showed the default erc-20 token list from the SafeMoon Wallet which included (CRO)

"#SAFEMOON WALLET 👀🤔👀 📸- Discord" - Fabo

"Hi @FaboisMe - I see you have found the default erc-20 token list in the wallet. Cheers! 🥳🤟" - Galan

SafeMoon Exchange

You've seen it, heard about it. Development images all over are being shared by the community!

"Exchange sneak peak is out and in the wild. Proud of the team and the work that has gone into this. Please be aware that this is still in active development and there may be changes prior to final release. There is still more work to be done. Enjoy "
"To clarify. Screenshots/recordings are out in the wild and shared by those currently testing it. Not the actual exchange."

- John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

Reddit moderator Corey Clutch posted a preview of the SafeMoon Exchange where he tested out the Graphic User Interface (GUI). He added,

"Disclaimer: this is in active development, it is not feature complete and all pairings are placeholders for testing."

"Thank you @safemoon for allowing the Moderators a first glimpse inside the #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE! Although it is in active development, and the features are not fully complete, it is an incredible feeling to start testing the product and seeing how hard you all have worked - LFG!!!!"


SafeMoon Moderator

"The exchange is looking phenomenal! A fantastic idea to get the community involved in testing certain aspects of its functionality! Community input is key to developing something that everyone wants to use and also feels good using it!"


"A glance on the #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE Disclaimer: This product is under development & all currencies/pairs shown are used as placeholders. This isn't a final version & subject to change at any time "


SafeMoon Education Team

And it's no surprise that the #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE is trending on Twitter!

SafeMoon Labs

Yesterday SafeMoon Educator Gandalf held his educational space and let everyone know that these spaces are moving from weekly to now monthly.

"Thanks for listening to my educational Space SFM Labs - NDA The recording will be uploaded to the #SAFEMOON Education Youtube Channel at the end of the week. As of now, SFM Labs will be a monthly presentation."

SafeMoon Ranking

SafeMoon is the "TOP #BNBChain Project with Highest Social Engagement" according to LunarCrush.

Image created by BSCDaily

Tech News

‘The Sims’ Creator Will Wright Raises $6M for Blockchain Games

"Gallium Studios, an independent gaming studio founded by industry veterans Will Wright and Lauren Elliott, has scored $6 million to fund its Web3 ambitions.

The firm will develop simulation games powered by blockchain systems, backed by gaming-focused venture capital outfit Griffin Gaming Partners, VentureBeat reported on Monday."

Facebook and Twitter will soon be obsolete thanks to blockchain technology

"Today’s social media landscape is dominated by Web2 corporations — mostly Meta (Facebook) and Twitter. The companies collect data from billions of users and collect billions of dollars in revenue from user-generated content. While it’s great for the corporations and their shareholders, it comes at a cost for average users and professional content creators.

But in the near future, decentralized social media — or Web3 — is likely to end that old model by giving power back to users."

Ethereum community splits over solutions for transaction censorship

"Social slashing and even a user-activated soft fork have been suggested as possible responses to the threat of transaction censorship on Ethereum."

Data shows Bitcoin and altcoins at risk of a 20% drop to new yearly lows

"After the rising wedge formation was broken on Aug. 17, the total crypto market capitalization quickly dropped to $1 trillion and the bulls' dream of recouping the $1.2 trillion support, last seen on June 10, became even more distant.

The worsening conditions are not exclusive to crypto markets. The price of WTI oil ceded 3.6% on Aug. 22, down 28% from the $122 peak seen on June 8. The United States Treasuries 5-year yield, which bottomed on Aug. 1 at 2.61%, reverted the trend and is now trading at 3.16%. These are all signs that investors are feeling less confident about the central bank's policies of requesting more money to hold those debt instruments.

Recently, Goldman Sachs chief U.S. equity strategist David Kostin stated that the risk-reward for the S&P 500 is skewed to the downside after a 17% rally since mid-June. According to a client note written by Kostin, inflation surprises to the upside would require the U.S. Federal Reserve to tighten the economy more aggressively, negatively impacting valuations.

Meanwhile, extended lockdowns supposedly aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19 in China and property debt problems caused the PBOC led the central bank to reduce its five-year loan prime rate to 4.30% from 4.45% on Aug. 21. Curiously, the movement happened a week after the Chinese central bank lowered the interest rates in a surprise move."

💭Food For Thought

"Might be cliche, but starting the day with a workout is great for the body, but more importantly the mind. #safemoon #fitness"

- John Karony

SafeMoon CEO

"Too many modern companies have replaced a person with a number and mistakenly called that number a customer."

- Simon Sinek

"Happy Tuesday #SAFEMOONARMY 💙 Life is too short to let someone make you miserable. Remember someone can only make you unhappy if you give them the power to do so 😏 Don't let their jealousy stop you from being great 😉 Smile today and as always, #BeKind 💙"

- HollyGirl

"Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off! ✨🚀 ¡La paciencia es la capacidad de hacer la cuenta atrás antes de despegar! ✨🚀"

- Chela

"Regardless of how financially wealthy you are, how influential you are, how physically beautiful you are, treating everyone you meet as an equal will always be the right thing to do. Don't ever look down on anyone, instead if they need some help lift them up."