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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 22nd, 2022)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


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Partner News

⚠️SafeMoon Polygon Pairing

🚨SafeMoon warns everyone of a fake Polygon and SafeMoon pairing going around.

We have not created any #SAFEMOON pairings with Polygon. We are letting you know as it appears a fake pairing is being shared around.

SafeMoon community member, Danny educated everyone on what to look for when deciphering if a pairing is legitimate.

"📢 #safemoonarmy there is no polygon $SFM token. Don't interact with it ⚠️ How could you [have known] this before @safemoon [made] their post ? 1. different supply 2. unknown wallet (contract only exists on polygon) 3. totally different contract (contract name: CoinToken)"

SFM Labs

Don't forget, today at 2pm EST Gandalf will be hosting his weekly Twitter space and this time educating the community on NDAs!

SafeMoon Bedroom

SafeMoon quote Tweeted a community member who shared a SafeMoon-designed bedroom professional concept from Quick Renders.

"🛏️👀" - SafeMoon
"I spent some time creating my dream bedroom.. Let me know what you think!"

- KyleMunney (Safemoon Arichitect)

SafeMoon VP of Ops Josh Chilcutt responded to his tweet as well with his stamp of approval.

"#UncleJosh approves!"

Community member jkpointatthings pointed out the start of his creation. 😅

"That's awesome! It's back to the drawing board for me!"


Yesterday's MoonCast was joined by guest speakers for SafeMoon Comet partner Crogecoin & Hyper Launch partner LCP. SafeMoon Education Manager and MoonCast host tweeted,

"Thank you to both @CrogeCoin & @Livecryptoparty for joining us today on this week's #MoonCast If you missed the show then you can listen to it here:

"Hello ! Welcome to Live Crypto Party Adoption. FACT: #Nigeria has a population of more than 200 million people, do the maths. Missed the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? Listen in [⬆️]" - LCP

Baanx Partnership Recap

Baanx recapped their most recent partnership Twitter Space. This is it's recap of the SafeMoon portion.

Update on SafeMoon The name. The legend. The one you’re all keen to hear about - SafeMoon! So, where are we with them? So far, the system is up and we are testing it internally. The card is in submission and we’re waiting to complete a few more steps. We’ve also changed some things around to try and get it to our customers a little bit sooner. In terms of further details, SafeMoon will be releasing a full update, and we’ve been working closely with the team to put this together for you, so keep an eye out!

Click here to view their Tweet. Click here to view their full article.

Crypto Education

How to Use Stop Loss and Take Profit in Trading

Check out CMC's deep dive into stop-loss and take-profit orders — tools that can make risk management a lot easier.

Crypto News

Hackers Used Deepfake (VIDEO CALLS) of Binance CCO to Perform Exchange Listing Scams

A set of hackers managed to impersonate Binance chief communications officer (CCO) Patrick Hillmann in a series of video calls with several representatives of cryptocurrency projects. The attackers used what Hillman described as an AI hologram, a deepfake of his image for this objective, and managed to fool some representatives of these projects, making them think Hillmann was helping them get listed on the exchange.

Crypto Sports: 3 Articles on Crypto Partnerships with Pro Sports

"The synergy of cryptocurrency, its associated technology, and the world of professional sports is quite strong. Both industries rely on marketing, outperforming competitors using similar resources and their communities to maintain relevance. Due to this natural compatibility, the two industries have linked in a variety of methods ranging from sponsorships to NFT trading cards.

[Here] is a selection of 3 articles on notable crypto/sports partnerships and integrations."

Australia to Define Crypto in ‘Token Mapping’ Exercise

"The Australian crypto industry eagerly awaits the government’s digital asset analysis, pegged to bring a solid framework in which to operate."


Community Content

SafeMoon Community member Randolph reminded everyone of the upcoming UK meet-up he's hosting in 16 weeks.

"SafeMoon UK London Meet Up 16 weeks to go. 30 paid up already. If you hold #safemoon #Grove #bbtf #GLOWV2 #affinity you won't want to miss this one DM me if you're interested."

SafeMoon community member RipVan shared an image of him and his duck sporting his homemade SafeMoon goggles!


Today I spent some coffee time with @Malikfmuda. He is an amazing person, #SAFEMOON maxi 😝, and one of the kindest characters I've ever met. Thank you for the wonderful time and hey, I owe you lunch next time!! 😀❤️

- Spyros

💭Food For Thought

SafeMoon community member, seeking peace shared her thoughts on reaching goals. 🤍

"When I was a pre-teen I started wanting to go to Japan. I made it happen years later. Years later I wanted to travel. I made it happen months later. Then in 2014 wanted to move away. I am making it happen now. Don't let the time it take discourage you. Just because it has not happened yet doesn't mean it never will. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep setting yourself attainable small steps towards what you want. Keep talking about it. Keep thinking about it. Keep dreaming about it. Time doesn't matter. Patience does. And it's okay to feel frustrated at the slow pace or to feel discouraged sometimes, have doubts etc. It's just normal human emotions. Stay stubborn with your goals. Stubbornness is a valuable quality when it comes to making them come true. Let no one make you deviate. NO ONE. I have regretted every single time I got distracted from my goals by people. And again, time doesn't matter when you want something really bad. The wait makes the victory so much sweeter. I know when I make it to my final goal I am going to cry my eyes out. And keep pushing for more."

🙏Thank you for sharing this, Peace.💗

"Never wish pain on others. Even if they caused you pain; wish them well and healing instead. The truth is they need that most."

- Gary Goodridge

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

- Art of Life