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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 20th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


SafeMoon Partner Experience | SafeMoon Energy Drink | Fake SafeMoon Accounts

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SafeMoon Partner Experience

SafeMoon community member and COO of BBTF Troy Smothers along with the rest of the BBTF team elated about their recent partner experience with the team at SafeMoon HQs.

"Hello, #SafemoonFamily Big thank you to@SafeMoonWing @jcwsketch for being absolute professionals and sharing with us a World Class #SafeMoonPartnerExperience let’s go. @DonBaileySpeaks @LeetCoins @DreamingDeFi @morglea158555 @CBroussely"

SafeMoon Ratio

SafeMoon joked with Binance sharing some SafeMoon ratio awareness.😄Below is the conversation.

Trust Wallet: rt this to let @binance know that our tweets r funnier than their tweets

Binance: sorry but ratio

SafeMoon: Ratio you say?😅

Trust Wallet:


SafeMoon Energy Drink

HelloEnhance CEO Chase Coleman broke the silence with an announcement that the SafeMoon Energy Drinks are back in stock.

I'll be damned.. I know y’all was hoping they weren’t real or i wasn’t gonna come thru or i scammed everyone but lemme tell yall somethin… FIRST OFF…. LONG LIVE THE #SAFEMOONARMY SECONDLY… I ALWAYS COME THRU. Sorry for the wait LFG @safemoon Energy Drinks on the way!

Image shared by @AriesAguila3

Fake SafeMoon Accounts

SafeMoon community member, Vico warned everyone of the many fake SafeMoon accounts out there!

"The scamm3rs are out out for these fake #safemoon accounts. Report & block."

SafeMoon Gaming 🎮

SafeMoon community member Brian shared a little feedback on the recent Halo SafeMoon community gaming event that took place yesterday.

"This was today, and it was pretty cool! 😎✊🎮🚀🌕"

Sander, SafeMoon's Gaming Community Manager, announced the event one hour before it started. To join the next event stay tuned to Sander's tweets and be sure to join the SafeMoon Gaming Discord.

"Hey everyone! In about 1 hour we will play some Halo with everyone who wants. How to join? Go over to Jump in to the Main VC and we will find our way😉 Can't play but you do want to watch: #SafeMoon #SafeMoonGaming"


SafeMoon responded to a tweet Binance CEO CZ made, which said

"I just figured out our team was hopelessly trying to do an Emily in Paris shot, lol. 😂" - CZ

"We can settle with CZ in the blockchain"

- SafeMoon

A Twitter user responded to SafeMoon with a gif that reads

"You tell yourself whatever you need to so you can sleep at night."

"Thanks! Will do!" - SafeMoon

SafeMoon Mystery Image

Community member Kam reminded everyone that the next image is in "One more day" yesterday.

This morning SafeMoon tweeted about the image coming today.

Happy weekend, #SAFEMOONARMY! ☀️ #SAFEMOON image 2 of 3 coming today! 🖼️ What do you think it might be? 🤔

SafeMoon Appreciation

Don Bailey shared his excitement for the future of SafeMoon and some love for SafeMoon CEO John Karony.

"I’d like to take a moment and provide an update on safemoon. After meeting John, I’ve realized 2 things… 1. We’re right to join the safemoon army, it is going to be amazing. 2. I was right to choose him as a role model because I learned so much."

SafeMoon community member Sassaniman shared his appreciation of SafeMoon's leadership.

"I love how much #SAFEMOON catapults other projects. They are for crypto as a whole while others think other projects are competition"

SafeMoon Labs

A new educational article by Gandalf went live yesterday. Take a listen or read the article by clicking the button below.

Ask The Team

SafeMoon creative and Discord mod Hypa asked the SafeMoon Army a question.

"If you could ask the #safemoon team one question, what would it be?"

  • Are we still on track to release the exchange in Q3?

- @SafeMoonSpurs

  • How many products will be rolled out before the end of this year 2022?

- @IcePickWillySFM

  • How did you hear of #safemoon before becoming a team member?

- @SafeMoonSyko

  • In which ways is safemoon helping the world when it comes to renewable energy?

- @DanteRoxxxxx

  • Have they already built their version of glotoks for the sfm exchange yet? If so can it be transferred over to the sfm blockchain when the exchange migrates from bsc?

- @Aacalloway7

  • When do you think Global tokenomics will be put into action and will this also be actioned with everything in the #safemoonecosystem ? I know…..that was 2 questions

- @SimonCl39881955

  • How many products do they see being released in the next 45 days?

- @BrianKetcham14

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for the next 6 months

- @tomcollins1973

What question would you ask?↖️


"Wen CPO 👈😁" - @jkpointatthings

SafeMoon responded with this Gif:

"Much pointiness 🤗" - jkpointatthings

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