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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 1st, 2022)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

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SafeMoon Pulse: July Review

Behind on our new partnerships, SafeMoon Education content, and more? Click the image below to catch up on everything SafeMoon-related for the month of July!! 💜


Yesterday we had special guests on the community podcast!

"Thank you both to @PigeInu and @metfxmetaverse for joining us on this week's #Mooncast! Appreciate you both, along with all our #SAFEMOONSWAP partners who are striving and innovating in the Web3 space."

Original post:

"We are closing up on a whole year of #Mooncast, come and join us for #47 as we are joined by our newest #SAFEMOONSWAP partners @metfxmetaverse & @PigeInu! Join us live [here.]"

The MoonCast transcript will be posted in an upcoming Lowdown!

SafeMoon Education

SafeMoon Education Manager Tweeted,

"Education should always be free and never cost a dime. No matter what you're interested in learning, we should all be striving for free education! I am determined to make the best crypto education platform 👨‍🏫"

Live Crypto Party

Our very first Hyper Launch partner, Live Crypto Party, will be listed on their first centralized exchange, LBank, very shortly! We are so proud of them! Let's give them lots of love and support! 🙌💚

"#LCP will be listed on #LBank in a few hours; this will be our first Centralized Exchange listing 🎉📈.

LBANK is ranked 15th out of 295 exchanges worldwide by #CoinMarketCap with 5,000,000+ active users & a daily trading vol of over $1 Billion.

Buy now👉"

Click images to enlarge!

There will also be an AMA hosted by LBank! Check out the details below 👇👇👇

👏Upcoming AMA with $LCP team @Livecryptoparty

📣Speaker: George Hall & Roseline Ebunobi

🕐Time: August 2nd 20:00(UTC+8)


🎁Reward: $1,000 $LCP

👉Join the Campaign:

Partner Page | More News

KCAL Challenge

Yesterday, Cats introduced the Army to the initiative he started, the KCAL Challenge! Today he clarified,

"Just to make this very clear, this is not affiliated with #SAFEMOON directly. This is a @CatsRusOfficial challenge that is targeted at the #SAFEMOON Community. Its aim is to get every member to focus on their health, both mentally and physically."

Food for Thought

"Work in silence and let success do the talking."

- The Burly Monk

Partner News

Interested in becoming a Token Partner?

Go to to apply.

ONE Immortal

Partner Page | More News

"...two weeks...👀👀 #PolygonNFTs @polygonstudios @PolygonAlliance #SAFEMOONFAMILY #SAFEMOONARMY #NFTCommunity #CryptocurrencyNews #cryptocurrencies #Crypto"

Empire Token

Partner Page | More News

"Yes New Name, Soon! 🚀 EMPIRE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Cryptocurrency to Foster a Global Economy"

To read the article, click here!!


Partner Page | More News

"📰🚨DX-News 🚨📰 Solana Store coming to a big apple near you!"


Reflex Finance

Partner Page | More News

"Myself and a squad of ballers celebrating @hardfaultdev on finalizing and testing the new @EnhancedApes that will reside on #ETH. Let’s get bananas these next few days! We have a #NFTMarketplace & updated #EnhancedApes roadmap to show you on top of a hexagon PFP!!"


Partner Page | More News

Congrats to GroveToken for being the #2 searched token on BitMart Exchange this past week! 👏👏👏

"With John being the Managing Director for the metaverse of Dubai, with their standards for excellence, leaves little doubt in the quality and performance of #GroveToken Metaverse. The future is exciting!"

EverGrow Coin

Partner Page | More News

"There really are some great people in crypto. You never know who you might meet."

Would you like to check out other information about our partners?

Check them out at our Partner Page!!

Crypto News

US’ Chips Bill creates a Blockchain and Crypto Specialist Position

"The US House of Representatives created history as it passed the Chips and Science Act and created a blockchain and crypto specialist position in the White House. The bill was approved on Thursday by a vote of 243 to 187.

The blockchain and crypto specialist position will be created in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). The specialist will be responsible for 'advising the President on matters relating to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.'"

The worst places to keep your crypto wallet seed phrase

A look at the best practices and worst hiding places for what could be the most important and wealthy possession in a home: a seed phrase.

“You have a far greater chance of moving to a new apartment and losing your crypto password in the process than you do of getting hacked. So generally speaking, our security tips are pretty basic. Get a $30 safe off Amazon or, you know, build a little wooden box that’s easily identifiable as a place for secure documents and just store your seed phrases there.”

- Chris Brooks, Founder of Crypto Asset Recovery

Nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept cryptocurrency payments within the next 2 years

"From Starbucks to Lamborghinis, consumers are using cryptocurrency to pay for a variety of goods — and retailers are taking notice. Nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next two years, according to a June survey conducted by Deloitte titled 'Merchants getting ready for crypto.'"

The worst places to keep your crypto wallet seed phrase

"Under the mattress, in the seams of a piece of luggage or even rolled into a cigar, what are the worst and best ways for keeping a seed phrase safe? The key to unlocking and recovering cryptocurrency, a seed phrase, should be secured and safe.

Especially now that prices are low and the crypto tourists have checked out, it might be time for a crypto security spring clean. Security starts with a seed phrase, sometimes called a recovery phrase.

There’s no denying it: Bitcoin and the crypto space writ large are in the clutches of a bear market. Since Do Kwon’s Terra experiment went up in smoke, a crypto contagion has choked the most reputable of exchanges, causing many self-sovereignty advocates to chant, 'not your keys, not your coins.'

Indeed, hardly a day goes by that another “trusted” crypto lender freezes customer withdrawals. From Singapore’s crypto lender Vauld to Thailand’s crypto exchange with 200,000 customers, Zipmex, to the world-renowned Celsius exchange, many centralized lending platforms have suffered similar fates, ensuring heartbreaking consequences for customers in 2022.<