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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 17th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 19, 2022


New SafeMoon Comet Partner | The SafeMoon Card | SafeMoon Wallet

MoonCast Transcript | SafeMoon Strategy | SafeMoon Security | SafeMoon Gaming SafeMoon Trending | SafeMoon Merch | HoDooi Poll Results | Crypto News

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New SafeMoon Comet Partner

SafeMoon announced a new comet partnership yesterday.

Look at that happy face! Let's give a big #SAFEMOONARMY welcome to @CrogeCoin and their community! #Crogecoin has hatched onto and can be found in the #SAFEMOON wallet!

New comet partner Crogecoin also shared the news.

"Crogecoin has partnered with @safemoon! $Croge is now tradable on the Safemoon swap and can be held in the Safemoon wallet. The partnership is on our #BSC side but there’s so you can buy on either side and bridge to and from #CRO!"

The Croge NFT director, Santi shared a behind-the-scenes photo op they had while at SafeMoon HQs.

"Behind the scenes sneak peek with the @safemoon and @CrogeCoin team!!! True honor to meet with the safemoon team and finally meet @Tyler_The_M [Crogecoin founding team & crypto marketing] in person!! Make sure to join our discord & TG!!"

SafeMoon Knight shared some additional information about Croge from their website. The partnership with SafeMoon has aloud CRO to now have a bridge to and from BSC. SafeMoon Sales manager Jonas replied to SafeMoon Knights tweet with the look emoji, "👀".

"#SAFEMOONSWAP and @cryptocom are now connected through @CrogeCoin. BSC to CRO bridge now exists. This means The entire SAFEMOONSWAP (BSC) can bridge over to CRO ( and vice-versa. Those on CRO can access the Safemoon Swap thru @CrogeCoin well done @safemoon"

From CrogeCoin's Website:

Bridge is live!

The Croge team is happy to announce that the first BSC to CRO bridge is live! We are the first token on Cronos to have this feature! What does this mean for Croge? Well, this means that the entire BSC world can safely bridge BNB and convert it to the Croge token, as well as bridge BNB to Croge and then sell Croge for Cronos tokens. Our bridge is the portal from BSC to CRO for anyone who does not know how to get Cronos currency. We are inviting the BSC world over to CRO!

The SafeMoon Card

Kieron Cartledge - Global Sales Director Baanx shared some information about the SafeMoon Card in the most recent Twitter Space held by Baanx.

  • "An update on the SafeMoon card is coming soon"

  • "The security of the card got updated, we added a fourth layer"

  • "This product we are launching is next level"

  • "We're bringing decentralized finance to the masses with this card"

  • "Detailed information are coming in the coming days from SafeMoon"

  • "We'll have customer support 24/7 all year to help on transactions, lost cards and more"

  • "SafeMoon will talk on availability in their announcement"

  • "Transactions are protected"

  • "The SafeMoon card will be available to a lot of people"

  • "SafeMoon will talk on card limits & more in their announcement"

Transcribed by Gandalf

Click here to listen to the space.

SafeMoon Wallet

Yesterday, Galan announced a wallet update for Android and then later announced an update for iOS.

"Just pushed an update for the Android #SafemoonWallet to fix an issue with contact list animation on the send screens of some devices." "iOS update 2.4.5 for the #SAFEMOONWALLET is pushing live. "

MoonCast Transcript

Miss Sunday's MoonCast or have you been waiting for the transcript? The transcription team has now finished transcribing! Thank you, team!!

📣Thank you to our transcribing warriors who continue to transcribe for those in the community that need it. 🙏❤

SafeMoon Strategy

"The right things. In the right order. At the right time."

- SafeMoon

SafeMoon Security

SafeMoon Addict shared a screenshot from CEO John Karony on Discord.

"Security is important to us. However, FUD is always gonna be a thing. Look at nuclear energy, if you look at the facts, it is far better than other energy sources, but the FUD i strong against it. FUD will always exist. Is what it is."

Don Bailey CEO of BlockBustersTech, responded.

"This is something I’ve come to realize, and I gained so much more respect for John because of it." - Don Bailey

SafeMoon Gaming

SafeMoon gaming community manager, Sander announced another gaming event.

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy On Friday, August 19th at 3PM EST / 7PM UTC. We are going to have a gaming event with the game: Halo, this time also with a special guest! Make sure to join the Discord for more information."

SafeMoon Trending

#SAFEMOONECOSYSTEM was once again trending yesterday.

SafeMoon Merch

"Good Morning! Geared up and ready to take on a wonderful Tuesday!" - Quincy

HoDooi Poll Results

SafeMoon came in on top in Hodooi's poll.

"Congratulations @Safemoon $SFM 👏 Let’s see what happens next… #NFT #NFTs #SAFEMOON #SFM #HOD" - HoDooi