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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 16th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 17, 2022


MoonPay | Kindness | Dusting Attack | Contract Approvals | MoonCast Upload Delay

Wallet Patch Update | Swap & Evolve | SafeMoon Sanctuary | Ranking

Red Alert Website | Bitcoin Adoption | Crypto News | Blockchain Education

💭Food For Thought | Community Content : UK Meet-Up - Creations | SafeMoon Stats Reminders


SafeMoon shares some great news with us!

"Some of you were asking so... we can share that we've worked with @moonpay to make the minimum purchase amount within the #SAFEMOON Wallet just $15! 🎉 Indefinitely! 👀 Happy Tuesday, #SAFEMOONARMY!"


"Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle" Have an amazing Tuesday, #SAFEMOONARMY!

- SafeMoon

Dusting Attack

SafeMoon Education manager, Cats warns everyone of an airdropped token called "Smart Chain Coin". This is a malicious attempt to gain information but only succeeds if transacted with such as selling, buying, or transferring of the airdropped token. Click here to learn more about malicious airdrops.

"⚠️⚠️⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ There is a scam token being airdropped with the name "Smart Chain Coin" and is a scam token. Please make sure if you receive this that you don't interact with it as it can be misleading with the name."

Contract Approvals

SafeMoon Discord moderator Danny gives the SafeMoon Army a friendly reminder to check their approved contracts!

"Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great day. Friendly reminder to check your wallet for unwanted approved contracts/tokens. Revoking approvals only costs a few cents. Don't be lazy, be safe"

MoonCast Upload Delay

The MoonCast YouTube upload was a little later than usual this week due to technical difficulties. Our transcription team is now hard at work to get it transcribed for everyone.

"Apologies for those that haven't been able to watch/listen to the latest episode of #MoonCast. Seems YouTube didn't want to process the video after an error. But it is now live! Come and listen to the news, and hear our partner @one_immortl"

- Cats

SafeMoon Education Manager

Wallet Patch Update

Galan let the community know about a patch update!

"A patch update V2.41 has pushed for the Android #SafemoonWallet"

What's New

  • Fixed an issue with comma as decimal in some regions

  • Translations added for some newer features

  • Bug fixes

Swap & Evolve

SafeMoon Warrior shares,

"Swap and Evolve has purchased 51.8 million #SafeMoon worth $20,993."

SafeMoon Sanctuary

Our mod team's SafeMoon Sanctuary hit a new milestone!!

"#SafeMoonArmy We've hit 2k followers on the @SFMSanctuary Twitter and we would just like to say thank you to all of you. We look forward to many more shows and many more laughs.

We are family, we are #safemoon."


With 215M, SafeMoon came in second for the top BNB chain projects with the highest social engagement according to Lunar Crush.

Red Alert Website

SafeMoon Addict shares Binance's new "Red Alert" Website.

"Binance has a new Red Alert 🚨 website!"

Bitcoin Adoption

"1 billion people will be using #bitcoin within four years, according to the current pace of adoption" - Documenting Bitcoin

Blockchain Education

How Blockchain Can Encourage Learning

By Josh Weiss and Zoha Salman

"Blockchain has gotten plenty of attention lately as a new mode of exchange, allowing experimental cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the sale of NFTs in ways that leave an unalterable, fully transparent public record that tracks the transfer and ownership of digital things.

And the technology may help address an age-old challenge in any classroom: motivation.

A group of blockchain projects called “learn-to-earn” (also sometimes called “earn-to-learn”) aims to incentivize learners to engage with educational content and, just as importantly, stick with it. Several startups are experimenting with encouraging users to watch tutorials or take quizzes in exchange for earning cryptocurrency. CoinMarketCap’s “learn crypto, earn crypto” program, for instance, has refined its program one step further, so that once a learner demonstrates they’ve mastered some material, rewards are directly deposited into the learner’s digital wallet."

To read the rest of the article, head to EdSurge!

Crypto News

LinkedIn Scammers

Only 50 or so profiles out of 7,000 Binance employees on LinkedIn are real, says CZ

"I wish LinkedIn had a feature to let the company verify people. So, many "hey, I am responsible for listing" scammers on LinkedIn. Be careful.

Central Bank, Crypto Bank Integration Conditions

US Fed Opens Pathway for Crypto Banks to Tap Central Banking System

The central bank will create a three-tiered system for evaluating whether a financial institution should have access.

💭Food For Thought

"Your COMMUNITY is everything, it's your audience, your support, your future, public bureau of investigation and one of your best marketing strategies. Don't take it for granted. ✅💯"

- Vico

"Being part of the #SAFEMOONARMY is not a competition nor is it a popularity contest. We are all different in our own AMAZING ways, with a very similar goal. Sometimes we have to rise above the noise and remember we are all in this together."

- HollyGirl

"Few processes cannot be rushed."

- WisdomHQ

"Quit pretending like #Certik audits (or any other audits) are going to protect you 100%; they won't, especially not for proxy contracts. They haven't in the past, they won't in the future. Look to the leaders you are investing in; audit them first.😉👍"

- Brian