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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 15th, 2022)

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SafeMoon Laughs | SafeMoon Community Gaming | SafeMoon Exchange

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SafeMoon shared an inspirational quote today.

"Welcome to Monday, #SAFEMOONARMY!

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want”


SafeMoon Exchange

A SafeMoon community member asked about the Exchange.

"How’s that exchange coming along @safemoon?

"Great thanks." SafeMoon replied.

Baanx Partnership

Hashtagging SafeMoon, Baanx announced they will be holding a space for updates on SafeMoon this Wednesday.

Want an update on #Safemoon? 👀 You've come to the right place! Join us this Wednesday at 10AM (BST) for updates on Safemoon and other #Baanx projects 👇 - Baanx BXX

SafeMoon community member Danology responded.

"You better believe I'll be tuning in to this! #SAFEMOONCARD 💳 #SAFEMOON"
"We look forward to seeing you there! 🙌" - Baanx BXX

SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon community member SafeMoon Knight pointed out one of the many neat features within the SafeMoon Wallet. 👀

"#safemoonarmy if you long hold the bag button in the #SafemoonWallet you get a few options. Nice feature #safemoon.🦇"



SafeMoon Education Manager and MoonCast host tweeted about the giveaway that happened on MoonCast for SafeMoon partner One_immortl.

"Our #SafemoonSwap Partner @one_immortl has given us two NFTs to giveaway during #MoonCast!..."

The winners were announced on MoonCast yesterday. A big congratulations to the winners! 🎉

"Our #SafemoonSwap Partner @one_immortl has given us two NFTs to giveaway during #MoonCast! In order to enter, please complete the following: - Follow @one_immortl - Follow @safemoon - Retweet and like this post - Tag 2 friends Drawn live on MoonCast at the end of the show!"
Congratulations Winners • @CrisirC1 • @Jb77662 Reach out to @GandalfEducator for your information to receive your NFT!

One Year Anniversary

Education Manager Cats mentioned the MoonCast Episode that takes place on the 28th of this month will be a special one and naturally, speculation began. 🤭😅

"Look I'm one to manage expectations but@CatsRusOfficial just basically said the Mooncast on the 28th is going to be special.👀 - Danology
"28th is the One Year Anniversary for MoonCast. We have something planned for the 52nd episode. 27th you get the 3rd image which could aline to be an exciting weekend! But of course, manage expectation, but also enjoy good times are coming " - Cats

SFM Labs

Today is Gandalf's weekly educational space. Tune in to learn about CEXs vs DEXs @ 2 PM est.

Click below to set your reminder and see your time zone.


HoDooi Poll

HoDooi tweeted a poll asking which crypto they should integrate next. The choices are SafeMoon, Chillz, Shib, or XRP. At the time of this screenshot, SafeMoon had approximately 82% of the votes.

Click here to vote.

SafeMoon Merch


SafeMoon Rogers shared an image of his framed and lighted SafeMoon poster.

SafeMoon community member @shamiah1106 showing off his SafeMoon gear!!


SafeMoon Community member Rip Van Wizard created these SafeMoon Goggles and a few have received theirs already including SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats.

"Delivery day from @RipVanWizard with these awesome #SAFEMOON Goggles!
Not an official item of SafeMoon but reach out to Van if you want a pair! Thank you again kind sir! " - Cats

SafeMoon Laughs

A SafeMoon community member shared an article teasing SafeMoon. The article heading reads "Suspected meteor caught on camera streaking across the sky over Utah."

"@safemoon is this our rocket going the wrong way 🤣" - D
"Jim is still figuring out the spaceship controls." - SafeMoon
"Shatner is getting a bit old to be driving" - D

SafeMoon Community Gaming

SafeMoon Discord Mod Glenn reminded everyone of the fun over on SafeMoon's Gaming Discord.

"#SAFEMOONARMY Like gaming? Looking for people to play with? Head over to the #SAFEMOON Gaming Discord! Casual or hardcore, all are welcome! Join @ Watch @"

Past Relations

SafeMoon's Director of sales, Hayden Wing received a special shoutout from a brand he helped in the past on LinkedIn.

"These two studs helped kickstart Chop Shop way back when. Thanks for being tops Jarren Bishop and Hayden Wing #PremiumCuts #VideoProduction #Team"

-Chop Shop

Crypto News

NFT Games

NFT games have edge over ‘money in, no money out’ games: Polygon's Urvit Goel

"NFT gaming business models could represent an attractive innovation for gaming publishers as they begin to make more of their titles available to play on blockchain."


Crypto Industry Eyes SEC’s ‘Regulation by Enforcement’ Ramp Up

"The US regulator to continue attempting to expand its authority over the industry amid regulatory uncertainty, industry watchers say"

Crypto Fear & Greed Index

The #Bitcoin 'Fear and Greed Index' is back to neutral. The last time the index was neutral was April of this year.

Finance History

"1995 screenshot of David Chaum's e-cash. This is how simple it could have been to send money over the internet" - Documenting Bitcoin