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SafeMoon Lowdown (August 13th, 2022)

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Leadership and Integrity | Block Busters Tech | Grove Token (ERC-20) | Scam Accounts | Community Content | Education: Crypto Inheritance - Surviving the Bear Market - NFTs and Intellectual Property | Food For Thought | Crypto News: Bitcoin Market Cap - Bitcoin Mining - Steve Cohen | SafeMoon Stats | Reminders

Leadership and Integrity

CEO John Karony posted this food for thought

"Pay mind to those who remain calm, and focus on solutions rather than problems. Pay mind to those who lift up, and not tear down.

What kind of leader might you aim to be?"

SafeMoon also shared,

"WIKI DESCRIPTION: Earl Nightingale (March 12, 1921 – March 25, 1989) was an American radio speaker and author, dealing mostly with the subjects of human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence," with a quote from Nightingale:

"Integrity is the seed of achievement. It is the principle that never fails."

Block Busters Tech

Around 00:30 UST, Block Busters Tech Tweeted,

"Trading is being paused a wallet is selling with more BBTF than the total supply. Will announce when trading is back active. And liquidity is injected."

A half hour later they updated the community:

"Performing contract upgrades to prevent this from happening again, will publish findings for all other tokens to add to their contracts. Please be patient."

BBTF CEO Don Bailey added,

"Update: we’ve acquired 2 audit companies and 3 other independent parties to review the contract. Will update again soon."

When a community member mentioned SafeMoon being quiet about the situation, the SafeMoon Twitter account responded, "In constant comms with their team. However it is not for us to make their announcements."

Don then replied,

"This is our issue to resolve, we have a clear path forward."

For more information on the situation, check out this Twitter Space with Don Bailey!

Grove Token (ERC-20)

SafeMoon Tweeted,

"Happy FriYAY to you, #SAFEMOONARMY! ☀️

We're pleased to announce that @GroveToken now has their ERC-20 edition listed on the #SAFEMOON SWaP! 🎉

You can now find it at and in the #SAFEMOONWALLET 🥳"

Galan retweeted adding,

"Nice - eth gas fees are the lowest I've seen in some time. Relatively speaking of course 😁🥳"

Scam Accounts

It is so important that the community, as a whole, continues our fight in educating others about these scam accounts! SafeMoon moderator Steve shared,

"Guys, you really shouldn’t be asking if these are real accounts. Stay alert and don’t fall into the hands of scammers."

Galan commented,

"The percentage of "help" accounts that reply to you or message you that are scams = 100%."

Please remember that all help desk accounts are scam accounts!
Never engage with them - just report and block! 🙏🙏🙏

Community Content

More community members are getting their merch store and Space Capsule goods!! Lookin' great, guys! 😁😁

"They arrived.. Thanks @SafeMoonWing for arranging the gear for the SafeMoon UK meet. I wear fleeces all the time and these are top notch"

- Randolph

"SafeMoon Space Capsule came! Cheers mates 🍻"

- Viper

"We are family We are #SAFEMOON"

- Danology

Discord community member k3vbot3000 made this amazing stamp! Check it out! 🥰💛

"I laser cut a stamp 😀"


Crypto Inheritance

Blockworks posted an interesting article about the complicated process of dealing with crypto inheritance!

"When Jason O’Toole’s 18-year-old son, a crypto investor, died unexpectedly of acute leukemia, the mourning father hadn’t anticipated shouldering the burden of an additional stage of grief: paperwork. With his son’s death certificate, O’Toole was able to retrieve his son’s 401(k), bank account balance and final paycheck. But a year later, O’Toole is still struggling to withdraw his son’s crypto from Coinbase."
To learn more about the obstacles with crypto inheritance, click the logo below!!

Interested in learning more about crypto inheritance? Check out this article:

Trust & Will: Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning Guide

Surviving the Bear Market

Bitcoin Magazine wrote, "Bear markets are difficult as people watch their account balances diminish with the bitcoin price dropping. There are many things you can do to ease the pain."

To check out their tips for making this market more... bearable 👀,
click the logo below!

NFTs and Intellectual Property

Check out this Coin Telegraph article which answers some of the most common questions about NFTs and intellectual property rights!

Food For Thought

"No matter what goes on in your life, always remember that your current conditions do not reflect your ultimate potential."

- Gary Goodridge

"Happy Saturday #SAFEMOONARMY Expect more from yourself then you do of others. Having expectations from others tend to let you down, while having expectations from yourself inspire a lot. That's life 😏 Have a good day, make someone smile and as always, #BeKind 💙"

- HollyGirl

"Seven types of people to surround yourself with: 1. The kind 2. The grateful 3. The inspired 4. The motivated 5. The passionate 6. The empowering 7. The open-minded

- Gary Goodridge

(Shared by SafeMoon)

Crypto News

Bitcoin Market Cap

"FUN FACT: #Bitcoin has a larger market cap than Bank of America."

- Watcher Guru

Bitcoin Mining

BTC mining stocks double in a month as production ramps

"While Bitcoin and Ether prices may have climbed lately, Bitcoin mining companies have been absolutely pumping." CoinTelegraph continued, "Crypto mining companies have seen their stock prices increase as much as 120% over the last month, amid rebounding crypto asset prices, higher mining profitability and sharp increases in Bitcoin (BTC) production."

Steve Cohen, American Hedge