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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 7th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

Community Pixel Place Event | John and Mr. Adult in Discord | Bitcoin Miami '22 | Top DeFi - Projects by Social Activity | Glubiz Holder Count | SafeMoon Swap Update

Mod Appreciation | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

Community Pixel Place Event

"Teamwork makes the dream work. (The team and community notified me I missed a detail on my last tweet and this was the final version) #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"

@SafeMoonArmy is creating a 3D model of SafeMoon's Pixel Place Creation! Well done Army! 💕

John and Mr. Adult in Discord

SafeMoon Centralized Exchange

Community member: The exchange was renderings of what it could look's concept art. Just like it says in the video it's not what it's going to look like exactly. Blockchain has still to come out. Glotoks we have no idea when that will be so you can't say it's later this month when Mandala themselves haven't even told us yet. Connect is done like Ryan said but has yet to be released.

Mr. Adult: It is what it will look like / does look like.

It is just that the features/pairings etc are subject to change.


We have an internal timetable for when it can be complete and released, which is separate to where we would be allowed to release it (regulations).

However, yes the exchange is under development, I have weekly meetings about its progress, and we have an internal delivery time already. However, we will not release a time until we get closer to delivery.

The UI is the UI. Maybe some tweaks here and there if needed. Subject to change are maybe a feature or two, pairings etc. CEX is Coming

Community member: How much of the regulations needs to be done? 100 percent being finished.

Mr. Adult: They don't actually end. Legislation is fluid.

John: Yes. However, if we have the proper up to date licenses and compliance for a region or jurisdiction, we could release there first, then release into additional jurisdictions as the additional licenses and compliance items get finished.

Mr. Adult:

Community Member: If the UI is anything close to what we saw in the video then we're in for a good one. It looked very smooth and had features I don't have in some big of the CEXs I use.

Mr. Adult:

Community member: do you plan on releasing a V1 with core features at first or a beta like the wallet? Or was it a bad experience for you?

John: I won't be answering any more questions at this time 🙂

Next Product

Community member: Can you hint to us on what will be the next product drop?

Mr. Adult: No. But it's not far out.

Bitcoin Miami '22

Jonas got a great picture with the bull!

Jonas and Hayden were spotted at the Binance booth.

They also got to meet up with some of the SafeMoon Army!

"Guess who @STrepeta ⁩and I found at bitcoin Miami! ⁦ @SafeMoonWing ⁩and ⁦@SafemoonJonas ⁩… ⁦let’s goo #safemoon32"

"@safemoon Nice to meet you @SafeMoonWing. Let me know if I can treat you and @SafemoonJonas to dinner, while you guys are here."

Some community members got to meet at the event, too!!

"Guys!! I found the one and only ⁦@DreamingSFM⁩ and we’re having dinner. #safemoonarmy"

Top DeFi - Projects by Social Activity

According to CryptoDep, SafeMoon is ranked #4 for social activity!

Glubiz Holder Count

SafeMoon Swap Update

The reseeding process is complete and Evergrow Coin is now live again on SafeMoon Swap.

#safemoon swap update: there are only 2 partners left for swap v2.

➡️BNB: @Reflex_Finance: they completed their migration to v2 and will soon add liquidity to #safemoonswap ➡️ETH: @Shib_nobi (approved Liquidity Partner)

24hr Volume #60

Created by Hydra

Mod Appreciation

SafeMoon Army member Whiskey gave mods some love today! ❤️❤️

"To the educators & mods who get yelled at, degraded and threatened.. we aren’t all toxic. We appreciate and love you! To name a few:@CatsRusOfficial @MomoKombat @GandalfEducator @SafemoonPulse @hughscl @TheTreefort10 @KreggBee @GlennHasABeard @WomanofCrypto @vibbysfm #SAFEMOON"

Thank you, as always, for your kindness and support. 🥰🥰

We appreciate it more than you know!

SafeMoon Partners

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Glow Token - Moon Partner

Want to learn more about Glow Token? SafeMoon community member and regular Space host Zeus hosted an AMA with the team!! You can listen to it here.

Glow Token's Partner Page

Doxxed - Comet Partner

"#Doxed review with @ryanpcrypto 🔥Full in-depth review video of #DoxedToken a definite must watch YouTube stream 👀 $MWWC #Doxed #SAFEMOONARMY"

Doxed's Partner Page

Shibnobi - Moon Partner

"Shibnobi launches Shibnobi Gaming to bring esports wagering to crypto -"

To read the article click here

Shibnobi's Partner Page

Affinity - Meteor Partner

"💥New #ADAPT listing!💥 @Reflex_Finance V2 is available on #ADAPT! Send and receive #reflexfinance tokens with just a username utilizing your favorite wallet. Buying is easy and secure through the built in swapper. #Affinitybsc #ReflexV2 #unitedefi"