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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 6th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

Mandala Listing/Tokenomics Update | Bitcoin Miami '22 | NFT Sneak Peek

WhiteBit Listing Anniversary | SafeMoon Holders Breakdown | John Karony in Discord

Wen Website? | SafeMoon Standard | Gaming with John | SafeMoon SWaP

SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

Mandala Listing/Tokenomics Update

"Plans to launch SafeMoon trading in April are still on track. Initially we will open trading without global reflections. We will mimic what other CEXs are currently doing with regard to distributing reflections internally to the exchange. Development on the system for global reflections is mostly complete but as it interfaces with our wallet architecture there are a lot of complexities involved from the technical/security perspective. As we're the first CEX to build a system like this, we also have to complete very strict testing procedures to be sure everything is secure and working properly. We will announce the launch schedule soon via our normal channels. Thank you for your continued patience and support." - Z, Mandala Exchange CTO

Community member: Wouldn’t it be like any other listing without glotoks and the glotoks can be implemented later? Wasn’t it ready to be listed in January and the glotoks is what caused everything to be put on hold? Mandala sr. mod: We're headed in that direction. It references in the latest announcement that Global Reflections is mostly complete and waiting on wallet architecture interfaces and other Technical and security to be worked out. We will still have internally distributed reflections which because we are reworking the global Reflections had to be reworked as well as a stopgap until we can Implement global tokenomics. It's a temporary measure until we can get everything working smoothly the way it should be.

Community member: Okay next question, is the Global Tokenomics platform being built to be "Scalable" so you can implement Global Tokenomics for other coins? Mandala sr. mod: Once we successfully Implement one listing it should not be that big of a jump to do it for others. Community member: That's awesome! So this is actually a huge upgrade for your exchange as a whole. Mandala sr. mod: Well it's definitely a bonus that we will have the capability to more efficiently do this again in the future.

Community member: As the first exchange to do such a thing your popularity will most definitely skyrocket.

Bitcoin Miami '22

"🌴See you soon #Bitcoin2022🌴 Come find @SafemoonJonas and I for some SafeMoon Exclusive Merch and Stickers!"

Community member: I’d rather talk with you about developments and [future] opportunities than stickers and merch… I really hope that’s not the only thing you have to bring to the table guys

Hayden: Of course! We aren’t coming all the way to Miami to just hand out free gifts😉

NFT Sneak Peek

CEO John Karony posted these photos on his Instagram!

#safemoon #nft

👀 #safemoon #nft

WhiteBit Listing Anniversary

"🥳 It's been a year since $SFM joined the exchange 🥳 We are happy that our cooperation with @safemoon started a year ago! We believe that it will bring even more benefits to the project, the exchange, & traders in the future"

SafeMoon Holders Breakdown

Here is the most recent breakdown of SafeMoon holders, thanks to Glubiz! You can even break down each category even further by clicking the link above then hitting the "Expand" on the righthand side of the chart!

John Karony in Discord

Wind Turbines

Community member: Poll Question; Would you want to own a Personalized Wind Turbine with the SafeMoon Logo on it, and accompanying NFT, if they were made available by The Team to SafeMoon Hodlers as a novelty item? A) YES B) NO C) FRACTIONALLY

John: Listen, I've been fighting supply chain just to get the ones SafeMoon needs for the Pheonix systems. We will revisit this in the future.

Community member: I could personally put forth the funds to field 10 of these units if I were allowed

John: Its more than just turbines for the Pheonix system. But I appreciate the support and want for these. Its nice to see other committed to green energy solutions as well.


Community member A: Innovation has nothing to do with being able to keep your timelines of release… timelines of release should be done when the innovation is complete not before.


Discord Astronaut: Tell me you’ve never tried to do difficult things with people yelling at you without telling me you’ve never tried to do difficult things with people yelling at you.

Community member A: No people yell at me all the time I just fire them.

John: While that would work for [your] business, it does not work the same in this one. I had to do some spring cleaning and bring in big guns. Jake, Robert, Lynn, Sketch are all amazing, and most importantly team players. This is just a natural evolution. What I can say after the previous termination of a said person, morale improved, productivity improved and teamwork started to flow. Nobody is above the mission. "High performers" don't get to treat other people with disrespect. "We" not "I'. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Community member A: Oh I agree… I was just trying to be a hard ass lol

John: No stress, I get the point you were making.

Community member B: This can be taken as gospel. Everyone that works alongside me And in a position beneath mine knows that that they are just as important as me if not more so... I make certain that they are aware that this is my viewpoint I cannot do my job without them....

John: PMs rely on HR, HR relies on Finance etc etc. Its a team effort.


Community member: You know the price in the wallet has absolutely nothing to do with SafeMoon right? It uses CMC's API

John: I had a discussion with Jake about it, we are working on other options 🙂


Community member: It's interesting that he made that video, making it seem like he's just going down a different path but he's family. So I don't know what to think.

John: He was terminated. We moved on. What he does not really does not matter to SafeMoon. The team, the devs (coders), PMs and staff are happy, thriving and working their butts off. Morale is high and we are excited for 2022. We welcomed some heavy hitters, and those with massive amounts of knowledge and connections for SafeMoon.

The show goes on.


Community member: I was so excited when I saw Lynn's background, how the hell did you get him to join?

John: SafeMoon's vision.

Wen Website?

Community member A: Still waiting for the website update with the new merch and new distributor.

Mr. Adult: Stock is all in fulfilment location as of this week. Website is designed and in build process now. Community member B: What’s up with the website? Are you trying to make it more catered to SFM new branding?

Mr. Adult: Yes. And integrating education.

Mr. Adult: Not too far off.

SafeMoon Standard

"Regret something you did, rather than something you didn’t”

“Power isn't control at all — power is strength, and giving that strength to others.” - @bethrevis - 🖤

Gaming with John

Sander (Gaming CM): When can we seen you playing 1v1's in the Gaming [Discord]? John: Put a poll up. I'll do a 1v1 day with the community on Halo or COD if they want it.

To respond to the poll, head to the SafeMoon Discord!

BitMart Trending Coins

SafeMoon is #4 for trending coins/tokens on BitMart, according to BitMart Research!

SafeMoon Army

We are always grateful to the SafeMoon Army for helping spread information about SafeMoon around their community and different events! Garrett on the Official SafeMoon Facebook page posted this recently:

"Doing my part in Miami at #cryptoworldcon"

Check out his photos from the event below! 👇👇👇

Thank you so much for sharing, Garrett! 💙

SafeMoon SWaP

24hr Volume