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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 5th, 2022)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Card | NFTs | SafeMoon SWaP | Mandala Update | MoonCast

Attention Dave Portnoy | GloToks | Community Beginnings | Community Pixel Event

SafeMoon Standard| SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Card

John Karony decided to remind everyone about the augmented reality card. 🙂


"Yo John is the card still a MasterCard like you said or is that off for now?" -Community Member "Hey, please wait for the official announcements " - John on DIscord


"No more riddles? Progress in 3 dimensions" #safemoon #nft #games - John on IG

SafeMoon SWaP

New Listing

"Happy 323 Day Part 2! Today #SafeMoonArmy and #CryftArmy Join forces. Thank you all very much for support, we are the #SAFEMOONFAMILY and are ready to get this rocket flying! Cryft Coin is now available on #SafeMoonSwap."

Cryft's Partner Page

24hr Volume

Thank you, Hydra 🙏💕


Mandala Update

Mandala's Community Manager Fellow Fox said " [W]e are on track with our schedule (early to mid april) from our last announcement. I cant give you a hard date however as I don't control this myself obviously"


If you missed Sunday's MoonCast, you can check it out here! Cats, Gandalf, and Veno covered everything that happened this past week as well as answered community questions on various topics! 😊😊😊

Attention Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy still has yet to migrate his V1 tokens to V2! SafeMoon Sales & Marketing Manager, Jonas will be at the Crypto Expo Event in Miami where Portnoy will be speaking at Bitcoin 2022. Jonas plans to reach out to Portnoy and guide him through the migration.

"@stoolpresidente will be the Speaker on #Bitcoin2022 @SafeMoonWing @SafemoonJonas you know what to do 😏 please guide him to migrate to SFM V2 😋" - MrXcredible
"On it"- Jonas, SafeMoon Sales and Marketing Manager


Community Member: John, can’t a cex use a lp from a dex to implement Glotoks? Have their own LP. On chain instead off of chain

John: No, yes, maybe, and no. That's not where the difficulties lay.

Community Member: Well cex is technically a dex but off chain so if they use their own lp on chain that should solve that issue

John: A giraffe is technically just a horse. But it's not. Apples and Bananas are fruit, but they are not the same.

Community Member: You got jokes 🤡

John: I'm trying to make a point. DEX's and CEX's are not the same.

Community Beginnings

Vico asked the community to share how they learned about SafeMoon.

"#SAFEMOONARMY I'm curious to know how you guys learned about SFM? We've come a long way. I've known MANY of you since last March/April, we've had our ups & downs but I feel this is a true virtual family."

Here were some of the answers. :)

Community Pixel Event

💙 The Community Pixel Event was a success. Not only did the SafeMoon Army defend our place to the end we also made some friends. <3

"I'd never heard of safemoon before this and it's a miracle of fate and luck that brought me to this community. i don't know any of you deply but i feel a connection with you all as deep as any friendship. thank you for defensing the gnome, friends :)." JellyPop

Moments like these are what make SafeMoon special. Never lose your kindness. You just never know who you might comfort or inspire to be better and do better. Lead by example.

SafeMoon Standard

Carly, who is part of SafeMoon's Global HR team, shared a lovely article.

How Humble Leadership Really Works

"Top down leadership is outdated. My friend @MiahDunphy shared this article on LinkedIn and it hit hard. Leadership isn’t just in business. It’s parenting. Friendship. Self care. Ect. Leadership is setting an example."


SafeMoon Partners

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Glow Token - Moon Partner

Thank you to @GlowTokenCEO . All wallets affected by the scam post regarding a false GlowV3 airdrop have been refunded GlowV2 tokens. All the transaction hashes are posted on our Discord Fund-Recovery page. $GlowV2 #Glowtokenllc #GlowV2 #GlowFamily #BSC

Discord Fund Recovery Page

"Thank you Legion and Prime Video for this fantastic video! Everyone, please ❤️+ retweet+ follow! $GlowV2 #Glowtokenllc #GlowV2 #Passiveincome #DeFiProject #BSC #BUSD #SAFEMOONARMY #SafeMoonSwap #BodaSwap #FloozTrades #PancakeSwap " - GlowToken

Glow's Partner Page

Dx - Moon Partner