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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 2nd, 2022)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Table of Contents:

Exchange Listing Announcement - DigiFinex | AR SafeMoon Card | SafeMoon Pulse - March Recap | April Fools! | Bitcoin Miami 2022 Event | SafeMoon Exchange Design

Most Used Smart Contracts - BSC | John Karony in Discord | Beware of Scams

SafeMoon Swap Volume & Partners | Community Memes | Reminders

Exchange Listing - DigiFinex


As a final gift for the birthday month, SafeMoon announced the next exchange listing!! "Perhaps one more gift for the #SAFEMOONARMY wouldn't hurt! We are delighted to announce that #SAFEMOON will very shortly be listing on @DigiFinex! Thank you to their amazing team for making this happen! Additional exciting details to follow in the next few days!"


DigiFinex is ranked 10th for 24h volume according to CoinMarketCap!

Listing Information

$SFM will be listed TODAY at 22:00 (GMT+8)

...with USDT, BTC and ETH pairs. 👀

For more details, click here. Click here to register!

We did say more information soon! Trading #SAFEMOON is on its way with @DigiFinex TODAY! Thank you to the fantastic teams on both sides for making this incredible listing possible!

AR SafeMoon Card

John posted this video on his Instagram with the caption, "AR test on the SafeMoon launch edition card. Cannot wait for mine! #augmentedreality #NFT ? #safemoon"

SafeMoon Pulse - March Recap

An amazing month for #SafeMoon! One of my favorite things about this month's news was the talk about impact investing. Although there are really just so many goodies!!

You won't want to miss this one. Click here to catch up on everything from March!

April Fools!

"The #SAFEMOON V2 token is the fuel of ecosystem. It seems only fitting to also create some tasty fuel for the #SAFEMOONARMY too! 🥣Today we present... #FUDFLAKES! 🎉Now your breakfast can be out of this world too!🚀" 🤭🤭🤭

(PS: We even got #FUDFLAKES trending!🤣)

Oh, and for those who noticed "aproved," it was an intentional typo!

APROVE it's a reference to last year around April when a typo was made on one of their first announcement videos. Since then, John occasionally jokes on Discord and makes the reference. OGs know. IYKYK.

Speaking of jokes that went over people's heads...

Poor Cheese 🤣 He tried to get in on the April Fools jokes but no one seemed to get it!

Bitcoin Miami 2022 Event

"Exciting news, #SAFEMOONARMY! We're going to the beach! #MIAMIBEACH to be exact! @SafeMoonWing and @SafemoonJonas will be attending the Bitcoin Miami 2022 event & also be packing some ultra limited edition #SAFEMOON merch for you to get your hands on! See you there?"

"BITCOIN MIAMI '22 We'll be there! Will you? If you're lucky you might even get your hands on some special edition merch! April 6th-9th Miami Beach"

To learn more about Bitcoin Miami 2022, click here!

SafeMoon Exchange Design

"Hey #SafeMoonCommunity, did you see these designs of the #SafeMoon Exchange from our special video yesterday? Full screens posted on Discord! Checkout the video for more context! (not April fools, oh the timing)"

John Karony in Discord

Community member: Where do i get the Augmented Reality card??

Mod: John: Tech demo for what could come later :). Figured a card in AR is a good start to something we are working on.

John (referring to DigiFinex): Tokenomics first, then Glotoks.

Community member: Is cryptonomics still in the works?

John: Yah, of course….

John: Digifinex is a large exchange. Look at their daily volume on the rankings. In terms of Tokenomics: LoToks first, then GloToks. The team worked hard to get this one.

Community member (referring to the DigiFinex listing): That's quick af! What pairing will they use?

John: There is an ETH, USDT and BTC pairing.

Community member: How about that live moving graph, like the one Robin Hood uses in their wallet? Any chance that we will ever get to see that on our exchange or in our wallet?

John: That is an excellent suggestion. We love this type of feedback 🙂

Community member: John please tell me that this year we are going to cease pulling data charts from CMC

John: Yes, we are looking to improve all of our systems. We have some heavy hitters in the tech and development department looking into these types of things.

Most Used Smart Contracts - BSC

JUST IN: $SFM @safemoon now on top most used smart contracts by 500 biggest #BSC whales in the last 24hrs Whale leaderboard

Beware of Scams

Beware of fake google advertisements always check the url! Always report Twitter accounts that are pretending to be SFM or when they show you an google form This is not #safemoon

Here are examples of what these fake advertisements/phishing scams look like! Always remember, SafeMoon does NOT have any form of customer support on Twitter! Please report and block when you spot things like this on Twitter.

Thank you for helping keep the SafeMoon Army safe, Danny! 🥰🥰

SafeMoon Swap Volume & Partners

24hr Swap Volume

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