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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 28th, 2022)

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Discord Coms


Community member: Mr. Karony: how much time do you think will it take to complete the whole ecosystem of SFM?

John: You're thinking finite. We are playing an infinite game. Innovation never ends. Perfection is a journey not a destination.

The Gambia

Community member A: Can u give us a straight answer. Is The Gambia still going on? People are confused

Community member B: No one is confused, you’re whining to the person who is working on changing your life for the better and all you’re doing is fudding and being an ass, you think that helps at all?

Community member C: The answer is right in front of them

John: It's like you read my Captains Log.

Fund Launch Live and Vegas

Community member: How are you doing? Enjoying the beautiful spring weather?

John: Im in Vegas for the Fund Launch Live conference. Its hot. And sun wants to burn me. But other than that fantastic!

Community member: Anything fun planned for Vegas besides the event?

John: Sleep. Dreams and maybe a little bit of relaxation to recharge.


Community member: John, on a serious note, if you need excellent devs. let me know

John: We are always on the hunt for great talent. I recommend you work through official channels if you got some great folks.

Fud Flakes


Community member: John ignores the bums who fud and keeps moving forward, love to see it


Community member: Hey man, how do u stay so calm throughout all the fud, I ain't seen you break once since March last year

John: By utilizing Fud Flakes. A great breakfast to start any day. We innovated past the original flavor and added Fiber7 to spark more positivity for anyone's morning. FUD Flakes, by SafeMoon. Coming to stores near you imminently soon. (this is a joke, don't let it go over your head)

Community member: Wen General Mills listing?

John: Does General Mills have billions of daily cereal and nutrient volume?

Video Games, Sketch and Mr.Adult's Voice 🤭🤭

Community member: Kind of disappointed John doesn’t play the greatest game of all time, Elden Ring.

John: With WHAT TIME? Elden Ring is something i cant just pick up and then put down.

Community member: Sure you can. People been beating it in less than 20 minutes lol

John: Pics or it didn't happen.

Community member: We'd never hear from Cpt again if that happened lol

John: The question is how many controllers would I break before I beat it. Is there a super easy mode? *Mercy mode

Mod: Just so you know, I am taking Elden Ring calmly and slow as I can, I have 99 hours on it and still didn't beat it

John: I feel like you don't beat those games, just survive it.

Community member: After watching you play Dying Light I get that 😆

John: Hush. I still have yet to beat the tutorial.

Mod: The game I have the most hours is Path of Exile, but I have been retired from it for a couple years

John: The game i have played the most was actually Dragon Age inquisition.

Community member: Only game I am halfway decent at is Madden 2022 lol. I suck at shoot em games

John: Did you know our Sketch (Our new hire, check the press release) was the Technical Director for John Madden's studios? He's now in charge of all the SFM Specials, etc. Absolute legend.

Community member: Is his voice as sweet as Mr Adult's?

John: I hate to break it to you, Mr. Adult's voice is legendary. Wen narrator.

Community member: How close are we from seeing his awesome work?

John: You have already seen some of it.

Skinwalker Ranch

Community member: John, are you going to be in the new season of Skinwalker Ranch?

John: That would be cool. But I don't think so. Still would be cool tho. I really respect the research that Brandon and his team are doing there.

Community Jokes

Community member: Is this man related to you, yes or no?

John: NDA

Wen Rest?

Community member: WEN Captain John escape rat race for a WEEK and rest up/recharge?

John: Eventually.

Crypto Adoption

Legislation has been passed and signed in Central African Republic for the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, making it the second in the world to do so and the first in Africa!

According to BBC, "CAR is one of the world's poorest countries, but is rich in diamonds, gold and uranium. It has been wracked by conflict for decades and is a close Russian ally, with mercenaries from the Wagner Group helping fight rebel forces. Lawmakers voted unanimously to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, said a statement from the CAR presidency. The move puts CAR 'on the map of the world's boldest and most visionary countries', it said."

To read the article, click the icon below!

"Wonderful news on the #cryptocurrency front this week, with the Central African Republic becoming the first African nation to adopt and recognize $BTC as a currency!"

Thanks to for the meme!

SafeMoon Positivity

"gm ☕️ Take the time to step away and live off the screen. Talk to the people right in front of you and go outside and live. Don’t allow anyone to take away your peace today! ✊🏼"
Life is a gift! Never forget. ❤️Every moment count! 🚀🌙 La vida es un regalo, no lo olvides!! Disfruta cada día. 💯 Todo cuenta. #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARY #SAFEMOONFAMILY #CRYPTO

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Glubiz

SafeMoon Partner News

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Fund Launch Live 2022

CEO John Karony will be speaking at Fund Launch Live 2022 in Las Vegas on the 28th.

Click here for more information.


Recent Captain's Log

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If you missed Sunday's MoonCast, no worries!! We have the video and transcript for you! 😊 SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus talked with both LCP and Grove Token!

Check it out here!!


SafeMoon Labs: Staking

Staking! What is it? How does it work? You can listen to the recorded space and view the corresponding article here. If you have any questions on this topic feel free to reach out to Gandalf!


Upcoming Card Features

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