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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 24th, 2022)

Captain's Log: April 2022 Review | MoonCast #36 | Utah Business Awards: CEO of the Year

Women Leaders Impact Change Globally | SafeMoon Labs: Staking | Discord Coms SafeMoon Team | Cheese at the Game | Top Social Engagement | Recent Partners

Enhance Energy Drink | Crypto Market Cap | SafeMoon Stats | Partner News | Reminders

Captain's Log: April 2022 Review

The newest Captain's Log covers the following topics:

  • Swap & Evolve and Cross Chain

  • A personal thank you to partners

  • Disruption of timescales by unexpected events

  • About the trip to The Gambia

  • Can things always go perfectly to plan?

  • Things to come

Click here to read the full Captain's Log!

MoonCast #36

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus Tweeted, "MoonCast #36! We will be joined by @Livecryptoparty and @GroceToken to learn more about our new #SAFEMOONSWAP Partners!

Live Crypto Party - 12PM PDT / 8PM BST / 2PM CDT

Grove Token - 12:30PM PDT / 8:30PM BST / 2:30PM CDT"

Join us!

⏰ 9 pm CET/3 pm EST/12 pm PST 🗺️ Discord, YouTube, or Facebook

If you are interested in posting questions, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

After it's over, we will also be uploading the podcast to Anchor FM as well as Apple Podcasts!

Utah Business Awards: CEO of the Year

A video was posted showing highlights from the 2022 Utah Business Awards! Check it out by clicking the YouTube icon below. 👇👇👇👇

Women Leaders Impact Change Globally

SafeMoon Global HR Director Kate Porter posted this on her LinkedIn last month: "I’m deeply grateful, honoured and excited to share that I have been asked to speak at the UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development tomorrow on the topic of Women Leaders Impact Change Globally."

Information about the event is posted below!

Click on the slideshow to see the full images

Listen to Kate's keynote by clicking the YouTube icon below. 👇👇👇👇

SafeMoon Labs: Staking

Staking! What is it? How does it work? This past Monday, Gandalf hosted the SafeMoon Labs weekly Twitter Space on the subject. You can listen to the recorded space and view the corresponding article here. If you have any questions on this topic feel free to reach out to Gandalf!

Discord Coms

Community member: Hey John, welcome to the chat. We were just saying how awesome Kate comes across in the new video release

John: Kate is amazing and I and the executive staff love having her on the team.

Community member: Just woke up read the captains log and watches both newly released videos. First one about Utah CEO award was great but the second one featuring Kate Porter was brilliant.

Mr Adult: Kate is one of my most favourite humans on the face of the earth.

First off, we don't comment on any legal matters. So don't ask. Second, delays happen. ETH 2.0, Tesla Cybertruck, and other products from other companies get delayed. We continue to work on the products we have announced, and are looking forward to releasing them.

-John Karony

Mr Adult: I didn’t shut 2 decades of work to join SafeMoon without being sure of my destination - impact, change, sustainability and most importantly … a better future for many. I believe in the ripple effect of impact at my core and I’m never going to throw away my integrity on something that isn’t making that happen. We have so little time to make a difference for others in this known life. I’m not wasting mine. (EDIT: which is why I choose to invest it here. Adding this for clarity because somehow people twisted this optimism message into FUD wild) Make of that what you will.

Community member A: Personal affirmations won't change the facts. We all genuinely believe in SafeMoon's potential, otherwise we wouldn't be here withstanding all this bs. The actual issue is that, SafeMoon's potential is being threatened by a genuine problem and everyone knows we need answers before we go back into believing in the project as we all do.

Mr Adult: I can appreciate your perspective and lens on things. Truly. And. With that. I hope people can also apply the lens of a proper operating company vs a “project”. The struggle many appear to have (not accusing you) is rationalising the difference between “YouTubers”, “projects” and “businesses”. And. I can also understand how some struggle or refuse to bring that rationale into play. Some for drama. Others through inexperience. Some through fear. Etc. The reality is - we will keep working on what we are working on. And in time the proof will be in the pudding. Until then. We also won’t put ourselves on the hook to try and placate every possible doubt or worry. That’s a never ending game and a deep misdirection of energy and resource. The most striking thing in this space is how little compromise and rationality there appears to be from the outside parties. We shoulder as much of that as we can - in chats like this and via the education team. But there is a limit. And you can’t please everyone. But we will always try to do more in time.

Community member B: What makes you believe that SafeMoon is gonna change our lives in the future Mr Adult, I mean can you tell us the special things which you see in this company/project/team? You definitely can see things behind the scenes more than us, I don’t ask you to tell us this because I have any doubts, but you know, we can use some boost especially at this time🥰

Mr Adult: I'm not here to influence. If I could share anything it is the people focused nature. The culture. But thank you for the high quality questions.

Community member A:

Community member B: This is so true! I’m 44 years old and from age 18-24 I spent getting a degree. After that building a career and then a business. Not to mention having a couple of kids at the same time! I blinked and 44 years went by. Don’t waste time, do what you love while you have time on this earth 🙏

Mr Adult: Yup.🙂IKIGAI

Mr Adult: Such an odd way to waste the short time we have on earth. Go enjoy some outside time🙂Smile at a tree. Have a cup of tea in silence. Or coffee - if that's what you subscribe to😉

Community member: Kid, baseball practice and an Ameriano Misto for me.

Mr Adult: Beautiful. Life. Family first. Experiences and adventures are the richest things we can have.

Mr Adult: Reminder. You’re all beautiful.

Community member:

Mr Adult: I was looking at that whiteboard yesterday. Muhahahahahhaha

Community member: TBH captain's log is way better to communicate. Unless it’s a Mr Adult narration video

Mr Adult: I MAY do a short one

Mod: u may do a short one or u r doing a short one in MAY?

Mr Adult: OMG Stop finding things. I posted a solid black image once and somehow people found things in it. Hahaha

I am emphasizing MAY as in “might do”

Community member: In the context of whether John should respond, it’s relevant. I agree that John can’t address every piece of fud, but CZ has a large following and clearly a lot of people believe what he’s saying.

SafeMoon Scholar: Point is he doesn't believe it himself. If he did he would remove his disclaimer. YouTube is primarily entertainment. There are some investigative journalists on YouTube, and they do not require disclaimers.

Mr Adult: Aye. If you have conviction in your words you do not need a disclaimer that passes it off as entertainment.

SafeMoon Team

John Karony posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Always a pleasure to work solutions with Jake and Robert. Great day at the office."

Cheese at the Game

Utah Jazz tweeted this picture of SafeMoon Sales & Growth Manager Jonas "Cheese" Harmer and his lovely wife, MyKayla Skinner, at a game saying, "Another game, another Olympian come to cheer us on 🤩"

John Karony retweeted the post saying,

"A member of the #SAFEMOON staff spotted in the wild. #SAFEMOONARMY, did you know @SafemoonJonas won 2nd place in a Super Smash Brothers tournament?"

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing added, "Yeah I was there... I think his wife's silver medal is 100x cooler."

Top Social Engagement

According to @GenxAnalytics, SafeMoon has the second highest social engagement of any token on the Binance Smart Chain!

Recent Partners

SafeMoon tweeted,

"A huge #SAFEMOON thank you to some of our recent partners for choosing to list with #SAFEMOONSWAP🙏@pawthereum, @Livecryptoparty (exclusive), @GroveToken, @Reflex_Finance and @CryftC! 🎉 Please be sure to get curious about their projects! 😍"

Learn more about our recent partners here.

Live Crypto Party replied, "Thank you for having us. We love the atmosphere, the people & how y’all love to party . We are honoured to be the first token to be traded EXCLUSIVELY on the #SAFEMOONSWAP. We invite the #SAFEMOONARMY to grab some #LCP & get to know us & our plans." Telegram 👉

Hayden said, "Fantastic group of partners! Welcome to the SafeMoon Ecosystem🚀"

Reflex Finance also retweeted saying, "Thank you to our friends at @safemoon for the shout out! 🙌🏼 We are grateful for the opportunity for #ReflexFinance to be listed on the