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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 21st, 2022)

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

SafeMoon Hyper Launch | SafeMoon Wallet UPDATE | Discord Comms |

SafeMoon Trending | SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Stats | Driving Profits Security NFTS | Crypto Investing Stats | Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

SafeMoon Partner News | Reminders

SafeMoon Hyper Launch

Started off with some exciting news SafeMoon announced a new SafeMoon Hyper Launch partner rank with the first partner to be announced very soon. SafeMoon Sales & Growth Manager Jonas replied to this announcement "We’ve been working on this for a while now. Super excited for tomorrow and the future! This is huge for the SWaP."

Here's what the announcement said:

"Coming this week to the #SAFEMOONSWAP is our first #SAFEMOONHYPERLAUNCH partner! Coming straight out of presale and being traded exclusively with #SAFEMOON! Watch this space to find out who it is!"

The image SafeMoon posted with this announcement reads:

Listing exclusive and exciting projects!
*exclusive for a minimum of 2 weeks."

SafeMoon Wallet UPDATE

"A new version of the #SAFEMOONWALLET has been released for Apple & Android! 🎉 Way too many updates to fit in this tweet, so be sure to check out the App Store log messages. 🙌 We have a further android patch on the way to improve the new currency features. 💱"


"A new version of the SafeMoon wallet is out!
  • Ability to select default screen

  • Ability to select date format

  • Calculator currency converter

  • Token stats in transaction history

  • Swap auto calculates bsc gas fee & deducts it from "max" bnb amount"

Here is a more detailed look at what has been updated on the SafeMoon Wallet:

🍏 Apple Update:

  • Tap wallet name to switch wallets from multiple screens

  • Info popup with stats for each token in transaction histories

  • Ability to select default screen in settings

  • Ability to select date format in settings

  • Ability to change the currency in the calculator for token prices

  • Currency converter added to calculator

  • Acknowledgment added prior to revealing passphrase or private key

  • Swap now specifies estimated amount before fees in results (see actual amount after tax in the confirmation popup)

  • Swap auto calculates bsc gas fee and deducts it from “max” bnb amount, plus an additional 0.001 for margin of error

  • SafeMoon Wallet added to WalletConnect preferred wallet list when using device browser

  • QR Code scanner added to import wallet screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

🤖Android Update:

  • Tap wallet name to switch wallets

  • Info popup with stats for each token in transaction histories

  • Ability to select default screen and date format in settings

  • Currency converter and ability to change currency for token prices in the calculator

  • Acknowledgment added prior to revealing passphrase or private key

  • Swap deducts gas fee and gives more margin of error for MAX bnb

  • QR code scanner added to import wallet screen

  • Bug fixes and improvements

A massive thank you to Galan for always providing us with detailed wallet updates.

Discord Comms

The birds & the bees...& the flower

Community member: Theory: safemoon posted a bee to their profile then posted a bird pic some may see this as spring some may see this as sex but I see this as cex

Mr. Adult: It's just a nice touch. Nothing more. We'll do a pumpkin in October.


Community member: So it’s safemoon army vs coffee cult this is an all out war

Mr. Adult: Nah. We don't fight. We lead.

SafeMoon SWaP

Community member: I like that very much. However I would like to see longer time spans on exclusive deals somewhere about the 4 to 6 week mark. And even more so I would like a commitment on X% of LP being held on the SBS. So potential future partners go to other swaps they do not take their LP from the SBS to seed other DEX-es.@Senior Mod can you suggest a X% LP guarantee on the SBS for future partnerships to our Sales / partnership team

Mr. Adult: On the cards.

SafeMoon Card

Community member: Has anyone received the follow up email for the Safemoon Card yet?

Mr. Adult: Nothing sent out yet. Don't worry, when we do, we'll be sure to let people know on here/social channels to check their mailbox.


The challenges are what make you grow. They are what bring you strength. But most importantly, they are what bring you together.

-Mr Adult

Community member: For some reason, this round was harder. Maybe it was the “Professional” quality of the video. In hindsight, you are probably right, but the outcome is that I bought another boatload.

Mr. Adult: When you spend more on production than research...

Community member: Mr calm tired of these binance theories

Mr. Adult: Theories are not the problem. The community hyping itself then blaming us - I hate to see anyone disappointed

Community member: Mr calm what’s the life quote of the day??

Mr. Adult: Experience life rather than always trying to solve it.

SafeMoon Website

Community member: Are there any updates on the website revamp?

Mr. Adult: Soon

SafeMoon Trending

"7th most mentioned coin on Twitter..."

SafeMoon Standard

"We appreciate people caring. And when you care it can feel like the most important thing in the world.
We are lucky that we also have a wonderful culture within the community. It helps a lot when surfing some of the wilder waves.
But we are always watching. Considering. And doing what we believe to be best - backed up by data and lots of discussions internally as we do.
We are ok that the world won’t always see that. Longer term it’s the cumulative impact of those actions that will really matter."

Mr. Adult

SafeMoon Marketing & Strategy Director

"You can't pour from an empty cup, look after yourself."

"Keep thinking positive. Always believe something wonderful in going to happen. Te FE, CREE que algo increíble sucederá! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONCOMMUNITY #SAFEMOONEVOLUTION #SAFEMOONGALAXY #SAFEMOONFAMILY 🚀🌙🤜🤛WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER."
"Not ONE person is the face nor the voice of the #SAFEMOONARMY. Not ONE person is more important than another!! Always remember....WE as a whole make this an Army! #SAFEMOON"

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra



Driving Profits

SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin are set to drive profit in millions of crypto wallets

"Only about 4% of the world’s population has made crypto investments according to Triple-A – but SafeMoon and EverGrow Coin are leading the charge to ramp up crypto adoption in 2022."


Security NFTS

Many discussions have occurred this past month on the topic of Security NFTs and articles have been written in response to current federal investigations taking place regarding whether or not NFTs can be labeled as securities.

"Whether NFTs are securities is the core issue. If they are, then they’re subject to the same rules as stocks."


Joseph Reiben CEO of Mandala tweeted about NFTs as Securities.

When are NFT's securities?? When they represent fractional ownership of real-world items, such as houses, cars, boats, or equity in a corporation or LLC. If your nft represents any of these, you are required to file an offering with the SEC unless you fall under an exemption.
Also, if your NFT (or token for that matter ) allows the holder to earn rewards from the company paid out in other securities tokens or your token, if deemed to be a securities offering, you are clearly a security. It's coming. Closer than you think!

Crypto Investing Stats

A financial poll was conducted by Investopedia. "They asked 4,000 U.S. adults—1,000 from each Generation...about their financial know-how, habits, worries, and retirement plans"

An interesting takeaway from this article is that out of those 4,000 U.S. adults

"28% of millennials expect to use cryptocurrency to financially support themselves in retirement, and some Gen X and Gen Z respondents said the same (20% and 17%, respectively)."


Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs to debut in Australia

What is ETF in simple terms?

An exchange-traded fund, or ETF, is a collection of securities that can be bought and sold in shares on a stock exchange just like an individual stock.

What are securities?

Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets. There are primarily three types of securities:

  1. equity—which provides ownership rights to holders

  2. debt—essentially loans repaid with periodic payments

  3. hybrids—which combine aspects of debt and equity.

Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg tweeted

"Australia is the 8th country to approve a spot bitcoin ETF. The Cosmos Bitcoin ETF to list on 4/27 (there's rumors that VanEck and BetaShares will launch too). They expected to bring in $1b right off bat. That's the equiv of $100b in US. h/t".

Along with it he posted a screenshot taken from the Finbold article titled Australia’s first Bitcoin ETF is given the green light for next week that reads

"In other words, the sole Bitcoin ETF product now in front of ASX Clear, the Cosmos Asset Management Bitcoin ETF – will be able to begin trading on the Cboe on April 27, when the market opens. $1 Billion is expected to flow into Australia’s first Bitcoin ETF when it lists next week."

He later added

UPDATE: Looks like 21Shares is actually going to be first out (next week) with a physically backed spot bitcoin and ether ETF. The Cosmos one is a) going to hold Purpose's Canada ETF and b) launch after. None of this was in the article, so correcting here.

Mandala Exchange also seemed pretty excited about it tweeting

"Australia became the 8th country to approve a spot #Bitcoin ETF💪🚀"

SafeMoon Partner News

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

DxSale - Moon Partner

"Issue - Need for a Decentralized launchpad with safety for contributors & convenience for developers #DxSale's solution - provides multiple services for project creators & contributors in a decentralized secure manner. 12,000+ IDOs facilitated so far! 🌏"