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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 18th, 2022)

Table of Contents

SafeMoon Plans | Current and Planned Products | Roadmap? | SafeMoon Vision

Discord Comms | Mandala Exchange | FUD | SafeMoon Memes | SafeMoon Stats

SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Partner News | Reminders

SafeMoon Plans

"We hope the #SAFEMOONARMY are enjoying their weekend? 🥳

Coming this week: ('this week' = the 7 days from today)

✅New captain's log

✅The U.N Event Speech Video

✅The UTAH Business Awards Video

✅Preview of the upcoming website updates

✅A few other treats

Stay kind and stay hydrated! 💕" - SafeMoon

If there’s no new huge development, better skip this events …. I would rather wait longer with huge announcements than listen to same old announcements.. just my own opinion

SafeMoon: We're seeking a balance of the two if we can. 🙏

This is good! I like the weekly primer idea a lot. It gives us something realistic to look forward to each week. 👏

SafeMoon: Thank you for the feedback. We keep listening. We'll keep trying new things.

I like it also it’s like a SafeMoon Sunday without the filler.

SafeMoon: Generally better to be effective than efficient. We'd love to deliver everything today - but, unless anyone has a time machine, we'll go at a sensible pace. We want to be using everything we have planned as much as the community. We'll get there.

Current and Planned Products/Listings

We are currently rolling out all of the foundational elements of the SafeMoon ecosystem in preparation for major product releases. Again, we are just getting started. Please wait for our ecosystem to be complete.

✅ Android and iOS Wallet

✅ SafeMoon SWaP

✅ SafeMoon Contract V2

✅ Operation Pheonix Reveal - Started in December

✅ MoonCraft (Minecraft Server)

✅ New listing - Digifinex Exchange - Local Tokenomics first, then Global Tokenomics

⏳ New listing - Mandala Exchange - Local Tokenomics first, then Global Tokenomics

⏳ Replacing Swap&Liquify with Swap&Evolve

🕥SafeMoon Exchange

🕥SafeMoon Blockchain

🕥SafeMoon Card

🕥SafeMoon Podcast

🕥SafeMoon Connect

🕥SafeMoon Hard Wallet

🕥SafeMoon Documentary

Disclaimer: This list is in random order


But what about the roadmap? Senior moderator Explorer informed community members that "it is in [the] build process." He further explains, "There won't be a roadmap, but a product tree."

SafeMoon Vision

Best known for his YouTube channel Life with Scott, Scott Paul, after stating that he holds over 70 different cryptos replied to a tweet that he thinks SafeMoon can be in his personal top 3 cryptos again and that he and Brandon Fugal are planning a meeting with SafeMoon CEO John Karony to "game plan."

Brandon Fugal has a pristine reputation as a trusted advisor, entrepreneur, and business infrastructure expert. Fugal replied to Paul's tweet. "So much incredible potential & ability to execute on [John Karony's] vision!"

DarkmoonTim chimed in and replied to Brandon Fugal. "Good things come for those who are patient. I’m sure you didn’t get to where you are overnight. You took your time building yourself up to who you are today. Everyday I see you doing more great things and I can see the same things happening for [John Karony] and Safemoon. #respect".

Discord Comms


Community member: If a guy with 3 Stanford PhDs decides to work for SafeMoon and is hooked on John's vision, I have no need to look at the price chart. Ever. John: Yup.

Community member A: Captain, as a young man who graduated college at 17 (now 20) and is now in the business strategy game, what do I need to do to work for you?

John: Send in your resume and apply.

Community member B: Get 3 PhDs or be a taco expert

John: 3 PhDs does help. Or a letter of recommendation from John Madden.

Community member C: Would you accept letter of recommendation from Sir Ian McKellen👀

John: 100%

Community member: Does anyone on your team have experience on building a blockchain?

John: I recommend you go look up the press releases we put out.

Community member: I dunno how I feel about this guy as the blockchain expert.

John: Blockchain at its core is math and cryptography.... Go deeper with your search for knowledge.

Community member: I wanna work for SafeMoon. Any Canadian opportunities?

John: We post jobs up on the website.


Community member A: One of the saddest parts of this whole FUD fest is it’s going to continue to discourage devs/employees in this space from doxxing. It’s insane what the SafeMoon team needs to go through.

John: It is what it is. And nope. We aren’t discouraged as it’s just outside noise.

Paper hands gonna paper hand, FUDers will FUD, and trolls will troll. We stay the course.

Community member B: Shaming people who are selling and calling them paper hands while many who are selling right now actually held for more than 1 year.

John: That’s not shaming folks. Stop trying to find conflict where there isn’t any.

Community member: Let's not go there lol. You know the real reality to that but I'll drop it because some people are going to call it FUD and get offended in here.

Senior Mod: Say it. You think the devs stole funds to finance development? Don't be ridiculous.

Community member: Never said that, but blockchain transactions are clear as the sky including the 5T token transfer to deployer on V1 but like I said let's not go there.

John: Tokens bought during a fair launch. There were no dev tokens, and the dev tokens that existed were burned. If you can read blockchain transactions…but let’s not go there. Jeez, some low quality V1 FUD.

Senior Mod: Have you forgot that the SFM v1 Deployer was SafeMoonDev's personal wallet?

John: They have. It’s 2021 FUD we addressed.

Community member: Seems like V1 flavoured fud flakes don't taste well

John: V2 FUD flakes way better. V1 didn’t have Fiber7

Mr.Adult: This is not breakfast matter.

John: Indeed, not breakfast matter.

Community member: How can we be sure that 2024 crypto will not be destroyed?

Mr.Adult: How can you be sure we will still have oxygen?

Community member: Do not answer the question with a question

It’s a reference point to example that the question you ask does not have an answer. Mr.Adult: Because the future can’t be predicted within that amount of chaos. We will still have mobile phones? Will bread still be something we eat? Will Ross and Rachel get back together?

John: Will Ross and Rachel get back together tho? Wen?!?

John: People like to attack SafeMoon because they get views, clicks, and clout. Is what it is. Why would I give that noise any attention?

Community member: Let's say hypothetically that youtuber does have some hard evidence and serious fud against u and the company. All while causing serious panic in the community. Would you confront the situation or ignore it?

John: I don’t deal in conjecture. [an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.]

Community member A: Yes, I also trust John, but I would prefer not to be left over with only 20 people that trust John, that's not an army anymore...

John: Loud minority vs. silent majority.

Community member A: Sorry all, I am here since 15 March 2021. I am bleeding SafeMoon literally. But this is a moment that something has to happen seriously, not now we will be doomed. John, you have no idea how close I was to work in Utah. Please do address big FUD because Loud minority can become Loud Majority. --- code red ---

John: I don't let fear dictate or influence our decision making process. We are staying the course.

Community member B: Must be so hard to be a startup company and have people hassle everyday for rushed products. Very proud of you and the team John.

Mr.Adult: It’s not hard as such. It’s more that we feel for those that are frustrated. All we can do is encourage perspective and self-kindness for them in the meantime.

Community member: I figured out what helps me ignore the fud, I keep my own expectations low and under control, somehow it help control the fud volume level immensely, for me personally

Mr.Adult: I seek the words behind the words. Generally. And realize that it’s all just digital bits and bites on a screen. I push to extract the knowledge and ideas that guide. Even from the fudders. While dismissing the emotion and hate that seems to be woven in for … whatever reasons they have.



Community member: How is blockchain progressing John?

John: Great! Just like the CEX.

Community member: Lot of respect for Captain and Mr Adult being in here in both good times and in bad.

Mr.Adult: There are no bad times. Only opportunity identifying times. Life would be boring without challenge.

Community member: So how do you take the opportunity now? Some solid reassurance would help.

John: Waiting on hard release dates from the team on the CEX. We have our executive board meeting for Q2 coming up as well.

Community member: Thanks but any estimate on when those hard dates released?

John: You want a date for a date? No.

Mr.Adult: Well right now it’s quite straight forward thankfully. We work on the products. And release them when ready. Then everyone can enjoy. We can’t rush things out. We can’t bend time (yet) so we keep our heads down and do the work that needs doing. Not everyone likes that answer. Or they point at others that do things “quicker” but speed isn’t the measure of success. We can’t control how people feel or what they decide to do. We wouldn’t want to. We can control what we produce. So. That’s what we will do. It sucks waiting. For us too. We want to have everyone using the products and we want to use them too. The reason it all feels so difficult is a day feels like a week in crypto. Impatience is high. Generally. But so is anticipating and excitement. It’s a perfect storm of brilliance but it can only break into beautiful rain given time.

Community member: Cpt, can you guarantee we will see products? I’m not asking when but merely just a mutual agreement they will arrive?

John: Yes. You will see products. Nothing changed except the delivery dates.

Exchange Listings

Community member: Where 2nd major exchange?

John: DigiFinex…


Community member: Will you be coming Singapore?

John: Not anytime soon.


Community member A: Need captain's log asap to help fire fight this ridiculous level of fud…

Community member B: I don't think words are helping

Mr.Adult: Would you prefer silence?

Community member B: For me personally. Yes. Don't know about the whole community so I can't speak for them.

Mr.Adult: There you have it. We are trying to strike a balance. Those who want “silence” can just log off. Those that want to have some info can read / consume what we put out. We can’t please everyone but we do try to strike a good mix.

SafeMoon Love

Community member: You can’t please everyone and what I think doesn’t mean the next person will agree. I just like providing different perspectives because I DEEPLY care about SafeMoon and want us all to succeed. Everything is meant to be taken with a grain of salt of-course. What I think is important 650,000 other holders might not think is important. I’m in tune with that perspective as well.

Mr.Adult: Opinion delivered with kindness and in a reasonable way is always deeply welcomed.

Mandala Exchange

Is SafeMoon still scheduled for early-mid April?

Fellow Fox (Mandala Senior Mod): The initial tentative forecast for relisting was early to mid April. The most recent update from our CTO includes the entire month of April as possible timeframe for the relaunch.

Ah of course this is still subject to change?

Fellow Fox: I don't think so. There could always happen something forcing us to tack on another week, but as far as I know we are pretty much ready to go. We will have more to say in the near future.


SafeMoon community member said, "I would be more worried if SafeMoon had zero fud. All projects I've seen that have none, go unnoticed with volume less than 100k after a year. Shiba, Bitcoin, ETH, Matic, XRP, Algo, Solana, BNB, ADA, Doge, AVX, etc. All have fud and they proves them all wrong. It's a matter of time really. SafeMoon will have the biggest come back story ever."

SafeMoon Memes