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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 15th, 2022)

Table of Contents

Business Model Focus | Era of Innovation | Captain's Log | Mandala Exchange SafeMoon Standard | John Karony and Mr Adult in Discord | SafeMoon Glubiz

Whale Dominance | The Future of Twitter | SafeMoon Partner News | Reminders

Business Model Focus

Return on Impact and Venture Philanthropy

In his article What Is Return on Impact? Venture Philanthropy as a Business Model Focus, SafeMoon CEO John Karony wrote, "Several weeks ago I participated in a number of panels and interviews at the SxSW Grit Daily Media House, and most especially during our SafeMoon Saturday event. From the event, I’m observing a growing and deepening conversation around the uses of blockchain and crypto technology for impact.

Multiple times as I talked about our vision and business model focus on venture philanthropy, the concept of 'philanthropy with an ROI' and 'return on impact' came up. I spoke about it there but would also like to expand on the theme for the broader Grit Daily audience now."

To read the rest of his article, click here!!

What is Impact Investment?

Investopedia explains it as "a general investment strategy that seeks to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact."

Meme fun with Spyros

Era of Innovation

Discord Community Manager Veno tweeted, ""We are living through an exciting new era of innovation, which also breeds competition. The weak will disrupt and deceive in order to reach to the top. The values and determination of the strong will carve a path for others to follow."

Captain's Log

According to a Tweet sent out by John, there will be a Captain's Log in the next few days! Keep an eye out for it on socials!

Miss the last two Captain's Logs? You can view them here.

Mandala Exchange

BTB (Mandala Community Manager): The global tokenomics hold up has been completely on our end. We will have internal reflections up and running soon while we finish cooking up the main course we promised to the SafeMoon community.

Community member: Hi, we can’t wait for SafeMoon to be listed and the glotoks added! Thanks!

BTB (Mandala Community Manager): The gratitude we feel towards the SafeMoon community for the patients and understanding extended to us is ineffable. 🙏

Meme fun with Spyros


SafeMoon Standard

"New challenge: Everytime I See a Negative Post I Post something nice under it👍❤️ We don’t need to fight the fud let’s spread the love ❤️ #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"

Thanks for the wonderful idea, Engine! We love it!💛💛💛

Sharing some SafeMoon Standard love Momo tweets this image that reads, "Sending love to everyone who wants to do better but can't find the energy to make the necessary changes. Sending love to everyone who wonders if their exhaustion is permanent. Sending love to everyone who's tired of feeling stuck." 💗

John Karony and Mr Adult in Discord

Community member: Are chess players athletes?

John: More people can throw a ball vs. play chess. let that sink in.

Community member: People thought John's tweet about the Captain's Log was him announcing his departure 🤣🤣🤣

John: What? That's dumb.

Community member: Any updates on swap and evolve and cross chains, John? I presume the missing liquidity is due to being required for the above? Thank you!

John: Updates will come from the captain's log and official channels.

SafeMoon Mod: Just because some accusation is 'loud' again it doesn't mean we have to panic 😁 Understand, educate, calm others down. The topic will end in the next days.

John: Loud minority vs. the silent majority.

Community member: So you guys were talking about raises right? Guess what my boss gave me? F***ing ICE CREAM SANDWICHES

Mr. Adult: Find a boss. Not a job.

Community member: I've seen a lot of old-school people like us losing faith 🤷‍♂️

Mr. Adult: It’s not about faith. It’s simply rational thought and factoring in reality.

Mr. Adult:

Community member A: You sold? Lol

Mr. Adult: All I did was invest my soul in the future I see with my wife.

Community member B: You’re a sweetheart. She’s a lucky lady.

Mr. Adult: I’m the lucky one.

Community member C: Wen lambo for wife 🙌😬

Mr. Adult: Lambos are a waste. Adventures are better.

Community member: Where can I find cool new SAFEMOON wallpaper theme?

Mr. Adult: I have some new ones.

Community member: 🗞️🗞️🗞️🗞️give some news 🤣

Mr. Adult: Easter weekend.

Community member: Yo I need to post screenshots from a chat with Binance support.. they very much alluded to SafeMoon being listed at some point and just waiting a little longer 👀👀👀

Mr. Adult: no

Community member: Oh how come? Are photos banned here?

Mr. Adult: No, but misinformation is. That chat agent is keeping you happy and not operating on reality.

Community member: That Barajally group tweet today was the first time they have tweeted since 2019, somethings happening I think in Gambia

Mr. Adult: I wouldn't read into it.

SafeMoon Glubiz

Incase you missed it, the SafeMoon Glubiz site is back up after the DDOS attacks!

SafeMoon Stats

Swap Volume by Hydra

Glubiz Chart

To see more information, check out the site here!

Whale Dominance

"#SAFEMOON for the first time Top 10 whales dominance has dropped below 9%" Warrior points out.

The Future of Twitter

"I made an offer"

Elon Musk has put in an offer of $43 billion to buy Twitter! To see the offer, click here!

According to Forbes, "Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk, who submitted a $43 billion bid to buy Twitter on Thursday, said later in the day at a TED conference in Vancouver that he has “sufficient assets” to buy the social media company and already has a “Plan B” ready if the board decides to reject his offer." To read the rest of the article, click here!

"@elonmusk Elon if Twitter rejects your offer, then hit me up. Happy to build a decentralized one"

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson Tweeted Elon telling him to get ahold of him if the Twitter plan falls through! It would be interesting to see what they could do together!!

SafeMoon Partner News

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Shibnobi - Moon Partner

"#ShibnobiGaming Base 3D character models we have created. This is the base of your avatar across the @Shib_nobi gaming platform and will contain different NFT traits you can earn, win, and buy. Later your avatar will be incorporated into p2e games listed on the marketplace."

Shibnobi's Partner Page

Enhance Token - Moon Partner

"YALL READY FOR THE #EnhancedApes or Naa?!?!? 🌐🦍 #SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken"

Enhance's Partner Page

Here is, recent hire for Enhance token's Head of Metaverse Development, MetaverseJosh introducing the Enhance Ape NFTs to the community. 🤭😂

EverGrowCoin (ECG) - Meteor Partner

"#EGCFam - DON'T FALL FOR SCAMS! If you get a DM from an account that looks like us but has username like kjfkqej889793 then you can be pretty sure it's a scam! Use some common sense. We NEVER DM first!!'

"We’ve decided to offer #Crator to @elonmusk for $43 billion and can confirm it will all go to Buy Back & Burn. We are waiting for his people to talk to our people…"

ECG's Partner Page

Reflex Token - Comet Partner

"Our next charity highlight is @Hope4Warriors . Hope For The Warriors supports wounded service members & the families of those killed in action post 9/11. This includes building new homes, as well as providing financial help for disabled veterans on the road to recovery."

"#ReflexLegion, this is a SCAM! 🛑 Our only support is our mods and admins in Discord and TG. Please note they will never DM you first!"

"📣 Love crossing milestones, no matter how big or small! 7,000 holders! It's so exciting to watch the #ReflexLegion grow! "

Empire Token - Comet Partner

"With the upcoming beta release of in a few weeks we will of course ramp up our marketing, therefore we would like to know, who is your favorite crypto influencer? Let us know in the comments👇🏻 Keep Climbing!"

""An Empire of use cases", next to our already existing use cases, the NFT marketplace, and our DEX "Goosebumps", we will add an all-in-one app for DeFi users called"

Empire Token's Partner Page

Puli Inu - Comet Partner

"$PULI is growing. We have our NFT mint coming in the next couple of days! Then we have a very big CEX effort we will go after."

Puli Inu Linktree

Puli Inu's Partner Page

Pawthereum - Comet Partner

Big news day!

Pawthereum LLC Meme Contest Winners Compliance Update

Click here to read the article!

Pawthereum's Partner Page



Upcoming Card Features

Community Crossword

Want a chance to win some SFM? Submit your answers to Veno's most recent community crossword puzzle. Visit the 🧩 Crossword Discord channel for more information.

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