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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 13th, 2022)

Table of Contents

Veno's Crossword | Favorite Crypto Project | John Karony and Mr. Adult on Discord

SafeMoon Stats by Glubiz | SafeMoon Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Partner News | Reminders

Veno's Crossword

Puzzle #010 is ending soon! Prize: $32 (USD) in SFM V2 Tokens to the winner!

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Favorite Crypto Project

Huobi had Tweeted, "Tag your favorite #crypto projects 👇👇👇 We'll follow some that respond!" SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing replied, "I think @safemoon is pretty cool 🤷‍♂"

John Karony and Mr. Adult on Discord


Community member: What’s up with this dude from SAFUU?


Community member: I want to say SAFEMOON ARMY did a good job on helping Dave Portnoy, and Dave gave a positive statement about Diamond handed SAFEMOON too. Happy Ending.

John: Positivity breeds positivity. Great work team!

John: Portnoy situation was addressed. From what staff was telling me, the token in question was denied for a number of reasons. It is unfortunate the individual decided to handle rejection in that matter. I wish them well and their community in their future endeavors.


Community member: Cross the chains john please I'm begging you.

John: No need to beg, its a priority.


John: We have a Stanford PHD (he has 3), John Madden's former technical director, a fantastic VP R&D, amazing VP of Ops, a Mr. Adult, and an amazing staff.


Community member: Morning John, there seems to be a lot of people calling for SFM to get a PR department to properly handle this stuff, is this something you could get behind? Personally I'm not totally caught up on what happened, however I agree a PR department would be beneficial to help with this but also to combat FUD in general. Hope you're well mate

Mr. Adult: We have one. There is zero chance we're going to 'fight' everything everyone says. It is a crazy waste of resources on nonsense. Much better to put that effort into effective knowledge sharing for the betterment of all.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Community member: Do we know if the customer service operations going to be inhouse or this going to be outsourced? some of the exchanges customer support team I dealt with lack training and experienced agents. I hope SafeMoon sets an example for these other exchanges.

Mr. Adult: Trained. Experienced. Empathy driven. High quality.

SafeMoon Stats by Glubiz

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SafeMoon Swap Volume by Hydra

SafeMoon Partner News

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Glow Token - Moon Partner

"Has anyone realized there are only 4 Moon partners with #SafeMoon and #GlowV2 is one of them ? 👀"

Click image to enlarge

"Good morning #GlowV2 and #SAFEMOON! This is for those who don't know about the passive income from GlowV2. So $3,000 invested = slightly more than 1 trillion Glowv2 and the BUSD dividends from it would = around $280 per 1 million in volume! Chart is lower than the actual payout"

Click image to enlarge

"Our Rewards Estimator chart will help you determine approximately dividend returns based on volume and GlowV2 holdings! You can also use our #GlowV2 Rewards Calculator to run numbers too!"

Glow V2 Rewards Calculator

Glow V2's Partner Page

Enhance - Moon Partner

"Airdrops are in progress... Let's see those Apes 👈 #EnhancedApes"

Enhance's Partner Page

EverGrowCoin (ECG) - Meteor Partner

"We just exceeded $36,000,000 paid in @binance $BUSD rewards to $EGC holders! The most rewarding crypto in history 💰💰💰 🙏❤️🎉 #EGCFam"

"🎉Congratulations to the winners of the #LIVEShowcase AMA with @evergrowcoinEGC Check out the recap👇"

EverGrowCoin's Partner Page

Empire Token - Comet Partner

"We believe in DeFi, do you believe in DeFi? Getting into DeFi might be overwhelming for most, so we decided to break it down and make it easier for the everyday citizen with the creation of🔥 Keep Climbing🧗‍♂️"

Community member: Is @cz_binance meeting with @DullaEmpire?? Empire Token: Maybe

Empire Token's Partner Page

Puli Inu - Comet Partner

"Dear Puli Army, CERTIK IS DONE! Head on over to our TG to view the final report. We mitigated the one major finding by moving the contract to be owned by our multi-sig wallet mentioned in our whitepaper. We are excited!"


"Don’t miss out on the Puli NFT Public Mints! Puli NFT Mint Info: 0.06 ETH For Wl SS winners (6 hour opportunity window) 0.07 ETH Public Sale 2000 Puli NFTS in total will be minted. All Success"

NFT Page

Puli Inu's Partner Page

Affinity - Meteor Partner

"The shift from LLC to Inc. is finally complete and official! Things are about to get interesting!! 🔥👀"

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Community member: @AffinityBSC any plans for a exchange in the future to support reflections tokens

Affinity: We are planning to develop the first ever direct peer-to-peer decentralized exchange. Tokens will be traded between users on an exchange platform.

Affinity's Partner Page

Reflex Token - Comet Partner

"#ReflexLegion, your rewards are SAFE and we are processing the backlog from migration as quickly as we are able. Thank you for your patience during this entire migration process. 🙏🏼 BIGGER and brighter things are on the horizon!"