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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 10th, 2022)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Table of Contents

SafeMoon Card | Mandala Exchange Listing Update | SafeMoon NFTs

Bitcoin Miami '22 | SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Community - Motivation

SafeMoon Stats by Glubiz | SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Card

Here's a nice shoutout by one of the issuers of the SafeMoon Card, Baanx!

"Your Friday just got better - this spaceship is ready for take off to the Moon 🚀 The waiting list for the #SAFEMOONCARD powered by #Baanx is out now. Don't miss this epic launch -join the waitlist today! @safemoon"

Mandala Exchange Listing Update

Community member: Early to mid April ends next week! Hope we'll have an announcement soon (even without [glotoks])

BTB MDX (Mandala Community Manager): Mid April could be interpreted as 1 week on either side of the middle of April and that was a tentative date pending more information. Our latest announcement has more information and references April as a whole for the timeline. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the intricacies of global tokenomics and implement internal reflections as a stopgap until we can give everyone the full polishes product that they deserve.

SafeMoon NFTs

Sneak Peek

"#safemoon #nft"

NFT Meme

Thanks for always making us smile, Spyros!

Bitcoin Miami '22

Jonas Having Some Fun

"Got 2nd 🥈 place at the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament at Bitcoin 2022 yesterday. My gamer tag was “Safemoon”. Easy marketing. Come catch these diamond hands 💎✊🏼"

Of course, Hayden took the opportunity to troll Jonas saying, "Biceps bigger than my legs and you take 2nd 🤔" 😂😂😂

Dave Portnoy - Migrate to V2

So many community members have joined the effort to get Dave Portnoy to migrate to V2!! Thanks for everyone who has tried to educate him on the process and benefits!

"This is Day 1 of me tweeting @stoolpresidente to ask you to send John @CptHodl the #SafeMoon CEO a DM so we can help you move your #SafeMoonV1 tokens to the #SafeMoonV2 tokens. The project isn't dead, you just need to convert!"
"@stoolpresidente What if I told you that you really are not down as much as you think you are? Your current #SafeMoon tokens are sitting on V1 and it has no LP behind it. Just by moving over to V2, you should see the value of your wallet recover some and products are coming!"

SafeMoon Standard

"Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of it's troubles, it empties today of it's strength ⚠️ One day you will look back & realize that you worried to much about stuff that didn't really matter ⏳👀 Approach new events positively and do not look directly for the negative 😊 #SAFEMOON"

SafeMoon Community Motivation

SafeMoon community member Farmo tweeted out a great question: "What's your biggest motivation in life?"

Here are just some of the wonderful responses!!

"I have two, almost equal motivations. One is to be a better person than I was the day before. The other is to help others succeed at their goals and to be appreciated (not necessarily rewarded) for my efforts. I love knowing that I helped someone be better than they were before."
"I want to pay my wife's student loans so we can just get on with making our life without debt. We manage our money so well, but even after she's paid without fail for almost 10 years, the interest rates are not set up in her favor. "
"To make a better life for my wife and kid and to, hopefully, with the time they have left, make a better life for my parents and all this game of crypto and NFTs gives me a small chance to do that…."
"Generational Wealth for all my family including extended family members!"

Thank you to everyone who shared!! We loved reading everyone's motivations!

SafeMoon Stats by Glubiz

To check out the Glubiz website, click here!

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume

"This week our SWaP by SafeMoon added $13,703.73 to the SafeMoon LP, burned $2,418.31 worth of SafeMoon and provided $4,030.51 to the SafeMoon eco-system. We had an average Volume of $1,151,574 per day and an total volume of $8,061,019 this week."

SafeMoon Partners

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Enhance - Moon Partner

We are so excited to see that SafeMoon community member Metaverse Josh has been hired by Enhance!!! Congratulations, Josh!

"I want to welcome @metaverse_josh to the #SES and #HelloEnhance! The MetaVerse is about to be #Enhanced!"
"I am excited to announce that I have joined #SES and the Hello Enhance team and will be working with them as Head of Metaverse development. I am very excited about what we are going to build this year! Now… let’s get down to business 👀 #HelloEnhance"

"Updated roadmap updated on Monday Wednesday 4/12 airdrops for qualified mask holders! Friday 4/15 #APESHIT mint party!! LETTTTTS GO"

Enhance's Partner Page

Shibnobi - Moon Partner


#UNISWAP BUG (UPDATE): Alex, the developer that helped us with reporting the bugs with #Shinja on Uniswap, has announced that the bugs are now in the process of being corrected and should be fixed by early next week. Thank you all for your patience! #Shibnobi $Shinja

Shibnobi's Partner Page

DxSale - Moon Partner

DxSale's Partner Page

Glow Token - Moon Partner

"DeFi Direct Episode 1 LIVE | Glow | SFM | Affinity | Enhance | ShillX"

"🚨Reminder🚨 This months charities are live on the website. Whether you hold glow or not, your vote counts. Head to our website @ and vote for this months charity giveaway!"