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SafeMoon Lowdown (April 9th, 2022)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Table of Contents

SafeMoon Card | SafeMoon Card Talk with Mr Adult | SafeMoon Card Suggestions SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon NFT Teaser | Dave Portnoy - Migrate to V2 | Community Crossword | SafeMoon Standard SafeMoon SWaP | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Card

"Behold! The pre-launch waitlist for the #SAFEMOONCARD is ready for the #SAFEMOONARMY 🎉 You can join the list now at GO GO GO 🚀 Rumour has it there is an additional feature too! 👀 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONECOSYSTEM"

Waitlist is now live for the #SAFEMOONCARD! #SAFEMOONARMY, let us all give a round of applause to the team here at . @safemoon who worked day and night to get this for you all. 2022 is looking great! #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!
"Over 10,000 of you have jumped on the waitlist in under... 32 minutes! 🤯 If you didn't yet, here is the link: Meanwhile, Scamp is being a champ down in the server room..."

Haven't signed up yet? Here is the link:

Recently added to the SafeMoon Website


Feature #10

"── CryptoDraft Borrow against your USDT and ETH crypto assets."

"The provision of secured cryptodraft crypto-swap products to users, enabling experienced cryptocurrency holders to get funding from 0% APR, allowing you to spend against your collateral easily."

Mr Adult talked on the SafeMoon Card

Mr Adult: So did anyone notice the other feature on the page yet?

Community member: Planning anymore videos?

Mr Adult: There will always be more

Community member: the company that SafeMoon is using their "Safemoon card" from the powered by Baanx is a company that allows people to slap their logo on their cards. This is all prepackaged and sold to us at a premium

Mr Adult: Incorrect. Every card has to use a card provider. Go check any other one out. You’ll see one. Companies work hard with card providers to establish and develop their own unique product offerings within the regulatory space. If it were a case of “slapping a logo on” you’d start one tomorrow. But you won’t. Because that’s not how it works.

Community member: I heard Jeremiah is gonna be in charge of the SafeMoon podcast? Is that true?

Mr Adult: No it is not

Community member: Did we break a server ?

Mr Adult: We have a solid web dev team. They know their onions 🙂

Community member: Anyone received email back regarding card yet

Mr Adult: There is no confirmation email. However, we will look to provide one in the future on any other signups as we know that would help reassure people. On this occasion, we'll email you when the full account creation opens up.

Community member: I bet alot of people signed in twice for the card lol

Mr Adult: They can't.

Community member: Any stats about the number of ppl that are on the list so far?😊🚀

Mr Adult: We're not rushing to share our stats publicly now. But it's....

..well over 10k (which was in the first 32 minutes) Watching about 5 per second come in now as it slows down during the timezone switch.

Community member: for card do we need to disclose mnemonic phrase

Mr Adult: No

****Please DO NOT give out your seed/secret/mnemonic phrases to anyone! Importing into a trusted wallet that only you have access to is the ONLY reason you'd need to provide your phrase!***

Mr Adult: Have you not seen how many people fud apple. Samsung. Mario. Etc.

FUD is part of the world. It never goes. All the time there are views and clicks for money people will create controversy for attention - often having no actual attachment or belief in the tripe they are peddling. . .

Community member: Is there a specific date for the FAQ release or just a general sometime next week?

Mr Adult: No date. Depends on regulators

SafeMoon Card FAQ

"A full FAQ is being built out from community questions. Once that has gone through the regulators, we'll publish that and answer as many extra questions as possible. —Mr Adult about the #SafeMoon Card"

SafeMoon Card Suggestions

"Wouldn’t it be cool if The first 32k #SafeMoonCard holders got a 3D #SafeMoon card NFT? What if that NFT could gain value as you use the card somehow?" - Josh

Love this idea! 🙂

What features might you love to see with the SafeMoon Card?

This was a question asked when signing up for the SafeMoon Card pre-launch waitlist.

Photo credit to Spidey

Spidey made a great tweet sharing the suggestions he provided and also asking others what suggestions they had for the SafeMoon Card!

"Did you add anything to the features you would like to see box, on the #SafeMoonCard waitlist sign up? If so, what did you request? I added 4 features I would like to see! 1/2

1. Being able to stake, but still receive reflections to my primary wallet (more of a CEX feature).

2. Being able to add multiple wallets to one card

3. Partnerships with companies, such as: Amazon, Apple, Netflix/Hulu, Pandora/Spotify, Airlines, travel, etc.

4. Gas bonus! lol"

Some great suggestions were mentioned by other community members.

"Same 👆 cashback/sfm back rewards similar to how cryptocom does it. -maybe they can introduce different tiers of card ownership as well (similar to cryptocom)" - SafeMoonBay
"My fav I saw somewhere else was rounding up on each purchase and that extra buys SFM" - CryptoBiff1955
"Checking/savings accounts where your main bag is the savings account and the reflections roll over into the checking account until a predetermined amount is reached. I believe you and I discussed this in the past 😎" - SafeMoonBaboon
"I asked for atm debit cash withdrawals 😂" - that_C_raffles. "I believe it will have that! It's on the fee schedule!" -Spidey

UK SafeMoon Card User Fee Info

SafeMoon Labs

Want to have a more in-depth understanding of the layers behind blockchain technology? This past Monday, Gandalf hosted the SafeMoon Labs weekly Twitter Space on this subject. You can listen to the recorded space and view the corresponding article here.

SafeMoon NFT Teaser

Thoughts? #safemoon #nft"

Dave Portnoy - Migrate to V2

"@stoolpresidente Diamond Hands are so V1, we have evolved to Emerald Hands on V2. (I am here to help with the migration process. Then we can discuss the merits of pineapple on pizza) (NFA) #SAFEMOON#SAFEMOONARMY" - CEO John Karony

"Dreaming of Emerald Hands and Pineapple Pizza."

- Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden

Community Crossword

Want a chance to win some SFM? Submit your answers to Veno's most recent community crossword puzzle. Visit the 🧩 Crossword Discord channel for more information.

"Happy Friday! It's time for another #SafeMoonCommunity #Crossword for the weekend! Submit answers on the Discord for a chance to win SafeMoon V2 Tokens! Don't forget to signup for the Safemoon Card! Have a great and safe weekend everyone! #SafeMoon #SafeMoonArmy #SafeMoonCard" - Veno

SafeMoon Standard

Zeus reminded us of this wonderful quote about teamwork:

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume

SafeMoon Partners

Disclaimer: It's important to always remember that partners are their own entities. Please conduct your own research before making any financial decisions. This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is NOT financial advice.

Doxxed - Comet Partner

"DAY 10 of the #Doxed Giveaway Simply RETWEET,FOLLOW AND TAG 3 FRIENDS TO QUALIFY FOR THE DAILY 50 MILLION #DOXED Tokens We will make the random Draw at 8 pm EST every night during the week from the random Twitter Picker and post the winner on the page"