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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 6th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 1


What is Proof of Authority? | Community Content: Images & Videos - Thoughts on Tokenomics by SafeMoon Spidey | Blockchain News: Celsius Founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky Sued by NY Attorney General - French Central Bank Head Wants Crypto Licensing - CME Crypto Trading Volume Hit 2-Year Low in December | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

What is Proof of Authority?

SafeMoon CEO John Karony discussed the consensus mechanics that will be used in the SafeMoon Blockchain: Proof of Authority.

What is PoA and what are the advantages? Learn more by clicking the image below.

Community Content

Images & Videos


SafeMoon Knight




Thoughts on Tokenomics

by SafeMoon Spidey

"Let's talk about Tokenomics. Let me preface with the fact that I don't think that SafeMoon will EVER decide to ditch Tokenomics, just to make life easier... However, I am not not a DEV, nor the CEO of the company, and I cannot see the future, unfortunately. So,...🧵

There is ALWAYS the possibility that tokenomics is the major issues that is creating so many delays. Like many projects that have already ditched Tokenomics will tell you, it is a large barrier.

Would I still support SafeMoon if they changed or completely dropped their Tokenomics?


But, I would definitely be disappointed.

To me, Tokenomics is one of the foundations of SafeMoon and one of the reasons that I LOVED SafeMoon so much. I liked the idea of compounding interest and not having to worry about "timing the market".

To expand on Tokenomics, we were introduced to the concept of Global Tokenomics or GloToks, where ALL volume from both DEX and CEX would provide reflections to our ever-growing bag. THEN they shocked me even more with the concept of Cryptonomics, that they wanted to introduce on the SafeMoon Exchange and would be unique to SafeMoon.

I know that SafeMoon is a Technology Company and that crypto is just part of it's foundation, but I feel like Tokenomics, GloToks, and Cryptonomics are part of the crypto's foundation and that proving successful in and bringing these concepts to the forefront of the ALL of Crypto would be a legacy that would be hard to match.

And, that is not even accounting for ALL the other products that they are working on, innovating, and building in their ecosystem. Would I be disappointed in the loss of tokenomics, VERY. BUT, I have already packed my bag and I know that SafeMoon is going to do what is best for the company and I stand with it.

Let me reiterate, I DO NOT believe that SafeMoon will take the easy way out. I believe that they are striving, not for the road less traveled but to create a new road, where they make the rules:

- Security

- Accessibility

- Quality

Just thinking out loud. Cheers."

- Spidey

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Blockchain News

Celsius Founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky Sued by NY Attorney General

The New York Attorney General's office has filed a lawsuit against Celsius founder and former CEO Alex Mashinsky, claiming he made many "false and misleading claims" in regards to the financial condition of the Celsius platform, defrauding investors out of billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, read more about it here in this article from CoinTelegraph.

French Central Bank Head Wants Crypto Licensing

Francios Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of The Bank of France, is calling for stricter regulations on crypto companies ahead of the European Union's Markets in Crypto Assets (MICA) regulation to be voted on in February.

According to a report from Bloomberg, obtaining a license in France for Digital Asset Service Providers (DASPs) is currently optional and none of the providers in France have one. Read more in this article from CoinDesk.

CME Crypto Trading Volume Hit 2-Year Low in December

Derivatives giant Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) crypto-related trading volumes suffered a steep falloff in the last month of 2022. Total crypto derivatives volume plunged 49.2% to $14.2 billion, according to CryptoCompare, the weakest since October 2020. Bitcoin futures volume was down 48.3% to $13.2 billion, with ether futures volume off 55.3% to $481 million. To learn more, check out this CoinDesk article.

Food For Thought

"As the calendar starts anew, use the time as a reset if needed. Reflect on where you’ve been, acknowledge honestly where you are, and plan a path to take steps to get where you’d like to be."

- John Cena

"The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of."

- Simon Sinek

"A year from now you’ll either be thanking yourself you did something or kicking yourself you didn’t."

- Aaron

"Being mindful does not mean being careful, but giving others the attention they deserve.🫂 All love begins from within ❤️"

- Gandalf

"Do something that sucks, every day of your life! That’s how you grow”

- David Goggins

Shared by SafeMoon Eve

"Be fearless, be strong, be you."

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners


"📡#CryftCards Contract 4.1.1 will propel us into the next phase of development. This #SmartContract has many utilities within #Cryft ecosystem. Most novel is the ability to sustain an experience for Novice Users."

Cryft Card Token Tracker

"New Features #Cryft Card (CC411) - Value of codes range from .1 to 1 #BNB - Able to redeem for multiple tokens - #Gift Code redemptions feed the entire ecosystem gas - Tokens will be added as we grow"

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Mirror Protocol

"Join us tomorrow on Through The Looking Glass with special guest @XRPjenna as we dig a little deeper into #XRP! As #TheMirrorProtocol gear up to launching XRP-MP, we want to educate people on how native XRP can be beneficial in DeFi. 1/5/22 6pm PST!"

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