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SafeMoon Crosschain Supply

We recently introduced two new pairings - one on Ethereum (ETH) and the other on Polygon (MATIC). To address the potential confusion within the community regarding the token supply, we want to explain the rationale behind these pairings and how they affect SafeMoon's overall supply.

Our aim is to provide clarity on this process and its significance. On each blockchain, there is a representation of 1 trillion total supply that originates from the deployer wallet. However, the circulating supply, or the supply available for trading, will never exceed 1 trillion across all chains, taking into account the actual circulating supply.

The SafeMoon token's circulating supply always stems from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which we aimed to leverage when setting up our liquidity pairings on the two new blockchains. All tokens originate from BSC!


  • In summary, there will never be more than 1 trillion SafeMoon tokens in circulation across all chains (currently BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum), including the burn wallet.

  • All SafeMoon tokens must come from the original supply, which, in this case, is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • The only way to initiate the circulation of tokens on other chains is to bridge them from BSC.

  • The circulating supply refers to the tradeable tokens that are available, excluding the amount held in the burn wallet. This burn wallet amount represents the sum of all three burn wallets across the three chains.

  • To seed the two additional chains, SafeMoon tokens were bridged from the BSC supply to Ethereum and Polygon.

  • Moreover, if you 'burn' tokens (into the burn wallet) on either of the new chains, those tokens are permanently burnt and never return to the originating BSC chain.

Please note that as we progress into the operation of a cross-chain bridge, further clarification and insights into its workings will be offered for improved understanding. Additionally, it is crucial to acknowledge that the mechanics in this evolving landscape are subject to change.

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