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SafeMoon Announces Upcoming Change To Their Tokenomics

fees and tax image

SafeMoon announces that changes with their current Tokenomics fee structure will be taking place. They introduced the change in an official Tweet.

"Today, we are announcing that it is time to move forward to the next stage of SafeMoon Tokenomics."

Previously set at 10%, they have now decided to lower it significantly to just 1%. This reduction will be applied uniformly across all transactions, including buys, sells, and even transfers (see image below).

This modification strictly pertains to SafeMoon Tokenomics, and the 0.25% Swap fee will remain unaffected.

upcoming changes to safemoon tokenomics fees

This breakdown was provided by SafeMoon’s The Evolution of SafeMoon Tokenomics.

Some of the key benefits SafeMoon mentions include the following:

  • Increased activity within the SafeMoon ecosystem.

  • High-quality, highly functional, and connected systems will attract token and technology partners more.

  • Distribution across the ecosystem as it expands with more chains.

  • Enhanced appeal for those who view higher fees as restrictive.

SafeMoon also added an important reminder to their Tweet:

"You do not need to do anything for this change. There are no migrations, drops, new contracts or similar. The SafeMoon team will never send you a DM or post comments inviting you to ‘claim’ or ‘complete’ anything."

“This important change to our Tokenomics is designed to evolve SafeMoon into an even more capable utility token.”

- SafeMoon -

View The Evolution of SafeMoon Tokenomics to learn more.


Stay tuned for further details on the Tokenomics change, which will be shared across all major SafeMoon social media platforms and through the SafeMoon Newsletter. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to sign up on the SafeMoon website. By doing so, you'll stay updated on product updates, receive the latest news, explore opportunities for BETA access, and much more. Join the SafeMoon community today and be part of the exciting journey ahead!


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