Ryan Arriaga - "Who You Let In Matters" (March 22nd, 2022)

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga visited a SafeMoon Community

Space held by @JEREMIAH1SFMWC and spoke on the people and information you let in.

Discord moderator and transcription team member, Arie has provided us a clip of Ryan in the Space as well as the transcript! Thank you so much, Arie!

SafeMoon Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga

"Hey, how's it going, everybody?

We are right now working on the migration or I should say the upgrade but it's still a migration because we've got to migrate all those liquidity partners - we have to pull all that liquidity and put it into the new router that we're working on right now.

So, I just wanted to give everyone a little bit of a - I'm not gonna say words of wisdom and I'm not gonna say it just to pump you up and hype you. I just want to let you guys know that everything we're working on over here at SafeMoon we're doing to the best of our ability. There's a lot of talks right now and chatter on socials and things of that sort where people come in and look at the bad and they look at the good and they try to amplify their voices in the best way they can.

And I'm just gonna say this from a leadership standpoint. In every organization I've ever been a part of, in every startup I've helped build, and in every product I've launched, it's who you let in that matters. And this is true for your mind, this is true for an organization, this is true for a new movement, anything you let in matters.

So, whether it's bad information, whether it's good information, whether it's positive, whether it's negative, you have to be the gatekeeper of your mind. That doesn't mean going out and only believing the positive and just saying, "Well, the negative doesn't exist." But we also have to realize that our emotions and everything that we've learned along the way is the results of what we let in. And that's true for what you eat on a daily basis and how that affects your body. It's what you digest and what you read and how it affects your mindset. It's the type of people that you let into your organization and how that person can reflect a negative or positive outcome.

Now I've seen it plenty of times everywhere, all over the place, it doesn't matter which product, it's anything. What we always have to do is remember that those who contribute to the positive, who have shown themselves and shown their track record in a positive way, are the ones who keep their heads down and keep working for it, those are the ones you want to surround yourself with. Right?

And the ones that may be really good with their tongue, they could probably say something really, really well, but haven't really contributed as much as the next person, those are the people that maybe you're not going to listen to as much. Maybe they're not going to carry as much weight or influence in your life.

But you as an individual have to discern that. Right? You as the individual need to put up that iron gate, as I say. I always tell people to "Put up that iron gate, baby."

If it's not serving me, if it's not serving my health, if it's not serving my mindset and if it's not serving my peace, then I'm not going to deal with it.

And that goes true for for any product I work on, for any company I work with. If it's not serving my peace then I'm going to direct my energy into something that's going to be more productive. And I'm just going to leave you guys with that.

I think we're all a community here and we all need to be positive. We all need to understand that nothing big is going to be built easily. It's not going to be built without friction. It's not going to be built without objection. And we need to remember that we are a community and remember the people that are helping you along the way, who are keeping you positive and who are trying to keep the momentum going. And if we forget those people, then it's easy to step over to the dark side.

So that's all I'm gonna say. I want to say to everyone here, thank you for being such a big support. I just want to drop in and give you guys a few words to think about because as we move forward, these things are going to be very important. And this is true, I believe in my core and this is what I've experienced in life. This is how I've been able to get companies acquired in the past.

Bad things can creep in, bad thoughts can creep in, negativity can creep in and then it can ruin a great thing that you have going and it can ruin that momentum.

So be the gatekeeper of your mind. Discern it, it doesn't mean ignore it. It just means: remember what you digest, remember what you take in and you be the person to say: "Hey, you know what, I'm going to believe it or I'm going to entertain it or this doesn't serve my peace." So that's all I'm gonna say about that. Thank you so much, you guys. I have to get back. But thank you for all you do, thank you for all your support, really appreciate all of you. You guys are awesome.

Thanks a lot, Jeremiah. Always love your Spaces."

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