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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

About Rhythm

Rhythm is building the next generation of music streaming tools for consumers and artists with a bridge between the music industry and crypto.

What vision does Rhythm have for the future?

Pave the future of both the crypto & music industry with an ecosystem that boasts of a new and improved solution for paying artists and products that will innovate both industries.


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10 August 2022

"Imagine a future where artists can create, produce, grow and succeed harnessing the power of decentralization and web3…🤔"


02 August 2022

"#TeamRhythm is officially 1 year old!! We thank each and every single community member for the dedicated support towards the project, and have huge product updates coming soon To celebrate 1 year, we're giving away $100 worth of $RHYTHM to 5 people who retweet this post"



20 July 2022

To read the Forbes article, Web3 And The Future Of Music, click here!!


11 June 2022

"The markets might be red, but the dev work continues to expand the ecosystem! #TeamRhythm"


17 May 2022


14 May 2022

"🛠️during the🐻"


10 May 2022

"Rhythm v0.9.7 has released with multiple bug fixes and improvements"


04 May 2022

"We had a few community members suggest a quick progress update post. So here is what we have been working on for the past few months, and what we're continuing to work on for the #TeamRhythm ecosystem"

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Here are the UI designs we're transitioning into 1. 2.

"We see #MoveToEarn is trending... How about #ListenToEarn ?? You know where to find us! #TeamRhythm#ListenToEarn#MoveToEarn"


02 May 2022

"If you are interested in testing Listen-to-Earn, head over to and download the music streaming platform and start listening! At the conclusion of L2E testing and incoming updates the feature will go live in full release! Download now to join #TeamRhythm!"

"#TeamRhythm wishes everyone a blessed Eid."


30 April 2022

When @NFTLlama tweeted, "Hey everyone! Things take time to develop. Thanks :)" Rhythm CEO Ryan Davern commented, "Anyone complaining about development speed should learn how to program and see for themselves how time consuming development is."

"Be sure to checkout our newly, professionally redesigned discord server at:"

Rhythm Discord link



29 April 2022

Listen to earn (L2E) | Share to earn (S2E)

"L2E & S2E coming soon"


27 April 2022

"Rhythm progress update will be released next Wednesday Stay tuned🎶"


26 April 2022