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About Reflex Finance

Reflex Finance was founded to pursue one specific goal: Making the crypto space safer for everyone and create wealth for its holders through stable passive income along the way. This is why we focus on the development of high-volume utilities, which all feature unique safety features that aim to change the industry by setting new standards for secure crypto investment.

What vision does Reflex Finance have for the future?

Transparency and integrity are commanding values at Reflex Finance, and they have earned us the trust of one of the most incredible communities in crypto: the Reflex Legion!


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23 May 2022

"🔥 BB&B Executed! 🔥 443 Billion #ReflexFinance V2 tokens removed from circulation FOREVER!"



22 May 2022

"Soon we’ll be announcing a NEW UTILITY we will be adding to our Packages for new launch Partners. FREE 4 Gold pkgs! 2+ HUGE Utilities NO Launchpads will have. Holders are going to the #REFLEXFINANCE INNOVATION! We’re just WARMING up."

A community member asked, "Does Reflex Finance have a nonprofit associated with it? If not and you are interested in setting one up or if you do have a nonprofit setup and need a grant writer then please reach out to me."

Ryan replied, "We will definitely be partnering with non-profits and have plans in doing so!"

"I can't wait for the #ReflexLegion to learn what the team has been working on... Exciting things on the horizon!"


21 May 2022

"Hey #ReflexLegion and Friends! 👋🏼 I will be "Out of Office" for the most part this upcoming week! If you need anything time sensitive please reach out to @LegionCOO or my counterpart @Wayne_Lambeau ! 💛"


18 May 2022

"📣 We PROMISED the #REFLEXLEGION the NEW #REFLEXFINANCE V2 Website & Rebrand this week… We KEEP our PROMISES."


15 May 2022

"You know what time it is?! 😁 Time for the #ReflexFinance Weekly Highlights! 🙌🏼"

"Week Ending May 15th

Digifinex listing went LIVE

Round of article published

Updates made to rewards system

437B token BURNED

Awarded Swap TC Bronze Tier

11k Twitter Followers

7k Launchpad Twitter Followers

AMA with EverRise Community & Satoshi Club

Released new Rewards Dashboard to Beta Force

Went live on ShilLX Swap and Affiliate Program"


11 May 2022

"📣Hey #ReflexLegion, let's connect! Join the Core Team for Twitter Spaces on Sunday May 15th! 😉 Lets chat about the project - where we've been & where we are going! It's been awhile since we've spoken directly to the community so we hope you'll join!"

"#ReflexLegion, How about the next sneak peak into our redesigned #DeFI ecosystem? 😍 @ReflexLaunchpad will shine in new splendor too, as the designs of all our utilities & channels are unified within one uniform corporate branding.👇🏼 A good place to launch a token, isn't it?"


10 May 2022

"🔥 BB&B Executed! 🔥 437 Billion #ReflexFinance V2 tokens removed from circulation FOREVER! "

Buy: Burn:

"Happy BUSD Monday! 💸 All #BUSD in the distributor wallet will be pushed out to holders within the hour! Changes have and are continuing to be made to have BUSD push out more regularly to the #ReflexLegion! 🤩"

"📣 SO MANY new Projects out there to be raised to success by our Launchpad 🚀 We are STOKED to be so early in this space and in a unique position to make a SOLID impact on innovation in DeFi!"

Check out the article here.

"Reflex Legion, Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💛"


09 May 2022

"We are proud to officially take $REFLEX into the Asian #Crypto market with listing at @DigiFinex, one of the Top 10 exchanges worldwide by daily volume!"

Listing details and accompanying campaigns Trade Reflex V2 on Digifinex


08 May 2022

"You know what time it is?! 👀 Time for the #ReflexFinance Weekly Highlights! 🙌🏼"

WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Week Ending May 8th Successfully launched Safuu Rocket Announced our $15k Giveaway winners Announced Digifinex Listing for May 9th BETA Force putting in work on new site Reflex Finance live on ShillX More sneak peaks of the website Locked liquidity with Brewlabs

"🔓LIQUIDITY LOCKED 🔐 #ReflexLegion, our current liquidity pool is now LOCKED with @TeamBrewlabs ! 🙌🏼 There is a small portion of LP that is not locked to allow flexibility as #ReflexFinance grows." - Reflex

"Happy Mother's Day to all the #CryptoMama's out there! 💐 We hope you are all thoroughly spoiled and appreciated today - and everyday!" - Reflex


06 May 2022

"When you strive to become the best launchpad in #DeFi, it's not just about design and function - it's also about the team. And as it happens, at @Reflex_Finance we have one of the best teams there are in #crypto💪 Don't believe me? See what our recent launches have to say..." - Reflex CMO

Scroll through the slide show by pressing the arrow (▶) above ⬆

"👀 BETA Force putting in the work!' - Reflex "Quote Tweet Ryan | CEO (The Flex Hound) Reflex Finance @TheFudHound · 11h 📣 Shout out to BETA Force! They are doing a phenomenal job helping QA our new website! HATS OFF! 🎩 Thank you for your contribution! This helps the NEW #REFLEXFINANCE website look & function beautifully! #REFLEXLEGION" - CEO Ryan Arriaga


05 May 2022

"These designs are so beautiful! The team has been working so hard to create a beautiful attractive ecosystem for #crypro investors and emerging entrepreneurs in the space." CCO Reflex Finance

"📣#ReflexLegion, how about another sneak peak of the new website and branding?! 👀 We are very happy with the sleek professional design we've cultivated to showcase #ReflexFinance in the best light to both #crypto consumers and entrepreneurs! More of the ecosystem to come! 🙌🏼" - Reflex

"📣 Knocking out those milestones one by one! I am very proud of the #REFLEXFINANCE team! But we’re just getting started. 😁"

"Listing Announcement #ReflexLegion, we are happy to announce that #ReflexFinance will be listing on @DigiFinex Exchange! We are making our way into the Asian market! Based on volume they are a Top 10 Exchange, adding another amazing source of volume! AND tokenomics friendly!" -Reflex


04 May 2022

"👀 closely.. @Reflex_Finance has an amazing utility & a VERY bright future! All coming within the next 2 weeks: -Rebranding presentation (clean/professional) -Launchpad enhanced/refined (better look and user experience) -NEW MAJOR exchange listing That’s just to name a few 🧘‍♂️"


03 May 2022

"“How” can we impact this space to grow & mature? That’s the question we ask ourselves everyday at #REFLEXFINANCE “How” can we make it safer, more attractive to NEW projects & a place where people “WANT” to innovate? As a PREMIERE ecosystem we SERVE innovators & holders alike."


02 May 2022

"#ReflexLegion, please see the announcement about trading below. We have currently HALTED trading to investigate some transactions in the best interest of the community. We appreciate the community's patience & understanding. We will provide an update when trading resumes."

TRADING ANNOUNCEMENT Reflex Legion, please note in the best interest of the community we have HALTED trading to review a handful of transactions. As soon as we are done diagnosing the issue we will resume trading. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

"#ReflexLegion, See below. 👇🏼 Our reward structure will be reverting back to its original breakdown as previously discussed. #crypto #bsc #defi"
" REWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT Reflex Legion, by the end of May 2nd we will be reverting the reward structure back to its original breakdown. 8% to BUSD 3% to Marketing 2% BB&B 2% to Liquidity "


01 May 2022

"Time for the Weekly Highlights! Sometimes it's hard to zoom out and see the bigger picture! #ReflexFinance has been very busy this week! Lots to be BULLISH on! #cryptotrading #sundayvibes #Money"


30 April 2022

"Quick address from our Chairman, @Reflex_Myles ! 👇🏼 We hope to connect with you all tomorrow, Sunday May 1st, during our Twitter Spaces! Bring your questions! 😉"
"It’s bright out here today! Just wanted to check in with everyone! 🧘‍♂️"

"#ReflexLegion, the buying competition is CLOSED! 🙌🏼 The winners will be drawn and published Monday! 😉 Stay tuned!"


29 April 2022

"We want to hear from you! 👇🏼 Hypothetically, the revenue of a project's utilities should go to...🤔"

Please your vote here!!


26 April 2022

"⏳ Transparency Time: 1. The new internal dev team are absolute Unicorns🦄 2. Bitmart migration is progressing…🕰 3. Launching @RodeoCoin 🔜 3. @Reflex_Myles was pouty today so I had to introduce him to my fav Celine Dion song & to take a nap."


25 April 2022

"🎥OUR NEW BRANDING UNVEILED! Last week was packed w/ progress, but now it's time to UNIFY all product lines with proper branding & PRO design for the new #REFLEXFINANCE .COM launching soon! New design encapsulates: Website Launchpad Staking Rewards Dash & more #REFLEXLEGION"


24 April 2022

"Treasury BBB Executed! The first of many! 416Billion Reflex V2 tokens removed from circulation FOREVER! Buy-back Burn"

"When in doubt, zoom out. 😉 Thank you @mrscryptorabbit for the Weekly Highlights! 👇🏼 #ReflexFinance #cryptocurrency #BSC" - Reflex

"Sometimes it's hard to zoom out and see the bigger picture! @Reflex_Finance has been very busy this week! Beta testers, vetting project launches, BUSD Rewards, Staking, Partnerships... Lots to be BULLISH on. 👀" " - CryptoRabbit

"REFLEX FINANCE - WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS BETA FORCE applicants were chosen Awarded RodeoCoin Brinze Tier Verification V2 BUSD Rewards began paying out Temporary 10% BUSD rewards Rewards Dashboard LIVE Partnership with ShillX announced Buying Competition announced V2 Staking with Brewlabs 416B V2 BBB from the Reflex Treasury"