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pSafeMoon - How to Migrate to V2?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

A guide on how to migrate your pSafeMoon to SafeMoon V2 with the new pSafeMoon Migration dApp

Update: [2022/12/20: 2:00AM UTC]

All holders of pSafeMoon will not be receiving reflections because of the SafeMoon V2 Migration. However, there is a now a way for pSafeMoon holders to easily migrate to SafeMoon V2 using the new pSafeMoon dApp. Please see the instructions below for more information.

We have now created a simple and easy dApp for pSafeMoon holders to migrate directly to SafeMoon V2. You can find this dApp here:

Am I eligible?

Moving forward, the partnership with pTokens will be coming to a natural end. The pSafeMoon Token will no longer be supported except through this Migration Program dApp. If you acquired pSafeMoon prior to Monday, December 19th at 9AM MST (GMT-7) please initiate a migration to SFM V2 as soon as possible. Liquidity for the pSafeMoon Token has been removed, and any tokens acquired through any means after Monday, December 19th at 9AM MST (GMT-7) will not be redeemable for SafeMoon V2 tokens. In order to assist the pSafeMoon holders in this migration, a secure and user-friendly procedure has been put in place. This process will remain live for a minimum of six months.

How does it work?

The pSafeMoon Migration dApp will allow you to automatically, securely and instantly migrate your eligible pSafeMoon tokens to SFM V2 tokens. You will need a small amount of Ethereum for the blockchain transfer fee. This is not a fee that is charged by SafeMoon. You will not have to pay any gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain. 1. Connect your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain 2. Click on “Scan pSafeMoon Balance” 3. The amount of pSafeMoon tokens that will be migrated is displayed 4. Click on “Redeem to SafeMoon V2” and validate the transaction on your wallet to launch the migration Once redeemed, you will be able to review the transaction of your pSafeMoon tokens being migrated from the Ethereum blockchain, and the SFM V2 tokens being sent to your BSC wallet.

Example of dApp

You've encountered an issue?

If you experienced an error or believe your estimate is incorrect, please email us at Provide your wallet address, a clear explanation of your issue, and any relevant blockchain transactions. We will respond within 5 business days.



Q: I am not seeing my pSafeMoon when connecting to the dApp, why? A: Please make sure that when you are connecting to the dApp you have selected the Ethereum chain on the wallet. (See example below)

Q: What are the limits to migrating? A: There is no minimum or maximum that you can migrate. As long as you are able to cover the gas fees of ETH then you will receive the consolidated amount of SafeMoon V2 at 1000:1



Please be advised this is meant to be used for informational and educational purposes only. All information should be used as such and not be treated as financial advice. Before making any financial decisions, it is important to complete your own due diligence. Thank you.

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