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About Pawthereum

Pawthereum is a decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need!

What vision does Pawthereum have for the future?

Our mission is to support animal shelters and be a digital advocate for animals in need. All too often, smaller animal shelters struggle financially, often overlooked and overshadowed by larger charitable organisations. Pawthereum was created to address this. We aim to become the leading disruptor of charitable inclusion by utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology to obtain funding, bypass the middleman, and donate directly to animal shelters around the world.


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23 May 2022

"Check out this amazing footage from our friends at @WFFThailand who rescued tigers and bears from a zoo in Phuket, Thailand"

"Our community donated $10k back in February of this year to aid in this rescue and we couldn't be more proud of the incredible team at @WFFThailand for their extraordinary efforts!"

Blog Post

"There is still work to do and there are more animals to save at the Phuket Zoo. Please consider visiting @WFFThailand 's donation page to get involved."

Original post:

"👀 Watch this #tiger and #bear #rescue! The final #tigers and #bear at Phuket Zoo are truly depending on the kindness of #animal lovers like you to change their worlds, too."

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22 May 2022

Votes are pouring in! Whether you hold on #Ethereum or #BNBChain, every Pawtherian is welcome to weigh in on the current proposal for allocating some of the Uniswap LP to a new PawSwap LP!




20 May 2022

" Send us pictures or short videos of your pets to be featured on a future edition of Pawther's Pets! #FollowThePawth #Pawthereum #Ethereum #Binance #BSC #Coinbase #Safemoon #SFM #CryptoPhilanthropy #RescuePets #RescueAnimals"


18 May 2022

"Pawthereum has teamed with @RadioShack to donate $5k to Lovable Pets Rescue in South Carolina! This donation was made in honor of National Pet Foster Care Month. Thank you to RadioShack for their partnership and to Lovable Paws for their amazing work!"

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12 May 2022


11 May 2022

"@RovingDogsNFT is an NFT project independent of Pawthereum that will be donating a portion of its profits through the Pawthereum project to help animals in the world! If you hold a Pawthereum Founder’s NFT, you are eligible for a free Roving Dogs mint today!"

"Attention Founder's NFT Holders! We have some exciting NFT giveaways for you and an IRL invite to a shelter!"

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10 May 2022

"💎 🐕 Minting starts May 12th for @RovingDogsNFT where a portion of the revenue goes towards donations through Pawthereum!" Pawthereum Founder's Coin NFT holders get a free Roving Dogs mint! check them out!


07 May 2022

"🐴 Good luck to all of our horse friends in the #KentuckyDerby 🏁 🐎 🐎 🐎 " 👈 now minting


06 May 2022

"❤❤ @androidismylife ❤❤ Send us pictures or short videos of your pets to be featured on a future edition of Pawther's Pets! #FollowThePawth #Pawthereum #Ethereum #Binance #BSC #Coinbase #Safemoon #SFM #CryptoPhilanthropy #RescuePets #RescueAnimals" - Pawthereum


05 May 2022

"ATTN: Founder’s NFT Holders! On Sat, May 7, we will give away two amazing @thugpugsnft to two random holders of the Founder’s NFT! All Founder’s holders are eligible to mint a @RovingDogsNFT on May 12th"

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04 May 2022

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27 April 2022

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