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Updated: Aug 16, 2022


About Pawthereum

Pawthereum is a decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need!

What vision does Pawthereum have for the future?

Our mission is to support animal shelters and be a digital advocate for animals in need. All too often, smaller animal shelters struggle financially, often overlooked and overshadowed by larger charitable organisations. Pawthereum was created to address this. We aim to become the leading disruptor of charitable inclusion by utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology to obtain funding, bypass the middleman, and donate directly to animal shelters around the world.


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16 August 2022

Pawthcast #29 with Theo Karalis, Pawthereum's Social Media Manager


09 August 2022

"🌎Happy International Cat Day! Thank you to the Pawthereum community for over half a million dollars donated to help our furry friends all over the world! @VitalikButerin hope you enjoy your gift 🎁"


08 August 2022

"Checkout what our frens at @dingertoken just launched!"


20 July 2022

"Will you be playing? 🐾🐈🎮"

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13 July 2022

To listen to Pawthcast #24 - Founders NFT Last Chance, click here.


12 July 2022

" There is a new way to enter into our $10k giveaway!

If you buy $50 of $PAWTH between now and Jul 14, you are eligible to win a Founder's NFT. Holding the NFT gives you a chance to win $10k in

@safemoon tokens!



21 June 2022


20 June 2022

"Mena is a #bigcat 🐅 rescued from the Phuket Zoo in Thailand by our friends @WFFThailand with the help of the Pawthereum community's $10k donation. Mena is now safe in her new home 🏡 and we couldn't be more happy to hear about her pawsitive 🐾 progress! ✨#followthepawth 💞 "

"What is arbitrage? How could it help the Pawthereum project? Should the project benefit from it? Shout out to @XSURGEDEFI for the Arbitrage-As-A-Service opportunity! #Ethereum #BNB #cryptocurrency #DeFi" Voting ends June 21st.

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17 June 2022

"📰 Updates galore! 👉 Vote on a new revenue generation opportunity for $PAWTH 👉 New forums for DAO discussions 👉 FTX Signal Listing 👉 Outcome of our DEX LP vote ... and more!"

To read about all of the new updates, click here!

"✨✨ @SavaSafeHaven ✨✨ Go follow Sava's Safe Haven to see more of the great work they do!"


14 June 2022

"✨✨ @GlobalElephants ✨✨ Go follow Global Sanctuary for Elephants to see more of the great work they do!"

"❤❤ @forgottenanimal ❤❤ Be sure to follow Forgotten Animals to see more of their vital animal rescue work! #Pawthereum #FollowThePawth #Crypto #Ethereum" - Pawthereum


12 June 2022

"Congratulations to our partner @EdinDogCatHome ! It is always fantastic to see such top quality organizations get the recognition they deserve! 👏👏👏"


08 June 2022

"✨✨ @SavaSafeHave ✨✨ Go follow Sava's Safe Haven to see more of the great work they do!"


06 June 2022

"✨✨ @CatTownOak ✨✨ Go follow Cat Town Oakland to see more of the great work they do! #Pawthereum #FollowThePawth #AdoptDontShop #Crypto #Ethereum" - Pawthereum


04 June 2022

"Our friends at @perrys_place_la is holding a t-shirt design contest to help homeless cats! We know from our meme contests that our community is full amazing designers so let’s put those talents to work and help the kitties!"


31 May 2022

Click here to listen to the Pawthcast!