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MoonCast Recap (Feb 6th, 2022)

Mr Adult (Global Community Manager), CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education), Veno (Discord Community Manager),
and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)

Table of Contents:

| FEATURED: Mooncraft & the Dev Team | SafeMoon Basics for New Arrivals |

| Token Listings | SafeMoon V2 | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Labs | | Mandala Exchange | SafeMoon Pulse & Lowdown |

The next SafeMoon Sunday is next week, February 13th! Time is TBD. MoonCast will be directly afterward!


  • Mooncraft is a Minecraft network that is almost 8 months in the making with several game modes. It is the first product from the gaming side of SafeMoon.

  • Even though it is officially launching, there will be ongoing updates and developments to the existing and new game modes. Once the community and developers are happy with the content, the team plans to start exploring crypto and blockchain integration and creating an economy around that.

  • If you are interested in playing, Mojang is owned by Microsoft so if you have a PC you can sign up for the Microsoft Game Pass for $1 for a month. If you already have an Xbox Game Pass, you can download Minecraft from the Microsoft Store for free. You can also buy Minecraft from Mojang directly.

  • There is a Mooncraft puzzle to celebrate the launch of Mooncraft! There is no prize for this puzzle; it's just for fun and to learn more about Mooncraft!

  • Mooncraft Project Lead ZubeySweet joined this week's MoonCast to talk about the project!!

  • Q: Why do you love doing what you're doing [in regards] to Mooncraft? "So two different things. One is the straight-up gaming angle and the other is the potential future of crypto integration and just working in this space. The gaming side of it, just like many people, a lot of my youth was gaming and I've had some really great experiences online with other people. A lot of close relationships were developed playing multiplayer games. There's something really special about it. The reason that one of the game modes is named Starfruit is because of Kingdom Hearts. There was a fruit on there that if two people ate the fruit together, their destinies are linked together. Sometimes I feel like online spaces, particularly gaming, have some sort of shared experience like that. If you have a [shared] experience with another person or community, you feel like that really carries forward into the future. Sometimes it does in very tangible, real ways, whether that's a relationship or an opportunity that opens up. I want to create that kind of gaming experience. Obviously there's a huge community here so this is a good space where everyone, if they like Minecraft, they can play with friends, hang out together, and enjoy life. The crypto side of it is all so new. I'm not going to go on a 10 min rant, even though I could, but there [are] a lot of different avenues that can be utilized in gaming with blockchain technology. It is truly such a crazy frontier that is going to change the future. There are a lot of ways that blockchain technology can affect tons of different industries. When you talk about entertainment, [the gaming industry] actually makes more money than the movie business. Just think about that... that's pretty crazy to think about. Think of all the Blockbuster hits like Marvel; gaming makes more money in a year than movies. If people are going to spend their money on a game, [they're] putting their hard-earned money into an ecosystem that gives nothing back to them except obviously the game experience. They're not getting any [financial benefits] back from that. With blockchain technology, you can not only experience the benefits of gaming but you can also have some financial [perks] tie in which can benefit a lot of people. It's a really cool space and I'm excited to explore it. Like you said, this is just the beginning. These are the crazy early stages. There's soooo much more we're already talking about."

  • ZubeySweet on the Mooncraft team: "They're kind of behind the scenes. They're not as vocal or out-front as I am but... you might not realize how much work goes into something like a Minecraft server but everyone on the team has been working 10-15 hour days for the last couple of months just really trying to get this down and also plan for future content. They are dedicated, they're here for you guys, they're here for the community, they're here for SafeMoon, they're here for Mooncraft, and it's really inspiring to be on a team with people who are so passionate, working so hard, and not just clocking in for a job. That's what this is really about, it's why this community is so exciting, and it's why this technology is so exciting. It's not just another thing that everyone is doing. There's something new and fresh about it. There's a lot of passion behind everyone. I'm sure that's why you all are here and excited and why people are listening to MoonCast. Everyone's excited about this community; they are too. Even if you never hear from them, they're working really hard for you guys."


  • SafeMoon is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain and we're nearly one year old.

  • SafeMoon went through a restructuring in September and shortly after launched the SafeMoon Wallet, which was the first product on the technology side. This wallet is simple, secure, and easy to use! Everything that the SafeMoon team does revolves around the ideas of quality, security, and accessibility. When the SafeMoon Wallet launched, the wallet team worked with the SafeMoon Army and listened to their requests and questions which led to constant iterations to fulfill those needs. Now we have over 1m downloads on the wallet!!

  • The SafeMoon Exchange (CEX), SafeMoon Card, and SafeMoon Blockchain are coming in 2022.

  • There are other products coming down the line such as wind turbines, telecommunications, SafeMoon Connect, and the POS system to name a few.

  • SafeMoon started out as a token but now the token is only a part of the product ecosystem. The things that are being built feel familiar but they aren't because these are being built on Web3 tech.

  • SafeMoon's goal this year is to bring in the "crypto curious" and demystify what crypto is. It's important to explain what projects' purposes are, not just talk about the tokens and the financial aspect. Through this, crypto will become more approachable and conversational.


Recent Listings

  • Starting last week, SafeMoon has begun listing and partnering with multiple projects. Enhance was officially the first partnership, followed by Affinity, DxSale, EverGrow, Rhythm, and then Glow.

  • The current tokens we are listing are a part of the DEX ecosystem (SafeMoon Swap).

Listing Criteria

  • The team does a lot of work to make sure they are up to the "SafeMoon Standard." This is not only to help the ecosystem but also to give you better security when looking to invest in other projects.

  • "We aren't auditors. We're not adding some kind of stamp or anything. We're checking out the people in the teams and trying to make sure that we're bringing quality projects in. It's more of a quality stamp than anything else. These are really great teams doing really great things and we've turned people away; we won't name them but we've been in that position. It's not about getting whoever we can through the gate. It's about filling the Swap with interesting, intriguing, and valuable projects. Never say never but currently we are not an auditor or creating some kind of stamp." -Mr. Adult, Global Community Manager

  • In the coming months, the team plans to add some kind of general criteria that they follow when considering applications for listing.

  • Even though SafeMoon has partnered with these projects, it's very important to always do your own due diligence as well!

  • We're just trying to make it as easy as possible for [everyone] to be curious about these new partners rather than just be listings. Partner profiles will come to the SafeMoon website in the future, which will highlight the teams, what they are doing, any FAQs, etc.

  • "John coined this many months ago: 'Rising tides raise all ships.' 'And now finally we've got more ships joining the ocean." - Mr. Adult


  • SafeMoon V2 reached 600k addresses during the MoonCast.

  • ZBG Exchange migrated to V2. There are still one or two exchanges who have not yet migrated but most of the exchanges have migrated.



  • The main benefit of the centralized exchange is the on-ramp and off-ramp of fiat.


  • The decentralized portion of SafeMoon already exists through the SafeMoon Swap. With every single transaction, there is a fee of 0.25% applied. This is a standard swapping fee. This fee is broken down into 3 parts: (a) 0.17% goes to LP, (b) 0.03% goes to the SafeMoon Buy Back & Burn, and (c) 0.05% goes to the SafeMoon ecosystem's growth.

  • What does this all mean? Well, if you don't know, the LP is important because it's what drives the fundamentals of a token in terms of how much value it holds. Let's consider Pancake Swap, for instance. In the early days of SafeMoon, SafeMoon was one of (if not the highest) driver for Pancake Swap's growth. There were at least 2 or 3 days [during Spring 2021] where we made up 95% of PCS's volume. Pancake Swap currently has a daily volume average of around $500m-$1b. If SafeMoon had that volume (and these are all just example numbers based on current PCS volume) and then applied the 0.17% to $500m, that is $850k in LP daily. That is just shy of $1m a day in LP which would be backing the token! Not only this, but there would be up to $150k burn per day.

  • The daily volume has already increased 150% since listing the partners.


  • The first live SafeMoon Labs, Wallet Security: Risks and Safety Precautions, was held on Monday, Jan 30th. To listen to the Space or read the article, check it out here!

  • SafeMoon Labs will be held every Monday. Gandalf will pick the topic at hand and it can cover anything crypto-related. The recordings will be uploaded to the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel every Friday for those who were unable to make it to the Space! Make sure you also subscribe to the channel!

  • In the next SafeMoon Labs, Gandalf and guests will have an open discussion on the SafeMoon Wallet and its features.


  • It's now confirmed that SafeMoon will be listed on Mandala Exchange.

  • They have some interesting mechanics to their exchange as well as some pretty cool contests and giveaways, so definitely check them out!

  • Keep an eye out on Mandala's Twitter for more information on SafeMoon going live!


  • SafeMoon Pulse released her first monthly recap of the year.

  • SafeMoon Lowdown is the daily recap of everything SafeMoon!

  • You can subscribe for the mailing list by visiting the Lowdown site and signing up at the bottom of the page.


  • In the last week or so, SafeMoon Twitter passed 1.4 million followers.

  • Utah Business's article about SafeMoon has roughly 10k views!

  • Cats: "Has Ryan's bar moved anymore recently? I know it moved last week but did it move this week?" Mr.A: "Is it all just about moving?" Cats: "Ey?" Mr.A: "Didn't say anything." *laughs* 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • We are looking to expand to new platforms soon which will come down the pipeline in the next few weeks.

  • John has recently been streaming in the Gaming Discord so if you aren't in there you're missing out!


SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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