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MoonCast (March 6th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Mr. Adult (Global Community Manager), CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)

Table of Contents:

The Week in Review | Community Questions & Answers | Final Thoughts

The Week in Review

  • John's done some traveling this week.

  • We had more SafeMoon partners confirmed. We had Empire token and then some further updates from the other partners that we have as Puli Inu and also had HoDooi that went into beta with V2.

  • We reached official birthday DAY, and we officially obtained and launched Right now, it is still just the site. As the team progresses further and as resources become available, we will slowly start to see things change on the site over time. (For those that aren't aware of why it's kind of why it's essential to have a .com domain, essentially, the main thing is that the .net domain is mainly for networks. And it's not really for what SafeMoon is moving into, which is the likes of a tech company.)

  • Mr. Adult released our 1st birthday video.

Mr. Adult: It's kind of all included in that video. I tried to also include what that thinking process was at the very beginning. And it's about drawing a line under year one and using everything we've understood to move into year two. And year two, from our perspective, is very much the delivery phase.

I think there was a lot of ambition in year one and a lot of not, not over-excited-ness, but, you know, we love the community. That's true of all of the people who have previously been part of SafeMoon and are currently part of SafeMoon, and that love can end up meaning that you want to say things that make people happy because all we want to do is deliver amazing things to people.

And so, in the first year, we realized that sometimes saying those things before you could be a hundred percent certain of them could bite you in the butt sometimes. And we've kept tuning that in. Like we haven't used the ‘I’ word, and I called that out in the video as well for a long time because we're not looking to string people along with fun phrases.

What we want to do is deliver. And so that's a big part of what this March birthday month is. It is starting to kind of put markers in the sand. So this is where our thinking has changed, but also here is where our products come to fruition. We've already seen a bunch of things and it has not even been a week. We're six days into March. And it's been really great seeing commentary back from people about the wallet, for instance, and the kind of features that are starting to show up. There was a lot of shall we say, laughter about "why are you putting a calculator in" when we first mentioned ages ago, but the calculator was there as the kind of the first step towards what we're starting to deliver now.

And I'm really hopeful that as people start to see the features catch up to perhaps the ambition, they can start to believe in the other features that are still to catch up. If that makes sense because there's a vision at play. And it's not just the vision of John as a vision of the team.

It's a vision of everyone involved, and that vision gets adjusted because we listen to what the community says. I've really been noticing that recently even in the Discord, Facebook and Reddit. When you can go back and see them saying, “Oh my God, I was just saying this a few days ago. They listened to me.” That proves that there is this concept called the ‘voice of the customer’ and the voice of the customer is a way that you stay not just in tune, but you direct what you do based on what you're hearing. That doesn't just mean people shouting, but that means the people really connecting the dots from their perspective about what they are thinking, hearing, understanding, worrying about, wanting.

When we're thinking about the ways that we continue to develop our products and our marketing, we're trying to tune into that. We're really trying to understand what the impact of the products is, not just what is the product. But what we're really looking for is why do those things need to exist? Where will they connect? How do those things become something bigger than the sum of their parts? So it's probably a roundabout way of saying we're trying to adjust the momentum and really start to rein it back into delivery rather than story.

Because I think the story has been clear for ages, but the delivery now needs to kind of catch up to it. That's why we're being very methodical about making sure we have something good to go and then delivering it, rather than talking about something we can deliver for months and months and months and trying to catch up to it.

There's a little bit of catching up to do because of our legacy, but we're definitely in a position now where we're starting to only say things when they're ready to go. That's probably too long an answer to the point that was brought up, but it's been great to start adjusting that narrative. Perhaps the shortest way to answer is we're trying to build around reality now instead of just words."

  • Branding: This is not a new logo. This is new branding which is associated with SafeMoon and how you can expect to visually start to see SafeMoon come alive. Cats: So where does it go from here? Can I ask that question? Where does the branding go from here? Mr. Adult: We had no desire to alienate anyone. There is a huge identity piece here. The curious thing about branding is - there are two key aspects. The first aspect is the identity, and that means the self-identity, the people who align with a brand or have adopted it as their own. That's why we really wanted to call that out in the video and say, look, here's tattoos and trucks and all these different aspects, but there's a second piece, which is functionality. What we have with SafeMoon at the moment is that it's hugely weighted towards identity, but it does actually have some issues with functionality. So functionality means that when you get to branding or logos, they need to be able to work in single colors or a tiny size, or if they were engraved onto something in metal. A great example of that, which everyone will probably be familiar with, is the Nike tech. And it's just a simple tick, but you see that. You see Nike and that could be super tiny or it can be blown up onto the side of a billboard, it doesn't matter. It still makes sense. Whereas if you take something like the SafeMoon logo and really condense that small, it does start to lose some of its detail. But that's really a rare circumstance these days in the land of branding and the sort of experience of how brands show up, so it's less of a problem. It's something that needs solving longer term but it's not urgent so we didn't really attach a need to overhaul the logo just because [we] could. The logo does what it needs to do, it's recognizable, people have adopted it, and it can be many things and still look like SafeMoon. It's a shame that other projects and scams have decided to completely rip it off, but that's the crypto market that's how some of that stuff goes. I mean, you've got things ripping off Disney characters and whatever else. There's a lack of respect for copyright across the board in some cases, but that's not really a reason for us to remove that identity from the incredible community we've got. We're an award-winning community because we're aligned behind something that's common and it isn't just the logo, but that's a part of it. It's really important to us that we don't just throw that out. And so it will be a process we go through. It may be that it never changes, or it may be that we find the right thing, but we want to make that a conversation. We want that to be a journey we've gone and there's a huge risk with that. They say never do design by committee. And we've got a committee of like 1.4 million-plus. You know, if you factor in other communities as well, it's a big number of people. Everyone's got an opinion. I think that was perhaps the most surprising thing about the delivery of that video and the delivery of the new branding assets; that it was almost universally adopted. Everyone seemed excited by it! They ran with it - there was no kind of contest about it. I think that's because it achieved what we set out to do, which was to make sure that it still felt fundamentally SafeMoon. It was something we could use without losing our identity. I think if we had crowbarred a new logo in, that wouldn't have worked. That isn't what we want to do. What we wanted to do was expand the visual language and the design assets. For instance, if you go to, all of those assets that are there were created with a piece of 3D software called Blender which is an amazing bit of software. We've used that with very intentional lighting and objects to create something that delivers all the things we discussed in the video about the depth and drawing out of the imagination of people. But it's ultimately [still] SafeMoon. It's green, it's cool. We've seen it on Apple Watches, on desktops, printed out - It's gone everywhere! But no one felt like they were having to throw away something. It was adding to it, and that was the big mission. We wanted to add, not replace. I feel like that's what perhaps most people felt. It was like removing some kind of limitation or restriction that we'd felt over the past year where we had a certain font and we had a logo and the rest of it was just, "Let's throw some stars in. Let's throw in a spaceship." Which is great, you know, we're not trying to shake that off but we wanted something that just started to put a little bit more of the organic piece and then a bit more of the imagination back into the brand. So in terms of your question, "What's next?" Well, we're going to continue evolving those 3d objects and those shapes and we're going to bring more movement in and invite people into this deeper world. If you imagine it's a bit like Narnia for a brand. That's really the next step. Everyone's like "Yup, thumbs up. This seems like something that we're on board with." Now we can [run with it.] That takes a bit longer. These are architected pieces of object and material [and] they take time to get right because functionally it's easy to put together these 3D objects but to make them work visually and make sure the lighting's right [is more difficult]. We're really trying to strike a balance between 3D complexity and 2D understanding and there's this real middle ground. And the wallpapers are the kind of best example of that so far, but to start bringing that into movement and these expanded assets, that's going to take a little longer. But the fact that we know that for the most part, the amazing community - the SafeMoon Army - are on board, it's given us the confidence to now move to those next steps. An that, longer-term, absolutely means showing up in other spaces; whether that's the interface of different apps and software, or whether that's the marketing you would have seen today. There was a piece of marketing that went out on the main Twitter about the new SafeMoon Swap and then Ryan tweeted from his account with one of our new quote templates, for instance. It just really elevates that message a lot more and so we'll keep leaning into that. The short answer is, "more of the same, as soon as possible."

  • The wallet update:

- Calculations for certain prices of each token

- Control over the percentage calculations.

- Wallet front page is updated to display the value of each token.

- Press and hold balance to view selected chain or all chains

- Press and hold calculator multi-token button for native or custom tokens

- Press and hold multi-purpose calculator bag button for balance

- Press and hold on the back button to bring up more features

- Info page for NFT’s for collectibles module

- Hold and drag collections and NFT’s to rearrange

- Links to individual token charts for CMC and TRADINGVIEW

- Default currency value for each individual token appears on the home screen.

- Upgraded the Manage Wallet tab.

- Bottom field in the swap is now editable so you can swap the exact value.

- Community page added to the settings for easier access to all SafeMoon’s social pages

  • Interviews with community members sharing how they got started and their opinions about SafeMoon can be found in the Lowdown daily throughout the birthday month.

  • You are able to onboard with 0% MoonPay fees from March 5th to 19th. Cats: 0% Moonpay fees. Tokenomics is still there, but Moonpay fees, which again is huge to be able to onboard into crypto without paying a single fee apart from the blockchain fee. The providers that are out there today and Moonpay before this gift that SafeMoon’s provided was 3.5% or 4.5%. Some of them (providers) even go upwards of 8-9 percent, which is a crazy amount of portion of the portfolio that you could have had. So this is a great opportunity to onboard crypto for those that are looking to invest but don't want to pay extortionate fees. So again, it's another thing that SafeMoon has provided and in due course has alternative reasons for why you would want that. Mr.Adult: I would like to extend a thanks to Moonpay as well because they were a part of that and they were also gracious enough to wish us a lovely happy birthday on their Twitter as well, *laughs* which may have become one of their highest engaged tweets. Thank you SafeMoon Army.

  • SafeMoon Cross-Chain Swap was announced. Right now you are able to swap any token on the SafeMoon Swap for any token on the same chain. On March 23rd, the team should be going live with a cross-chain swap.

- For example, if I wanted to swap SafeMoon into pSafeMoon, I should now be able to go ahead and swap, one process, one to the other and done.

- No more multiple processes to swap.

- Cross Chain is going to bring so much more engagement, but along with that, it doesn't just help grow the different chains and connect them together, it also does bring fees that are generated with that, which is a 2% fee.

  • 1%, reflections,

  • 0.5% burn

  • 0.5%. LP

- This is growing the ecosystem in more ways and it's going to continue to do so.

Now we were able to bring on more partners because you've seen a lot of partners, right now they are pretty much all on the BSC side, but more partners could be brought in from Ethereum. And, as mentioned, they look in other chains to bring on in the future too. Mr. Adult: Hopefully as people are starting to realize, if you zoom out and really start to look at what the long play is, these things start to stack up. CatsRus: Look at the bigger picture on what SafeMoon’s trying to achieve, it then becomes a little bit more clear and I'm sure community members and Youtubers will dive in deep and look into it in more detail.

  • John is going to multiple events over the next month or two. He’s going to:

- SXSW 2022 from March 11-20 in Austin, TX

- Fund Launch LIVE 2022 - April 28-30 In Las Vegas

  • We also had a Mandela update confirming everything that was happening over on their end, and they've essentially said that they've isolated the issue that they know what's wrong and they've got just basically now work to fix it. Just due to the scheduling as they are a mass scale team and they've got multiple different things going on, but hopefully will have it resolved and ready for a SafeMoon launch on their exchange with global tokenomics. Mid-April is what they are aiming for but hopefully, they can get that sooner if their timeline provides.

  • SafeMoon Labs: Every Monday, Gandalf runs a creative “think tank” Twitter Space dedicated to a specific topic of crypto. It’s always paired with an educational article that is uploaded to Go check out some of the content Gandalf’s made. There’s some very detailed stuff about specific topics like scam awareness or what a DAO is. There won't be a Space on Monday, however, because Gandalf will not be available as he is working on other things (He says, "wink, wink") and due to this being SafeMoon's birthday month, an older, special Space will be uploaded.

Community Q&A

Swap & Liquify/Swap & Evolve

Was SafeMoon Swap & Liquify eliminated?

Cats: We didn’t eliminate it. We evolved it to what is now called Swap & Evolve, which does the reverse of Swap & Liquify. With Swap & Liquify, every time it used to collect 500 million SafeMoon tokens, it would sell them off to swap for BNB/native tokens to add to the LP (liquidity pool).

So, whereas before, Swap & Liquify used to sell SafeMoon once it hit a certain threshold, causing a negative impact to the market, Swap & Evolve, instead, buys SafeMoon and has a positive impact.

We don’t have a specific threshold number yet for when Swap & Evolve triggers, do we?

Gandalf: There was no specific number to the actual function yet.

Edit: Ryan has since stated, during a Twitter Space, that the trigger for Swap and Evolve will be set to 250 million tokens.

Multi-Chain/Cross-Chain Functionality in the SafeMoon Wallet

Is the purpose of the cross-chain feature to prepare for the SafeMoon Exchange?

Cats: The centralized portion of the exchange isn’t going to be too much different than what you’re already doing. There’s gonna be things that are associated with any centralized exchange (CEX) that you should expect: the on-ramping, the off-ramping, and everything that’s connected with the different options for investing and so forth.

But what you have now is the new form of an exchange. The decentralized portion is the new form of an exchange. As more partners are being listed, as more options are being listed, your investments are doing the exact same thing, except on-chain.

So, it doesn’t really matter if your investment is in an exchange or, in this case, a centralized exchange versus a decentralized exchange, which is within your own wallets within the blockchain. You’ve got your own security when it comes to that sort of thing.

And when it comes to everything overall, SafeMoon’s insured the LP of its tokens. So, let’s just say something dramatic happens where the LP is stolen like we’ve seen with other tokens. It’s not gonna happen. But you have the added layer of insurance to say that those funds are always gonna be there; you’re always gonna get the value of what your bag is worth.

But yes, in some ways, you can treat the cross-chain feature as a collection of things coming together to prepare for a centralized portion. But again, it’s that hybrid system that we’ve been talking about for a long time, where the decentralized is the main factor. The centralized portion is only really bringing on/off-ramping.

Will there be any fees when transferring over or we just move automatically 100% free?

Cats: The multi-chain has a 2% fee that goes back to the SafeMoon ecosystem and, as Mr. Adult explained, the burn, the LP generation, and reflections. So you get all of that back to you in that 2% fee. The only other fee you’re gonna be hit with is the gas fee of whatever chain you’re on.

Let’s just say, for example, you start on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), you’re gonna get hit with a BSC gas fee. You’re not gonna get hit with the Ethereum fee to go to the Ethereum side. You’re gonna get the fee that goes from one to the other.

Now, if you want to come back from Ethereum to the BNB/BSC side, that is when you would get hit with the Ethereum fee.

So wherever you start – whatever chain you’re on – that’s the gas fee that you get hit with and then vice versa, as you go between the chains.

So you shouldn’t really see a dramatic difference in fees when you talk about going across the chain unless you work on the likes of Ethereum and those gas fees are astronomical, which at that point if you wanted to do that, you would look to evaluate the best option for gas fees at that time.

Everything’s all in-house on the SafeMoon wallet; haven’t got to go anywhere else, connect to dApps, or connect to anything. It’s all internal within the SafeMoon wallet.

When will the SafeMoon Wallet have cross-chain functionality with Polygon?

Cats: Well, the team has mentioned they’re going to look to integrate other chains in the future, so please stay tuned for that.

SafeMoon's New Branding

Did we hire a branding company to help implement the best branding based off SafeMoon’s ideas of future plans?

Mr. Adult: The short answer is we’re very much building the team internally. So we’ve been very methodically bringing in great talent, rather than outsourcing, so that’s the short version.

Cats: So, everything that you saw (with the recent new branding) was done internally and not with a third party.

pSafeMoon Migration

Will there be any charges/fees from migrating from pSafeMoon to SafeMoon?

Cats: So if you wanted to migrate, what would happen is once the team has done the V1 side of things for pSafeMoon, and you’ve got V2 pSafeMoon, you would just get hit with the Ethereum fee plus 2% as you move across the chain.

So you would have to wait for the actual pSafeMoon to take place, but stand by on that (more updates and instructions to come).

Will there be a minimum pSafeMoon charge, i.e., pTokens went from 10 million to 30 million minimum?

Cats: That is a question I can get answered for you, but I don’t know the minimum requirements just yet. So, as we get closer to the actual launch, more information will be given. Right now, stay tuned for those updates.

SafeMoon Stable Coin?

Any idea if, once the blockchain and exchange are launched, SafeMoon will have its own stable coin, i.e., SafeMoon USD?

Cats: No dates right now, but we’re working towards it this year. That’s what John has mentioned, that the goal is this year for the concrete foundations that SafeMoon’s been working towards. So just have to stand by on that one.

SafeMoon Roadmap

If I’m explaining SafeMoon to a potential new holder, what are some talking points I should be sharing with them to instill enough confidence for them to invest? Are there any plans to release a general roadmap?

Cats: Initially, SafeMoon was a protocol, it was a token, it was a team that got together to put a token together that was the innovation of tokenomics. That’s what it started off as, and that’s where the foundation was built for the SafeMoon token.

But over the course of its development cycle, and throughout the course of its restructure that happened in the beginning of September (2021), the team has started to deliver products and, in doing so, they now have evolved into a technology company.

So, while they started off as a token, they are now a company and a technology company that is starting to deliver more that is solely based around their initial foundation, which was the SafeMoon token.

So, it started off as a token and is now moving into deliverables that associate with the token itself. In whichever way, shape, or form that is, all the technology applies to this token. They’re now starting to complete the deliverables phase.

We’ve spoken about what they’re trying to achieve.

We’ve spoken about where we’re going and what we’re looking to complete, which is what we call the “key moments.”

We’ve specified what we’re looking to deliver, which includes the likes of the blockchain, the exchange (CEX), we’ve delivered the wallet, and we’ve continually added, evolved, and innovated in that section. And it’s only gonna continue to grow as we move forward to the coming months.

So, the key moments are our roadmap – they’re all based around the primary function, which is the SafeMoon token.

The SafeMoon token is the key to everything. It’s the center of your spider diagram. You have all these different things that, then, connect to each other to help the entire ecosystem of this token grow.

Mr .Adult: If I’m hearing you correctly, part of the conundrum is being able to clarify and then share what SafeMoon is, what SafeMoon does, what its impact is. So, it’s identifying the best way to tell the SafeMoon story, which I completely understand.

And so, a big piece of the journey that we’re on at the moment, which was kind of being kicked off with the new branding, is starting to capture the language and the vision and the mission in a way that makes it easier for people to share. Because one of our roadblocks is definitely that there’s a divide between where we all hang out and kind of what we’re considering everyone else, right?

So, part of the big mission for us as we move into year two is “everyone proofing” things; we’re calling it #EveryoneProof.

And so, that covers a few things. It’s not just about how the interfaces of what we produce work so that they’re more, shall we say, understandable by people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. But it’s also about how we explain what we are, what we do, why we do it, and what the outcome of that is.

That’s gonna take us a little while to get into place. The first part was the branding story. So part of that started to show up a few weeks ago in things like Utah Business. There’s been articles going out, which start to move the story. Then we put a little bit of that language into our current website. Now we've looked at the brand, which starts to give us some more visual assets to play with. The next step will be to bring all of the other things, including the website,

Final Thoughts

Trav (Community Member): “I don't really have a question. Just wanting to give you guys, you know, the compliments and then also leave everybody here in discord and those watching on YouTube with a really strong quote from my man ACE, he says, don't let FUD outweigh your faith. So don't let what's going on out there, outweigh everything, you know, just have faith in the project, have faith in the team and really, really great things are on the horizon.

Sharcaan (Mod): Don't let the FUD destroy your faith because there's big things coming for SafeMoon. And that's just my opinion. It's not financial advice, but anybody who keeps the faith I feel is going to benefit greatly from what's happening and what's going to happen in the future.

Everybody, it's just a matter of time. The team is working very hard every single day. I have faith in them. I know that they're going to do what we want them to do because they're listening to everybody that has any sort of constructive feedback. And they're going to continue to listen as Cats and Mr. Adult have said, which is really, really wonderful because a lot of companies and people don't listen to the people that are making them millions and millions of dollars a year. So it's really nice to see the team doing that.

Thank you all of you. All of the SafeMoon army. Thank you for everything you guys do every single day. Thank you for being a big part of the discord. Y'all are the reason why we're here and thank you Cats and Mr. Adult and Gandalf for all the things that you do. And all the education that you guys give on a daily basis.

CatsRus: I appreciate that. Thank you very much. And don't say you're a hundred percent, right? At the end of the day, each and every single individual of this community, whether you're on social media or not each and every one of you impacts the way that on the may from an education standpoint or the core team and the way that they've delivered that products, it all impacts each and every one of you and your voices will be heard.

You've seen it many times where you've clearly made an entire mass point about something and the team has listened. When something isn't liked, we hear you. And something is liked, we hear you. And things will change. And unfortunately, sometimes we may not get it right. And sometimes we hit the nail on the head that it works.

So we continue with it. So each and every one of you are part of this. So if you want to be heard, reach out whether it's via DM, whether it's publicly on a Twitter space, whatever it is, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback because without each and every one of you, it wouldn't make who we are today, who we are and what the decision and goal making that we're trying to achieve.

Mr Adult: It really doesn't matter if you've got something good or not so good to say, just don't say it with a side dish of disrespect or insults. We have channels within our kind of our private servers and things where we feed everything. In all of our hundreds of moderators and our team and PR and everyone. We do farm what you're saying because we want to deliver what you want. Right? That's that point I made earlier about the voice of the customer, but what happens is we get some people to come in and they'd just go, I demand this.

And then a ton of insults and start, you know, just being rude. That doesn't help anyone. It's not going to get you what you want. If that's something you genuinely want, because all anyone's going to hear is you being rude. We want the bad comments, but we don't want the insults with it.

And so we want that information. So feel very welcome to bring it, but just bring it with love rather than hate. And we're very much, and this will sound bonkers: We want to make the fudders happy as well. We want them to be at a point where there's nothing to fud because they're like “eh, fair enough. This is great.” We want to be reasonable. We want to deliver. And then we want to over-deliver. We have no desire to have battles.

You don't see us taking down other projects or talking. Rubbish about people. We just don't spend our time doing that. We don't want to be tribal. We don't want to be cultural about that. We want to be inclusive, and that's been really kind of core to us. And that's kind of why the partnerships and the swap have been so amazing because it's a brilliant way for us to evidence that, to start having these people coming on and seeing these communities kind of just grow together, you know, and riff off of each other and just have not just a great time, but a great unity of direction.

Transcribed by Kerr, 32 Esq, and Ailbhe Edited by MomoKombat


SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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