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MoonCast (March 27th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and SafeMoon Education Manager), Veno (Discord Community Manager), and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator and Content Creator)


Intro | Gandalf Officially Hired | SafeMoon Trends | Exciting New Hires | Birthday Month Not Over (32 Days) | What is "32"? | Router Upgrade Update | Cross-Chain Swap Explained | SafeMoon Labs | Community Questions | Closing

INTRO tyyyy


Good evening, everyone, and welcome to episode 32 of MoonCast. We are well on our way through a year of MoonCast. And yeah, we hit 32. So it's nice to have the magic number. So yeah, it's been a good week. We've had some interesting things come out with new hires, the progression of the upgrade to the router with cross-chain swap on its way. But we're going to cover that all on the show today. So without further ado, let's jump in.



It's been a good week. We've got a few things announced, so we're gonna run through that. But we'll start with the first thing that's been announced this week. Would you like to take the floor, Gandalf? And I know it wasn't in the beginning, but I'm gonna let you introduce it because this is a big thing for you.


Yeah, it was a big thing, and it still is. I still can't believe it, but I am now officially contracted by SafeMoon as part of the education team full-time. So after a long time of discussions and finding a solution – thank you very much for that – I finally got to the position that I dreamed of, working for SafeMoon full time.

I said this to Cats and then to Veno already in DMs and on Spaces, but on Monday, I just quit my seven-year job because I was just so overwhelmed and finally happy that it worked out. And now I can just fully focus all my power totally for SafeMoon.


Yeah, 100%. We had Momo and Pulse to start with, and they've been doing a phenomenal job with the Lowdowns and also running the Insider account. So they were the first people to get on board. We had a little bit of trouble with yourself, but we finally worked out all the kinks from the backend side of things. And now, yes, we've officially been able to bring you on as a member of the team. And yeah, we've got some big things planned.

And I've had some more conversations about further development with education. So that is something to come, so keep an eye out. Things are changing, at least from the education side, and you're going to start seeing quick changes from our side too. The visions I have, the development I have for education, it needs to come at a quicker pace just from everyone.

When you start to see how quickly the crypto space is growing and how everyone is needing to learn very quickly, it goes back to the same process as how people needed to start using physical cards back in the day. It was something that was skeptical; people didn't trust it, and people preferred to touch the notes and coins that we want to avoid from now on and go into the crypto space.

And once SafeMoon [provides] some of those safe use cases, we can start educating the masses, a wider audience outside of crypto, and look to explain why it's not all scary. It's not about the ups and downs. While, yes, you do have the ups and downs, you still have a stable version of your currency that then you're able to freely trade within. And it's a slow and steady process.

But from our point of view, the education team, it's going to come thick and fast, and I can't wait to start actually sharing some of the things that are in my head. Yeah, it's going to be a good time. But speaking of that, just to share because I have had a few people ask in relation to employment since your announcement, and I want to say that Gandalf doesn't have to be the only person in terms of chasing his dream of wanting to be a part of something more than just a community member, or just being a part of the community as a whole.


So if you are looking to apply for anything within SafeMoon, there's a few different routes to go down. And I suppose, Veno, you could take the bigger option of sharing about the Trends Discord and sharing more about what's happening over there because that may be the first point of call for anyone wanting to get involved.


Yeah, if you want to get involved on the marketing side of things, but not just in terms of advertising. This is a different style of community marketing approach where we use you to facilitate information. It's a very tricky strategy, where we are going into areas that you could not otherwise go, that you get information into places you could not otherwise reach through your normal methods. And we're going to try and reach all the extra places that most crypto places miss out on.

And there's some other tricks of the strategy that I'm not going to get into. But for the most part, it's how we have moderators in our communities, and those moderators are volunteers.

Well, that stage is pretty much filled up. Most of the moderator positions in most of our communities are pretty filled to the brim, and we're in a very good place. And that doesn't leave much area for you to get involved with SafeMoon if you want to if you're passionate about the project.

So the Trends team gives you an opportunity to join in on the marketing side of things. So if you want to get involved more in terms of educating and spreading the word and seeing what SafeMoon can evolve to become in terms of its branding and its vision, you can join the Trends server. And I'll throw a link in the events chat, and come on down and see what it's all about.


And it's not just about, as Veno mentioned, marketing. It could be anything. You've seen or may have seen, over the past couple of days with the recent announcements of the updates of the router upgrade, which, again, we'll come on to in a minute about the router grade, but there's been things such as translations and trying to reach more of the wider community with all different languages.

And so, if you're a multilingual speaker or able to help in that aspect, you can help in that aspect. There's the creative side. There's a wide variety on the Trends team. So if you want to join that, as I said, Veno will whack it in the Discord chat, and you'll be able to jump on board there.

But that's also not to say that if you have something more, there's different forms you can fill out within the Applications tabs. And hopefully, if you have something for SafeMoon, we can work with you and see where you fit. So you've got to share interest and show what skill set you've got. And yeah, who knows? You could be a part of the team too.



So speaking of hires, though, we've had three new hires be announced this week. We have had Jake, Lynn, and Robert. So, from the three hires, we have Lynn and Robert, who are from Aegis Security, so those two have come on into their positions. Now, let me just get their exact positions because I always get them a little bit muddled up. So we have Robert Spraggs; he's the CTO for both Aegis Systems and Akcode. And then we have the Chairman, which is Lynn Spraggs of Akcode. And they've been put into the positions of Director of Cryptography, and then we have the Director of Technology for Robert. So two fantastic hires.

And just to share something about the background of both of them, Lynn received a doctorate in philosophy and then an engineer in mathematics from Stanford with PhDs. So that's the level of education on the back end of the team that SafeMoon has looked to bring on board. Phenomenal people and I can't wait too; as the community starts to see what they've delivered on the back end, it's going to be an exciting time to really see the true work that's going on. And if you just have a look at some of their previous work that they've done, they're working with the likes of the US government in cybersecurity. So that's the level from SafeMoon's perspective of how much they're putting into this as a whole.

And as I mentioned, we have Jake Hammock, who is heavy into essentially technology and technology within the environmental space. Now, for the likes of SafeMoon, wind turbines it's a great connection to it all. They're trying to all work in the green energy space, and it's a great partnership. So, again, you can see and have a look at some of Jake Hammock's work within the likes of his LinkedIn. I know that's been shared around.



We've still got 6 days left of the 32-day birthday month. As Mr. Adult has just said to me, fireworks are being worked on as we speak. So he may or may not be here. So that's where he disappeared to, to deal with the fireworks. So keep an eye on it, because fireworks are coming for the end of the month; we're not done yet.

WHAT IS “32”?


For those asking what 32 is, well, 32 is a few different things. But for the title of the show, it's 32 because we're 32 episodes in, while there are also 32 days within the birthday month. So we've got 6 days left of the birthday month, which would then equate to 32 days of March. So, as we said, Mr. Adult's working on the "fireworks," so that's where he is at the minute.



In terms of moving forward, we are very close to completing the router upgrades and everything that that brings with. So for those that may not be aware, but I'm sure you're aware by now, the SafeMoon Swap has been off for nearly a week now, coming up on five, six days of the upgrade that the team's been working on. A little bit slower than they anticipated because it was little hiccups with time zones and things. But now, they've been able to share the updates and keep you guys updated which, from what I can hear, they're pretty much nearly there.

It's just making sure everything's running as it should. We don't want to run into any hiccups when we turn the Swap back on. But from the back end, it looks good. Just a few little things to clean up, and then we should be ready to rock and roll. No confirmation as exactly when, but keep an eye out for updates as to exactly when that is.

But for those that may not know what this router upgrade is, you can treat it simply as an operating system upgrade. So, previously, we were running on Windows 98, or Windows XP, a very old system in terms of the crypto space, and we needed to upgrade it. Now we're running on a Windows 10, potentially a Windows 11 upgrade. And that's the level of difference they've gone to.

So, previously, the software you installed on it was very difficult; there wasn't much control with what you could do. Now, when in Windows 10, Windows 11, we can now do upgrades more freely and have more control. So it's something that was needed. It was the same as the V2 contract upgrade. It's something that is needed to continue the longevity of the project and for the company to be able to deliver more technologies and products that they're looking to deliver. So, as we move forward, you'll definitely see more.



One of those things that come with the upgrade, maybe not right away, once they turn the Swap back on, it's not going to be straightaway turned on, but the cross swap will be turned on.

So for those that don't know what cross swapping is, you can simply, as you can right now with the BNB side, swap any token for any token. So, right now, you can swap between any of the partners freely just by choosing SafeMoon to Enhance or Enhance to Pawthereum or Pawthereum to Affinity – you can switch freely. And the Swap does all the transactions in the background as one click of a button.

Well, now with cross swap, and cross-chain swap, you will now be able to go from BNB to Ethereum and Ethereum to BNB, both with the clicking of one token to one token. So it's as simple as choosing the token that you want to swap from and choosing it to another one. And it doesn't matter what chain it's on, it will do it for you. And last week, John mentioned as well that they are looking to bring on next Avalanche and Polygon as the next two chains, as well. So keep an eye out for that.

The cross-chain swap will come with Ethereum, which won’t launch right away. The upgrade is a multistep process which will include ETHV2. After the upgrade, they will turn on the cross-chain Swap. It will hopefully be operational within 24-48hrs. This is an estimation. The upgrades are going to seed. You’ll see the LPs being created or moved and they are doing all that now. We will continue to provide updates as we progress.

So that should be coming shortly after, as well, so keep an eye out for that. Let's see. What else did we have this week?



I suppose you can take the floor, Gandalf, and speak a little bit about what you'll be delivering tomorrow with SafeMoon Labs. And then, we will jump into some questions. There hasn't been a lot, but it's more of a heavy-hitting information this week. So share what's gonna be happening for you this week.


All right. So tomorrow at 2PM EST, 7PM GMT, 8PM CST, I'm going to have in my Space a presentation, again, the SafeMoon Labs. In this week's, we're talking about cryptography. So we're talking all about encryption, decryption, the algorithms and the system behind it, and why security in terms of decryption and encryption in this kind of case is very important.


Amazing, and then if you want to attend that Space, go and follow Gandalf on Twitter because he'll be running that Space. And that will then lead into some of the work that Lynn Spraggs is going to be essentially in charge of for SafeMoon, and that will give you a bit of an indication as to what level of investment that he's going to be putting into SafeMoon and working through that. So, it's gonna be a bigger thing in the long term because SafeMoon doesn't just want to go ahead and take away from just doing products and having it and, as they will say, is a minimal viable product. They want to deliver more than the minimal viable product.

Now, yes, they may start with that minimal viable product. But once we get beyond that and start essentially building on top of the products, that's when things start to become a lot more clear. And once we get to that complete stage, we'll be able to gain the trust of outside users of the crypto space. Right now, it's all about gaining trust in the public eyes, trust within crypto. If we can do that and show them and prove to them we have the security level, we have the platforms available to where there aren't any issues, that's something. But yeah, as I was saying, SafeMoon wants to deliver on a solid foundation with everything that can gain the trust of the outside community. Whether it's from regulations to the actual products to everything as a whole whole, it's not a race. It's not, "Let's do this first and get to the top."

It’s about doing it correctly. It’s about delivering the products and services at the correct level and will hopefully be shown in the products in due course. If you’d like to take a look at what Lynn does, follow Gandalf and attend his live show tomorrow.


Can SafeMoon please change the description of SafeMoon on the TrustWallet?

CatsRus: Noted. I don’t use TrustWallet but I will make a note of that and pass it on. I assume it will pull from CMC but I could be wrong. I’ll definitely send it up.

Is Swap and Evolve also going to be integrated with cross-chain swap?

CatsRus: I’m not certain yet. This is a question that I have asked, and I’m waiting for additional information. Cross-Chain Swap will be turned on after the completion of the upgrade.

Is ETH v2 coming before the end of the month?

CatsRus: It is being done. Cross-Chain should be coming after the upgrade is complete, but I can’t give you a concrete date.

How is the SafeMoon Card coming along?

CatsRus: The card is still on track to be released in Q2, April-June. Hopefully, you should see something in that period as long as everything stays on track.

When will the next exchange listing be announced?

CatsRus: I cannot give dates concerning listings. We ask that you stay tuned for additional updates. They are working on it, but I can’t provide any hard dates.

It looks like the contract shows people migrating despite the swap being down during the upgrade. Is the team forcing migrations of people to v2?

CatsRus: I’m not sure if they’ve left the contract running on the background to allow migration. I’ve heard that people have been able to migrate but I’ll have to ask.

When will they pair Bitcoin and provide this as an update to the roadmap?

CatsRus: Bitcoin is something they want as a pairing. The upcoming blockchain pairing are Polygon and Avalanche as they provide more use case than BTC. Bitcoin does bring a store of value, so we will have to see.

When will there be the next update to Operation Pheonix?

CatsRus: I don’t have an update. That’s a John question. He will share when he’s ready, so be sure to stay tuned.

What is one thing you are excited about?

Gandalf: [As an employee] Working with this brilliant team and being there for the Army.

Veno: [As a holder] The blockchain because there are so many more options that open up after it and what people can do with SafeMoon beyond it. That is one of the key foundations. Everything else will be built around it.

CatsRus: For me, it’s about creating a healthy within crypto payment systems. If SafeMoon is able to achieve the ecommerce side with a focus on accessibility, security and everything else, that will bring so many more options. I see that side of things—like the beginning of how PayPal started, which took a while and then it took off. ‘Definitely the ecommerce and POS side of things..

When will there be a direct buy button to allow direct purchases of SafeMoon.

CatsRus: I would personally estimate that they will implement that a little bit ahead of the exchange, perhaps somewhere towards the exchange release—We don’t know when that will be exactly. Perhaps it will come at a different time.

CatsRus: I think someone mentioned in chat, it’s about having patience. As much as you go through the hard times, the struggles and everything between—beneath the chaos is a lot of progression that is happening in the background. How long am I going to hold this and how long is it going to take to achieve the things they set out to achieve. I want to see that get through to the very end. Patience is key. If we can make it and you’re able to see the end visions, then happy days. In the meantime, everyone, make your own judgement accordingly. Do your own due diligence, make sure everything fits right for you and do what’s right for you at the end of the day.

Can we have an update on the point of sale system?

CatsRus: As I mentioned, it is one of the things I’m looking forward to. I don’t have any hard dates but everything is according to plan and on schedule.

Is there an update on the second listing?

CatsRus: No update on listings, but listings are being worked on, so stay tuned. That's all I have.

How large will cryptography influence the ecosystem? Is the team looking to implement CLL and revocation services? And is the plan to maintain a 256 encryption across the board?

CatsRus: Okay, so I'll answer the second part and say that I don't know the true level of encryption that they're looking to implement from just a standard to anything further. I know they mentioned previously about higher levels of encryption and stuff like that. But for a concrete (answer), I don't want to give you the exact number if they're trying to look to increase that or not.

More encryption is always better, but I'll let Gandalf take the first part, which is, is the team looking to implement CLL and revocation services, because that's more about what you're going to be speaking about tomorrow.

Gandalf: Well, that is more a specific kind of encryption, which is not in the presentation tomorrow, but CLL, the cryptographic link layer, so called, which just gives a local area network distribution, and actually just shows kind of protocols in this kind of case. We cannot say that they would do or not do that, because we don't have any update on that kind of process on what they kind of implement into this protocol-based encryption. So neither Cats or I know if they're using this or not.

CatsRus: For those that are asking, because I've seen it was asked, so Gandalf runs, every Monday, a Twitter Space for a different type of topic each week based on what may be about. So, for this week, we had an announcement for a hire for Director of Cryptography. So Lynn was hired for that position. So Gandalf is going to complete a Twitter Space tomorrow under the SafeMoon Labs, where you are able to simply explain what it is that he is looking to essentially be implementing for SafeMoon as a Director of Cryptography. So tomorrow.

Gandalf: So, an additional word to that, especially on cryptography, this kind of subject is extremely big to talk about. It is vast, and it has so many kinds of sub areas to talk about. So tomorrow, there will be discussions and actual explanations of the encryption methods and algorithms.

But for you, if you have more detailed questions which are not explained in the presentation tomorrow, you can always hit me up in a DM because after the Space, or even in different other Spaces on DMs, I can give you the explanation for the kinds of things that you request because there are a ton of questions, especially for decryption and in processes on traversing the transaction, which cannot be just brought out into one Space because this thing is so big.

Is SafeMoon hiring customer service staff for the CEX (centralized exchange)?

Veno: That's been asked before, like a couple months ago, I think. And basically it comes down to the fact that we don't need it yet. We don't need it until we have the exchange and the big products yet to need that customer service. The mods and the community support is sufficient enough for now. If you don't use Facebook and Reddit and all the social media and all those other things, chances are you haven't found SafeMoon yet to begin with.

When SafeMoon gets easy enough where those people would need a customer service line, there's a good chance we'd have one. I'm not saying it's confirmed; I'm saying it's likely. And how they'll structure it will be decided once we get there. They're not going to decide that now, when we still have things in motion and gears turning and they don't know how they would need to build it and how many bodies they would need to do so.

So, it's just a little too early to get there yet. But when they do get there, if there's job openings, probably on these platforms would be the fastest way to find that information out before it gets to anybody else. So if that's something you're looking to do, it's one of those standard answers of just keep your ears and eyes open, and when we're able to post something, we will.

CatsRus: Customer service is definitely a focus. At the end of the day, from my personal experience, one, working in customer service for at least seven years of my life, I know that when I pick up the phone or have a conversation with someone, it's something that you remember, and how it's treated and envisioned. And I know conversations have been had about customer service for the exchange and so forth, because it's not really done correctly, at least from a customer service point, in crypto.

So if the team can nail that, and they do go forward with a true, proper, pick up a number, I've got a problem with my account, or verification of your account with the KYC, or whatever it is, if they can get all of that and have it structured correctly, as Veno said, then that'd be phenomenal. Because that will be a huge thing for any crypto company to have that alone. Just being able to struggle with the likes of some of the other companies that have the emails and stuff, it just isn't right. So, for sure, I know customer service is going to be on one of the priority lists in some way, shape, or form.

Community member: That's exactly how I feel, Cats. I mean, think about it, if there was customer service, instead of this email, get back to you in like a day or two, this could be right then and there: You got your question, you can solve it within minutes, rather than a day. You know?

CatsRus: Yeah, for sure. And for me, I've worked in KYC of companies, I've worked in customer service, and some of the documents that some countries need more than others, it can get ridiculous, especially for KYC. So having that contact ability to ask for it at the minute, trying to sign up for different accounts for me, personally, from the UK business accounts and stuff, it's a nightmare.

And I remember customer service, and when someone helps me, I would rather go to someone that would help me and actually give me the experience than save myself 2% difference in price when I'm buying a product. I can get it from three different places, but if I get help on the service, I remember that and I'm going to go to them because I remember that. I had the help and that 2% pays for itself because I was helped.

So it's just something definitely to think about, and I know the team already has. And if it's needed and when it's needed, I'm sure it'll be there.

So a general question: I've often said that I believe what we're going to see with SafeMoon is something along the lines of BNB Smart Chain being used alongside the BNB coin on the Binance exchange. So would we, then, in turn, be using a SafeMoon “smart chain” to be used as the trading coin that generates revenues and reflections while SafeMoon V2 remains as the native coin? Is anything of this nature, a portion of the concept of the functioning of our token and our token within our own exchange?

CatsRus: It's hard to say because we don't know the true layout of everything that's going on and how they have laid everything out. Now, we've obviously had mentions of the two different types of blockchains that have been in development and that sort of thing. So it's hard to say right now exactly what method and what plan they have fully set out.

Community member: It would seem that, after a time of burning tokens in the nature that all the different ecosystem portions or parts would do, it'd seem like we’d burn down to such a tiny supply that if we're going to continue to do business with the exchange, we would have to have some kind of trading token that is viable within the exchange that would not self deplete, but would still generate reflections in its use. Is that inconceivable or is that somewhere that we're headed at this point or?

CatsRus: So there's a few different things you could consider, because you've got to remember there's a few different things they now have true control over with the V2 contract. You have the control now over the burn and the percentage of the burn. So if, at some point, volume exponentially skyrockets through the absolute roof, that we're burning tokens that our eyes can't count, then they could potentially either reduce that or stop that at that point, or however it is that they need to control that. So they have these levels of controls within the system now to be able to define how they want to progress on that side of things.

But that's one of the pieces that comes in together to create this ecosystem that they're starting to develop and have control – left, right and center – with all the different things that they need to control in order to keep the ecosystem healthy, because burning tokens to, I don't know, hypothetically, a Bitcoin supply overnight would be absolutely ridiculous. And it would just completely, utterly remove any sort of nature of the project because it's a slow progression on that percentage. And, personally, I don't think we'd ever see that level of burn because it would be controlled.

Because, again, we don't want to just remove the supply because if SafeMoon is to be used for multiple different things, do you want to buy, hypothetically, a price now let's just say is $0.001 to $1. That's a healthy range, because that's within people's budgets to buy from the outside perspective. But the likes of when you look at Bitcoin right now, looking at a Bitcoin 30 to 40, $50,000, that's out of people's range to buy. And then you get in obviously to the Satoshis and stuff.

So, for me, having that control is always going to be the beneficial thing when you consider that. That and you also then have the diminishing returns of how much of a token you're actually burning. And you would need then serious, serious volume to then get burning physical tokens because you will get to a point where the burn rate, yes is burning, but you're burning such a minuscule amount of SafeMoon because it's worth so much.

But that's obviously within the math and stuff. So we'd have to wait and see how it all plays out and how it's all laid out from a bigger perspective, because there's still a little bit of mystery to be had with which way they are going to go. We can all speculate and have ideas, but it's waiting for the concrete information to say, "Okay, this is the way they're going. Okay, now this all makes sense."

Community member: Absolutely. This is exactly why it led me to questions as to whether we would be developing our own sort of smart chain token to utilize simply for trading on the exchange and then the SafeMoon native coin for the different ecosystem projects. That's the way that I envisioned it when the idea of the exchange itself came out to me. That was one of the first things that I had guessed. Thank you very much for answering the question. I thank you for your time. And you gentlemen have a good day.

Why Mr. Adult "fireworks?"

CatsRus: Why Mr. Adult fireworks? Why NOT Mr. Adult fireworks? Do you not want fireworks at the end of the month? I want fireworks at the end of the month. I think everyone here wants fireworks at the end of the month. Do they not? Someone's got to make sure the fireworks are ready to be switched on. So yeah, just wait and see. Just wait for the fireworks because how I would put it is if you thought some of the fireworks throughout the month were good and, to me, some of them were an insight to everything SafeMoon's doing, but these fireworks are meant to be a lot bigger.

Veno: Growing up, parents around here usually would tell the kids, "Well, if you don't want to see the firework show, you don't have to go then, and then no one gets to see the firework show." So you hold that one kid back. And then that one kid would be like, "Oh, wait, what's happening? What's happening?" It's like, "Oh, sorry, you can't see what's happening in the main chat right now. Sorry."

CatsRus: Just don't grab the sparklers while they're hot. Done that a few times. Still have the scar on my hand from grabbing the sparkler when it was hot.

What is SafeMoon Rewards?

CatsRus: What is SafeMoon Rewards? I was going to share something, but I better not. Just stay tuned because that portion is excited in itself. So yeah, keep an eye out for that because that's got some good things behind it too.

If you guys can give us one more hint of a birthday gift for the end of the month, what kind of hints, or not hopium, but at least something to look forward to, what do you guys know you can give out a little bit of info on?

CatsRus: You're not gonna get anything out of me.

Veno: Oh, nobody here wants to lose their job.

Gandalf: Exactly. I don't want to lose my job.