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MoonCast (April 17th, 2022)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)


CatsRus: Sometimes there is a quiet week or quiet few weeks, while we wait for the delivery phase to come into full effect. So we do appreciate everyone tuning in and we'll always do our best to try and give you the answers when we do get them. But yeah it's been a quiet week. The team as it is now currently are into the Easter holidays.

So for those that celebrate Easter a happy Easter, but those that are just here for another Sunday, happy Sunday to you as well. So yeah, we're just gonna kind of quickly just jump straight into the Q&A this week.

Gandalf: Had a good week. And as I said, it was quite quiet all around. People would just speculate and talk about stuff looking left. Right. But, well, we also have to have these kinds of weeks, right?

CatsRus: Yeah, for sure. And not every day, every week, is going to be a news day and there are going to be quiet periods. It's the same with any company. You know, the team is working behind the scenes to deliver on a lot of things and things will come. Whether it's in a timeframe that you can appreciate all like that is another question. And that's into your own opinion of how fast you want things and how quickly things should be delivered.

So they'll come in, things are being worked on and we're getting steps closer to the ecosystem. So that's the main thing, isn't it? Completing that ecosystem.


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How around the corner is the new website? Looking forward to seeing the revamp.

CatsRus: It's coming along very nicely. Some of the snippets that I've seen look beautiful. It definitely gives the more professional vibe of a technology company or just a company in general. More than just a website as such. You see some of the static cryptocurrencies at websites today.

So it's definitely got more of a new vibe. So definitely from what I've seen, it's beautiful. And just as we mentioned it the Twitter from SafeMoon now put out: "Coming this week, new captain's log, the. UN event speech video, the Utah business awards video, preview of the upcoming website updates and a few other treats. Stay kind and stay hydrated."

Any news on merch release?

CatsRus: I believe they are working on not so much the products as such. It's more just working out the whole distribution and everything like that because we know that, as soon as you turn the store on, the SafeMoon Army's going to try and blow that away, and it may not be able to keep up with demand or the initial impact and demand.

So, it's more just sorting out the finer details, not so much the physical products because I believe some of the products that you've already seen with the likes of the new SafeMoon T-shirt that was at the Miami conference for that event, they had a few to give out there.

So you've seen some of the quality of what they're trying to put out, and it's not just drop shipping anymore. They want to physically be able to buy them, stock them and distribute them obviously with the partnership that they have in Utah. Working out the finer details with that, so no specific date as of yet. But it's the finer details, once that's all out, it should be ready to go.

Is staking still on track?

CatsRus: Staking is something we're looking into, but staking isn't going to come straight away because ultimately SafeMoon's tokenomics, or tokenomics in general, is a form of staking; the longer you hold, the more you get back. So, from that perspective, it is a form of staking.

Now, for those that are wanting to stake their SafeMoon and have that sort of integration, that is being looked at. But it's more of a case of: how does it integrate into the ecosystem to benefit not just yourself but all holders? And that's with anything or anything that SafeMoon's looking to build is how does it affect the ecosystem and how does that apply to help everyone?

So it's not just a case of opening some staking pools and happy days, you're making an API and all the rest of it. That's not the case. So we want to find a better way of doing tokenomic staking as such. We'll call it that -- tokenomic staking. So it's being worked on, but it's not as active as some of the other major products that we've obviously discussed.

Gandalf: Just to jump in to talk about staking, you know what will be talked about tomorrow on SafeMoon Labs? SafeMoon Labs staking will be tomorrow. Last week, we talked about smart contracts, and this we will be definitely talking about staking: what it is, how you can actually execute it, and what kind of different methods of staking are existing. So, tomorrow at 2pm USD, 7pm GMT and 8pm CST, we will tackle that.

CatsRus: Awesome. Perfect. I know that last week was smart contracts, and I know a lot of people loved that. It was actually received as one of the best SafeMoon Labs for a long time. You're definitely going to see more from Labs, and you'll definitely see more from us and more associated branding as we move forward as well. We want to get more in line with the brand and everything moving forward. And as we said from the beginning of March when the brand name was released, it's an ongoing development of creating the brand. And it's not just here's a logo and all of this. It's a journey of how we create this. So everything that we now do is going to start to follow this brand new path.

Any news on Swap & Evolve feature, also working on fixing the high gas fees from the SafeMoon contract?

CatsRus: Okay, so the three features that are highly being worked on at the moment or, well, one of them is obviously the high gas fees. So the high gas fees are being addressed along with the Swap & Evolve and also the cross-chain. Those are the three big things that are being worked on at the minute from a product point of view, from a SafeMoon V2 token point of view. So ignoring the exchange different team, blockchain sort of different team, so there's all different teams.

But the development team for the likes of the features of such, that's being highly worked on and addressed. So there'll be more in the coming days, or coming weeks, depending on certain timelines that they're working with. So the first one is obviously the gas. Once we solve the gas issue, the rest will come, so it's all being worked on. But I don't have any answers or status updates at this time. But yeah, there are conversations going on all the time with those features.

Have pTokens officially contracted to create a pSafeMoon or is it a case they will do it in their own timeframe?

CatsRus: So there are two options right now. You have the option to wait until the pSafeMoon, or Ethereum SafeMoon, is upgraded to V2. Alternatively, if you want to be on V2 right now, for Ethereum, you can simply go and migrate to V1 SFM. So go from pSafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V1 (on BSC), and then consolidate to V2. That is an option for you. So you can do it that way.

It may cost you some Ethereum and so forth to move across and all the rest of it. But in the long term, if you wanted to start at least getting some of the V2 reflections, you can do that on that path through the P tokens. But if you want to hold, it is being worked on. We've had some discussions, but we've also had discussions around the cross-chain and now that also applies.

So while you were also doing the Ethereum upgrades, you kind of want to talk about the cross-chain itself, because we obviously want everything to be internal in how everything applies to the SafeMoon ecosystem. So simply just turning on or doing an upgrade to pSafeMoon isn't going to help anyone because you're not getting reflections or anything like that because it's completely all separate.

So, for now, if you want to move across, go through the pTokens. Get your SafeMoon V1, then migrate. Simply migrate once you have your SafeMoon V1 -- don't do anything else. Don't send it anywhere! Do the consolidation.

And then, once you've got your SafeMoon V2, just hold it. And then, if you ever want to go back to the Ethereum side once V2's live for the Ethereum, you can do so. But pSafeMoon/Ethereum SafeMoon is coming. And then, obviously, we've spoken about the other blockchains with cross-chain potentially on the way as well, which is Avalanche and Polygon.

Speaking of the (SafeMoon debit) card, what is the process towards getting from a whitelist to a card in our pocket? I'm talking from a company standpoint.

CatsRus: I'll try and explain this in a way that I've experienced, just because I don't know the full process as of yet because it's still a learning curve for me with obviously this being coming to a full product. But essentially we've now captured a large portion of the community's interest, we'll now take that away and create the internal plan and subjugate everything that we need to do so that everything is laid out.

We've now captured a large portion of the community's interest. We'll now take that away and create the internal plan and subjugate everything that we need to do so that everything is laid out so we know how many cards we can expect to be requested on launch and everything else.

Once we have all that and we have a plan and we've spoken with the partner and the partner's approved and ready to go and everything like that, it's then a case of essentially notifying you via the email address that you've applied or you find out via the community announcements or whatever, where you would then perform the KYC process. And you would go through the entire process, submit all your details so that then you're approved and everything like that.

Once we have all that information, depending on the timeframe of creating cards, and obviously how that all applies to the SafeMoon Wallet app and such and how that all comes together will then project the timeframe when you should expect to get that. The partner will then create the card, send it out to you, and then you would then go through the activation process however that plays out.

So, from a company perspective, prepare, find your information or find your audience, find out how many you are expecting. You would then go into the progression phase to then go into the launch of essentially allowing people to apply. We would then go through to the delivery of that card. Once you've got the delivery, then you've just got the activation of the card. So there are a few steps, and that's just kind of the basic premise of how it would work. But there's obviously finer details to go into that and discussions with the partner and how it all plays out, making sure the KYC processes are in there and stuff like that.

And you've also then got the things like the customer service side of it as well. We've got to make sure that that's on par. So if something goes wrong, who do you contact? Is it SafeMoon or is it the card provider or the partner? We need to make sure that that's all laid out. We have all the information. So once we have all that, we can move forward. So for now, I don't know timeframes as such, but that's kind of a base premise based on the likes of what I've done with with that card that I have. But that's just an example.

Any chance the blockchain will be released with the exchange?

CatsRus: Couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell you on timeframes. The easiest way to explain this is if SafeMoon moved to their own blockchain tomorrow, with nothing to go associated with it, a Project Phoenix or the likes of the exchange or without the other parts associated with the blockchain, the blockchain just doesn't make sense on its own to move right away.

Because if we move tomorrow, who's going to be on our blockchain? What tokens are going to be our blockchain? It's going to take time for people to move across and create pairings and tokens on our own chain, and everything like that. Then, you've got to look at things like, "Well, how do we integrate certain things? Okay, we haven't created this and we haven't done that." So we need to do this to make sure that the ecosystem runs efficiently. There's so many more parts than just turning on a blockchain that needs to be thought about.

So I wouldn't say that the blockchain is just going to happen. It's going to be a rolling process, along with other things, but other things will take priority over things like cross-chain, swap & evolve, global tokenomics, kinda the things that will create true volume before moving into our own blockchain as such.

I am interested in whether pTokens officially contracted to upgrade pSafeMoon or is it a case that they will do it in their own timeframe?

CatsRus: So I have no idea in terms of the pToken partnership right now. They just run the pToken bridge. And they do that for quite a few other people as well with other tokens. But they run their own bridge to get from one chain to the other. But I think from SafeMoon's, ultimately, they want their own internal process through the cross-chain that they're looking to develop.

So I'm not sure if it'll come from pToken and then people can then just start using that cross-chain afterwards or how that will work. But I think we're looking at something a little bit more different than just straight up pTokens and pairings and such with the vault, but we don't know. We have to wait to see how things go.

How is global tokenomics possible without the blockchain? Without the blockchain, how does global tokenomics actually work?

CatsRus: Okay, so the biggest thing that global tokenomics is, is essentially it takes the reflections and the reflections are then applied to everyone that is on as a whole. So I would need to draw it to kind of explain it in by example, but essentially all the holders on-chain are connected to all the holders on unchained, but it's done in a way that it's done through a collection system.

Just treat it as two parts that essentially build up over time and essentially, the exchange distributes to the chain and then the chain collects and then distributes to the exchange as such. It's all about the actual reflection portion that really matters. The burn and the LP kind of are all done internally. So from that perspective, it's more just about the forks. And if that changes, that's obviously going to change with it.

But imagine two parts: one going to chain, one going to exchange, and they distribute accordingly to all the holders and so forth. But obviously a bit more complex than just having two pots sent to each other and then distributed; it's not as simple as that. I would really need to do a diagram, and I know I've got an article being written, but I'm just waiting for full confirmation on exactly that.

But we've had updates from Mandala anyway in relation to that, so that has come out today. So, we will soon have more confirmation of exactly when that happens.

What are the benefits of the swap update? I do not see any difference between V1 and V2 swap.

CatsRus: So just treat it like the operating system. The operating system of V1 was Windows 98. We're now running on Windows 10. That's essentially it. It just allows us to do more on the back end and just be fundamentally more sustainable, like if the swap gets blocked and stuff like that. And then, we get to install more softwares, i.e., more products and features like that. So that's the way that you have to treat it, but can't really comment too much more exactly what has happened on the back end.

Swap & Evolve, as mentioned, is still happening. It's still being worked on. I don't know if it's being worked on as such or it's just waiting for getting ready for it to be ready to go. So hopefully that'll be in the near future.

The gas fees are high via the swap. I would suggest to hold off from migrating from pSafeMoon to V1 and then consolidate to V2 until they fix the gas.

CatsRus: Well, the entire process for consolidation, well, first of all the gas going from Ethereum to SafeMoon V1 shouldn't affect that anyway because you should be going through the pTokens bridge. And then the consolidation shouldn't affect you on gas because it should still be using the consolidation contract, which will be completely separate. So you shouldn't be affected by high gas fees.

Is SafeMoon Connect still being worked on?

CatsRus: Yes, it's still being worked on. Still some things that need to be worked out, and there's a timeline and progression internally for when things are going to be ready.

When John talks about bringing utility to NFTs and connecting them to the real world, do you think SafeMoon will tie 3D printing to NFTs? When you say 3D printing, how do you mean by 3D printing to NFTs? Do you mean an NFT and then a 3D printed model?

CatsRus: It's an interesting one, but I do need clarification on how exactly you will refer to them being 3D printed as such. If I don't get a response on that one, I will finish up on this question.


It's obviously been a quiet week in terms of news. It's not been so quiet in the fud space, sadly. I just kind am wondering with all of the shade being thrown around at the moment on all of this, the serious allegations on YouTube. Is the team doing anything to address this? To come back with anything? Because it's leaving a lot of speculation. And, and a lot of people that are selling just based on fud. I'm just kind of wondering, are the team going to rise up to the challenge and tackle it head on? Or is John basically just ignoring it and keeping his head down?

CatsRus: I can't comment from the company perspective. How the company wishes to address that, is down to them to make that decision. But from my personal opinion, it's as simple as this: those members are no longer a part of the company. Things have been addressed and things have been moved from an internal company restructure. And individuals are no longer with, or interacting with the company in any way, shape or form.

So from that perspective, what happened in the past with those individuals. That is open to discussion, but it's not going to be held here. But as I said, they're no longer part of the company. What has happened is not anything that you or I could have controlled. So from that perspective, it seems to me that we're moving forward without those individuals. And that is the way it is. We are going to continue to move forward. It's not going to change the aspect or the outcome of SafeMoon, when it comes to what they're trying to achieve. It's a hard topic to talk about overall because not all facts have been given. There's obviously still facts missing from everything that has been going on.

So from my perspective. End of the day, they're no longer a part or associated with the company and that is it. And from my perspective, we're moving forward regardless of what people look to discuss outside of it. So for now it is what it is unfortunately, and, and nothing can change that.

Can we discuss the LP move to treasury wallet please, for the fud?

CatsRus: I don't know what else needs to be said on this, other than the LP has been moved to the treasury wallet, because they're not doing a direct LP for BUSD. And it's as simple as that. We don't need two pairs of SafeMoon. The funds haven't gone anywhere. They've not been taken anywhere. They're just sitting in the treasury. And it will be decided on what needs to be done with them. Whether the team has an internal plan, to integrate them with BNB or however it is, I don't know, but in terms of where the funds are, that they're, and they haven't been taken anywhere and I don't know how more clear that can be. Nothing's been taken. And if the funds aren't in the LP, it's not the end of the world because there's still LP in the pot. People can still buy, sell and trade, regardless of how much is in the LP pot. At the end of the day, when hypothetically an entire whale sold his account and removed all the LP out the LP. We could then move more funds into the LP. So it's not the end of the world in terms of wherever those funds have gone. So it's still there. It's not going anywhere. And it's as simple as that. And you know, the blockchain is very transparent. It's very open and it's easy to see where funds have been moved to.

Updates from John

When is John's next captain's log? CatsRus: It's being worked on. They're not just simple things and simple statements. Captain's logs are also a little bit personal, when it comes from John. He wants to make sure he gets whatever the message he's looking to get across is addressed in the right way. But also keeping that personal aspect, while also keeping the professionalism of it too.

So the captain's log is being written and worked on but no concrete date of when he's ready to launch that. It'll just be whenever he's finished writing that out. It's in the works and hopefully you should get it in the next coming days. Hopefully within the next week or two.

Is there any plans for this month to have a big AMA with John and anyone else from the headquarters?

CatsRus: So the AMAs that we once knew are somewhat of the past. They want to move forward with the SafeMoon specials. What you've seen over the course of March in which they provided a lot of detailed information with what's happening. So if we can look to get a more consistent message across with those, that would be great. But I think the message from John will probably comment on the line of more logs over the coming weeks, because that's the place that he can be on a personal level. And then if it is that there are questions to be answered. I always look to collate all the questions and provide answers where possible. Whether it's simply through the FAQ. Or if an article needs to be written or vice versa. So from that perspective. AMS that we once knew are somewhat of the past. It's not to say that we can't do one if it is required. But I think, as we move forward, we want to keep more in line with providing detailed information and not have to deal with negativity within some of those spaces. Cause sometimes, you know, you do get too caught up in the negativity and everything. And that brings that down on me. If you know, we have a look at some of the previous Twitter spaces, they aren't always working 100%.

SafeMoon Education

I also saw feedback on Discord about a new category for news, which is great. I do follow a lot of the news which shows up on the Twitter feed from Momo and the Insider and that's been really really great. It's great having just one link to get the rundown on everything that's going down. I know it seems like there isn't too much news but there is a lot of news if you look at that information - a day-to-day of different areas of information. The information I see from the Twitter side looks really, really great.

CatsRus: I'm glad you've mentioned it about the SafeMoon Insider, because there has been a lot of questions being asked that have been answered within those articles that the team writes. There is a daily article with tons of information. Not just from SafeMoon, but the partners of SafeMoon, snippets of what John may have said in the Discord.

Or even the partners, as I said, with for example Mandela. So if you wanted to know what's been happening with the likes of Mandela, with global tokenomics. Especially in today's one, there was a big write-up about what's happening with them. From one of the, I believe it's one of the core moderators or community managers of the Mandela Discord.

And a lot of information is put into that. And it's not a simple write up, like just go in and do a quick Google search and pulling that together. The team worked tirelessly to collate all this information and put it all in one spot on a daily basis. That's every single day since November, there's been a daily article written and the information has been collected and put in there for you guys to simply collect that information for yourselves and find out what's happening with all your investments that you may have. At least from the partnerships of the SafeMoon SWaP as such.

Will there be a full integration of SafeMoon Education within the new sites?

CatsRus: So, I will say that there has been development within that area. As for how integrated and what is to come with that, that will be disclosed in future updates. But yes, to some extent, SafeMoon Education will be moving home from what you currently know to a more defined and revamped status. So yes, SafeMoon Education is going to be getting a mighty upgrade from the that it currently resides on, and I am not ashamed to say that because it's done me beautifully.

But yeah, it's getting an upgrade for sure. I built it as just a way to kind of give people answers here and there, and then it turned into so much more. And it's gonna get its upgrade again to where it becomes so much more, and I can't put enough emphasis on so much more because the plans are definitely vast and wide, shall we say.


How are you feeling Cats?

CatsRus: I'm doing a lot better from last week and also Discord. First of all, Discord is playing nice this week, which is good to hear. And secondly, from the COVID side of things, I'm fully cleared up. I wouldn't say 100%. I'm 95% back on track, which, anyone that's had it knows how it is and how it feels. It's not the greatest experience, but we're here and we're tracking on as we should.

What are you the most excited about in the coming weeks?

CatsRus: See, that's playing on timelines. I can't say in the coming weeks, because I can't speculate on timelines, but the biggest thing for me that is coming, is global tokenomics. Just being able to essentially have a reflections system throughout, well, first to be Mandela. And then throughout other exchanges that essentially can be replicated. Having that system applied to all exchanges is going to be huge. So from that perspective, I would definitely 100% say the global tokenomics, because that's going to help massively with volume overall.

I'm certain that I'm not the first ask, but aside from buying more SafeMoon and placing more pixels or simply cheerleading and lurking about in the Discord to stomp down on fud and educate and encourage those who have doubts or questions, what can we SafeMoon holders and as a community be actively engaged in to support and further the efforts and objectives of Captain John and the team, as they tirelessly labor to turn out to many fantastic and innovative projects and initiatives that they're currently developing?

CatsRus: I just loved the way you said that. So for me, it isn't really anything specifically that the community can do other than sticking together. And it's as simple as that. We've seen over the last week, people attacking each other, people hating on different people because of all the negative that do come into the space. And it's not just SafeMoon. It's all cryptocurrencies that deal with this in some way, shape or form. So it's about sticking together and remembering why you invested. Remember why you are a part of the community and it's for the end goal. And it's not every single day that you're going to see a positive impact on the charts and everything like that.

It's not going to happen, but at the same time. There are going to be times where that downward trend is going to affect the community. And it's not great to see a downward trend, but it happens and people need to remember the end goal of why they're in crypto. Why they're invested in SafeMoon. And that could be from a magnitude of reasons, whether it's financial freedom, whether it's just to get away from the fiat system, or it's looking deeper into the SafeMoon and what they're looking to achieve which is the mesh networks with the wind turbines and completing the ecosystem with the reflections and, while you're spending your actual money that you've earned or you've collected through crypto, you're actually then giving back to the ecosystem and so forth. There's so many different things that, when it all comes together, it's the reason why you're here and why you want to be a part of this. So, there isn't anything specific other than just keeping the positivity and the community together, because without each other, it wouldn't make any sense for us, from a community standpoint, to be talking to each other.

Community member: Absolutely! And it is very difficult for me to express my appreciation to be involved in an endeavor where I have the ability to communicate so directly with the team and its constituents and feel that I have a part to play in the development of this grand project that we're all involved in here. Thank you very much for all of your input, gentlemen, and thank you for having me up and answering my question.

Okay, okay. I need the price to go up. I can't take this anymore every day. I'm checking the price and it's dipping every day. I check the price, bad price. I can't take this anymore. Have overinvested by a lot. Can the devs do something?

CatsRus: Okay, so first of all, I'm not going to give financial advice, but simple advice: You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. So if it is in those circumstances that you have invested more than you can afford, I would certainly go and have a talk and see if there's anyone you can speak to in relation to financial advice, specifically in that nature, because you should never look to invest more than you can afford.

But in terms of anything relating to the price, I want to refer back to the simple article that was written on the 15th. So it was an article that was posted on the Lowdown. More specifically, while John was at Grit Daily, he mentioned about what is ROI and more specifically the return on impact, specifically their impact that the business achieves.

So, yes, the price will move up and down, and that's the nature with any markets when things are being developed versus releases and vice versa. But the team isn't looking at your return on investment via price or the amount of funds that an individual makes back. That's not what they're looking to achieve. They're looking to achieve something bigger, which is the return on impact.

And if you want to read more about it, go on to the SafeMoon Lowdown page and specifically click on the article for the 15th of April. And within there, you'll be able to read all about it specifically, with the Grit Daily article and what John was speaking about with the return on impact.

But it's more specifically about the impact of the business on the real world and how that affects an individual from a technology or an integration point of view or anything like that they measure based on the impact which the products have had. Then, looking at the likes of how much, for example, Microsoft their stock's worth, that's not what they're looking at.

So, definitely go and read the article on the ROI and the return on impact; 100% is a good read, and the way that John portrays it is probably going to be a lot better than the way I can portray it.

No questions but a piece of info for people scared about their investment being down for now. Not financial advice, but when things look dark, it can always jump up to the moon. Remember Shiba (Inu), -1,000 on investment, went down to $1.96 in value, and then ended up being 30 million. Anything can happen.

CatsRus: Exactly, and that's just one example that has happened in the public with other tokens. Anything can happen, and as SafeMoon moves into the delivery phase, and we are all moving into that phase now, we've seen it with the card; people want cards. We take that information and we can now establish a sort of plan for launch because you've seen it with the likes of and some of the other big providers that do cards as an example.

And sometimes you are on a waiting list of up to three to six months to get those cards. I personally was on a waiting list for four months before I got my card because it was just about the amount of people that want them and it's about being able to deliver them.

So there's a whole process that goes into the back end of making sure a launch goes correctly, especially with things like this when we start to deal with people's data and information. It's not a simple and easy process to just launch a credit card or a debit card or such. It's not that simple. So with the likes of getting everything ready, everything's coming and everything will play out.

But yeah, 100% right, anything can happen. And just because there's a red bar on the graph doesn't mean that it's gonna reflect anything the company's doing. And as time goes on, the products will be proof in the pudding. So it's a good perspective -- definitely Shiba (Inu) is a good perspective to kind of understand investments from crypto because anything can happen.

Cats, what are you absolutely most excited about and why: SafeMoon Exchange (CEX), Operation Pheonix, blockchain, Connect, S&E, cross-chain, card? Since I know all of these things are being worked on, you only get to pick one.

CatsRus: Oh, that's not fair. Because, technically, all of it kind of fits into each other, which then makes everything great. Do you have one, Gandalf?

Gandalf: Well, the question was directed to you.

CatsRus: I'm asking you now because I need to think.

Gandalf: It is hard; you cannot pick one because everything just plays together, right? And at some point, we would just get to the point where we have everything. This is just so crazy, because we know what the outcome of that will be. So to pick one, well, the Connect is a feature that I'm very kind of bullish about, but everything is cool. The card, I want to have my card too. So it's hard to pick.

CatsRus: I think the biggest one for me, and this is more of a case of a bigger picture on the actual feature itself, which is global tokenomics. And let's just say if we can get global tokenomics fully working and fully operational and it's a working product, and then we apply that to every single exchange that SafeMoon is on and every exchange SafeMoon will be on, that is so much more potential volume -- and not just from our own ecosystem, but from every ecosystem that we apply it to.

So that would be my probably the biggest feature of excitement or product I'm excited for right now. But if I had to say long term, definitely (Operation) Pheonix once it's been completed. Not from the early stages, but I would definitely say from the bigger perspective, Pheonix long term, global tokenomics short-to-medium before we get to that long-term stage.

So GloToks (global tokenomics) and then Pheonix. The rest kind of just is applied to the ecosystem, and I suppose it's kind of also applied to the Pheonix operations.

Gandalf: Long term, Pheonix really wins.

CatsRus: Being able to help an entire country reinvent themselves and provide them an opportunity is huge in itself, just to say that it can help anyone. But global tokenomics.

What was the UN event meeting?

CatsRus: Essentially, there was a meeting that took place, and the team have been able to get a recording. And the video will basically confirm more than I can based on it because I wasn't a part of it. I haven't looked into what was actually said at that event as such, or meeting. So, the video itself, just keep an eye out this week and you'll see more about exactly what was associated with that because I don't have that information right now. Because it was something that I skipped over.

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