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SafeMoon MoonCast (Jan 9th, 2022)

Mr Adult (Global Community Manager), CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education), Veno (Discord Community Manager),
and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)


Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 1 of 2022, for the MoonCast. We’re going to recap everything that went on with the newly formatted AMA/SafeMoon Sunday. It was definitely a lot better than Twitter Spaces, I can’t wait to see the actual set when it’s done. I believe [the next one] will be the 23rd, hopefully it will be done, it will be nice to see. My head is all over the place with a lot of information, and so we’ll quickly do a rundown.

  • There was an update to the HQ

  • They gave us a bit of an understanding of the roadmap for 2022

  • There was a wallet update

  • They gave you some statistics

  • There was the BitMart update

  • Some info on the SafeMoon Card

  • Overall appreciation of how successful V2 is and has been

  • We have the community updates

  • Bit of a breakdown of Operation Pheonix

  • A little hint (and I know it’s going to create a lot of rabbit holes) of the NFTs.

So, we’ll start this by asking, how do we all feel?

Gandalf: [It was] absolutely overwhelming and brilliant. I want to say this was the best SafeMoon Sunday ever, not only for 2022 *sarcastic laugh* but, it is absolutely brilliant. SafeMoon is going to rock this year, and this is one hell of a big open for this year.

Veno: Still processing, that was a lot. That was 10 times more than I was expecting. I was expecting a little bit of good stuff, but I got a lot of good stuff. I have to go back and rewatch it three or four times.

Mr. Adult: You won’t be the only one. I think the thing I really enjoyed from this particular one is that when there was that mini breakdown of what Pheonix really is, in the real-life turbine/ SafeMoon-generation NFT, that was within the December video. There were some dots to connect, but it was delivered in such a way that it wasn’t slowed down enough, even though we had brilliant slo-mo footage the information wasn't [as slow].

It was great seeing the people who have picked into it like SafeMoon Tim over recent weeks and now for everyone else to finally catch up and for some pennies to start dropping. The best part of all of this is that this is the first example of where SafeMoon has wanted to be for a while. It's why V1 is done and V2 is where we now are. We’re starting to articulate that we’re no longer just a crypto; it’s a technology company, and a cause-driven technology company, and there’re things like patent-pending, or NDAs, or projects just get to their natural delivery point, where we don't announce things before they can happen, only when they can. It means that everyone can catch up to the behind-the-scenes pieces when they come out to stage. It’s all going to be very tangible where people can sink their teeth into it. At this point, people can start to see how this isn’t another crypto. Crypto is a fundamental part of it, but it's not all that SafeMoon is. All the people who are asking about exchange listings, and when this, and when that, they’re the same questions that get asked to all the other thousands of cryptos out there. It’s going to change because those are the markers people use to measure these things, but when you innovate you create new markers. I think that is the most exciting is that people will start creating new ways to measure the crypto space. SafeMoon was one of the first groups to doxx. To actually put some human authenticity within the crypto space, within these projects. And then others started following. Now it’s time for us to do the next leadership-style things to move the space forward. Some bombs were dropped today, and I suspect others will start to follow suit in the coming months.

Cats: Exactly. We kind of want to move away from the wen wen wen, and instead ask why? Why is SafeMoon going down the route of nanoparticles? It’s starting to move more into a technology company. We’re no longer just a crypto, but a technology company moving to innovate real-world cause and looking to change the game in a lot of different areas. They’ve mentioned there’s going to be a total of 5 areas they’re looking to enter within from a technology standpoint. You can look at the list of what is already known and make some assumptions based on that. Let’s recap everything they’ve done.

Starting with the HQ, they’ve got the keys, well they got keys on the 31st, so there’s that to start with. They got the keys, they've moved in, they’ve painted, it’s pretty much done; Charles has his cupboard and Ryan has a new gym. That’s exciting. They have a base of operations now. Now they can start putting their heads down together in the same room.

Moving into the road ahead for 2022. This map is as big as it could be. Obviously, this was just a small entail of what they’ve got planned. We are working towards internal deadlines for SafeMoon Card and e-money licensing done in Q2 until we hear otherwise. We are planning for blockchain this year as well as the centralized exchange. The decentralized exchange is the SafeMoon SWaP, so just be aware of the difference. When referring to a centralized exchange/CEX such as BitMart and such.

They kicked off the year with a full screen billboard [in Times Square]. It was a huge success and game changer in terms marketing. It has been advertised on some of the largest news reports when the ball dropped in New York. I should say as a great time to shout.

The SafeMoon Lowdown Recap by Momo and Pulse will cover everything. If you missed anything, it will be covered. Head over to and subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates to your emails; and of course, they are onsite if they need to be.


Cats: Dark Mode on the SafeMoon Wallet was something the community wanted. We now have a functional connection to Wallet Connect which now allows users to connect to a also connect to a hard wallet with no issues including transaction signing, which is another security feature that was needed.

We got a little teaser of SafeMoon Connect. There was the Hub, Portal and everything in between. For the likes of Connect, one of the things was, from a developer’s standpoint, it was all controlled by the developer. They could submit everything and it came to being a point of being a yes or no from essentially Ryan and the development’s team’s to decide whether they are approved or not which is huge.

There will be an initial plan for services on influencers, brands and small businesses through which is called Payment Link, which is an initial point of something much bigger. Essentially, creating a system [that has a] Tips function. Crypto tips isn’t something that isn’t easy to do or heavily utilized either, but if you want to start tipping your influencers who are providing knowledge and support them, you can now essentially send them a tip through crypto. It’s the exact same way you would connect to any online service with a wallet, you send it and you’re done without worry of having the wrong address. It leads on to other things too which is more business [oriented].

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the payments. It’s the very start and it’s going to only going to get bigger. The last wallet update was the phenomenal speeds. You remember if you were doing any swap on the wallet, you were waiting for 30 seconds to calculate [values]. Now those [values are returned] in less than 2 seconds.. The speeds will help with a lot of people getting across.


Cats: There have been 30 million unique website requests per month. In December, I believe they said there were 100 million requests to the SafeMoon website, which is huge. They have nearly 1milllion downloads of the SafeMoon Wallet app, which means John will soon be eating pineapple pizza. If you want to see John eating pineapple pizza, get your friends, family and everyone in between to download the wallet.

Charles: It’s about 960k that have [downloaded].

Cats: So just 40k more users. We have the SWaP Portal on the way, dashboard talks and automated listing to the point of approval, onboarding of employees and other internal stuff that will make things easier now that they’ve built the basics.


Cats: So, we understand that a lot of the community has been frustrated and annoyed with things not coming out, but I must stress that over the holidays businesses are tied off with things. It’s just the nature of things which are outside of SafeMoon’s control but they have been working with BitMart from the get-go. You should have more information, clarification, the resolution and how they are going to move forward on that front. Please have patience.

It is and will be resolved but these things just take time. You can’t have something fixed over night until everything has been assessed, reviewed and [they've] made sure that everything is returned in working order. Give them time. We’ve worked with them. As John has said, they have been a phenomenal company to work with in terms of partnership so just let them do what they’ve got to do and everything will be resolved. Stay tuned this week.


Cats: It is essentially a banking card for crypto. In the grand scheme of things, you go to the coffee shop, you swipe your card, you pay with the cryptos that you hold, whether it’s BNB, SafeMoon, Ethereum, Bitcoin and so forth. So, whatever is on the SafeMoon Wallet, swipe away and you’ve just paid for your coffee. You can use other cryptos as well and will have multiple payment options to choose from for your portfolio. There will likely be a pre-order. Stay tuned, Q2 is the target for that.


Cats: There were a lot of changes coming with V2 and essential changes needed that couldn’t have come at a better time. Hopefully we can appreciate the likes of catching scammers because ultimately, as they said, a scammer reached out and that scammer is now being dealt with. It’s about control and safety of the users and the ability to protect you from becoming a target. The more that they can emphasize on security and reducing the risk of the holders will only put off the scammers. They will always be there, no matter which token you’re in but the harder we can put on the blockage of all the scammers, the better because it will only deter them. That is something that is huge.

We now have almost half a million users on V2. I must emphasize this right now.


If you want to get to the consolidation button, please do not start a new wallet and transfer. You must use your 12 word seed phrase if you’re using the SafeMoon Wallet. If you’re not using the SafeMoon Wallet and would like to consolidate, go to the SafeMoon website and click on the consolidation button. Connect your alternative wallets and use the consolidation button. DO NOT TRANSFER as you are at risk of losing all of your tokens. I can’t emphasize that enough. Just use the consolidation button and import your seedphrase. Do not open up a new bank account on a new device. You will LOGIN. So, LOGIN with YOUR SEEDPHRASE. V2 has been very successful and only going to grow from here.

Now that the team has the ability to growth that even further, it’s just huge. Before we get into the community updates, Gandalf is going to take over with the NFTs.


Gandalf: I was typing like crazy because there was so much information on SafeMoon Sundays. The NFTs are one of the most exciting ones. SafeMoon will bring up an NFT line called, which will be called Naughty Nauts. This lineup will be in a direct use of the MDE or Metaverse Development Experience and have real use to it.

As we know, SafeMoon wanted always to work with systems, which has a use for the whole system or the ecosystem. They said that when they will go for NFTs, they will just bring them out to have a display and showing in the metaverse while they have a real-life use, right? So, we will see a series, Naughty Nauts in the lineup of the NFTs, which will have a connection, most likely to the turbines as Ryan has briefly going over this, right? More information about this will come in the future while additional series after the Naughty ‘Nauts [launch] which will be implemented further into the process and even be more complex in giving additional and better use cases for SafeMoon.

Cats: NFTs [are] just the tip of the iceberg. John even mentioned talking about turning NFTs into the DNA of yourself, essentially using an NFT that is only associated with you in the exact same same that the likes of a social security number is only associated by you to approve real world transactions such as bank transfers among other things. It exponentially grows. They are huge and I can’t wait to see where they take NFTs. There’s a few more things to cover but I think we’ll jump into some questions first because I see that the list is building up.


Mr. Adult: I’ve seen during the SafeMoon Sunday, “Where are these two exchanges?” and it’s like, Can you not see all the other stuff on the other side of the scales vs. a couple of exchange listings that will come anyway? I know there is an excitement to know what they are. There’s that open loop; the open thread of “What’s the answer? Which ones are they?” .. ‘But they [will] happen…

Don’t ignore this massive buffet of other stuff because you didn’t get the one tiny little ultimately in the grand scheme of things, forgettable aspect of what’s going on. This is why I opened with this isn’t just any other crypto. So, just to stop measuring it based off of that. If you let yourself feel let down because some news you were hoping for that is just kind of run-of-the-mill isn’t quite there yet, that’s a shame. You know? Enjoy the things that are here and the other stuff will turn up and then you’ll get to win twice. We’re all excited for new things but, hell, we got a lot of new stuff today.

Cats: Yes, and people need to understand that an exchange listing is not going to be impactful as what SafeMoon is building. An exchange listing will have an immediate visual impact but it’s more of a shock to the system than long term compared to what is coming. What they are building and what is in the future and in the pipelines will outweigh an exchange [listing] or two. Let things play out and you will see what is truly coming.


Mr. Adult: We do have some beautiful questions from our beautiful community.

Gandalf: Yeah, first question. Wen exchange.

Cats: *laughs* Literally, the top five questions, there’s at least three that say wen exchange..

Will I be able to use SafeMoon Connect like Venmo or Cashapp?

Cats: That is the premise of it from a tipping point of view. There’s a little bit more to it than that. From the payment payment links side of thing. That is the premise of what you’re kind of getting at. You have your user base, you connect, send and receive on the other side. You can treat it in some way like Cashapp or Venmo.

Will there be a direct deposit available for the SafeMoon Card so we can receive paychecks in SafeMoon?

Cats: I can’t answer that now because that’s still being worked out. Ask me that closer, if not during the big push when that’s coming and when we have more questions on that.

Are there any plans to overhaul the design of the website in addition to the stats and backend?

Cats: Ryan mentioned an invigoration and uplift on the backend and they have released some information surrounding the status of the SafeMoon products. If you go to, you can sort of see if there’s any issues from a SafeMoon point of view from their product line. Keep an eye on there for any changes to the website and across social media.

How will the exchanges be linked for reflections?

Cats: Right now, there isn’t a way to truly link reflections to a blockchain. Are there methods and ideas to potentially do such a thing? Yes, but that is based on partnerships being created and the exchanges essentially adopting this technology being talked about. Right now, no; maybe in the future, yes. There isn’t any true answer to that question yet because it doesn’t exist, but stay tuned.

How is it possible to buy/sell V1 tokens without setting the slippage to 100%?

Cats: There are methods to slippage but I’m not going to go into detail. They are all methods to doing so. It has been the method of getting around it and they think they can use the same method but they are being hit with 100% tax. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY/SELL or TRANSFER V1 TOKENS [as you risk losing all of your tokens]. If you are going out of your way to buy V1 tokens, Please, PLEASE STOP and buy v2. The only place to buy V2 other than the centralized exchanges offering it, is the SafeMoon SWaP.

What are the wind turbine prices? What will be the starting cost of the NFT turbines?

Cats: As John mentioned talking about connecting an NFT to an actual turbine, there is no price that has been [decided yet]. From a purchasing standpoint, stay tuned for when they are listed.

Are the wind turbines going to be a 1:1 cost or will there be fees going to the company of SafeMoon?

Cats: SafeMoon disclosed and announced ways that they generate from SafeMoon [tokenomics]. It should just be a 1:1 based on whatever the value is at the time which is subject to change.

Will I be able to get a SafeMoon Card from outside the United States?

Cats: SafeMoon will always continue to work with the regulations as best they can; and that is part of the EU e-money license. They will try to and in some cases they may not get everywhere, but they will always try and get for the wide, wide range that is possible. Just stay tuned for Q2. There will be more information coming about the card and it will be disclosed as we get there.

Will the turbines connected contributed to the volume collectively or will it only affect on an individual basis?

Cats: Right now, this hasn’t been settled on from a technical side. From a fundamental side of things, obviously they disclosed that with the connection of NFTs and so forth.

Where will you be able to buy Naughty Nauts?

Cats: There is no place to get them yet. We do have a partnership with Hodooi, so that is a potential option. Who knows? They may have their own place to buy them from. You’ll have to wait and find out.

Can I buy my own small wind turbine to connect with some SafeMoon API to improve the burn mechanism?

Cats: You won’t be able to physically purchase and setup your own turbine. However, you will be able to purchase a turbine through the likes of an NFT and the NFT associated with that turbine.

Have we talked about patents pending in regard to wind turbines and if so, are there additional details?

Cats: There was no definitive details surrounding the patent at this time. They are pending. You may be able to get more information by doing some research and looking into the process of the patent process, however there are no additional details being shared at this time.

Will V2 help us get a direct buy button?

Cats: Yes, but no. The only way we would truly have a “buy” button is via the exchange and everything that comes with an exchange. The only other alternative way is to have a decentralized section where the tokens can be taken from, eh, from the likes of MoonPay listing them or.. a provider would need to physically list tokens in that. It will help us, indirectly one way or another. The buy button is on its way. The buy button for SafeMoon will come with other products, as I’ve said; mainly the exchange is going to be the easiest way to do that. Let’s just cover the last few things on the list!

Can I have my name written on a turbine?

Veno: I saw that and I pinned it immediately because I thought, how interesting would it be, if you minted it, like.. your name was literally on the turbine as “Minted By: So-and-So.”

Mr. Adult: ..Never say never.

Cats: Yes. It’s a possibility.


Cats: So, as of yesterday, John did a community gaming stream from his YouTube channel as a pilot to test while in the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. It went fairly well.

Mr. Adult: [Sander] said he’d do an announcement on the gaming server later.

Cats: Yes, if you are in the SafeMoon community and you’re interested in Gaming, head over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord Server. You can find that in the Discord’s channel at the top of the server. Sander, I’ve lost you.

Veno: While you’re looking at that, somebody had asked me to talk about the new Astronaut Role. I’ll be really quick. If you go to top of the server, there is a #🎈│start-here channel and we keep all of our explanations of the basics in here.

We have three activities roles now: Space Cadet, Moonizen and Astronaut. These are for our Discord people, in case you’re listening on a different platform. You earn them over time. Mods and Seniors and CMs are all involved in the promotion process. It’s really quick and easy. There’s no red tape; but we do it to people who stand out among the rest. If you’re there, if you’re active and helpful, you’ll work your way up. If you’re trolling and spamming, you won’t. It’s really that easy.

Cats: [Sander] just said confirmed that there will be an announcement in the SafeMoon Gaming Discord later on this evening. So, head over to the Gaming Discord [server] if you want to receive the updates for the gaming side of things.

Mr. Adult: If it isn’t already there, I’ll get the link in the event chat right now.

Cats: John did also mention that the gaming side is expanding, so stay tuned because they are looking to develop that further. We’ve got the likes of Mooncraft coming soon. I know they’ve been in development for a while. I believe they were also heading for a Q2 release (Edit: Q1; an update expected soon) If Hallogen or anyone of that side of things will shoot me a confirmation on that, it will be greatly appreciated. There was obviously a lot of gratitude towards the community and each and everyone of you for being part of this community, it’s ultimately you guys that make this possible, so John and Ryan and the entire team thank you for that.

Mr. Adult: Cats, I’d like you to do a big up and talk about what you’ve been working on for your briefs, downloads, newsletters and who you’ve been working with to produce those.

Cats: As of Friday, on SafeMoon.Education, there is a new section of the website called SafeMoon Lowdown. It’s all within the education section. There is a section just called Lowdowns where you can look to now receive a daily brief of everything that happened for the previous day. If you are not able to be on social media or aren’t able to keep up to date, especially with what happened today; there was a LOT of information that was thrown out here today and there’s going to be a lot of information that you’ve potentially missed. Obviously, we’re doing the recap today. Sometimes we just want it in text form. From our lovely community member and community manager, from SafeMoon Pulse and MomoKombat. They are working together to create SafeMoon Lowdowns where you will receive a daily lowdown either to the site where you can check on a daily basis.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our mailing listing where you will receive it straight to your emails. If you head there, you can sign up because 95%, I’d say, will check our emails at least once a day, so it’s better to receive it to your emails than having to check a website. You can now receive all the information that has happened from the previous 24 hours straight to your email. So, go and check it out. Those two have been working absolutely insane to get this all to you guys and are going to be working insane over the next 24 hours to recap all of what has been said. So, go and check it out!

Oh! We just had a confirmation: Q1 for Mooncraft, so it’s even sooner [than we stated earlier]! So that’s it from the SafeMoon Education point of view for now. There may be an update coming this week but don’t quote me because my new PC needs to be complete. It involves Gandalf. If you know what it is, Gandalf is getting his own little bit on SafeMoon Education too. I’m just shilling you out. I need my new computer before we can sort that out.

Gandalf: Yes, you’ll need your new computer to work with my audio files from the space.

Mr. Adult: Because they contain too many bricks.


Gandalf: Ha! Exactly! .. and his PC has literally gone up on fire. Tell them the story.

Cats: Yeah, so I’ll tell them the story. With the things that Gandalf is producing for SafeMoon Education, there was a time when I was completing the content in order to get this uploaded and produced. However, my computer decided that it was a NO, and did not want to complete the project for Gandalf; and instead, my computer decided to set on fire and start smoking. Gandalf’s side of things are coming soon. Go check out SafeMoon Lowdowns on the website. I’m sure someone has posted a link the chat by now, [it's]


Cats: We have merch! If you want official SafeMoon merchandise, it is now officially coming. We have essentially tried to revamp that and have now partnered with a Utah company that is able to produce and sort of handle all the logistics side of things to get you your SafeMoon merch.

Mr. Adult: I have quite literally put my hands on some of this merch and it feels amazing! I have.. encountered some in the past [rather].

Veno: A lot of people in the chat are asking when can we buy “that” jacket.

Mr. Adult: I was just watching the chat go past, and people were just starting to process something and then something else would drop; and at one point someone said, “I can’t handle any more news.” *laughter*

Gandalf: And now thanks to picture of Veno, people will [say], “wen jacket”

Veno: Hey, I want one too for myself!

Cats: Yeah, so as a ballpark, it’s all being revamped and will be with everyone in the near future. I’m not going to say too far.

Mr. Adult: We’re not going to put any dates on it. The short story is that it’s not going to be setting up a print-on-demand thing and just churn stuff out so people can have logos on things. It’s beyond that. It’s stuff you want; stuff you wear and stuff you wash and can wear again because it hasn’t turned to dust. *laughs*

Cats: It’s high quality [for sure]. Merch is on its way. Stay turned for further updates on when that will be.


John went into further detail about Operation Pheonix and more specifically, more details surrounding the video and announcement video that he did. Essentially, there is technology involving patent pending technology. So, there are patents pending around that. They are essentially able to control air and moisture on the surfaces and the likes of the wind turbines; and they are able to control that to help with a multitude of things [with] one of them being efficiency.

We have GAMA, with more NFTs minted, more turbines minted and that leads into that side of things setup with how the turbines are essential created, then also you receive crypto buy-back from the performance of the NFTs. That is through the real world counter parts. And then we have more details coming in the near future about all the logistics of how that all works.

We then went into sort of the overview and the impact of how the e-money licensing works. So, you want to be in compliance and everything in between. You want to not be peeing off the bigger, more legal sides, because you don’t want to make your life harder. You just want to be compliant from the get-go. If you’re compliant from the get-go, you’re life is easy and anything in the future you’re looking to achieve is just going to become a lot easier. It’s a lot harder to get in than it is to change things once you’re in. Once you’re through the door and all approved, that’s when things become a lot easier; and as he said, do things the right way the first time and not do it right three times later. There’s a lot going on within that. I know some of the influencers have already covered in depth all about the technology and how that all plays out in between.

Now they have a little bit more to add on, which is NFTs. So, to cover that last section quickly which was the NFT news, as Gandalf has already covered: Naughty Nauts, Series I, so there will be more in the future. We have digital merch which is tied into the metaverse development experience. We then have scaling up the gaming side and applying all that to NFTs (#mooncraft) and then we have details about the future Metaverse and how that all plays out from a SafeMoon NFT point of view.

There were a load of questions that John covered in it too, from the community. There is a lot to be [absorbed] and taken in. It’s going to take some time for the community to truly grasp everything that came out of today.

Again, we’ll just do a quick summary:

  • NFTs

  • Metaverse Development Experience

  • Goals for 2022

  • Community Content (ie: SafeMoon Lowdowns)

  • Branding and Website Updates coming up in the future

  • New technology drops

  • SafeMoon Card

  • New wallet features

  • and so much more coming down the pipeline!

There is a lot to unpack and it’s just hard to grasp in a few words what is playing out. As I say, stay tuned. There is more to come. I’m just going to cover the last few questions if there are any in the chat. Then we’ll call it there and let everyone have a little bit of a rest in thinking about what has happened [recently].