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MoonCast (Jan 30th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education), Veno (Discord Community Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)

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CatsRus: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How are we all doing? It's MoonCast episode #3 of 2022, a total of 24 episodes so far. Yeah, it's been an exciting week. I have got some things to go over. So we'll start by introducing the panels today. We have Gandalf...

Gandalf: Good evening, everybody. CatsRus: And I don't know if Veno has got this down to the T to switch really quickly yet.

Veno: Oh, we're gonna see because I have a new microphone too.

CatsRus: Perfect, awesome.

So, let's first start talking about Crypto Best Practices. Before we get into the week and what things are going on, I want to talk about Crypto Best Practices because there was something that popped up in my feed today which hit [me] quite hard in terms of the sympathy for people that actually lost [money].

And that was a story from a [person] who ended up moving around about half a million dollars worth of Ethereum and sent it to the wrong place. The reason I say that I want to bring this up is that essentially without knowing where you're sending or not, in knowing the Best Practices or how you can combat these things, you potentially could fall short. In this instance here this [person] ended up losing out on a large sum of funds.

So I just want to quickly run over some of the Crypto Best Practices that we have and that you should be following always. Now the best and the most reasonable one for this 'is always do a test transaction'. No matter what you are doing, [even if] you think that you are correct in what you are doing, always send a minuscule amount first because it is much better to pay a little bit of extra gas and to be 100% secure that, if you repeat your action, it's going to the right place. I don't care if you're a veteran in crypto or new. This is something that you should be following because this person had over half a million dollars worth of Ethereum in their account and lost it.

So that's the first thing that I wanted to point out is do a test transaction. The other simple things that you should be doing. There are a lot of scam accounts out there [that will try to] social-engineer you to give up your wallet address. And then once they have your wallet address they can assess if they have enough reason to pursue you to take funds from your wallet.

So, again what I want to say is don't interact with these accounts. If someone says that they are SafeMoon support or any crypto support, 99% of cryptos don't have any support. If you want support then come to the main chat in Discord, come to some of the Twitter Spaces and ask and have a general conversation with some people. Because anyone in this community is going to be willing to give you the time of day to help you through whatever process you're in. So don't deal with DMs, don't interact with them. Go straight to a conversation with real people.

The next thing in terms of keeping yourself safe online is just following the standard process of [not revealing or sharing] your wallet keys. You can look to spread your portfolio across multiple wallets, depending on who you are. If you've got a large portfolio, splitting it up may protect you a little bit more. You can then use the likes of a hot wallet and a cold wallet, which means increased security.

[You can] have an implementation policy to reduce your risk. So for me, I work with my partner, and I'm not allowed to make any transaction without my partner's approval, and vice versa. So we kind of work together on that front to make sure that there's a two-step process in the real world to make sure that any transaction we do is just going to be ultimately 100% that we're doing the right thing because there are two people approving that transaction. It's kind of the way that businesses work too, where they need a third-party or an additional step within the rights of the board members, so to speak, to approve any sort of transactions.

The other thing that I think people really do not really want to pay attention to, entrusting someone you know, to let them know of the wallets existence and where they can go if anything was to happen to you. There are people that may not have thought about this in the future but things can happen in an instance. You're building a portfolio to create what's ultimately called 'Financial Freedom' and if anything was to happen to you, can your family or friends utilize what you've ultimately been building as your portfolio? So, entrust someone about the wallet’s existence and where they can go if needed and you can also put it in your will if you really want to. Conduct your due diligence with cybersecurity using things like VPNs on public networks in order to keep away from dodgy connections. Keep up to date with your investments. We've seen Dave Portnoy, who is still on SafeMoon V1. He may not be aware, he's a busy person, and so he hasn't migrated to V2 yet. I've reached out to him and a lot of the community members have reached out to try and advise him to migrate to SafeMoon V2. But again, Dave Portnoy is a busy man and he has got a lot of things on his plate, so, it may be different for him but for yourselves, keep up to date.

And then finally, do not connect your wallets to any dodgy links or don't do anything you physically shouldn't do. Question yourself and if something doesn't look right, reach out to the community and to the people around you. Be a part of the community and we will all help each other out. At the end of the day, we are family. We may not be blood but I would help each and every one of you. As John says, "Raise all the ships".

This was something that came up in the last hour of my timeline. So, I just wanted to touch on that really quickly. Now there's more in-depth information, which is going to lead on to my next segment, which is you Gandalf. Tomorrow you are going to touch more on all of this and everything else that is associated with crypto security, am I correct?

Gandalf: Exactly. Tomorrow at 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT or 8 pm CEST,

I will have a Space presentation called Wallet Security on SafeMoon Labs in which I will touch on every kind of security aspect, what hot wallets and cold wallets are, and how you can secure yourself from risks, regarding your own actions and actions from the outside.

CatsRus: Okay, cool. So that's all to do with security and it will be under SafeMoon Labs. There will be a recording uploaded this Friday if you're not able to make it to the SafeMoon Labs Twitter Space tomorrow. Security is important and it's something that I wanted to touch on today but Gandalf will go more in-depth about what you should and shouldn't do. I just wanted to give you some of the simple best practices and give you some basic advice but he will he'll go more in-depth. Now, let's move into what's happened over the past week.

SafeMoon Wallet. We had a 100% confirmation from the main Twitter account that we do have more than 1 million users. To add to that, we are one of, if not the only wallet that does not collect your data. Trust Wallet and MetaMask collect some sort of data on you when using them on your device, the SafeMoon Wallet does not. We don't need your information, we don't want your information. We are here to help you and you can utilize the SafeMoon Wallet without being at risk of having your information taken from you.

That's something we have achieved this week or a little bit past last week, but we now have one million plus holders or users of the wallet which is insane. So pizza time is coming and if John doesn't eat pizza, we're going to be ordering as many pineapple pizzas to the office until John does eat pizza. So it will happen one way or another. We will get him to eat that pizza.

Veno: I have a feeling people will do that anyway. We're going to get a tweet from John one day with a picture saying, "Who did this?" and there are going to be stacks of pineapple pizza boxes sitting right at the front door.

CatsRus: It would be a beautiful sight, as long as they're not all pineapple though. You have got to have a bit of variety. If you're ordering, at least order for everyone else too. Ryan may want a meat feast, or wait, he might be a vegetarian, I think he said he was a vegetarian or vegan maybe, I don't know.

Gandalf: You can bet 99% that there will definitely be pineapple on these pizzas.

CatsRus: 99%, okay. I'll take the 1% of Marguerita pizza, that's fine.

Anyway, moving on. Beyond reaching a million holders or users on the wallet we had an update that fixed a few things like multiswap calculations so if you are going from SafeMoon and you wanted to go all the way through to Cardano, for example, you can now do that with no issues or no errors. So you can now go from any BEP20 Token and the wallet does everything for you. There were a few other updates like notification updates and Smart Chain has now moved to the top. So, if you use Smart Chain when you go through to buy on MoonPay, it'll default to Smart Chain now, instead of going through to BNB. There were also a few UI fixes and the backend had a bit of a tidy up.

Moving on, we have a new listing on the SafeMoon Wallet and the SafeMoon Swap, which is Enhance. The team is doing amazing and they have so much energy, it's insane. Ace and his team are here to support the SafeMoon Army as best they can and do everything in their power to help grow the ecosystem within what they're looking to achieve. But not only that, they're not looking to just help the SafeMoon Army. There is something else that I'm quite passionate about, while I'm not associated with the veteran side of things on a personal level, it still means a lot to me what the 22 Enhance team are running.

22 Enhance is there to create a level playing field for anyone that may be associated with veterans or going through a hard time. There is a statistic called “22 veterans a day.” They are looking to reduce and hopefully completely negate that number to zero, where no more veterans lose their lives. There are 22 veterans a day, in the US alone that take their own lives due to circumstances that they've been put under. This is what 22 Enhance is about. It's about reducing that number by helping anyone that needs help mentally or physically. I have much respect for them and the team for helping each and everyone that needs support.

I want to give them a shout out, so, do go and look at what they're doing. If you're associated with veterans or the Forces in any way, definitely check them out because what they're doing is huge - to reduce that number of 22 veterans losing their lives each day to zero. Help them, help you, help everyone, go check them out on Twitter, '22 Enhance.' I can't give them enough respect for what they're doing.

[We also] have Mooncraft. As of this week, one of the developers...I’ve forgotten his name. I am so sorry. I'm going to get shouted at.

Veno: While you're figuring out the name, I'll point out that the Mooncraft Discord has had its icon updated because we are going forward with more integration. We are not having that server be a separate side server. It's fully part of our infrastructure and it's going to be advertised as such when we really get pushing on Discord.

CatsRus: Zubie. Thank you. I forgot his name because I know him as something else but I didn't want to say his real name and forgot what he went by.

So they had an update this week, version one release date is coming very soon. They've added some new game modes such as Bed Wars. We've got Azkaban Prison game mode, Alcatraz Prison game mode, we have new creative updates, updates for websites, information and links. There are new maps, new cosmetics and gadgets and an overall better quality of life when you connect to the server.

I can't wait to play it because I'm a very, very heavy Prisons player when it comes to Minecraft on any sort of server, so I'd be interested to see what they implement on the Prison side of things because that gets me excited.

And as Veno was saying, the Mooncraft server will be part of the family more instead of sitting on the outside. They're going to be integrated a lot more.

Veno: The news channel is live again too. We had to disable it while they were restructuring but they have news posts again. So the feed of their news is brought into this server. So you don't even have to leave this Discord to see what's going on with the Mooncraft project.

CatsRus: Awesome. Check that out. What else did we have? This week we had SafeMoon Gaming’s first gaming event. So if you aren't a part of the Gaming Discord but are a fan of games, jump over there. They are starting to run some more events, hopefully it's going to be a regular thing. They did a test event on Friday for Warzone. The guys got together and had some fun playing Warzone and it was also streamed on the SafeMoon Gaming Twitch channel. So check out both of those platforms, if you are a gamer in the community.

Some fun bits of the week were Ryan's community NFT series, which I found quite hilarious because people edited Ryan's face with different smiles. Then, someone took it a step further and gave Ryan a mustache, then a monocle and a top hat. One of them, I think, worked in McDonald's which brings me to the next point. The SafeMoon Twitter account has been engaging with McDonald's Twitter posts, which I found quite hilarious. I love a good McRib.

What did McDonald's actually tweet? They tweeted something about crypto itself. Let's pull it back up. Was it the main McDonald's or was it a specific one?

Veno: I'm pretty sure it was the main McDonald's Twitter, if I remember correctly.

CatsRus: Let's have a look.. Apparently, they're gonna start their own grimacecoin.

Veno: They should stick to nasty burgers; I'm a Burger King guy, thank you.

CatsRus: I’m more of a Five Guys [person,] sorry. Are we going to start a burger war now of who has the best burgers?

Gandalf: I'm not gonna jump into this. You would just butcher me down. I love McDonald's.

CatsRus: *gasps*

Veno: But Wendy's has a place in my heart for their Frosties. Milkshakes don't even hold a letter to a Frosty.

Gandalf: They are cool. I will go to Wendy's. Oh, wait, there isn't one in Germany here.. duh duh.

Veno: Well, I'll mail you a Frosty and some dry ice.*laughs*

Gandalf: Amazing! Thank you.

CatsRus: Yeah, so, McDonald's tweeted out, "How are you doing people who run crypto Twitter accounts?" and SafeMoon [responded], "Wen McRib?"*laughs* John quickly replied, "On behalf of the #SAFEMOONARMY, wen?"

(McDonalds/SafeMoon Twitter link:

We're getting into “wen” territory with the amount of stuff that's being teased.

Veno: It’s quite entertaining to poke at these giants that have taken over so much of our world; and poking at them like, "Hey, you know.. All of the infrastructure in the world is going to pass you guys. When are you going to see this and try and catch up?" Because, eventually it is. They are going to fall behind and you’ll see these big corporate giants rushing around, trying to figure out, "Why is everybody else getting all the crypto customers? Oh, yeah, because we don’t accept the payments yet.." So, they are going to have to get on board whether they want to or not. It’s kind of inevitable because there’s money being left on the table otherwise. One of their key business practices in capitalism is Don’t leave money on the table.

Cats: It’s funny that you should say that because Ryan actually put out a tweet about this earlier today, which was, "Bills are being introduced for Bitcoin in multiple states. Why? Because the crypto space is too big now and they don’t want to be left behind." He kindly added on to that, “SafeMoon Connect will be the missing link for many mainstream companies who scramble to get their products shipped to crypto masses.” You know, what Veno just said about these big corporations trying to rush around to get ahold of the crypto-space buyers…SafeMoon is going to create a huge part of that and be one of those options for companies to accept similar [or] somewhere in the lines of the way Visa or Mastercard works, but on a crypto level. That’s what I’m taking from it.

Veno: So, what you’re saying is that if McDonald’s were to say, “Eff crypto” and they abandon it entirely for years to come; and then in year 2030, come crying to us that they’ve missed all the crypto sales, they could just jump into our services and immediately start accepting crypto?

Cats: Correct! Yeah, well.. If they left it out that long, I’d wanna charge ‘em more. *laughs* Just a fee.

Veno: An extra fee that goes up every year that you don’t get into crypto is a penalty. “How dare you not be innovative.” *laughs*

Cats: Yeah, the [big corporations]; not the little guys [with] small businesses but the monopoly of the food industries or any industry, you’re going to get slammed with a heavy tax if you don’t get involved.

Veno: Well, if you do a percentage based on sales, the more sales they have, the more sales they’ve gotta pay. It’s usually a nice encompassing thing.

Cats: I didn’t even think of it like that. Especially with the tier system that we have.

Gandalf: The fees will be paid in cheeseburgers.

Cats: I don’t think we can eat that many cheeseburgers.

Veno: Can you imagine getting fully integrated and then you get reflections in french fries?*laughs*

Gandalf: Somebody’s making a token right now.

Cats: French fries, yeah.. Even though we call them chips.

Gandalf: Why not call them fries?

Veno: Uh, because naming conventions are all messed up in our day and age; cuz the people don’t care. *laughs*

Cats: Perfect; right. Well, that is the week so far. If it is that you want to keep up to date, I’m going to shill SafeMoon Lowdowns. Momo and Pulse have been doing a phenomenal job getting that out on a daily basis to you guys for everything SafeMoon-related. If you want to know what’s happening on a daily basis and you’re not on social media, or if you get lost for a few days and want to have a catch-up, [these] ladies have been collating everything from the main things John [says] in Discord, all the way to things that the community puts out there. We want to share that and give some light to the community as well. So, anything SafeMoon-related is collected and put [in] the SafeMoon Lowdown. So.. Head over to https://SafeMoon.Education. At the bottom of the page, you can sign up for the mailing listing and we’ll send you an email everyday so that you have them all numbered and see each day [or] you can keep up to date on the actual site through the Lowdown section.

Veno: ‘And if you’re not following these two on Twitter, you’re missing out because you can get all your information nice and easy.

Cats: Yes, you can. We have SafeMoon Pulse, which is @SafeMoonPulse and then we have Momo, which is @MomoKombat with a “K.” So, go ahead and follow them. They are doing a phenomenal job.

Do we remember last week when I was complaining about how scam accounts weren’t copying me?

Veno: You got copied?

Cats: Yeah, but you know what the weird and creepy thing was? They didn’t even copy my SafeMoon account. They went to Facebook and copied my rescue account. That’s how creepy it got. It’s banned now because I reported it and because I filed my ID and stuff. Anything I report, after about 10 or 20 minutes, it kind of just gets blocked.. But when I first saw it, I was like, "Wait, that’s the rescue logo..." So, I went on to it and it was CatsRus SafeMoon Support; and I was like, “Wait what!?” My profile picture was the rescue and they had pics to my rescue page on FB. I was really confused as to why they were trying to use my rescue account, [which was] bizarre. Either way, I got my first one but it was a bit bizarre that they used my rescue account as a method for scamming community members.

Veno: I mean, most of them aren’t smart. If you have to resort to scamming, you’re not smart enough to work your way through any other system to get by. Most of these people can’t even hold down jobs. They just sit there and scam because it’s their only way to make income. They’ve been relentless, which is kind of funny because usually when the markets quiet down, you get this quiet sell-off period. The scammers go away and take a break. They’ve been relentless for two weeks now. We’ve had over 2k bots try and flood the server in the last two weeks.. They are really struggling to try and find some money here. They must need some more McDonald’s burgers.

Cats: *laughs*Yeah, well. Like I said, scammers just need to go away. ‘And hopefully with the ecosystem that SafeMoon is building which, evidently was proof last Sunday where the team had things blacklisted from scamming accounts and the blacklisting feature was working [great]. Trying to watch a scammer ultimately remove themselves from SafeMoon and trying to actually move funds; and just ultimately, repeatedly try to and couldn’t because the feature was working as perfect as it can and it was just a beautiful sight to watch these scammers not be able to get their money. So, hopefully we are able to prevent these things further and further to the point where they don’t give a care in the world and they just stop with SafeMoon altogether. At the end of the day, SafeMoon is here to protect their own ecosystem and its holders. Obviously, if the industry follows SafeMoon’s standards, then..

Veno: Well, it’s helpful that scammers are dumb enough to send their scams to mods and staff; and when they send it us, we can trace our way to the [wallets] they are using to scam and just restrict them. The more sloppy they get, the more we can give them a headache. It’s my favorite thing to do in the morning. Wake up, brush my teeth; give the scammers a headache.

Cats: Well, the Discord messaging service is getting pretty smart. I haven’t gotten any in months. Every time I get one, I report it and block them for spam. Apart from that, I don’t think I’ve gotten any, even just for joining and shilling other crypto groups and stuff.. I don’t think I’ve gotten anything.

Veno: The mods are getting better at catching them. When these bots come into the server and they need to message hundreds of thousands of people, it takes time. So, they come to the server with these mass bot armies and get caught and banned before they can get the message out. So, a lot of times, the mods are staying on the ball. We had mods that just caught an army coming in the door yesterday and there were about 400-600 bots over the course of four hours. Before any amount of meaningful messages got sent out, gone; banned on every server. They can’t do very much sometimes. It’s a lot of work. I’ve gotta give credit to the mods. That’s a lot of work sometimes to sit there, watch the logs and see every single little thing going on in the whole server.

Cats: That’s crazy! That’s crazy.. ‘And again, this is the stuff that the community doesn’t realize that this, from a moderation and above standpoint, is what’s happening and being done on a daily basis to protect each and everyone of you from these people. So, here we go.. *reading* Banned: 124 members, 76 – 80; jeez. Is that in a day?

Veno: That was just yesterday and over the course of an hour, because it was a full bot army coming in. When you have 500 accounts com into the server very quickly and all created within an hour of each other, we can see that and nab ‘em pretty [quickly.]

Cats: Damn! Well played.. Round of applause! I know Discord doesn’t have the capabilities and stuff like Twitter spaces do.

Veno: The one good thing about Discord is that it has the tools we need. Telegram and Reddit are great. Facebook is probably the closest. They might actually have more tools than Discord but some of the other platforms don’t. Some of the other platforms don’t care enough to give their communities the tools necessary to see these scammers, to track information and do something about it. We’re blessed that we can do it through the Discord bot API.

Cats: Awesome, awesome. We’re all protecting each other. I know that the moderation team will continue to stop all of these; 500 in one day?.. That’s insane.

Veno: Back when crypto was really booming in the early days when we were all nonsense/craziness in April, May and June, there were sometimes thousands per day. I have names of mods and a few people who have just sat there unending; banning them relentlessly. ‘And it had to be frustrating for them. That’s where we get our joy; from knowing that we are frustrating the hell out of these scammers. All the effort that they put into creating the bots and getting them setup, and choosing the server and getting the messages going and coding them so that they can all join at one time, and then *click* banned. That’s where my joy comes from, knowing that they are probably throwing their keyboard across the room.

Cats: Perfect. Right, well that was the recap. I know it was a bit long but we got there in the end. If it is that you missed it, don’t worry. It’s all recapped on SafeMoon Lowdown [at] http://SafeMoon.Education... So, go and check the Lowdown and get daily updates for everything that happens in the community.

Let’s move over to some community questions. We’re going to spend the next half hour answering questions. So, if you want to come up and ask anything that’s happened or have a general chat, raise your hand [and] we’ll bring you up. I’m sure there are questions in the questions tab.

Veno: A few; and you can also use the ask command. I’ll advertise it in a second.

I’ll also tease really quickly that we are working on more contests coming. Some people [have been] asking if there are new contests coming. We have funds for it already. We just have to get through a few of the processes. I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks; February is going to be a nice month of giving away some SafeMoon to people in the community.

Cats: Sweet! Get yourself some SafeMoon. Grow that bag. Alright, let’s quickly run through some of these questions.

Do you feel like it’s harder to find things to talk about now that AMAs are once a month?

Cats: Well, for us, this is why I’m turning this into a weekly recap kind of thing and just have a general chat about what’s happened throughout the week; having conversations with certain individuals, projects and companies that SafeMoon is potentially working with.. The likes of Taxbit and so forth. I want to get them on, have a conversation with them and give you guys a bit more information as to what’s happening in the crypto space and how they benefit each and every holder. [We will] get more and more guest speakers on. This is why I want to turn this more into a weekly recap and just have a bit of fun at the end of the week before we go into the new week. Then, when SafeMoon Sunday is back on, we can talk about what happened there.

What’s going to happen to the v2 tokens when they eventually move to SafeMoon’s own blockchain and become a coin?

Cats: They can either do a complete hard fork and essentially convert all tokens into a “coin,” so to speak or they can create a bridge. That just depends on how they want to handle it. Once we get closer to the blockchain launch, we’ll know. For now, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Veno: You know, I’m just picturing the memes if we do a hard fork. That’s what I’m most excited for - the memes. *laughs*

Cats: Not the actual blockchain or what’s to come after blockchain; just the memes.

Veno: That’s inevitable. We know what’s coming; that hype I’ve already had for the whole year. I’m hype for the new stuff I haven’t thought of; just mass amounts of memes.

Cats: I can’t wait to see everyone’s face once this ecosystem is complete because my head hurts knowing what I know. And again, I don’t know 90% of the stuff of what John knows and it’s the same principle in how Ryan said it before. What I do know I am so excited for, because it’s game changing for a lot of reasons. My vision and the way I see it... Imagine it as Amazon. They started out selling books. We started out selling crypto. Amazon grew; we are growing and we could and hopefully will [grow], after everything falls into place, has the opportunity to grow in a similar fashion to Amazon in the way it did. In this case, there’s a lot more people to reach out to than Amazon had to, over the early years of its development. So, we’ll have to see how things play out, but I’m excited. I can’t wait. This year’s going to be huge.

Veno: I gotta say, I get a lot of my excitement from John and this is not even knowing what really is going on. ‘Because like you said, 90% of it, he probably keeps close to the vest to keep the company protected, but you can see the vibes coming off of him in main chat. Very often, he’ll come by and stop by the Discord main chat [and] just talk about some things, answer questions and hype people up. You see the community. They check his every word. They are screenshotting it and sharing it on Twitter. ‘And if you’re looking at them all side by side, there is a lot of built up excitement he probably just can’t talk about and he’s dying to; and just knowing that makes me excited.

Cats: [John] actually said [earlier this week], “We have over 1 million users on the app. We have an EU E-Money license coming soon. We have won awards, and have our own DEX vs. a router contract (which is what most of these other projects do). We are going through the filing process for other licenses as well. Because we focused on compliance, we are able to get SFM Debit cards tied to the wallet. Our point of sale system will allow business and merchants to take ETH and BSC tokens (just to start) that are on the SafeMoon wallet. We have a presence in multiple countries across the globe. SafeMoon is a tech company, not a 'project'. We do things differently.”

Now just breaking that entire paragraph down has so much value; and this isn’t stuff that, you know, he’s saying we’re going to do.. He’s saying this is already done or in the process of coming to completion and it is huge. A million users on the app or the wallet. EU E-Money license all ties in with the allowing of the debit card and having the crypto card. We then have our own DEX associated with that. Decentralized exchange, which is outpacing a lot of those other decentralized exchanges as he mentioned; because they are using a router contract instead of having their own LP pools for each entire token and so forth. They’re filing for so many more licenses to focus on compliance. You’ve seen so many changes over the last week with compliance based on the likes of Bitcoin becoming– in multiple states across the U.S. as they mainstream a form of currency. They are building a point of sale system that will allow you to accept crypto within your business. They are creating so much platform for everyone around. It’s insane.

This is what’s happening right now. This isn’t two years down the line. This is now and like I said, this is exciting and I can’t wait for it to be completed because the day that you can go down to the store and pay for your weekly [shopping] just off your reflections alone is going to be crazy, just to be able to, never have to worry about your entire ecosystem as a whole; because you can just go, *tap* Oh, that didn’t cost me anything because I was holding SafeMoon, you know? That’s the level that I can’t wait to be at.

Will Enhance Token token show up in the SafeMoon Wallet?

Cats: So, it should already be there. If you go to the [SafeMoon Wallet], click on “See All” and then at the very top, you can hit the + sign. You may just need to hit the green tick [to enable.] It is there.

Will custom deposit addresses be available as a feature within the SafeMoon Wallet?

Cats: I know the likes of Trust Wallet has a BNB one. Ryan did say something similar to how it all comes together in relation to security with releasing your physical wallet vs. having a custom receive address based on the ecosystem competition of adding everyone together with one login. They want to get to a point where you have one login and that one login is then used across the ecosystem. The wallet could — the exchange — [Its] potential may be already tied into that but I don’t know. That’s definitely something I can ask because it’s actually the first time I’ve ever had anyone ask that. So, for sure, I definitely see it could happen. It [would] definitely help with security anyway.

Since Swap and Liquify are temporarily disabled, at least until they finish up the new version of S&L, the team will be doing manual transfers, correct? Do we know what that might change?

Cats: It’s potentially just a smaller amount over the course of a long period instead of big ones.

Gandalf: There might be manually trades but this is not 100% [guaranteed]. There will be manual transactions happening. If they happen, we’ll have to look for updates.

Cats: I can’t see it being more than what Swap and Liquify was. If they are going to do small manual ones, it’s going to be smaller than the 250mil tokens. I can’t see it being more than that.

Will this new listing directly influence holders’ reflections purchased through the SafeMoon Swap?

Cats: Yes. What’s the reflection breakdown? Is it 0.17 percent?

Gandalf: .17, yes, and then 0.03 and then 0.05.

Cats: Yeah, so 0.17% of every transaction that happens on the SafeMoon SWaP is reflected back to the holders and that’s just straight reflections. All the volume that is going to be built up, with either Enhance or any future listings, is still going to apply back to the SafeMoon holders.

Cats: So, it’s all benefiting each and every one of you when it comes back to actually having a bigger ecosystem, which is why we really want to grow [the] ecosystem, to have more and more holders.

I was in a Space last night and it really blew my mind when thinking about how John and his team spent years laying the groundwork for his vision and he managed to find the perfect cryptocurrency to drive it.

Gandalf: I wasn't actually there when they were talking about John and his journey until the early morning where we just talked about our [own] journeys, [so I don't know.]

Cats: Well, I can kind of touch on it a little bit in terms of the entire journey for John. John had a vision a long time ago for the likes of The Gambia and so forth and how he could potentially change and help places like The Gambia develop further and further. It was all about, from his perspective, not just throwing money at their face but helping them develop. He had a vision but he didn't have the right means to [make it happen].

So, a few years go down the line — then SafeMoon was made as a token. — Initially, it wasn’t there to be anything more than the token with its new innovative-styled tokenomics. Now, we know that SafeMoon wasn’t the first to create tokenomics, but overall, it was a method of applying tokenomics. Through the course of, just the nature of word of mouth and how everything took about, SafeMoon threw so many records out of the window for how viral a cryptocurrency [can] happen; practically overnight to a certain extent, and it kind of grew things out of proportion very, very quickly. That’s when things started to become real.

As it started to grow, John was brought on board with the members of the team, at the time, to help develop this and bring it into fruition. This is where John’s vision started to be applied, which at that point it kind of has all been self-explanatory from there. It’s all about, for John, creating his vision the way he sees it to help these people. It can grow on from there, and depending on when you joined the SafeMoon community [determines] where you would be at with knowing the history.

[The]very beginning portion, John had a vision a long time ago [in] 2018 when he had some conversations, and that’s how long ago his vision’s been at work. Once he was brought onto SafeMoon, it was then that he could utilize SafeMoon to help these people. He’s not just helping the likes of The Gambia. He’s actually helping millions of people across the world, which eventually could turn into billions across the world if everything comes to fruition. You know, there’s more to the story about how SafeMoon’s developed over the past ten, eleven months... I can nearly say we’re a year old! We are literally 30 days away from being a year old.

Gandalf: Oh, yeah!

Veno: Ooh, we gotta have a party!

Cats: Aw, the first is a Tuesday. It would have been nice if the first fell on a Sunday. Anyway..

Veno: I think they made the Discord on the 10th. Maybe we can have a Discord party to celebrate that.

Gandalf: Mr. Adult can do karaoke.

Veno: I think we could release ten blockchains before he commits to that.

Cats: I committed to shaving my head! He can do a bit of karaoke. Come on!


Cats: Sweet. Let’s see.. Are there any other questions?

Is the SafeMoon Wallet still getting upgrades? I’m using an iPad and wondering if the reflections are accurate for my device.

Cats: If you’re referring to the reflections calculator, it may multi-pull and pull the same thing twice, so it's to be as advised only. In the actual reflections tab, you should be able to hit the Refresh button. So when you go to your reflections tab, click on whichever token it is. Once it is done loading the data, you should be able to refresh at the very top right, which should then re-pull all the data since you’ve had the token. That’s where it is for me and I haven’t had any issues with it being incorrect. If it is incorrect, just take your wallet address and paste it into the [wallet tracker] and that tracker will do the exact same thing; at least that’s not multi-pulling.

CatsRus: I have two people waiting so let's bring these guys up. Hello Safo.

Safo: Hi, first of all, thanks for [running] this MoonCast and giving a chance for people to come and get educated and ask questions too. I usually listen to you on Twitter Spaces but it's my first time coming on here.

I’ll cut to the chase. The reflections.

I noticed that there is a maximum of three tokens that can be tracked. Since you guys are getting other tokens that have reflections on the SafeMoon Swap, are you guys going to extend the number of tokens that can be tracked through the reflections tab on the SafeMoon Wallet at some point in future?

CatsRus: If you are referring to Enhance or anything like that, we can't directly track those tokens and the reason for that is that it's not pulling natively to the same token. So, the way that the reflection tracker works at the moment is it takes one value of how many tokens you are holding and then it'll take a snapshot at another value and it will just basically receive the difference.

However, with Enhance, it's not in real-time. That token in the contract pays out over time. So if you are invested in Enhance then when you go onto your SafeMoon V2 and you click on the transaction history, you'll be receiving sums of SafeMoon V2 from the same wallet which starts with OXD4A. That's their contract and it'll payout from there. We can't directly track those reflections unless we implemented a direct system as they have on their wallet.

But for any other tokens such as Shinobi which is on the Ethereum side, it should be fine.

Safo: Yeah, I was able to add Shinobi on the Ethereum side of my wallet but I noticed that there was only a maximum of three tokens that could be tracked on the Reflections tab and I was wondering if that's going to be expanded? I mean the others probably aren't going to have the same issue as Enhance because Enhance is different and I'm sure all the tokens are going to have a different way of sending reflections to the holders.

I was wondering, for example, I'm not shilling but I do have Baby Doge that I track on the SafeMoon Wallet through the reflections and if we have a similar token that can be tracked through the reflection tab will you guys add that or expand on that? So that it'll be like a 'one shop' thing where if you have more than five tokens that have reflections you can track it through your reflector tab right on your wallet?

CatsRus: Sure, I don't know if that is an overall limitation by the throughput from the API or if it is because they only had so many tokens and they just put a limit on it so people didn't add 50 of the same token.

Safo: Like three different tokens that you can add to the Reflection tab; that's what I meant.

CatsRus: Yeah, that's why I mentioned that I'm not sure if it's a limitation of only being able to download so much information which is the throughput, or if it's a case that they only had so many tokens available for tokenomics at the time. So, I'm not too sure why there's a 3-token-limitation in there. I'll definitely find out the answer so keep an eye on my Twitter. I'll see if I can get that answered because I'm not too sure if there's a reason for it being limited or not, especially, if more and more tokens get adopted or listed as partners and so forth, it's definitely something that we want to be a part of as a whole.

Safo: Exactly, because V1 did not have this issue because I had more than three tokens on there that I could track but the moment we went to V2 it limited the number of tokens that can be tracked, so I figured just to bring that up.

CatsRus: Sure, I will definitely find that answer out because it's an interesting one and I didn't even realize there was a limit until you mentioned it. So, I will ask the question, keep an eye on my Twitter and I'll put out a response just to say if there's a three limitation because of the [rate of processing]. I'm assuming it's something to do with a physical data throughput, if we have over a million people requesting more than three wallets, how much data is that actually going to try and take through from the API? So it may be a limitation on that front as per my understanding but again I'm getting to get all that for you.

Safo: Ok, I'll step down. Thanks, I appreciate it.

CatsRus: Yeah no problem, thank you for coming up.

So have we got any final questions from the text chat or have we covered everything for this week?

Veno: I think we've got through it. It's a very quiet and mellow week. I know a lot of people are like "Why isn't anything happening?" Some need that excitement or drama or something to happen in their lives. Enjoy it. Because there are a lot more chaotic and crazy times than there are peaceful times. Sometimes peaceful times are rare. We have it right now, enjoy it. It will be gone and you'll be wishing "I wish I could take a break and catch my breath."

This is that moment to catch your breath. Just relax, enjoy your time, make some friends, and talk with the community. Just take this in for what it is before the craziness and the chaos and our future really gets going because it's coming, we know it's coming, we're confident that it's coming. So just sit back, enjoy the comfort of your chair and enjoy this nice easy peaceful week, we don't know how many are left.

CatsRus: For sure. As much as this is peaceful, nice, and calm and we're just getting teasers here and there from the team and things keep working at a nice steady process, it's nice. But boy, I can't wait till it's all done. To be able to sit there and say I told you so - told you so - told you so.

I keep saying it to my parents, my parents are like "Why are you doing this?" or "What are you getting from this?" And I'm trying to explain the fundamentals of what is being built and they're just like “Yeah, it's not going to work, it doesn't make sense.”

I'm like "How does