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MoonCast (Jan 23rd, 2022)

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Mr Adult (Global Community Manager), CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education), Veno (Discord Community Manager),
and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)



Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How are we all doing? Today is episode 3 of 2022. Thank you all for coming! It’s been an exciting week and a lot has happened. We’ve got some things to go over. I want to hear your opinions and we're going to break this all down. I'm your host, Cats. I'm joined by Gandalf, [and] we have Veno which will shortly be arriving once he's turned his music channel off.

Veno: I should be here now.

CatsRus: Oh, there he is! And then Mr.Adult. As I said today, we got a few things to talk about and then we'll jump into the regular Q & A and then at the very end the Gaming Community Manager Sander wants to come up and just make an announcement at the very end.


CatsRus: So let's jump into it. So, first of all, there is no SafeMoon Sunday this week, as you are now probably well aware, and the team have decided that it is potentially better and a more beneficial option to go for a [once] a month, with the next one being in February. That doesn't mean it's always going to stay [once] a month. If there's an important announcement they could always do more but at least once a month is kind of the way they're going to roll with that. So the next one is going to be in February, no date as of yet but hopefully as we move into February we'll get a date.


CatsRus: To my knowledge, I believe we hit 1,000,000 downloads. Well, I would hope that we'd hit that 1%. That 1% that we were waiting for. So, John will soon be devouring a delicious pineapple pizza. That's going to be fun!!


CatsRus: We had Cryptopia! That was an amazing event and a lot of good things came out of that and just to be a part of essentially the hub of Utah and have all these companies come together, it was really beneficial for not just SafeMoon but everyone that was there.


And we then have the status of the market. Now again, none of this is financial advice but the status of the market is affected by real-world ongoing issues -

Mr. Adult: Today’s show is sponsored by the color red.


CatsRus: Do not panic with the status of the market just because it is down. We aren't the only ones that are down; the entire market is down. So don't panic at seeing red.

Veno: Look at any market! Look at the stock market, the stock market is the same way. Everything's just falling like a brick right now but that's a good thing because, what's the best way to see things go up? [It’s] to have things go down and be liquidated. There's a lot of free money out there right now. It's got to go somewhere eventually.

CatsRus: Exactly and you know, it's red. Potentially see this as an opportunity for yourselves, you know, that is to your own discretion of how you utilize this time.


SafeMoon Labs

CatsRus: We move on to the educational portion. So, I'll let Gandalf jump in on this and you can make a little bit of an announcement. I didn't know if you wanted to announce the schedule or not but well, let you [go] over what you'll be working on over the coming weeks and in the future.

Gandalf: Oh yeah, I will. So tomorrow there will be the second earlier Space going live on SFM Labs. In the future, I think Monday in two weeks, I will start to do live [Spaces] on Twitter again which will be recorded and then uploaded by the end of the week.

So from Monday in two weeks going on, every week there will be a special Space on Twitter which I will just schedule and make tweets out so you don't miss it and then you can just go into this and listen to this and if you can't be there you could just listen to that on SafeMoon Labs more less by the end of the week, approximately Friday. Cats, I guess Friday was the time, right?

CatsRus: Yes, so we estimated that if you were to run the event on Monday, we would then upload it on Friday. That gives us time to essentially get the recording, obviously cut out anything that shouldn't be there (we know what order Spaces can be like). We'll obviously edit that as needed so… Gandalf’s going to be running these Twitter Spaces under the name SFM Labs, that's what his space is going to be called. Every Monday [a] time will be announced and we’ll both sort of get a time frame what best suits the entire community

Mr. Adult: And what best suits Gandalf as well, right?

CatsRus: Well yeah.

Gandalf: It would be fine too, right? But I think we estimated it to be 7:00 PM my time. That would be like 1:00 PM UTC I guess, so it would be around this time.

Mr Adult: That's the beauty of the recording, it's for everyone.

Gandalf: Exactly. But the live Space would be around 1:00 or 2:00 PM UST which would be 7:00 or 8:00 pm my time. It will go for approximately half an hour to two hours, depending on what kind of stuff I'm talking about or what themes I want to bring in and discuss.

CatsRus: That's exactly it and there are things that you're going to be talking about that aren't just SafeMoon related. He's going to be focusing more on everything crypto. Obviously, SafeMoon will be a part of that but we want to educate you on everything that is related to crypto. And Gandalf’s taking that role of creating these Spaces to help you.

The first one we had was about NFTs which is now uploaded on the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel and there's also an article paired with that on Safemoon.Education.

So, each Space is recorded then uploaded to YouTube and then it's paired with an article as well. So, we've got a diverse range of content available for you based on how you prefer to learn. Some like to listen, some like to read, and some like to be involved. So whichever way you feel is going to be beneficial to you, you've got those three options to play around with.

Throughout the next two weeks, you're going to get the previous Spaces that he's done. We're going to slowly start rolling these out on the YouTube channel so definitely subscribe on there. From there it's just a case of when we're ready and then we'll start doing these live. then you can play a part of this, the Safemoon Lab’s Ecosystem on that side of things.

SafeMoon Timeline

CatsRus: Also, we have been doing some work that's already existed on for a while which is the history tab. So within the education tab, there's a history tab, it's called ‘Timeline’. In there you're going to start to see more and more updates to the more important things such as listings, partnerships and special events.

So right now, I think we've got up to September, I believe it was around about at the launch of the wallet on Google. Then throughout the next week, we're going to slowly get up to date with everything of that nature. That is something that is on the way now - the History Timeline.

Security Tab

CatsRus: Also coming this week is a 'Security’ tab with a video and an article. There have been a lot of scams and security risks. There was a big holder of SafeMoon who unfortunately did lose a substantial amount of money due to security risks that unfortunately he may not have been aware of and so forth.

So the Security tab is going to be updated with a lot more information to make sure that you are 100% secure. I'm going to give my example of how I keep myself secure, to the extreme of having a safety deposit box and how my wallets are laid out. That way I'm secure as you can be, without doing anything you shouldn't and still following the rules.

Mr Adult: Yeah, I just want to jump in here to make sure that everyone is clear that it's about best practices - it's not about the security of the ecosystem or the apps or anything like that. It's very much about the crypto landscape being susceptible to scams or weird messages that come through that can look genuine. So it's educational around 'How to be aware'. There's no one that's been susceptible to a security issue within the things that we've got.

It's very much about 'social engineering,' that's closer to where a lot of this stuff lies. Typically social engineering is if you have a mobile phone, a person might try and get in touch with your mobile phone provider and take over your phone by pretending to be you - that's the classic social engineering.

But it happens in other ways, too. You may have got direct messages that say "Hey you've won a competition" or "You need to connect your wallet to validate" are some examples. You have to ignore these. Doubt everything and make sure you do more than the minimum checks because that's what people are playing on, they're playing on familiarity and they're playing on your expectation of something showing up. It's so easy to make mistakes in a situation where it seems familiar. So just have a heightened sense of awareness. I think this is what you're getting at Cats, you're trying to bring more educational tips so that people know, not just how to look out for it but what to look out for as well.

CatsRus: Yeah, it’s everything.

Veno: Also, when in doubt ask.

This community does a great job of pointing out “Hey don’t do that, that’s a scam!” in the main chat on Discord when people come in asking about something they’ve seen or something they received. So even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Even if you have to blur out your wallet addresses in screenshots, just find a way to ask somebody for help, to make sure that you're doing your due diligence and that you're staying safe.

CatsRus: Yeah, 100%. That's what's going to be coming with this update now. I don't know if it'll be completed this week because as I said I do want to pair it with a video and an article, so you've got the full diversity. A bit of everything from Best Practices to the extreme levels that I take to secure my assets in every way that I can. So it'll all be put in a way that can help everyone.

Again, you've got a video, you've got the article and then the community is putting together some Twitter Spaces around education for the security side of things. So if you want to partake in them you're more than welcome to. If you are in discord and have a risk or you want to ask something, as Veno said, ask that question. It's better to ask.

Mr Adult: Is it alright if I put a quick thanks out in line with this as well? In relation to scams and awareness, one of the problems we face within our communities, it's not even parody accounts, it's just fake accounts.

You may have seen a day or so ago that John was mentioning one on Instagram. We get Instagram and Twitter and these different accounts that try to pretend to be core team or CEOs. Not just with our project but many projects. Two things happened in the last 24 hours which I just really want to call out.

One is, John, asked for some support from the community to help report this particularly aggressive scam account but second to that, a member of our community really stood up and that's Brian S. and I've checked that I'm OK to call him out. So Brian S. went above and beyond and managed to get a significant ticket submitted to Meta and we managed to get not just that scam account taken down but a bunch of the other ones as well.

It's this kind of looking out, it isn't about ego, it's about protection. That account not existing now means that other people who aren't necessarily members of our community or who are, could have been taken in by something that looks particularly genuine. Well, they're protected now because that account is completely shut down.

I saw a few people complaining “Oh why are you asking us to try and report this account?” It can seem on the surface, such a shallow thing to do but actually if you were susceptible to being taken in by such a scam account and you lost everything, you'd be so dismayed or furious or any number of other emotions.

So, when our community steps up, calls out and reports these scam accounts, whether they are Twitter accounts which Galan, Momo, [Jared], and myself and others have been reporting. Twitter has been quite good at shutting those down within around 24 hours. We've also been closing scam Instagram accounts now.

I just really wanted to really give a call out to Brian S. to say thank you for everything that you did in the last 24 hours to help that happen. I know John is deeply thankful for that as well because it does really protect the user base. I just want to say thank you to the community that's already going above and beyond to protect the rest of the community.

CatsRus: That's amazing. I didn't realize it was a gentleman within the community that actually made a big portion of that happen. So, credit to Brian, we're going to get him added to the article that has been posted which is SafeMoon Lowdown.

SafeMoon Lowdown

CatsRus: So if you aren't aware of what SafeMoon Lowdown is, it's a daily newsletter provided by two fine ladies in our community, SafeMoon Pulse and Momo. These two ladies are going above and beyond to get you as much information as possible. I didn't know that it was Brian that had come along and actually helped, so we're definitely going to give credit to him. But that's something that these two ladies have been doing on a daily basis for two weeks now or something like that.

Gandalf: It is two weeks, yeah.

Mr. Adult: Someone said yesterday I can't remember who it was said, "Oh there's not enough information."


I was like, "Have you seen these daily reports? What do you want? Do you want someone to sit next to you and just whisper it in your ear 24 hours a day?"

CatsRus: Well that's it isn't it? I'm well within the community and even with the stuff that I look at every day, I go "Oh wait, where did that come from? Wait, I missed that? How did I miss that?" It's crazy because you think you know everything or you think you're involved with everything but you're really not. There is somewhere within the community that you may have missed that day. So, these ladies go above and beyond to make sure 100% that everything is recorded for that day and they've been absolutely nailing it. It comes out every day at 3:00 PM GMT. I don't know the other time frames for that.

Mr. Adult: Right now it's 3:00 PM UTC. So if people want to use UTC as their deciding time, it's the Universal Time so just go with that - 3:00 PM UTC.

CatsRus: Yeah, so whatever it is in your local time, that's when it launches every day. Again, I can't give enough credit to those two, they've been absolutely phenomenal and absolutely blasting out of the park.

Especially to Pulse with some of the graphics that she's been making. I've watched her content and her graphic designs go from what it was when I was working with her on the Facebook side to what it is now. I can definitely see a huge development within her skills. So again, can't thank those two girls enough and Brian, we're going to grab your hashtag and we're going to give you some credit as well. That's about it from the education side.


Guest Speakers

CatsRus: Now we're going to move into what today's Space is all about and it's about guest speakers. I want to start moving MoonCast into more of an informative [Space,] speaking with partners, as an example, I'm hoping to get involved with speaking to one of our connections within TaxBit.

Now if you don't know TaxBit [is,] I'm going to read the legal description of what they state they are: "Designed by CPAs and Tax Attorneys, TaxBit is the leading tax and accounting solution for the digital economy. TaxBit's customers include the world's top exchanges, institutional investors, governments, and individuals. As the first and only company to build real-time ERP accounting software for commodities, equities, and other digital asset investments, TaxBit provides enterprise clients with seamless end-to-end solutions including core accounting suite, customer management suite, and form issuance. TaxBit Consumer makes filing taxes on digital asset investments simple and painless, while equipping them with real-time directional insights 24/7, 365 days a year.” They’re ones that we have partnered with, as with we're both SafeMoon the technology company and also, TaxBit, they are in the US and here is something that they came up with and what they were saying at Cryptopia was mind-blowing. I really want to get them on board and if we can have a show about [them I’d love that.] But going back to the guest speakers, I want to hear from you guys who you want to have on the show. Obviously we can try and get John, Ryan and the core team but I'm thinking more of is there a partnership that's recently come out that we want to speak with them? I want to know what you guys want to know about other than just straight up “This is what's happening” and we answer your questions on a weekly basis.

Mr. Adult: Yeah, this is a stage and it would be great to have some more people on it. One thing I just wanted to cover before we kind of completely vanished from the scam conversation is I've been led to understand there's a new scam going around related to Discord and the way that it works is that there's scammers who are watching for people who get banned from a Discord, not just SafeMoon but any Discord, and then they get in touch with the people who got banned pretending there from that Discord and asking them to prove their innocence basically and then they follow a range of different conversational tactics to try and get you to prove that you should be back into that Discord and it could risk your account or your details or something else so it's just to make sure that people are being diligent about who's contacting them and not to just take again it's that familiarity that breeds contempt.

So I just wanted to make sure that that one’s out there because, I'm not suggesting anyone is going to get banned but, you may be in other Discords or there may be other situations where for some reason you get kicked, removed, or leave a server and someone may get in touch. Just 'cause it had come across my messages, I thought I'd better share that while we're here but going back to what you were saying yeah a stage is exactly what you've got here and I know some of the previous episodes that you've hosted, such as when we had the Mooncraft Devs on, they were very well received it's great hearing you have a conversation with people about what they're trying to do to further a particular space or technology or an idea so I'm totally behind that. I'd love to hear more of those.

CatsRus: Yeah, for sure. We're [currently] trying to see if there's a representative from TaxBit that could come on and share what they're doing, how they're working and what is the benefit for, not just SafeMoon holders but, all crypto holders in general. I know they are working with the likes of the IRS and they're trying to define what is the right way to file taxes. With the likes of tokenomics, there isn't a true way to file tokenomics. It's kind of [like] you submit it and if you get audited then it's kind of based on why you submitted it that way, 'cause there are a lot of rules to be written around taxes so getting them on board would definitely a greater kind of share for the community

Just on that though, while you were talking about getting banned… Do we wanna share my fun antics this week?

Off Topic

Gandalf: Yes, pretty funny.

Mr. Adult: Oh yeah, so we've had to remove Cats, I'm afraid. Sorry, bye. ☺

CatsRus: So I woke up one morning not being able to log into my Discord account and I was very shocked to find out that it was banned. Not just temporarily suspended, complete perma-banned by Discord itself, because apparently if you file a chargeback on your PayPal account that you didn't authorize for someone using your PayPal to actually create and pay Nitro gifts so this isn't a nitro subscription this is physically my PayPal account buying gifts for Nitro. I charge them back and within 24 hours they banned my account so…

Veno: That makes sense. They think your account was compromised

CatsRus: No it wasn't. It wasn't my Discord account that was compromised, it was my PayPal account. But because my PayPal account was associated with my account was on a subscription, they banned my Discord account because I filed the chargebacks through that PayPal account and it was associated.

Gandalf: I always knew that you were a shady cat, man. That's why it got banned!

CatsRus: Either way I had a long conversation on the phone with someone at Discord. Yeah, I know, I actually got to speak to someone on the phone it was a miracle and -

Mr. Adult: You sure it's not a scam?

Veno: So those 300 Nitros you gave away in main chat the other day, that wasn’t you?

CatsRus: I don't know if there's enough in my PayPal account to give away 300 Nitros.

Mr. Adult: I’ll give it back, I'll give it back. Sorry ☹

Gandalf: I had such a strange feeling because I saw a Cat profile messaging me with a picture and no titles. I wanted to ban him instantly but he said “No, stop! It's me!”

Veno: Well, [as] soon as he got the new account in here, I had given him the roles to try and prevent that from happening

CatsRus: Well, if you ever get scammed on your PayPal account and you get charges going to Discord that you didn’t authorize, well, it's lost money. You can either charge it back and not get your account back or you have to prove your innocence which I ended up doing [by] having that long conversation. It was actually some account with random letters [and numbers] that was buying Discord accounts. Well, Nitro for gifts and then giving them away to real accounts so... Yeah, I'm now back in my legit account, but it was a fun week. I didn't know that Discord had voice customer service, which is kind of new to me.

Veno: So now what are you going to do with the second account?

CatsRus: That's my backup in case, you know…

Mr. Adult: He’s going to make it a NFT.

Veno: You should have your backup and Chris’s backup as a friend.

Gandalf: You’re going to set it off.

Veno: The army of the backup accounts.

CatsRus: Here’s the thing. You were just talking about clone accounts and stuff, right? I have not had one clone account yet.

Mr. Adult: We may or may not have taken care of some…

CatsRus: Are you one? You an imposter?

Mr. Adult: Meow?

CatsRus: But no, it was just something that came up and when you said it I was like I've not had it - I've had a smaller following in terms of community members, I've had clones and everything right so you know…

Mr. Adult: You must just not be active enough in the chat

Veno: I checked through the ban list real quick; nobody has ever impersonated him. I'm kind of surprised, like he's on my search list. He's on my list of names that I search up daily to see if there's any duplicates and I've never found one for him. I just assume other mods step up and take care of it sometimes because a lot of the mods do keep an eye on that stuff too… but no, nobody's ever gotten one. There are no bans for a CatRus, I love that.

CatsRus: It's weird because I don't know if I should feel honored or just happy that no one cared.

Gandalf: No one cares ☺

Mr Adult: Yeah, no one would dare mess with you, that's what it is.

CatsRus: Yeah bring it, I'll claw your face off.

Mr Adult: I know you've got dogs that will eat bins, let alone what they would do to an individual who scammed an account.

Veno: Because they would get their head shaved.

Mr. Adult: Did your dog eat the bin?

CatsRus: No, I decided to give it a good kick and broke the hinge so......

Gandalf: What you kicked Daryl?

CatsRus: No I kicked the bin


Gandalf: I thought you kicked the dog. Nooo! CatsRus: No no, Daryl is fine. I got really annoyed at the bin last week, it wasn't during Mooncast but it was last week when they got in the bin again and so I gave it a good old kick and I broke it....

Mr. Adult: Why is it that the bin's full - is it just too tantalizing?

CatsRus: I don't know. It's even got a clip, like those security tags for cupboards for kids? I even had to put one of them on the bin and they chewed through the clip

Mr. Adult: Your dogs are the A-Team, that's what I'm hearing.

CatsRus: They're definitely not stupid that's for sure.

Gandalf: Other people smash controllers, he smashes bins.

Mr. Adult: Yeah, damn you FIFA. Anyway, this is less and less SafeMoon by the second, I'm sorry.

Gandalf: Hey, we lost Metaverse Josh. He was on stage.

Mr. Adult: Metaverse Josh, if you come back I will bring you up. There he is, he's coming back. Sorry, we got sidetracked.

Veno: This conversation is going way off-topic. I'm gonna get some food.

Gandalf: I'm making some popcorn now.

Metaverse Josh: Oh yeah, I want to get something soon too, that sounds like a good idea. So yeah you guys mentioned earlier all the different events that you guys have: the Safemoon Lab, SafeMoon Pulse.... a lot of cool things that you guys are doing to educate the people and to get the word out.


I was wondering if you guys ever considered actually doing something in the Metaverse as well?

CatsRUs: We've done some events there and we've got a lot of just random people that aren't from the army or anything and you get a lot of organic conversation that way about crypto and other things besides SafeMoon, too. I'm just wondering what you guys thought about that?

Mr. Adult: Here’s a thing. Do you have a billboard?

Josh: Wait a second. Do I have a billboard?


Josh: What are you saying, do I have a billboard?

CatsRus: You know when you club…. I've not been in the Metaverse because apparently

Veno: What, never?

CatsRus: Well no. Because I went to the local store to buy an Oculus and apparently every man and his dog wanted to buy one, so I'm on a backorder until I get one.

So I'm asking, do you have a billboard within a very high populated space

which the Low Down can just continuously scroll?

Josh: The closest thing I have to that right now is...oh I'm about to drop a bombshell on MoonCast... here we go: I've been working on a new world that's sort of like a podcast environment for a live audience and all sorts of stuff right now. I'm currently using the New York City Times Square, including the SafeMoon ad as my skybox for that world. So it's a pretty cool thing.

Mr Adult: Yeah, it looks awesome.

Josh: I haven't shown it to a lot of people. There are a few people who have seen it but it's the thing I'm working on and so my proposal was if you guys ever wanted to take your - it doesn't have to be the MoonCast specifically - but if you ever have some kind of content that you wanna drop in the metaverse I have a world that is ready built for it.

Veno: Is there a way to duplicate the stream? Like run it on here and have it also play live simultaneously on the metaverse because that's the most ideal situation.

Josh: Yeah, there is.

Veno: That's the most ideal situation. You want to get as many audiences together, connected as possible. Because I think Cats you're streaming on Facebook right now aren't you as well?

CatsRus: Yeah, Facebook and YouTube yeah.

Veno: Yeah so it's like we've got a lot covered but it would be great to add Metaverse as just another one. Maybe?

Josh: Absolutely.

CatsRus: You can take the Discord or the YouTube stream or the Facebook stream whichever is easier to integrate.

Josh: Yeah, either one of those I could do. We just did something similar for the first Safemoon Sunday of the year. Right, we had about 30 people that showed up, just randoms, from alt space and some were from the army. It was a really good event because they already had the media together and then once that was over we had a lot of good discussions.

Mr Adult: So there are two things to add here. One is that Josh and I have been talking and we will be more. Just to put that out there but secondly, we do know that you don't have to have an Oculus to enter the Metaverse and I wonder if Josh might want to give a little bit more info for anyone who might be curious but not necessarily want to put a headset on or be able to in Cats place, put a headset on their head?

Josh: Sure I can go over that. So, the first thing about Metaverse is that it's like a term that can be used for a lot of different applications in spaces. So the one in particular that I'm talking about is called 'AltSpace' and that's a free application that you can download for Oculus or for steam, if you have steam VR or if you just wanna play on PC.

CatsRus: All Space?

Josh: It's called AltSpaceVR. OK. Once you're in Altspace, you can either create an AltSpace account or you can use a single sign-on with your Microsoft account. Either way, once you're in there are all sorts of worlds that you can explore. I've made a few that are SafeMoon themed. I have a Club SafeMoon if you haven't heard about that. The world code for anybody that's listening, if you wanna check that out it is CMC519 (like CoinMarketCap). So, that's the world code: CMC519.

Mr Adult: I was just saying if someone could put that in the Event Chat as well that'd be great.

Josh: Sure, that's great. Thanks for advertising that for me. So, that's just the club that we made for SafeMoon and we've used that as a hangout spot but we've also determined that that's not the greatest space for education and stuff like that.

Veno: CMC519 that's correct. OK, awesome it's in event chat.

Josh: Awesome so and I'll probably hop in there later today but it's a nice space for partying and listening to music, it was a cool little hangout spot. We also made a few places for more educational based things. The theater was more of a thing that we used to watch the live stream before the SafeMoon Sunday.

And we can even do that for a MoonCast or anything else. I've been kind of under the weather this past week, I caught COVID, so I'm on the bounce back from that. I was hoping that I could continue to do the SafeMoon Sunday live streams there and we could add MoonCast to that as well.

Gandalf: Well, we would meet there pretty soon Josh.

Mr Adult: That sounds like it was a threat


Gandalf: If you know, you know.

Veno: We're gonna meet there tomorrow, you wait and see.

Josh: At high noon.

Gandalf: If I don't get a headache right away and I could move more than 10 minutes or 30 minutes in there, I'll be there you know that.

Mr Adult: Well, that's cool. It's like you don't need to have a headset on, you can just use your standard WASD and all that kind of stuff. But the other thing which I know Josh has spoken about plenty of times is: it's audio distanced.

So if you're with a crowd of people at one end of the arena or a room or whatever - you're hearing the people around you. So, it's not all full-on, all of the time. It's got that kind of proximity effect which really does give it more of a community presence -is perhaps the better word. I don't know if you've got anything to add to that Josh?

Josh: It's called spatial audio, I believe it's how they directly refer to that. It's like when you're hanging out in the club and you can have a private conversation with Gandalf in the corner, while someone else all the way across the room can have their conversation. You might get to overhear them slightly as you would in real life. If you speak loudly into your microphone, it's going to project it louder and when you speak softly it purposely gates that audio to people just around you so you can manipulate it just like you could in real life - it's a pretty cool thing. It also works with media too.

Mr Adult: So, while we have you here, it makes sense to use the space and the stage. I think people are interested in this because it is very much - I don't wanna say New Frontier, it's almost like a refreshed Frontier right? We've had stuff in the past like Second Life but it was almost a thing ahead of its time.

While we've got you here if you wanna talk about, not necessarily your specific ambitions but perhaps some of the potential possibilities that you see that are ahead of us because of things like the metaverse. And whether you want to connect that to stuff we've already got out in the world, whether that's SafeMoon Connect or whatever. How do those dots start to connect from your perspective.

Josh: Sure. I've got a couple of ideas that I've talked about before. One of the things that’s immediate, is that when Ryan and John released the information about SafeMoon connect, I got really excited about it because I knew it was an immediate use case. Not just for content creators like YouTubers but also for Metaverse content creation.

It’s something that I've recently looked into and saw this huge potential for online content creation and e-commerce. I'll speak a little bit about one world that I ran across called 'The Mall of the Metaverse'. It was a really cool concept because it was just a simple world that someone made. It looked like a Mall and it had different booths and these booths were for content creators of all types.Some of these people made metaverse objects that you could use in your world so that they could charge you a subscription to something similar.

I've seen people who are entertainers in the metaverse. I've seen people who do live DJ events. They offer all these services and different products but they all receive payment differently. And that could be via PayPal or Patreon etc and I just saw this huge potential for SafeMoon Connect.

To work in a way that would help not only bridge the gap between content creators and receive some sort of payment for their efforts but also bring utility and volume immediately to our project that we didn't have before. That's something that I see in our immediate future because the technology is there for that.

Then one day, I hope to see our project grow in a way that there's the potential to have a SafeMoon coin and you could mint different tokens and projects on that blockchain.

I would like to see the metaverse become a thing but one of the biggest problems right now is that everything is disconnected. So you've got this metaverse and that metaverse but e-commerce is not tied amongst them. You can't bring items and NFTs etc between them. These are all just different centralized programs and I would like to see something happen in Gaming. I hate saying Gaming because it is more than a 3D social aspect to me now but let's just say I have a project and I want to create a metaverse of my own worlds or I wanna bring my virtual store into the metaverse.

To be able to quote/unquote, I don't know if that's what you would call it but to mint my world on the SafeMoon blockchain in a way that my e-commerce and my payment receiving method would be SafeMoon Connect.

All of this stuff would be built in because it's an ecosystem that was ready for me and that's just the way that Ryan talks about the products - that it's self-serve, that it's secure.

I see that one day the metaverse could also be this way, that people could bring their content and their worlds, their products and their services into the metaverse and then integrate seamlessly with our SafeMoon ecosystem. In a way that everything they do contributes to the burn and reflection.

Anyway, I don't know what that looks like to a developer, it's just an idea but it's one that I hope that more and more people start to see the potential of that so we can make it a reality together.

Mr Adult: I love that