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MoonCast (Jan 16th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager), Veno (Discord Community Manager),
and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)


Cats: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to episode two of 2022. And thanks to Veno for actually counting, it’s [our] 22nd MoonCast that we’ve ever done. Today is just a little bit of an update with everything that’s happened over the past week. From there we can roll into the Q&A that we would normally do.

First thing’s first, I’m going to address the SafeMoon.Education [site]. I saw that it was one of the first questions that was asked and I wanted to touch on this anyway. I want to say that I’m a one-man army and when there is as much as much education that is actually happening on [the] SafeMoon.Education[site], I can only keep up [so much]. It was, as of this week - there was some information that was essentially very outdated. Not everything was outdated, quite a lot of it was still very beneficial. There were just some old questions and answers that weren't up to date.

That is and will be updated and launched again at the end of the MoonCast. So at the end of the MoonCast I will be launching the Knowledge Base again. Stay tuned for that, it is going to go live. Now not all of the questions and answers I want on there will be live but everything should be up-to-date. And just to not cause any sort of confusion in the future there will be dates on things posted in case things take my priority and I can't update outdated information quick enough. So if something gets left for two to three weeks and it changes in that two to three weeks you will know it hasn't been updated. We have got a lot of tools there and essentially the tools are run by me for the time being.

On a side note, talking about features and everything associated with SafeMoon.Education, we launched SafeMoon Lowdown. It is the daily updates coming from the two fine ladies, SafeMoon Pulse and Momo. They have been working incredibly hard over the past week to essentially deliver a daily update of everything happening in the community. It’s not just the team and what comes from the team or what John is saying in the actual Discord but it's anything and everything from community members that come up with important information. That’s just two of the main things that we have launched on SafeMoon.Education so far. Gandalf has something coming up very soon related to SafeMoon.Education but we will leave that for a future episode. I think we are going to start Friday. Are we going to start with the video on Friday on Youtube? Gandalf: Yes. Cats: So this Friday, there will be an official launch of something that's coming from Gandalf. It all starts on the Youtube channel so if you are watching on Youtube, subscribe to the Youtube channel because that's where he will start uploading. The main source of information for Gandalf will come from his Twitter, so keep an eye out on Twitter spaces as well.

Gandalf: Exactly Cats: That's just the main updates I have right now. There are some more in line but we will say hello first. Gandalf, do you want to say hello to everyone? Do you have anything to share beyond your project? Gandalf: Hello everybody! Regarding what [Cats] said about the feature coming up, it will be focused around the Spaces that I’m holding so you will see that and we will tweet about it. So you will have the feature to just relisten to specific audio files. But I will just tweet about that more in the coming days. SafeMoon is doing quite well. we are moving forward with the exchanges and I’m pretty happy about this. Cats: Awesome, awesome!! Do you have anything to share, Veno? Veno: I know the only thing people are wanting to know is the puzzle because everyone wants to just solve the puzzle. Cats: I would say some people have gotten close but they haven't gotten it just yet, to my knowledge. Veno: One person came really close, like extremely close, and didn't even realize it. It's a community-oriented thing. It's not something that's an official project thing. That would come from the official sources. What I'm giving is a community-oriented thing from myself who is a community manager. That doesn't mean I dont think it's not going to be big. This is something we need to happen and I’m excited for it. I hope you will all join us on Wednesday and Thursday when we really kick this thing off. I can't give any more hints on it because I don't want you to solve it. If you do, great, but if you solve it too early it jumps the gun on what we are doing so I will not confirm anyone who gets it right. Cats: How long are we running it for? Veno: Wednesday 8 o’clock EST is when I will be posting the last image with all the letters. And all the mods will be doing something as well. That's as far as I will go. Cats: Where do people need to go, is it Twitter or Discord? Where are we looking for this final image? Veno: Well, if i'm doing my job right it will be on my Twitter but it should be everywhere, too. The SafeMoon Army is sharing this thing pretty far and wide so it shouldn't be hard to find the final image once it's posted. Cats: So keep an eye out and if you crack it, you crack it. It will be interesting to see if anyone gets it before. It's essentially one key word that people are missing. Veno: That second word is what's going to get everyone. Cats: As I mentioned, updates are coming to SafeMoon.Education[site]. Everything should be up-to-date by the end of the actual MoonCast.

Apart from that, I think that's everything we have so far. The only other thing is if anyone on has then gone to the Swap and added liquidity. You may or may not have noticed that the feature has been turned off, based on Ryan’s tweets about certain facilities being upgraded. So I just want to make everyone aware, you haven't lost anything and you're not losing anything. I believe Galan is working with Ryan to essentially get it sorted out. So if you do want to remove your funds from the liquidity, that is in the works. It's just a case of the front end UI having been removed and you have not lost anything. Upgrades [are] coming and if you do want to receive your funds back that's also being worked on, too.

Apart from that, requests are now open. I'm going to jump on the text chat and have a look at some of the questions that have been submitted during the introductions. If you have any questions and want to come up or have any questions, put them in the chat and I will try and answer them as best I can.

PM is here. Hello PM, I'm not answering your question.

So I answered that question about the Education site. It was out-of-date because there were more prominent features [that needed to be focused on], especially the migration, consolidation and the V2 launch. [The website is] now being cleaned up and will be launched towards the end of the show.


Veno, you wouldn’t waste our time decoding a message that is just a statement about moving to V2, either with SafeMoon or V2, would you?

Cats: *laughs* It’s a bit more than that. It’s a bit more than just a gimmick. Veno: It’s a two-part message and the second part is pretty obvious, most people have kind of figured out what it is; it’s the first part. That’s the main portion of this and that’s what most people won’t get until the last minute.

Cats: So I’m assuming you’re leaving that key word until the last minute.

Veno: They might get it with one of the letters soon, but.

Cats: It’s like a TV game show. Veno: Cryptic is fun, admit it. Cryptic is fun.

Is the last word [of the puzzle] V2 or 32?

Veno: I’ll tell you this. Somebody commented something like, Can SafeMoon be 32 and I laughed. Of course this community would pick out 32 as the last word. One of the hints hasn’t even been discovered yet. They haven’t yet discovered one of the little things that I’ve hidden yet. I’ll let them figure out that out first [before giving any more hints].

Wen Netflix? Wen Buy button?

Cats: Ok so, Netflix. Let’s talk about the overall documentary. At the end of the day, the team [is] recording constantly. They [have] tons of footage, especially from when the team was in The Gambia. There’s a lot of footage to be broken down. And now the team is moving the SafeMoon Sunday to Youtube and looking to bring more content to that channel. If you haven’t subscribed to the [SafeMoon Youtube] channel, I recommend it, because that’s where most of the production-styled videos will be going. So yeah, keep an eye out on there. As for ‘Wen Buy button,’ and I believe you’re referring more to a Buy Direct button for SafeMoon, that will more [than] likely be coming with the SafeMoon Exchange and when all [of] that is applied together in the ecosystem. We can’t say when because I don’t have a timeframe. We just know it’s 2022 for the exchange and blockchain. As for when exactly, that’s to be confirmed so as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

Veno: When it’s ready. It’s always ‘when it’s ready.’ You’re not going to want things before they’re ready. Cats: Yeah, and at the end of the day, if we consider the ecosystem complete within 18 months, that’s very achievable in terms of everything overall. The company SafeMoon has been around [for] less than a year. We’re 10 months in, not even a year old yet… and where the team is heading, yeah, 2022 is exciting.

Veno: I was scrolling back through the Discord earlier and through our archives we save some of our oldest things and I have a channel that’s buried and only a few of us can see it, but it’s the very beginning of the server. It’s got all [of the chat] back to Hardman being on here and it’s John, Hardman and Hank in the chat getting the very beginnings of SafeMoon going. I keep this channel archived and protect it because this is where it all began.

The first Discord message by Hardman was on March 15th, so just five days in, they had the Discord up and running as one of their hubs. The excitement that they had in the chat then is very much like we see it today. All that hype that John brings to main chat, he’s had it since Day One. He’s been bullish the entire time on the future of what this is becoming. So it’s really nice to see how far we’ve come but the mentality of what we’re going to become hasn’t changed a bit.

Cats: Oh for sure, and you’ve got to remember [that] some of the base mechanics of what the time is working on right now has been in development [since before] SafeMoon came about. John’s been working on some of this stuff for a very long time. I think there’s a photo of him [and] - I’m not going to try and pronounce the gentleman’s name but - there was a gentleman from The Gambia in the picture standing side by side next to him so this is how far this goes back. I think that photo was from 2018. Some of the stuff that has been thought of has been thought of for a very long time and it’s going to continue to grow.

John’s saying there’s up to a 5 year plan ahead and that’s how far they’re thinking ahead, which is serious and great overall business practice because that’s the sort of level that Apples [does] from a bigger perspective. They have to think ahead, not just think about what’s happening now or in the next 3-6 months, but beyond that.

We’ll have to see what comes out but 2022 is an exciting year and to have a full twelve months of pure development and releases and everything else, it’s good.

Is it in the plans for the turbines to start turning this year?

Cats: Technically, the turbines have already been started because they have the test turbine that they’ve been working with in Utah, so that process has already been started. If you’re referring to the first run of turbines that is to be confirmed because we don’t know how long it’s going to take to get them all operational where they are to be installed. We don’t know on that front. I don’t know if there’s any planning permission that needs to be done or anything like that. I’m assuming this was brought up in The Gambia when they were there for the meeting, too.

In your honest opinion, what do you think the SafeMoon daily volume average for 2022 will be?

Cats: I honestly couldn’t tell you because if you were to essentially apply the wallet to start off with, the exchange, the blockchain, the blockchain being our own fuel so then SafeMoon is it’s own fuel, [and then] when you apply all of the other tokens that are potentially going to be on the SafeMoon blockchain, and then you have the likes of the SafeMoon Card, then you have the rewards system that Ryan’s been talking about. Then you have the increase in liquidity and liquidity generation from staking that is obviously connected to the rewards system. It’s not feasible to calculate just in general mathematics. I wish I could tell you [how to find the answer] but it’s impossible. As use cases come out, it can exponentially grow and grow and grow. So we’ll have to see.

With the current economic issue within the market, how does SafeMoon plan to combat the challenging markets ahead?

Cats: Well, [the solution is] having a complete ecosystem. There are a lot of tokens out there at the moment that have partial ecosystems complete, where they may have a wallet or a blockchain or features here and there, but they don’t have a full ecosystem with applied use cases and I feel like that’s what takes away from a lot of tokens. I’m not talking about the big boys like Bitcoin and Ethereum; I’m talking about the smaller tokens. They miss parts and they try to focus on one area instead of trying to complete the entire circle.

If SafeMoon is able to complete the entire circle, the ecosystem, then you’re laughing because it all works and intertwines with each other. You know, you using the card helps someone on the blockchain, which while they’re on the blockchain they’re actually earning tokens which they can swap for Bitcoin which is actually earning them more Bitcoin. [This] then brings them back investing in something else while it’s also applying all these fees, which are all SafeMoon fees because we are our own fuel. It’s a constant interweb and it’s insane what can come of a complete circle but we have to wait and see.

I looked at my wallet and it appears a smart contract was used to take all of my SafeMoon.

Cats: Send your wallet address to PCPC390; he will be messaging you and will assist you if he can determine what has happened.

Veno: I will note that there has been an extraordinary amount of DMs related to V2 consolidation and what you can and can't do across the board. A lot of us have been backlogged so if anybody feels like they’ve been ignored just understand that we have hundreds of thousands of holders in this project and we don't have hundreds of thousands of staff to answer, so sometimes it takes time to get through everybody but we are definitely trying.

How many partnerships does SafeMoon have currently and can we get a rundown of those and what they are for?

Cats: I don't have a full list. You have certain exchanges like BitMart; there are a few there. I would have to put a list together because I can't tell you off the top of my head. I know some partnerships that are potentially under NDA and I don't want to disclose anything that shouldn't be. I’ll have to just wait and see on that and I will try [to] get a list together. It will be a question and answer that I’ll put on the Knowledge Base. Once I find out, just take a look at [the] SafeMoon.Education Knowledge Base, I’ll put it on there.

Has the team already selected a place where the turbines will be installed at and is it secure for them?

Cats: I am going to say I assume they have a location of where they will look to [have them] installed, however, we will have to wait for the team to confirm that. We will have to wait for a confirmation to say 'Oh yeah, we’re going here' and then next minute they start installing and the ground is absolutely diabolical for these to be installed. [We will] have to wait and find out for confirmation on that.

How does the BitMart buyback work?

Cats: The fundamental basis of BitMart and their buyback, sort of like LP with everything that happened is, your value is essentially USD to them. They will essentially have millions of dollars worth of USD value across the entire exchange. That's what your tokens are against essentially, even though for us we are paired against BNB, the fundamental basis is USD. They have now completed their migration and they’re up and running and you can buy and trade V2 as you originally could for V1.

The only difference is when it comes to individuals looking to withdraw their SafeMoon from BitMart. If it is that they do not have enough LP to cover your withdrawal they will essentially go and buy it from the open market and apply that to your withdrawal and send it to your location. Now I believe they have around 1.5 billion tokens sitting in their LP at the moment so there is a large amount of tokens in there at the moment so it's going to be covered regardless. But if they need to go and buy more they can. They should have enough though to cover a large portion of withdrawals. That's just a kind of basic rundown on how that works. Essentially if you are looking to withdraw from BitMart, they already have a portion of it there to cover withdrawals.

Is there any information about the SafeMoon Card regarding its benefits, rewards and different stuff depending on how much SafeMoon you have?

Cats: Anything in relation to the card itself will come out. I can't confirm anything at the moment because this is something that is being worked on especially with their application for an e-money license. Now the estimated release is Q2 but we will have to wait for a full confirmation with everything that is coming out because it's still in the works.

Can we expect the blockchain in Q1?

Cats: Blockchain and everything related to the blockchain is for release in 2022. So you should get it in 2022. If that is to change we will let you know but as of yet there is no quarter timeframe for it. As they get more confident and are ready to release that information will be announced.

Is there anything I can do about the 10% fee that occurred when I transferred from my Trust Wallet to my SafeMoon Wallet? This was before the consolidation but after John announced the fees would be 2%.

Cats: There isn't anything that can be done in relation to if you did it ahead of time, however, if you were a part of the transfers to V2 through the consolidation there is still a claims form. So if you were a part of the consolidation and didn't receive the equal amount from V1 to V2 you can go to and fill out the form. They can look to provide and look through to insure you were one of those that had been affected.

Veno: I believe they have gotten through the majority of the submitted claims. If you have not gotten anything back and you have submitted it over a week ago and you think you have a valid claim, submit it a second time. There is a good chance we’ve gotten through most of the big ones. I think that's what I've read.

Cats: I know there were over a thousand that had gotten their funds back. So if it was that the forms were filled out incorrectly or you were trying to cheat the system and just request some funds you won't be credited. So if you're trying to cheat, sorry it won't work. Or if it was incorrect just go and double check.

Veno: Just to be clear, the form is not for V1 as well. Some people think this form is also for like if you transacted on V1 when the tax was set to 100% it's not what that form was for. If you filled it out for that reason and you didn't get an answer that's why.

Any plans to add a Permissions Removal on the wallet?

Cats: I believe Ryan was talking about an auto-disconnect feature unless you're referring to the revoke permission. If you are referring to the revoke for allowances I don't know if that will be done on the wallet. I will say if you are all looking to revoke any connections to any contracts that you have interacted with you can do it through the BSCscan. Just go to token approvals in the tools and complete the revoke through them for now. It's just one of those things that we can't truly interact from the wallet from my knowledge. I could be wrong but I don't think you can do it through the wallet because you have to have a direct connection to the blockchain. Is that right? I don't know if there's a technical standpoint, maybe in the future with our own blockchain who knows. We could have an auto disconnector or removal. Maybe they can think about that.

How long do we plan to utilize the Swap and Liquify feature and is there a targeted goal in terms of growth of V2 liquidity pools before we turn that feature off?

Cats: Over time, the Swap and Liquify feature will become less and less just on the fundamental impact. It will come to a point where you barely notice it. [We just notice it] right now because of the LP and where everything is situated, it looks to affect it more than it actually should. Now from a standpoint of will it be turned off? That's to be decided by the team in the future and what they want to do with that specific function. I couldn't tell you they may have decided to turn it off, they may continue to let it run. It will just affect the overall price in the future less and less as the LP is built up. From the V1 standpoint there is still lots of liquidity on V1. The team is looking to reach out with dx locker and hopefully get that all sorted so there is no LP on V1. No confirmation though right now because that would be an ongoing talk.

How is the SafeMoon Card going to be linked up to your account?

Cats: I couldn't tell you how SafeMoon is going to implement that from a fundamental standpoint. But if we take a look from the likes of say Crypto.Com or Coinbase or [other] preexisting crypto cards out there. They are all in connection to a hot wallet essentially where you would apply your funds into a wallet which then that card would be connected too. Then you would then go and use the app associated with that card. So if you wanted to pay with Bitcoin you would choose it tap and then done. Most predominantly it's probably going to be with an exchange that it's connected to. Just because it's easier and can be applied through an order book. If it is that the card is in Q2 and you're potentially looking to apply an exchange to it. Well you would want the exchange to come with the card right? So that may give you the idea that the team looks to have that associated with that so yeah.

Has SafeMoon thought of going into gaming, like making their own games?

Cats: So it is a possibility [for SafeMoon to have] a game development team. The team on the Mooncraft side are already operating and they’re already looking to utilize some of the fundamentals of Minecraft and apply the likes of SafeMoon to it as a testing ground. So it’s a possibility; I wouldn't put it out of the question. The gaming side of things is slowly ramping up and it is going to increase over time. There have been talks of potentially an e-sports team in the future. There is so much on the gaming side that - gaming is starting to outweigh movies as well. I know Mooncraft is their first point of call for game development and from there it's wherever the team wants to take it.

Veno: I can say it has definitely come up in conversation. I am a game developer as a side hobby. I’m very into it and it's something that I would push for. I can’t say what the future will hold because the future always seems to surprise me but it's something I personally would love and if it's something that could happen that would be great. We can keep our fingers crossed on that.

Cats: With the Mooncraft side of things its as I said before its a testing ground. It's ultimately the first place where the team can truly develop the technology to incorporate things like microtransactions and NFTs into a fully fledged game, which at that point they can start applying it to anything. The amount of money that Fortnight makes, the amount of money that Riot Games makes or Blizzard Entertainment makes and Activision and Infinity Ward with all the Call Of Duty sagas. [The] world is your oyster with that side of things; that's never ending.

But as I said, Mooncraft is the first point of call to get this technology operational. At that point, once it's running, in most cases it should be a copy and paste. Obviously just into the right language who knows maybe you could be running around with the only skin in Fortnite. If you're a Fortnite player, you know NFT Fortnite, would have to wait and find out that would be pretty cool. Especially with being who they are, it's definitely crossed their mind.

Will we be able to buy turbines? Will people be able to buy NFTs for my turbine?

Cats: John stated that you won’t physically be able to buy a turbine to put up in your own home, however you’ll be able to able to buy the NFT for a turbine that SafeMoon the company puts up.

Would the team ever allow us to stake for multiple years?

Cats: Stay tuned for the upgrade that Ryan has been talking about in some of his tweets in relation to staking rewards and everything associated with that. Just keep an eye out and as time goes on, you’ll start to see what’s in store for that feature.

Will our token token be converted to a coin once the blockchain is out or will we have to buy the coin?

Cats: There are two ways that they could do it. They could ultimately come up with a new coin that you’d have to buy but the current SafeMoon that you’re using is associated with the fuel OR they could bridge across and it just be a straight bridge. It could be a bridge or a fork. We’ll have to wait and see which way the team wants to take the blockchain and how everything plays out. My assumption is that it will be the current token used becoming the coin. I don’t see them asking you to buy another token but we’ll have to see how everything plays out with everything going on.

Could you do a guide to revoking on BSCscan and why it’s important?

Cats: I certainly can and will add that to my list of things to do this week. I’m waiting on my new PC so we can start working on the bigger projects like that.

How is your hair growth coming along?

Cats: It’s getting there. It’s growing faster than I thought but still fairly short for my liking.

Why did you shave your head?

Cats: Over Christmas, I run a Christmas event to raise money for kids in my local hospital to raise money to buy toys and support the nurses too. One of the donation goals was reaching $5,000 dollars for the month of December and I would shave my head. It was close to $7,000 when we tallied it all up so I ended up having to shave my hair off. It was great to see the community come together. It was a great Christmas event and that’s why I’m now considered technically bald.

How much to shave your eye brows?

Cats: I’ll shave my eyebrows if you donate $25,000 to the kids fund right now.

Does SafeMoon plan on creating a SafeMoon Wallet as a Chrome extension?

Cats: It definitely has been brought up in conversation but has not been concrete yet.

What is the process to stake SafeMoon? What are the details concerning staking duration and limits pertaining to the number of SFM being staked?

Cats: It’s probably better to wait for additional details. It’s definitely something we will need to wait for SafeMoon to say it’s public knowledge. From a practical standpoint, you have the token that you want to stake. In this case, we’ll use SafeMoon and then you would have to have same amount [in value]. You would essentially apply SFM/BNB to the liquidity pool on both sides [equal in value]. In some cases, they do specify the time frames and how long you lock It in for. The longest I’ve ever seen is 5 years. That’s one of the longer staking ones I’ve seen. You get a percentage given back to you over the course of the duration those assets are staked. I’d prefer to wait until Ryan has confirmed the details and process.

Are their risks involved in staking?

Gandalf: [Here's a] simple explanation to staking and the risks. Unlimited and Limited are two methods. Limited in case of restricted and unlimited in case of staking and unstaking when you wish to receive. When you stake it unlimited, you put the money in and go with the fluctuation of market. If you stake with limited time, which is completely locked, you just kind of get a higher kind of reward but the fluctuations on the market, price actually change the value that you have. In the latter case, you still get reward in staking, meaning a percentage yielded from your initial.

The problem is that the value that you had increases or decreases at this kind of increment. You will gain the number of tokens, or items that you have in a token restriction, but the monetary value is always focused around the market. When you’re staking for 180 days, for example, when you’re staking a huge amount for that and having a huge raise into the price of the coin or the token, you may see an increase in value and the additional rewards from staking on top of what you initially staked. If the price decreases during the staking period, you still make/gain the percentage [in tokens amount] based on the amount you staked.

How do you stop dusting attacks?

Cats: You can’t stop dusting attacks. The purpose of dusting attacks is to identify the holder by using social engineering and other methods to determine who you are. It doesn’t directly compromise the security of your wallet, but it does put you at risk for being a target or victim when you interact with those tokens. You could receive hundreds of tokens in dust per day and not realize it unless you look on the blockchain.

SafeMoon has taken the action to completely remove that from being seen [to protect you/reduce opportunity to interact with miscellaneous tokens with which you are being dusted]. It does help reduce risk but it doesn’t stop people receiving tokens or receiving dust. It doesn’t affect usability. You’ll never stop dusting attacks. They’ll always happen, regardless. SafeMoon has just taking the user interface point of interview in not showing the dust to the end user so that people don’t see them which reduces the likelihood of people interacting with them. Those dust tokens won’t affect you until you interact with them. Out of sight, out of mind is sort of the motto on that.

If I want to move my SafeMoon to a hardwallet, what would be the fees be and how do I track get and track reflections?

Cats: If you want to integrate into a hardwallet, the best wallet that I’ve seen for this is an Ellipal Titan. It is the best hardwallet I’ve seen for using and getting everything integrated. The SafeMoon Wallet itself can also be considered a hardwallet. What you could also do is buy a 50-60 quid phone, download the wallet without the sim[card], import your seedphrase, keep it disconnected from the internet and you’ve got a hardwallet. If you want a TRUE hardwallet, Ellipal Titan is the best wallet that I’ve seen working for everything as a whole. You can literally import the seedphrase and then you’re done. You can have multiple apps, any wallet that you use; essentially a mini-phone but with an extra level of security requiring authorization through Ellipal when transacting. It’s definitely something to take a look at. If you just want it nice and simple, go and buy a cheap phone, keep it disconnected from the internet and interact with it when you need to by connecting to the internet.

What hardware wallet do you use?

Cats: I have the old [original] Trezor which sits in my safety deposit box.

Is SafeMoon planning their own version of BSCscan when we launch our own blockchain?

Cats: I would think so. It makes sense to have a method for viewing the blockchain and a platform for viewing transactions on the blockchain, however there is no official confirmation. I would say it is going to happen but again, there is no official confirmation from core yet.

Would it be better to not insert the seedphrase into anything and just leave it on paper?

Cats: You could revoke everything[permissions] and just have a piece of paper. If you wanted an extra layer of security and the ability to visually see it, then [you’d need something like Ellipal].

It’s been over a month since the migration process began. How long can we expect the migration process to continue?

Cats: The migration process is essentially done. Migration access will continue to remain open indefinitely. We still have a few people filling out the claim form for tokens that may have been lost from the beginning. If anyone is left behind, people find their wallets, etc, they can always claim their tokens. As for V1, they can’t shut down V1 at the moment due to liquidity being locked. There can’t be anything done about that until they work with DXLocker to hopefully get that moved across.

I love fighting fud and keep seeing about the Indian charity money. Does anyone know what happened?

Cats: My understanding is that they were looking to donate the funds. There were talks about it. The only fund raiser I can remember was the exchange fund raiser. I know that they were looking to donate but there were no physical fund raiser for India covid relief. They were just looking to donate a portion of the funds that were raised to go charity to help those in need. John talked about the operation costs involved with certain charities and wanted to make sure the funds were sent directly to the people who needed it. It was kind of then put off because [a significant portion of the funds being donated] would be absorbed by other costs [and fees].


The SafeMoon Knowledge Base is now live. Its last update was today. There is more content to be added over the next few days and we’ll get more added to it. It has been cleaned up. Nothing should be incorrect to my knowledge. All the features for SafeMoon.Education should be up to date. If you see something, let me know.


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Cats: That’s everything we have right now. There is no current update as to the next SafeMoon Sunday, however, keep an eye out on the SafeMoon Twitter. If there is any update to the SafeMoon Sunday being next week, you will be notified. If not, we’ll always be here next week. So from me, I’ll catch you guys next week. If you guys want to say good bye, then we’ll roll on out.

Veno: I expect them to follow that bi-weekly SafeMoon Sunday. It seemed to really work out last year. So I assume they will follow the trend. This isn’t officially announced yet. Hopefully they will continue it. We’ll find out soon enough.

Cats: Yeah, keep an eye out on my and Gandalf’s Twitter of the next week for the new educational content. Bye from me.

Gandalf: Bye from my side.

Cats: And I’ll say bye from Veno because he’s switching to music. Bye from Veno too. We’ll catch you guys next week and we’ll catch you guys later.

Gandalf: Take care!

Written by Hallogen, MomoKombat and Sir Burns Edited by MomoKombat


SafeMoon is the Evolution.