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MoonCast (February 27th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager), Mr Adult (Global Community Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)

Q&A Table of Contents

Birthday Month | Swap & Evolve | SafeMoon Swap/Partners V1/V2 | SafeMoon Wallet | Merchandise | Miscellaneous

Recap of Last Week

  • SafeMoon Labs - Understanding DAOs Last Monday Gandalf held a Space on Understanding DAOs. If you’re not aware of what Gandalf does, he runs a Twitter Space at 7pm GMT/8pm CST, every Monday on any crypto topic, including SafeMoon, to give you more indication on what’s going on in the SafeMoon ecosystem, because there’s a lot going on out there.

  • SafeMoon Labs - Scam Awareness This week’s topic is Scam Awareness - what a scam is, how they happen and what kind of scams exist so stay tuned for that! It will be posted on the SafeMoon Education site on Friday.

  • Captain’s Logs The SafeMoon Army really enjoyed the Captain's Logs. John put out a more personal statement connecting with the SafeMoon Army as a whole. Also going into more detail on the SafeMoon Exchange. Overall, it was very well received, people loved them. And because people loved them, he put out another one the next day. So it's a huge thing for the community to connect more on an official level, but also at a personal level, and just having that option to hear from the CEO in a more official format. So he covered the exchange, and then the second one is where he then covered the V2 token framework, where he announced the new feature of that is upcoming, which is Swap & Evolve.

  • Swap & Evolve There’s an article on SafeMoon Education where you can get a full understanding of what Swap & Evolve is. And as I quoted John in the article, it's a great feature on its own. But it's even better when you start connecting things to it. As you know, a feature is only as good as what you do with it.

  • Trip to the UK Hayden (Director of Sales and Partnerships) and Ryan (Global Head of Products) traveled to the UK. I believe they’re back in Utah now. We saw Hayden signed some of these partnerships.

  • SafeMoon Puzzle Update Community members have been working hard, especially HenexTheCreator has been collecting and putting it into more of a bigger piece and more has been enlightened on that through the announcements that were made today. Some of the SafeMoon Army’s minds run wild with some of the simplest of things that may just be, but it's great to see the creativity, what's coming from their minds, and overall, just see what is to come. But we're getting a more complete picture of that puzzle. It's building but just wait for the full image. There are 2 more puzzle pieces left. The two remaining pieces might be underwhelming in comparison to the rest, but the result it leads to - imagine the birthday month to start with fireworks.

  • Partner Portal The team created a Partner Portal where official partners can be viewed. Within the portal there are different tiers. While there is no clarification on what the different tiers are exactly or what they involve. You should treat them as different business partnerships. Within every business, there are different levels of partnerships that they work with, and how heavily they work with them. Tier 1 consists of more communicating and integration in comparison to Tier 3. Even if the team isn’t doxxed publicly, they have been to SafeMoon. Our platform is safe and, while we can’t predict the future, we have done our due diligence. There are so many other things the team has done to make sure that the partnerships are legit. Now again, we can't 100% confirm that things can't happen in the future. But what we can say is that we've done our own due diligence, and giving you a bit of security, for you to then make your own mind and your own decision based on the research that the team have done on these partnerships.

  • Partner Listings Immortl, Doxed and Puli Inu were added to the SafeMoon Swap. It shows that the partnerships are growing and we’re evolving into a bigger ecosystem. This is just the start, and we’re not stopping here. More partnerships are coming down the line. And it's just great that we are able to bring so many people on this journey as well.

  • Education Hopefully we’ll have some more updates from the educational perspective in the following weeks.

  • MoonCraft MoonCraft had an update! Lots of fixes to the Azkaban Prison game mode. I know they are working heavily on their integration. Which is huge, because now they’re bringing an MMO to Minecraft. Some of the MMOs already out there are fantastic and I know the team have been working on this for a long time. So if it's on par, or if not better than some of the ones that are out there. You're in for a fantastic game mode within Minecraft as an MMO. So go and check that out. To learn more about MoonCraft, check out this past MoonCast with Lead Dev ZubeySweet!

  • Community Creations SafeMoon community member Kuldeep makes induction furnaces and they are now being painted in the SafeMoon hue, which is an awesome community gesture.

  • SafeMoon Education Twitter Account The SafeMoon Education Team now has a Twitter account. It is SafeMoon Insider, @SFMInsider. The majority of the updates are going to come from the [educational] side of things and also, it's to keep track of any daily updates that you may get so please follow it, like it, retweet it, share it. 😊 The more the merrier and the more people get the information they deserve!

Questions & Answers


What day are we getting our birthday presents?

Gandalf: We’re not talking about days, here. We’re talking about a party month!

Mr. Adult: Oh, and fireworks don’t start with the big finale, just putting that out there. But there is substance, and that all will become clear in the beginning of March. The original plan was 100%, to do it all in one day, like kind of relentlessly attack everyone with all this fantastic stuff. Then we found out there actually isn't enough day time. so we decided, let's make it a month. As we get through the month and start sharing what some of those things are, all will become a lot clearer, as to why that was the right way to do it. And I'm hopeful people will be very happy.

Can we get 32% off windmills for a birthday month?

Cats: *laughs* That'd be nice. Who knows, you never know. We have to see what comes out in March.


Can you please explain Swap & Evolve?

Cats: Okay, so Swap & Evolve is the evolution of Swap & Liquify. Previously, Swap & Liquify used to collect 500 million V2 tokens. And during that process, it would collect it until it collected 500 million, once they hit 500 million, it would then trigger swap and liquify. What this does is it splits it down the middle, puts 250 million SafeMoon in the liquidity pool, and pairs that with BNB. But how does it get that BNB? It has to sell 250 million SafeMoon in order to get the BNB to then to pair it together. So because of that, you would then see a massive impact on the charts because a big sell then happened, even though it was doing a positive thing. On the back end. It was ultimately kind of diminishing the progression that the SafeMoon army has gone through. For example, we’ve seen many times where we go through a week after a Swap & Liquify happened. The positivity was coming through, we've eaten the dip, everything’s great again. And then the S&L function triggered again. It was kind of bringing a negative energy to the community it needed to change.

Swap and Evolve is going to do the same thing, but instead of collecting SafeMoon and putting it away until it triggers at 500 million SafeMoon it’s now going to collect BNB. When it collects the BNB, it's going to store that away. We don't know what the trigger value is yet, we're still waiting to have that confirmed, but once we have that value, we're then going to build up that BNB, we hit that value, and it's going to split it down the middle. So half of the BNB is going to be put away and the other half of the BNB is then used for buying SafeMoon from the open market. This is going to positively impact SafeMoon overall, and essentially we’ll see growth. So instead of a dip, we will see an upward trend.

But again, have a look on Safemoon.Education for the Swap & Evolve article. It explains it and breaks it down with a flowchart of how it’s all done. It makes more sense that way.

How is the BNB collected from the SafeMoon transactions?

Cats: The article explains it a bit more but just to give you a summary, when Swap & Liquify used to buy it would swap first and then take the SafeMoon tokens. Then for sells, it used to take the SafeMoon and then swap. Now it’s doing the inverted process of that. With Swap & Evolve, it’s taking the percentage of BNB for tokenomics and then swapping into SafeMoon. Sells are swapping the SafeMoon to then take the BNB.

Is the Swap & Evolve in effect already?

Cats: The feature is not yet live. Just keep an eye on the socials. And we will announce it when it is available. So stand by. I'm sure it will come very soon.


Can you go into more detail about the tier system for partners?

Mr Adult: If you look at the Partner pages, you’ll see at least the shareable qualifications. Effectively everyone goes through the same qualifications. We aren’t auditors; it’s due diligence, conversation and some research. We appreciate that we can actually do stuff that other people aren’t necessarily able to do, such as not every team wants to dox for fair enough reasons but, for us, that’s an important factor. These “qualifications” are on the page. We may add more in the future [but] we don’t share everything because we don’t want people to gamify the system. We’re not looking for people to exploit what we look for. We’ll work with the critical points that are important for us to do our best to ensure we’re working alongside people who share the values. It’s not to say that everyone has to have the same values, but there needs to be some crossover. So far we’ve been fortunate to have the people that we’ve got with us. These [pages] will be expanded over time. In the next week or two we hope to put more about what the tiers represent from an outcome and benefits perspective. Really it’s about finding people who want to go on the same journey we’re on. And it’s been great seeing so many people and so many projects get excited about what SafeMoon Swap is, what we’re able to do, not just as a product but as a community. A big part of what people and projects are really after is to come and be part of our family. We then get to expand who we are and kind of embrace their family, too. That’s been the most exciting thing, is seeing all these different projects unify. This comes from a comment said months ago which has been said many times since, “a rising tide raises all ships.” That’s a big part of what we do; we’re focused on community first, and that includes the communities of those that we’re looking to adopt on our platforms. It’s not just an exchange of business processes, it’s an alignment of ambition.

Will tokenomics be incorporated in regards to the tiers or will it be a flat rate throughout?

Cats: When we’re talking about the tiered system for partners, this is not [the same as] the SafeMoon tokenomics tier system; they’re two separate things. Each token will either have their own version of tokenomics or no tokenomics at all, depending on their own ecosystem and what they’re developing within that partnership of their own contracts. We have the feature that automatically applies the fees and tokenomics to each partner’s token so you don’t even have to think about trying to adjust your slippage; it’s already incorporated. We don’t charge for their tokenomics, we’re just applying the slippage to be a part of their tokenomics.

Can you explain how the volume of our partners [on SBS] will affect SafeMoon holders’ reflections?

Cats: The SafeMoon swap has a 0.25% fee, and within that the fee is broken down into three things, but the main 2 that you need to focus on is SafeMoon LP and the SafeMoon burn.

So, 0.17% is LP generation. It's going to work in the exact same way that I explained before with how it all puts it back into the pot. It's all the same; it creates the pairing and puts it into the pot. So whatever you're using, BNB or BUSD, [goes] straight into the LP pot for 0.17% of LP.

Beyond that, there's then a 0.03% buyback-and-burn. So these two parts are running in [conjunction] with each other, and they are building up LP and building up a burn.

Now we all may have already heard in previous conversations throughout SafeMoon’s past few months and talking about 110% liquidity pool, where essentially anyone can sell and it wouldn't affect the price because there's more liquidity than there is actually the value of holding, so to speak. When we put this together, we're actually generating LP outside of the base premise of buying and selling, which is great because it's putting more money into the LP which is buying them back in the token more and more. To give you some perspective on this, let me bring up the explanation I had.

If SafeMoon…. Again, this is all in theory, based on mathematics alone.

If SafeMoon takes Pancake Swap’s volume, which can be upwards of $1-2 billion at its all-time highs but it's averaging around $500 million per day - give or take - so $500 million. We take 0.17% of that, [which is] $850,000 of LP every day. So just shy of $1,000,000 on $500 million being pumped into liquidity. Which is huge because if you look at the live right now and how much liquid is being generated, I think our live active liquidity for each pot is anywhere from $5-10 million and we're pumping in $1 million a day. Then you talk about the burn and how much we would be burning from that if we had the theoretical Pancake Swap amount. So overall it's huge. And while right now we aren’t at those figures and aren’t at those levels, as we build more and more partners, more and more trades are able to happen through the different partners.

But on top of that, we also then have the multiswap feature where you can go from any partner to partner. So, you can go from one of our partners to SafeMoon or SafeMoon to one of our partners without having to go from SafeMoon to BNB to the partner because the swap does that all for you.

So, then you create an overall transaction volume because you give people more options. More options means more trades and gives people more choice to make their own decisions. So indirectly, you may not see it right away, but as the ecosystem grows, that's where the benefits come from and having an increased burn, having an increased generation of liquidity [and] having everything associated with that is exciting. So I would just wait to see, but as I said, it is still in the early days, there’s only 15 or 16 partners at the moment, but that list is going to continue to grow and continue to grow and grow and grow and grow.

Are we getting the mainstream tokens like Bitcoin and stuff like that?

Cats: Those chains are looking to come, in the future. How quickly [will] they come? I can't confirm but they are going to look to come so if we’ll start being able to trade the likes of Bitcoin, Doge, Cardano, the actual main chains, that's when the bigger volume starts to come. If we start getting a portion of that volume that applies to even more and again it grows from there.


Will V1 be closed and will the LP be buyback-and-burn?

Cats: So V1 itself will never truly be closed because there's still people that potentially may not even know that V2 exists. The examples that have been given are soldiers on deployment. If they’re on deployment, they might not look at their investments until they return which could be upwards of 12 months, maybe longer. So, there are people out there that may not know what’s happened with SafeMoon for the last six months. So, we can't just turn it off for those people, we’ll have to wait for those people to claim.

Right now there's only 91 billion tokens left to claim, a big portion of that is dust. Just from general portions of it being dust through the likes of when you did migrate, anyone that has migrated you’ll potentially see a small amount of SafeMoon V1 still there, but there's still a big portion to come across.

At 91 billion, that would essentially need to be reviewed to the point where they've looked at anyone remaining and see how many holders there are actually left with big portions. If it is all dust and there's no one with let's just say if everyone is below 1000 for example of SafeMoon V1, then they potentially could look to do something at that point, but we'll have to see what happens there.

What is the status of the V1 LP originally locked prior to launch?

Cats: Anything in relation to the LP right now is still locked with DxLocker and the team were working with them to make sure that that's all resolved and migrated across. So, for now there is any further update other than it's still locked and it’s still sitting there.

Can you ask if we will get a free NFT [for being] one of the first [to] transfer [to] V2 as mentioned? Because V1 got more reflections at the time of transfer?

Cats: I can ask. I can't confirm, but I can ask.


Can we get a live moving graph on the wallet like Robinhood has?

Cats: Potentially! It's definitely an option. I know that the team is working on a V2 wallet update, a UI update that was mentioned a while back, so potentially that could be incorporated at that point, but nothing to confirm right now.

Is there any update on the SafeMoon Wallet?

Cats: The SafeMoon hard wallet - it will come, it's just not a priority right now. The reason I say that is that the SafeMoon wallet is theoretically a hard wallet, as long as you are secure with your device. As long as you follow crypto best practices and don’t click on dodgy links and all the rest of it, you have a hard wallet! It has transaction signing. It has everything that’s associated with it. It's just that the only difference with the SafeMoon hard wallet is, well, it's a physical device made by SafeMoon. It will come.

When will we get the option for bank transfer?

Cats: Right now there is one option for bank transfer, but it is only for the Ethereum network which is done through Wyre, so that option is there right now. As for MoonPay, you’ll have to wait. Unfortunately, we don't have a time frame right now [so] you’ll have to wait and see.

Recently we had Ryan in London where the Ramp Network offices are located and we also have this business going on with an address in Lithuania where both Binance and Simplex offices are located. What are the odds that either of these has to do with a potential new fiat on-ramp becoming available in SafeMoon Wallet?

Cats: Uhhh…no comment.

Or what are the odds that we may soon get a better fiat on-ramp capability within the wallet?

Cats: Anything is possible. Anything is possible. While I can’t comment on what’s happening because that’s out of my area, I don’t actually know 100%, what I can comment and say is that from SafeMoon’s point of view they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure that they follow everything related to [compliance] to the tee. By doing that, [they can] create those relationships with governments, agencies and bodies that make things a little easier for [them] to progress, not only as a project but as a company.


Are there any plans for merchandise beyond clothing?

Mr Adult: There are definitely plans to expand on [what we’ll] include and we’d really like to push that ambition forward and do things that perhaps wouldn’t be expected.

Do we have any updates on the SafeMoon merch?

Cats: SafeMoon merch is being worked on and it will be coming in the near future. No time frame just yet, but again you never know what's coming in March. One of the things we’re really looking at is not just about high quality and decent manufacturing processes but it’s also about sustainability - making sure that the people we engage with have good supply chains, are slavery-free, that materials are sustainable, and that things will last. We’re trying to have a positive impact and that includes through the merchandise that we produce.


Can SafeMoon possibly include a scale of some sort of indication of progress made behind the scenes on the products that would not require a hard date?

Cats: It's something that's been put forward, no update for that, but there is an update in terms of a request for something similar in relation to that but stay tuned for what that may be.

Is there any update on the interviews that John did for Vice or CNBC?

Cats: I believe John may have mentioned this. He's done them [and] they are there. He's completed his side,[but] it's whatever they do with them and when they want to publish them. I believe he said that CNBC is putting it to something more and working on something a bit bigger than just an interview, so that's down to those news providers to do what they've got to do with the information that they've been given during those articles. So, stay tuned for them.

Will there be any updates on involvement in The Gambia during birthday month?

Cats: Stay tuned. Again, not going to let you open your presents before they need to be opened.

Cats, how's your hair doing?

Cats: It's growing pretty well. I would probably say I'm about a four. So it's getting there.

Wen Mooncast live in video? It would be nice to put a face to the names.

Cats: We do live stream the actual MoonCast. So, if you are watching on the discord it is recorded and live streamed to YouTube the SafeMoon Education YouTube Channel. If you do miss anything you can go back and rewatch and listen to it. But maybe in the future, once we're able to. I've got on camera, but the limitations at the moment are with the [Discord] Stages and what the Stages allow.

Final Thoughts

Cats: Like I said, this is the beginning of SafeMoon’s birthday week, so keep your expectations at a tame level. Don't get excited, but also don't go over the top because again, it's an entire month. So while we say, “things are coming and your presents are going to be given to you,” [expectations of different things that are released are going to be different with each holder.]

Some people are going to be more excited about the exchange than blockchain.

Some people are going to be more excited about partnerships than any other feature.

Just keep calm but enjoy it. Just enjoy the entire month because it's the appreciation of the last 12 months too, and where we've come from, what the team is developing.

So, while yes, really looking forward, also, look back at how far the team has come and what they've achieved in the last 12 months because it's phenomenal to see what place they are as a tech company right now. Just enjoy it. But also be happy. You know, we're a very, very resilient community which has been under pressure so much and we just want to see everyone succeed. While you may not see that right now, things are getting better. So many cogwheels are turning that I'm losing track. It's coming.

Thank you Ailbhe and Kerr for your help in preparing this week's MoonCast!!! We appreciate you!💙💙


SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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